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Amazon Studios chief on leave following harassment claims

Amazon Studios chief on leave following harassment claims


The head of Amazon Studios was put on leave today following sexual harassment allegations from a producer on the Amazon series "Man in the High Castle," adding to Hollywood's crisis over its mistreatment of women.

Studio executive Roy Price is on a leave of absence effective immediately, Amazon said in a statement.

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46 minutes ago

KSAT 12 & KSAT.com

Does your family need braces? Now is your chance to get them at an affordable price!

Celebrate Dental & Braces is offering braces starting at just $75 >> bit.ly/2xK9p8O
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I called right now, no one answered. I think they are closed right now. I need that first month free.

For children also?

Stephanie Rodriguez Emma

Amber Trujillo


Summer Brooke

Michelle Raza

Tori Scholze

9 hours ago

Texas Football

Come early. Be loud. Texas vs. Oklahoma State. 11 AM. DKR. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less


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Aaron Ornelas

Will Karpowich

We can't afford a 20 point deficit this week

Well I'm a die-hard longhorn fan win or lose but I just don't see much this season

Mariah Ergang

If you claim to be fan and then run around pissing and moaning about this year then you must not be much of a fan then. Herman has done more in 6 games than Strong or Mack could do in 6 years, if you can’t see how bright the future is looking you need to open your eyes and your mind up a little more, and stop being blinded by unreasonable expectations set by all the other so called “fans” out there.

Chad Harabis Ryan Harabis

Michael kirsch I’m also a die hard Texas fan win or lose I think Texas will go 9-3 or 8-4 so it’ll be a decent season I’m hoping next year they’ll win 10-11 games but I don’t know.

No choice but to come early for an 11:00AM game!

12 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

CONTEST ALERT! There is no I in team but there is in DIRK! Now thru Oct. 19th visit the Ford booth State Fair of Texas be the “I” in Dirk, share your photo on FB, TW or IG with #IamDirk #BestInTexas and include North Texas Ford Dealers & Greater Texas Ford Dealers for a chance to win TWO SUITE TICKETS on Nov 18th, contest ends 11/6 ... See MoreSee Less


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Si Nguyen did you find this?!

Dan Palacio this would be a great anniversary gift.

Do they pay airfares if someone from Australia wins?

Ramiro Camacho we gotta find this tomorrow

Sammy Ruiz i need a picture with that

Mike Hammers how did we miss this?

Amy Woolverton do this tomorrow!!

Jeff Nottingham let’s do this Friday!! Suzanne Nottingham

Sterling Bush

Carol Leija Banda

Lupita Garcia

April Ortiz


April Garza

Julio Arteaga

Angel Chung

Saul Ponce

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14 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

State of the Mavs: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban explains why the team is poised to surprise a lot of people this season! ... See MoreSee Less


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Which star players did they sign or trade for this season? Nobody. They'll have a first round exit at best. Mark Cuban is too cheap to sign star players like Irving or KD.

Dennis Smith Jr. is gonna be a big factor for the team this year. A big 3 of Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes and Dennis Smith Jr. will be interesting.

Good mix of vets and young guys. I like this team! I hope Nerlens plays with a chip on his shoulder!

Cuban needs to sell the team, get a sex change and then cry Weinstein attacked him. Ha ha ha Cuban is a loser

Is that like his prediction that the stock market was going to tank if Donald Trump became President??

Sorry Mark but Donnie needs to go. This team has been a mess since championship. Shuffling no name players in and out every year isn't how the top teams win

Cubans looking more like Frankenstein everyday. I guess that's what happens when you get into politics.

Mark Cuban is a legend in his own mind.

Is it just me or does he resemble Frankenstein?

Thanks for the help to Puerto Rico

You shouldn't have your Halloween mask on yet! It'll scare the little kids......Oh, wait! My bad!

Great interview! I am excited for my Mavs this year! #Mavs4Life

It's time he sells the Mavs & take his Liberal Views to California.

I won't be going any more. I will not support a Trump hating, cop hating billionaire.

Dude needs some sun. Looking like Herman Munster.

Go mavs he talks real stuff. He says a couple ankles away from a ring. Curry an Durant hurt they ankles were good haha.

Wow we have some so called Mavs fans here. If you don't like it please gtfoh. We MFFL don't need or want you here. Become a Rockets or Clippers fan. They need some. SMH. I think Cuban is doing a great job!

Salesman but I hope he ain't selling a lemon. Come On Mavs.

Still support Dirk till the end of the day

They all can be great players but are they standing for Amthum.

Love the Mavs! Wish Seattle had a basketball team just so I’d see the Mavs play here!!

Let’s hope so. Can’t be all talk. We’ve gotta bring it night in and night out.

I'll be surprised if they win 25 games. 🏀

Im a mavs fan but sounds like a used car salesman 😂😂

The Mavs will win when Cuban becomes POTUS😂

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15 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

With the 2017-2018 season only 2 days away...we're getting hyped with this video from NBA 2K! ... See MoreSee Less


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Can't wait, hoping for a great season 💙🏀

Can't wait Mavs are gonna be good !

Cant wait to see D smith Jr fill the stat sheets!!

Very cool Mavs! 😀

Oh yea!

Joao Henrique Landini

Jeremy Bryant

Ivan Ramirez

Savannah De Leon Angelo DeLeon

Arnel Kohnic

18 hours ago

Texas Football

Texas vs. Oklahoma State. Saturday at 11 am ct. TV: ABC. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less

Texas vs. Oklahoma State. Saturday at 11 am ct. TV: ABC. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm


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Cole Curliss 👀

Texas vs Baylor also at 11 am


To early. I work overnights. Lol. Hook em

I don't know if my heart can handle another nail biting game.

Better ignite something, this 3-3 bs aint cutting it!

Jessica Blackburn we get to watch it!

Michael Glaze-Lyle

Hang in!! Longhorns!! Great playing....

Hopefully they make the adjustments and play a lot better control the ball make stops stop the 3rd n long

Good luck, guys!❤️ you got this! 🤘🏻

Y’all better win the rest! That’s all I’m sayin!

I hate 11 am games

Hook'em. I have faith in you.

Longhorns are going to have a tough time beating Oklahoma state! You can't wait until the fourth quarter to make a comeback! Or take a quarter off like you did Saturday!

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2 days ago

Texas Football

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Hook em Horns!!🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻Proud of you!!!

That was an amazing game. I wish we had won but you all did such a great job....keep up the hard work.

Amazing game. Very proud of how well you played. Always and forever a LONGHORN

You guys did the Longhorn Nation PROUD!

Longhorns are a great team, once we establish a culture of winning. 3 national titles. I see it.

Brad Ruekberg Even Spieth was at the game! Hook 'Em!

Incredible :p

The future is bright!

Sam Ehlinger lookin like the next Vince Young!🤘

Matt Gray

I'm so proud of you! You looked great! Great things are in the future for UT Football! Thanks for an awesome game!

Fantastic photos.

Next year we will be champs, at least we will make the final 4

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