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Lawyers Want Supreme Court To Block Texas From Executing Convicted Murderer

Lawyers Want Supreme Court To Block Texas From Executing Convicted Murderer


Attorneys for an inmate convicted in a prison guard's death are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to halt his scheduled execution.

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WATCH: New calls for Ford Explorer recall; carbon monoxide leak fears could impact 1.3 million cars: https://t.co/CbskDT7Wjx

I spy the crescent moon.

6AM Temps:
Houston 53°
Conroe 43°
Galveston 62°

What were you doing on May 6th? That's the last time temps were this cool in #Houston.


How much could Colin Kaepernick win in his collusion case against the NFL? https://t.co/EeVaXLV5us

What's the traffic like out there? @ElissaRivas13 has your drive times now on #ABC13 https://t.co/Slxh3cckCb

Teacher tells student to "speak American" after hearing her speak Spanish. Students decide to walk out. District has not released statement.

Good morning! No major wrecks to start the 6 am hour! 👍🏼 Join us @abc13houston #houtraffic

#ATXTraffic ALERT: crash E US 290 HWY EB / LEXINGTON ST; near Manor HS @fox7austin

Truck driver accused of human smuggling has pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. Remember this case? Happened in San Antonio!

Call @CrimeStopHOU if you know where 4 guys are who shot 2 men & carjacked Mom & baby. They are in Kia Sedona that looks like this #abc13

Today is the 1st day of Natl School Bus Safety Week! Check out our safety tips & let's protect all our students that ride buses to school.

10 hours ago

Only In Texas

Sunset in Grayson County last evening . Photo by M&C Photo's. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunset in Grayson County last evening . Photo by M&C Photos.

13 hours ago

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys Hour radio show is LIVE from 6-7pm at Omni Frisco Hotel with guests Anthony Brown & Kavon Frazier!
More info here: bit.ly/2ggYs3o
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The Cowboys Hour radio show is LIVE from 6-7pm at Omni Frisco Hotel with guests Anthony Brown & Kavon Frazier!
More info here: http://bit.ly/2ggYs3o


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Nothing like a notice! (Especially since I'm in Arlington and it would take me over an hour to get there in traffic.)

I wonder if Anthony Brown still healing from getting burnt last week.

Go Dallas Cowboys

Oscar Zapata Ramos Are you going

16 hours ago

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Tune in as Lacey & Maggie join Shannon & Courtney for this week's DCC Podcast "These Boots Are Made For Talkin'"
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Go Courtney you make this show amazing!!!

what do you love most Football or Dancing ? 🤫

17 hours ago

The University of Texas at Austin

The ability to observe events in more than one way — with both light and with gravity — could lead to many other exciting discoveries that we can't even predict:

College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin
Scientists at the LIGO Scientific Collaboration announced this morning that they have for the first time ever detected both light and gravitational waves from a massive explosion in space caused by the collision of two super-dense neutron stars.

On today's Point of Discovery podcast, we talk to UT astrophysicist Pawan Kumar about what this breakthrough means for his field.

Listen here: cns.utexas.edu/point/eyewitness-to-a-cosmic-car-wreck
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I'd like the ability to observe my son graduate in December from CNS and walk in commencement, but unfortunately, you've decided that actions of past students (not enough participation) is justification to adversely affect future students and are not allowing early graduates from CNS a commencement this December. John O'kane FOX 7 Austin Still waiting to hear from the Dean of CNS and the President of the The University of Texas at Austin on the issue.

1 day ago

Only In Texas

Sunset on Bolivar Peninsula. A stunning shot by Dee Ann Breaux. ... See MoreSee Less

Sunset on Bolivar Peninsula. A stunning shot by Dee Ann Breaux.


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Beautiful Gorgeous! 💖 Awesome pic!

Beautiful Pic.!!!! Way To Texas!!

May I share it ?


2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

Comments on the field following Saturday's big win #12thMan ... See MoreSee Less


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Hellava game! White knuckles all the way! Those guys are definitely Aggies. Played their hearts out under very difficult field conditions and under their own fans lack of confidence in them. I'm so proud of them.

Great win over Florida congratulations Aggies will pray for you thousands miles away from the core of heart

No more games like this I'm going to have a heart attack or faint.

Texas A&M defense led by Dillon County's own Johnny "Chief" Chavis!!! Love you John Chavis- So Proud of You!

I'm a total Aggie fan, i still think they should keep Sumlin at least for another season

Great win, and great attitudes from the players! ♥️

If they could score touchdowns instead of field goals we might be ranked in the top 25

Great game!!! Keep us on our toes the entire game

LaCamera was in Burst Mode last night!

Another mvp caliber season from Will Johnson.

Congrats to A&M. We were out coached.

12 points for LaCamera

Whoop... Gig'em Aggies! 👍🏈

Road win!

WHOOP!!! Keep it up Aggies!!! 👍🏽 Great Team Effort!

Proud of you, Aggies!

SO. MUCH. WILL!!! He's in heaven

Lacamera for heisman!!!!




Great win.


Go ooooooooo Aggies

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2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

Highlights from Texas A&M's 19-17 victory over Florida are below!
#12thMan #AggieFootball
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Whoever the woman was calling the game killed the excitement. Next time let Dave South call it, please.

Amazing win in the Swamp! This young team is growing up right before our eyes! Kudos Coach Sumlin for instilling composure in the face of adversity! #Gigem. PS. Anyone else think the espn game call announcers were HORRIBLE tonight? Please on tv... tell me what I don't already see! Wow they should have been wearing red coats! #captainobvious

Great win on the road in a tough atmosphere! But God help me, that female announcer is horrible! I don't know if it is her accent or her nasal tone but I had to mute the sound!

Those have got to be the ugliest uniforms Florida wore. Guess it fit them well after they got pulled through the swamp.

Some call it an "ugly" win. I don't care what you call it or how it looked. If we win, we WIN! I've seen us lose lots of "pretty" games. Lol! BTW...anyone know when the team plane lands at Easterwood tonight?? Some of us want to salute the team buses as they leave the airport.

The Only Bad thing about this game was having to listen to the lady Troll broadcasting.. I'm sure glad there was DAVE SOUTH on the radio to listen to ! Dave South Rules the airwaves.. Women have No idea what Football is about.. They need to stick with volleyball... GIG'EM AGS !

Wow!! Too bad you took vacation a week too early Deric. You could have seen this tough TAMU win over the Gators in person. Gig'em!! 👍👍

Worst game crew I have ever heard! Horrible all of them. Comments were ignorant and the play by play voice was obnoxious. The worst!!!

Mond is showing some flashes of Johnny, great mobile QB, don't giving up, staying ice cold in tough times

Re do this with Dave Souths commentary. Beth hurts my ears.

Wow that was the worst announcer ever!

Y’all couldn’t at least mute Beth Mowins???

Tough game, but nice to have another win. Gig 'Em!

Could they swap the calling with leerfield sports announcing?

Texas A&M beat the Gators me so happy right now

Can the 4th and 1 stop that got a replay for 4th down be a highlight? #horribleofficials

Wow Jared Marshall good game! Glad Aggies won, I don't like those gator uniforms 😉

Wish we had Keith Jackson back calling play by play. GIG’EM!

So proud of the boys! They always finish the game and they do it with heart. Great game Ags!

It's even better when you mute the audio!

Sumlin is lucky we finally got a good kicker.

Great game..........but the Gator's uniforms were butt ugly!!!

Lots of shoestring tackles by the Gators. BUT they still count as a tackle and not a missed tackle. Props to them in making stops.

Clay Brian look how many comments on the announcers

I'm all for equal rights for the sexes, but a woman has no business trying to call a football game!

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