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Nudists advocate for more adults to opt for body paint costumes at Halloween

Nudists advocate for more adults to opt for body paint costumes at Halloween


It's gotta be cheaper than shelling out a few hundred bucks for an actual costume.

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is encouraging people this Halloween to embrace the practice of body painting in lieu of costumes.

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Dallas Observer

Monday's #DallasHiddenGems: a garden cafe and Indian seafood joint.
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Texas Tribune

Join us online or in person tomorrow morning!

A Conversation on Harvey and the CoastOct 17, 11:30amVictoria College Emerging Technology ComplexJoin us for in person or on our livestream for a lunchtime conversation with four Texas Gulf Coast mayors whose communities were affected by Hurricane Harvey on how they weathered the storm and what's ahead for the region.

Our panelists are:
Charles Bujan, mayor of Port Aransas
Jimmy Kendrick, mayor of Fulton
Paul Polasek, mayor of Victoria
C.J. Wax, mayor of Rockport

Donate to Harvey Victims
If you would like to support hurricane victims along the Texas Gulf Coast, please donate to the United Way of the Coastal Bend Disaster Relief Fund by texting UWHARVEY to 41444 or visit their Disaster Relief page here to give online.

This event is supported by the Texas Municipal League, Pearson, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas and Southwest Airlines, the official airline of Texas Tribune Events. It is hosted by Victoria College. Media support is provided by the Victoria Advocate and foundation support is provided by the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation. Tribune events are also supported through contributions from our founding investors and members. Though donors and corporate sponsors underwrite The Texas Tribune events, they play no role in determining the content, panelists or line of questioning.
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A Conversation on Harvey and the Coast

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Texas Tech University

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTech's own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo #DegreesOfImpact ... See MoreSee Less

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTechs own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: http://today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo  #DegreesOfImpact


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Our company, Winchester Interconnect, made the vacuum flange feedthroughs critical for its operation. Good job WinTeam!

Congrats! Exciting breakthrough!

Joshua Garrett Simmons

Rebecca Haven

2 days ago

Office of the Governor Greg Abbott

Stay strong and keep up the good fight against breast cancer! #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #Texas4Women goo.gl/PSmVAH ... See MoreSee Less


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11 months of ignoring a woman’s right to healthcare access. Planned Parenthood helps to provide the needed access. Now the governor denying that access wants to ask women to keep up a fight that might not have happened if women had unfettered access to care.

Considering Texas has the a maternal mortality rate on par with many 3rd world countries I doubt you actually give 2 $hits about women. I say this as someone who used to be a Republican.

You are such a hypocrite. You spend all your time on taking away women's healthcare including Planned Parenthood, and here you are telling us women to keep up the good fight against breast cancer. How about you helping us women fight for what's right. Women aren't your mindless babymaking machines even though you constantly act like and wish like we are. I wish we had a woman governor instead of you.

Seriously.... How freaking insensitive are you. For so many Texas women, Planned Parenthood has long been our go to for convenient, economical, quality healthcare... You and your cronies do everything to deny this access to us...and we are supposed to believe your BS ..keep up the fight. How two faced can you be!?

Abbott , after the last two failed sessions and your removal of women’s healthcare, ..... this is a flat lie!

I am a woman and dont want one red cent funding PP. I dont want to support ANY organization that supports murder and dissection for profit or not. And the idea of no right to access? Thought you are required to have coverage? Dont see the problem here..cant have it both ways...

If you'd fund Planned Parenthood, we'd get a lot further in the fight for early diagnosis and treatment. You'll wear a pink ribbon, but you won't do the work and you definitely won't support the resources that help.

Seriously??? Who thinks Abbott gives a flying fig about women? He's got a funny way of showing his "care."

No women are denied access to healthcare unless they depend on Planned Parenthood. They give out pamphlets showing how to do a breast self-exam....and the phone numbers for where to get other healthcare. All they are equipped to do is abortions.

Try not to reply to these Libtard lowlifes...Planned Parenthood does nothing except Abortions...If a women can't afford the small amount thats needed for birth control maybe she should keep her legs closed until she can. Not to mention all the millions of dollars that Planned Parenthood donated to their owners the Democrats...I don't like my tax dollars being spent on murdering babies and giving free birth control pills to the Welfare Leeches...

planned parenthood kills your baby and sells the baby parts how can you call yourself women if you think that is okay and speak for yourself I want no part of women that have no hearts and if you were raped and got pregnant and dont want that baby give it to a couple who will love it and raise it as their own

I suggest all these women who want to cry about PP closing and taking away their "women's " healthcare, I suggest you do your homework. Attaching an excerpt from article that researched the situation. As a woman, I have NEVER had to go to PP, even when broke. There are and have always had options. Since 2012, the Lone Star State has ceased to fund Planned Parenthood clinics within its borders. Instead, women can rely on the Women’s Health Program, a network of clinics that distribute contraception and provide other health services. The other clinics within the network essentially replaced Planned Parenthood. The other clinics within the network essentially replaced Planned Parenthood. “According to a study by George Washington University, this resulted in community clinics increasing their women’s health care services by an average of 81 percent,” The Daily Signal reported. History tells us that if those Planned Parenthood clinics were to close within those 103 counties as a result of losing federal funds, other clinics would be able to fill in the gap, and eventually replace them. Additionally, there are over 13,000 community health centers in the United States, compared to 900 Planned Parenthood locations, and these health centers actually offer more services than Planned Parenthood, like mammograms.

You cut off access to healthcare via Planned Parenthood, you cut funding for healthcare via ACA/CHIP/Medicaid, you do nothing to help early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Sure Texas Women, stay strong and keep up the good fight...but Greg Abbott will do everything in his power to deny you access to healthcare and strip away reproductive rights. Hypocrite!

I have been to planned parenthood 36 years ago and they tried to get me to abort my baby. I said no and never went back. They did not offer any other services other than check you for being pregnant and want to give abortions. So evidentally they have not changed at all within the 36 years now. I would never send someone there!!!!

Reminder that wearing and buying pink doesn't give access to breast cancer screenings, but Planned Parenthood does.

Thanks for the part you played in making my health insurance through teacher retirement a financial struggle. Not sure how we are going be able to afford continued treatment for my breast cancer.

Pink is not the only cancer... I'm a survivor of rectal cancer. Women's healthcare needs to be a priority. Our bodies are not like those who want to dictate and legislate what we can and can't do.

I just don't like the pink ribbon being connected to planned parenthood. I'm eager to support efforts to eradicate breast cancer - but not to support pp.

Hi Govna, a great way to help breast cancer patients like my late mother would be to help expand Obamacare and Medicaid so that a breast cancer (or any serious illness) diagnoses doesn't have to be a literal death sentence or an extreme financial hardship. Maybe expand debt relief programs for patients with serious illnesses or spouses of terminally ill patients? A really great thing to do for those fighting breast cancer is to make disability payments more realistic for patients who can no longer work so that dropping from a two income family to a one income family doesn't send working class families into poverty. You could also legalize medical cannabis so that patients have alternative options for pain relief, which is something important to consider especially in the midst of an opioid crisis. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So Govna, what exactly have YOU been doing to "keep up the good fight" and what do you plan to do for Texas breast cancer patients?

If you cared, you wouldn’t make getting healthcare so hard or expensive. Shame on you! Again, GOP lies.

Another thing. I've read all the comments and most comments are made by liberal murdering ENTITLED women. They don't speak for all women. I don't care how many comments you see. There are good kind women who are not like the filth writing these pro planned parenthood comments.

the rules drs are going by are to not checks women's breasts and the first mamos are now delayed and optional...just wrong

Glad you live in a country where you can spew such hate. Hope you all get out and support women's issues with positive attitudes.

Don't forget OPEN ENROLLMENT starts Nov. 1st! Don't let the current administration fool you into thinking the ACA doesn't exist - www.healthcare.gov/

Linus Pauling cured it..... if Texas wanted to help women with boob cancer.... they would make it Legal to cure....

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