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Citywide recycling in Lubbock? Not yet.

Citywide recycling in Lubbock? Not yet.


Unlike many cities Lubbock's size, there is no citywide recycling pick-up by the city.

Recycling in Lubbock is on the rise, but there is a long way to go.

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9 hours ago

Texas Football

Come early. Be loud. Texas vs. Oklahoma State. 11 AM. DKR. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less


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Aaron Ornelas

Will Karpowich

We can't afford a 20 point deficit this week

Well I'm a die-hard longhorn fan win or lose but I just don't see much this season

Mariah Ergang

If you claim to be fan and then run around pissing and moaning about this year then you must not be much of a fan then. Herman has done more in 6 games than Strong or Mack could do in 6 years, if you can’t see how bright the future is looking you need to open your eyes and your mind up a little more, and stop being blinded by unreasonable expectations set by all the other so called “fans” out there.

Chad Harabis Ryan Harabis

Michael kirsch I’m also a die hard Texas fan win or lose I think Texas will go 9-3 or 8-4 so it’ll be a decent season I’m hoping next year they’ll win 10-11 games but I don’t know.

No choice but to come early for an 11:00AM game!

10 hours ago

Only In Texas

Sunset in Grayson County last evening . Photo by M&C Photo's. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunset in Grayson County last evening . Photo by M&C Photos.

18 hours ago

Texas Football

Texas vs. Oklahoma State. Saturday at 11 am ct. TV: ABC. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less

Texas vs. Oklahoma State. Saturday at 11 am ct. TV: ABC. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm


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Cole Curliss 👀

Texas vs Baylor also at 11 am


To early. I work overnights. Lol. Hook em

I don't know if my heart can handle another nail biting game.

Better ignite something, this 3-3 bs aint cutting it!

Jessica Blackburn we get to watch it!

Michael Glaze-Lyle

Hang in!! Longhorns!! Great playing....

Hopefully they make the adjustments and play a lot better control the ball make stops stop the 3rd n long

Good luck, guys!❤️ you got this! 🤘🏻

Y’all better win the rest! That’s all I’m sayin!

I hate 11 am games

Hook'em. I have faith in you.

Longhorns are going to have a tough time beating Oklahoma state! You can't wait until the fourth quarter to make a comeback! Or take a quarter off like you did Saturday!

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We jump. Be awesome. And repeat.

Every day and every week.

Learn how you can, too:


#TexasStrong #TexasProud
... See MoreSee Less


We jump. Be awesome. And repeat.

Every day and every week.

Learn how you can, too:


#TexasStrong #TexasProud


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"All of the antennas, they are belong to us!!!" ~CDR, D-Co, 3-143 Inf...


Blow the picture up to see the swing sets In the backlog

1 day ago

Only In Texas

Sunset on Bolivar Peninsula. A stunning shot by Dee Ann Breaux. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunset on Bolivar Peninsula. A stunning shot by Dee Ann Breaux.


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Beautiful Gorgeous! 💖 Awesome pic!

Beautiful Pic.!!!! Way To Texas!!

May I share it ?


2 days ago

Texas Football

... See MoreSee Less


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Hook em Horns!!🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻❤️🤘🏻Proud of you!!!

That was an amazing game. I wish we had won but you all did such a great job....keep up the hard work.

Amazing game. Very proud of how well you played. Always and forever a LONGHORN

You guys did the Longhorn Nation PROUD!

Longhorns are a great team, once we establish a culture of winning. 3 national titles. I see it.

Brad Ruekberg Even Spieth was at the game! Hook 'Em!

Incredible :p

The future is bright!

Sam Ehlinger lookin like the next Vince Young!🤘

Matt Gray

I'm so proud of you! You looked great! Great things are in the future for UT Football! Thanks for an awesome game!

Fantastic photos.

Next year we will be champs, at least we will make the final 4

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3 days ago

Texas Football

Halftime stats. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less

Halftime stats. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm


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Come on boys!

Maybe it’s time for the Longhorns to eat Bevo so they can get their strength this season.

Come on Texas

We need a qb change..

We need the defense to stop this run

Come on texas wake up

Sick of all the missed blocks, this is ridiculous

yeah it is.

C'mon HORNS!! I'm tired of the okies hammering me at work!!!

Come on boys!!!!

Sam I AM!

Go Horns!!!!🏈

I don't like that Herman starts so slow in games

Texas 17 & Sooners 23

These post are soooo late?!? 🙄😡

if the horns would stop reaching for a take away and punish the runner they'd be doing better

We need defense to score

And false start called back in the 1st

51 has blocked no one all day. Put him on the bus and put in someone who wants to play

Now that's the team I know

Hoooook'em horns


GO OK!!!

Go longhorns!

Horrible play calling. Should have taken a field goal attempt.

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3 days ago

Texas Rangers

“Howdy, folks.” – Adrian to State Fair of Texas's Big Tex ... See MoreSee Less

“Howdy, folks.” – Adrian to State Fair of Texass Big Tex


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"When your homie invites you to his primas quincenera"

Adrian Beltre as Big Tex would be a shut up and take my money proposition every year when it comes to the State Fair of Texas

Way to go Adrian and you look good as a cowboy from Texas!

I miss watching my Rangers, but they've got work to do before next season. In the meantime, we can watch football

Paola Salazar if you see him get an autograph for Dante Martinez lol

A very good looking cowboy and a great Ranger, the best player⚾️

Yes...he's at the fair, not in the ALCS. Congrats Texas

Travis Gilbert I can see you wearing this!

hope he likes tx so much he stays with the Rangers..!..

Ggggrrrraaawwww big TeX .

Love the coat, Awesome.

What you post when you're not in the playoffs

No matter what he has on he looks great...Yum



Wow! Very handsome! Miss you guys on the field. Is it March yet? GO RANGERS!

papasito ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Haha, Crazy Adrian!

Love Adrian

Doubtful he would ever go to that side of Dallas

You look good as big Tex love this Texas Ranger

It’ll be funny if Houston wins a World Series while we are back to sucking hahaha

Best baseball player today!!!

Looks like he going out to a Mexican dance club.

What a great look!! My favorite player😉

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3 days ago

Texas Rangers

#HBD to bullpen coach Hector Ortiz! 🎈🎉🎁 ... See MoreSee Less

#HBD to bullpen coach Hector Ortiz! 🎈🎉🎁


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Treat yourself to something nice, and go slap Nick Martinez and Tyson Ross in the face.

Happy birthday from a Texas Rangers fan!

Birthday blessings to you!!

Happy Birthday! May God bless you always!

Happy Birthday Ortiz hope you have a very happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂🎈🎉⚾️

HappyBirthday Hector !!

Happy Birthday Coach Ortiz🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Hector!

Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈⚾

Who is this guy?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday coach

Happy Birthday, Hector! 🎂

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday sir

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday! Hector! Texas Rangers Fan for Life!

Happy birthday Hector. Go Rangers

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Coach Ortiz 🎉🎁🎈🎊🎂😊😃

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4 days ago

Texas Rangers

There's still time to apply to be a member of the 2018 Six Shooters Squad! atmlb.com/2ymNPpg ... See MoreSee Less

Theres still time to apply to be a member of the 2018 Six Shooters Squad! http://atmlb.com/2ymNPpg


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Kristian Roy just think you’d be at every home game! Kahlee could hang with Captain all the time! Lol.

Is there a seniors squad? I have a dear friend that is ready, willing and able to run those flags! :)

Can we get some color in there...

Non blonde, non airhead need not apply.

Nice work schedule! You will always get October off 😂😂😂

Well, the Rangers certainly have a “type” that must apply. All else can sell Dr Pepper or popcorn.🙄

Wow, could this pic be any whiter or blonder? Just a tad tone-deaf, doncha think?

Obviously a tanning membership doesn’t come with the gig

From the waist down they look like they're on a day trip from the old folks home

Learn from Napoli ......just close your eyes and shoot it.

I don't think they will let me join in. :))

Jennifer Morris you gonna apply or what!? 😂 Elijah would be so proud of Mimi! Lol

Victoria here is that part time you were talking about

Where's the Asian ladies???

these comments Meredith McManus id buy season tickets to see you shoot your pistol or whatever they do..

Why does it have to be females only? Isn’t that very sexist of the Texas Rangers

Who came up with the name six shooters for these girls. Definitely a man.

The rangers don't even have that many whites n blondes on their roster.

Must be white and blonde

Let's give support not sarcasm

Isn’t the same without you Jessica Zura.

But I already graduated from preschool. 😭

What a joke again!

Are those 38's or 44's?

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4 days ago

Texas Rangers

The Rangers Academy is getting closer to completion but we still need your help. Get more information & find ways you can help: atmlb.com/2g8Iat9
... See MoreSee Less


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What a great facility. I drive by this in west Dallas on my way to work. It covers several blocks off of Hampton.

where exactly is location and when does it open

Pinches maletas

ranges sigue jugándo o no

Joseph Perez

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