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Motorcyclist killed in West El Paso crash

Motorcyclist killed in West El Paso crash


UPDATE: Motorcyclist involved in serious crash Wednesday has died according to EPPD.

One person is in the hospital after a serious crash in West El Paso.

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1 hour ago

KSAT 12 & KSAT.com

Does your family need braces? Now is your chance to get them at an affordable price!

Celebrate Dental & Braces is offering braces starting at just $75 >> bit.ly/2xK9p8O
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I called right now, no one answered. I think they are closed right now. I need that first month free.

Lillian Taylor, we should look into this for TayTay.

For children also?


Stephanie Rodriguez Emma

Terri Menig Courtney Menig

Amber Trujillo



Summer Brooke

Michelle Raza

Tori Scholze

Jose Rosas

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16 hours ago

Texas Tech University

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTech's own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo #DegreesOfImpact ... See MoreSee Less

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTechs own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: http://today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo  #DegreesOfImpact


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Our company, Winchester Interconnect, made the vacuum flange feedthroughs critical for its operation. Good job WinTeam!

Congrats! Exciting breakthrough!

Joshua Garrett Simmons

Rebecca Haven

22 hours ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A mountain lion on trail cam in the Franklin Mountains of El Paso.

Mountain lions are found throughout the west and southwest parts of Texas into the Hill Country. Learn more about this reclusive species at bit.ly/MountainLionsTX

El Paso Urban Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife
Cougar in Franklin Mountains
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Contrary to the way the lead-in to this article describes the geographic range of big cats in Texas, “mountain” lions aren’t just found in the mountains and hills of West Texas, SW Texas, and the Hill Country. They are also found in the flatland woods along the Gulf Coast, rolling hills of the East Texas piney woods, and in North Texas, too... As well as most of the Continental United States.

Them cougars are also found in South Lake, Tx. Especially around Central Market and the shops in the square.

The Franklin Mountains almost divide the city of El Paso in half. While mountain lions aren't common citings, when we have drought conditions in the mountains, an occasional cat finds its way into the neighborhoods looking for food and water.

Once in Brazoria County one cleared the hood of our car as we drove to church. I will never forget that long, stretched out, muscular feline body in full leap.

They're also found in the Jacksboro area. One walked across my yard on a cool, drizzly day several miles north of town and so surprised me that I didn't think "camera!!"

Our neighbor to the west of our ranch in Coleman TX has a game camera on the fence line that we share that caught an image of a juvenile Mountain Lion last month!!

Seen one plus her two cubs here in Austin. My buddy and I were walking through the woods and boom out of nowhere about 20 feet in front of us there she was. Her cubs got spooked and ran off. It was an intense moment but lived to tell the tale. Jacob Sauceda

Live in Wise County, between Bridgeport and Jacksboro. We've got one that frequents the area. Doesn't reside on our ranch, but have neighbors a mile down the road that see her all the time.

Mountain lions or cougars have been picked up on deer cams here in far east Texas on the Louisiana border for several years now.

I grew up on Sun Valley Road at the base of the mountains. Wonderful memories exploring the Franklin Mountains.

They are also in Brazoria County! Or at least they were about 15 years ago. We were on our way home from showing turkeys at the Fort Bend County fair and crossing Hwy.288 at Hwy. 1462 and while sitting at the light in a light fog we watched one cross the road on the other side of 90. Nothing hurried, just a slow leisurely walk across the road into the field on the other side. Most beautiful creature I've ever seen in the wild!

What a beauty! I've seen the occasional bobcat here in the hill country, but never a full grown mountain lion!

Awesome. Good to see the habitat is still supportive of this apex predator. Stay safe on the trails though.

We saw one in a Illinois state park in Southern Illinois and we told the ranger about it and he said they don't have them there but we know what we saw, and was told he don't want people to know about them. We thought it was pretty cool.

Woo....i feel better about my bobcat up here in the suburbs Rowlett! He's gorgeous but wouldn't want him strolling through my gardenyard while I'm having coffee!

When they are not starving, and their habitat & territory is not encroached upon, and they are NOT protecting something, they are not interested in humans... LOVE them when we can live in harmony

Been spotted on our trail cams in SW OKLAHOMA so their range is much larger than most would like to believe...

Yes, I saw one in our Flower Mound neighborhood a couple of years ago - not too far from Lake Grapevine! Too stunned to get the camera.

They have seen those panthers in the Galleria in Houston trying to catch pigeons. They are everywhere throughout east Texas.

We have these up here in Denison Too..seen them out on friends property in the rural areas ...was out in meadow between the woods.

Yep-lived up on the mountain and they are there. If there are deer there are mountain lions. My neighbor had a deer end up in their pool.

They have been spotted at Government Canyon Park in San Antonio/Helotes area and also in Enchanted Rock Park area :)

We also have them in East Texas as I have heard them and people see them on occasion. They have a 100 mile territory and in the deep east Texas pine forest they can be really hard to see.

They're all over the state to be honest. I've heard of them in east Texas and central Texas. There used to be an old guy in one of the busiest central Texas areas..that would go hunting merely feet from where he would sleep. The deer are overcrowded in Austin...all he had to go was literally a few feet to grab a deer and have dinner and go off and cool off for the rest of the night.

Cameron Mahdavi damn I would be so scared to run into one of these in Texas.. Ben Andre Truett Frantes

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On our next PBS show, meet a traveling photographer who's chasing her dream to the most awe-inspiring places a teardrop camper can be towed.

Find stations and air times at bit.ly/MustSeeTxTV
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Would love to watch but do not see it on my pbs lineup

Can't find on channel

Very nice. I would like to know where you can go camping like that in the park? Do the have certain areas or is a permit needed? I have a truck camper, and would like to explore the Big Bend park.

I have been taking pictures of TxDOT projects for twenty years. You have inspired me to go beyond the highways for some great photo shots! Where are your most favorite places?

Most of that footage looks like Big Bend National park to me!! My home for 42yrs.! I would love to live her life!

This has always been a dream of mine. To go out and see the world..nature...not cities...and photograph it. 😉👍💖

before I became disabled I spent a good amount of time drifting in the Big Bend... so great to see your work!

It says 6pm Sunday on 13 out of dallas but I don't see it on tonight. Would love to watch if I could find it

Watched it on PBS this past weekend.

That would be a dream🙌

Excellent show, so glad the new season has started. Her photography is amazing!

I just watched this show this afternoon . great picture s

I saw the show yesterday. She's having a great adventure, I Envy the experience.

Good episode! Recognized trails off river road. Love closed canyon trail!

really nice, would we both fit in there to sleep?

Wonderful show on living the simple life and doing what you love!

Melissa Fiedler this made me think of you.

Carla Heffner this is a great show if you haven’t seen it before.

Adam Baker that's the same Canyon we went in. LOL.

Monica Russell. This was the one I was talking about🤗

Mandy Lea!! You go girl!!

Donna Lassmann -- KAMU-TV, Channel 15 Thursday 7:30 PM Saturday 6:30 AM Sunday 4:00PM

Saw this yesterday. So interesting.

That's awesome!

Ron Jenkins, friend of yours?

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4 days ago

Texas Tech University

#TexasTech has established a memorial fund to support the family of Officer Floyd East Jr. www.ttu.edu/administration/president/eastmemorial/ ... See MoreSee Less

#TexasTech has established a memorial fund to support the family of Officer Floyd East Jr. https://www.ttu.edu/administration/president/eastmemorial/


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Bless the family

Best working!



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