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The internet has found another Selena Gomez look-alike

The internet has found another Selena Gomez look-alike


People on the Internet have just taken notice and are freaking out.

My San Antonio from the Express-News: https://trib.al/JB8YzRt

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Grab a jacket if heading out this morning! So far, it's the coolest morning at Houston Intercontinental since May 6 (when it hit 52°)!

Elevated fire danger will be possible this afternoon with very dry air in place. Use caution if burning today!

Cool morning, nice & sunny afternoon today. Rain chance & humidity return this weekend. Watch @chitakhou -> https://t.co/x0Qbb6iiry #KHOU11

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Nice and cool again out the door this morning, but it will be a little warmer this afternoon vs yesterday https://t.co/OuiATIaP7L #KHOU11

You guys are fired up about this one! Newlyweds ask nursing moms to breastfeed in bathroom area. Unhappy guest posts on FB. #KHOU11

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Texas Tech University

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTech's own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo #DegreesOfImpact ... See MoreSee Less

LIGO Scientific Collaboration scientists, including two of #TexasTechs own, are announcing another major breakthrough! Two neutron stars collided in a way that allowed researchers to view a jet of fast-moving material from a new angle. Read more: http://today.ttu.edu/posts/2017/10/ligo  #DegreesOfImpact


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Our company, Winchester Interconnect, made the vacuum flange feedthroughs critical for its operation. Good job WinTeam!

Congrats! Exciting breakthrough!

Joshua Garrett Simmons

Rebecca Haven

There's a spirit can ne'er be told!

The Spirit of Aggieland began with just one voice but grew quickly to fill Ben Hill Giffin Stadium as Aggies exited after the Texas A&M Football win last night!

Video courtesy of Louis A. Acosta, class of 1993.
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That was something else to be there. Louis was voice one I was voice two and it just grew!!! Gig'em. Fernando Camarillo '94

I will never forget that moment. Thanks Fernando Camarillo for helping me start singing and getting everyone to join in. Gig'Em.

Was a special experience. So glad I was in the right place at the right time!!!

Right in the feels, I'm in tears. Gig'em.

This gives me goosebumps! Honored to be a part of the AGGIE ‘tribe’‼️ “...true to the Aggies, the Aggies are we...”🎶🎵

“From the inside looking out you can’t explain it. From the outside looking in you do not understand it!” Goosebumps!! Gig’em! 👍🏻❤️

Victoria Guadian this is fun to watch. Looking forward to Mason (& the rest of us) being part of this fightin’ Texas Aggie Spirit!! Fall 2019 ⚾️👍🏼

That sounds like a pretty good tradition brewing up. That there just makes you proud to be an Aggie! Whoop Gig'em 👍🏻

That was amazing. Thanks for starting it, videoing it, and putting it out here for all us who couldn't be there!

i remember the aggies singing this exact song as we left the stadium after our last game against tu, the stadium was singing so loud, you could feel the vibrations of the voices coming up through your feet. truly a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life.

As a graduate of the University of Florida ('80 and'82), I walked that ramp for many games. At times, songs spontaneously broke out. A great feeling! This video reminded me of those times. Proud of my Gators and also a proud Aggie Mom! Gig'em!

So grateful for that spirit! I just graduated in August and miss the environment of Aggieland more every day!

This is the coolest thing ever! Turn up your volume and listen Aggies!! Started off with just one voice then everyone joined in! Whoop!!

That's so awesome! I love that everyone is walking casually and no one is pushing to get through and out of the stadium.

I saw! Actually tweeted it out and sent to some friends! They all thought it was awesome too! I freakin love our school!!!! 👍🏻😊

I’m a Gator and was at the game. Texas A&M fans were a great crowd. I wish we played each other every year.

Erica Mejia Licon Isabel-Candy Alaniz Jessica Vasquez Linder I was gonna tag y'all in a Longhorn one, but of course like usual didn't see one.....

Allison Graham you can’t get this at any other college #traditions Gig’em

I love this I want my kids to experience this love I never got too but I am determined to have my boys have this in their hearts 💕 Schoooool pride!!!!

Wow, I've never seen Aggies do something like this outside of their stadium. A testimony to their spirit! Kudos!

Trey Rogers, that looks like you at the very end of the video, once they take that last turn… The guy with the visor and greying hair to the right. No way, right?

Team spirit is gone in nebraska due to a coach not caring at all bout the team and the team not showing spirit itself in that lost

Stuart Fitzhugh Cody Cole Joel Smollack Yo, you can actually see us in this video. I mean barely but still.

Got all teary-eyed watching this.

need to make this a tradition walking out the stadium! lol ! Gig-em Aggies

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Congratulations to all aggies and Gig'Em!!!

Awesome Game by the Aggies!!!

Agradecida primeramente con Nuestro Padre Celestial y también con estos chicos por compartir parte de su tiempo,su vida y sus experiencias con mi hijo!!Bendiciones y abrazos!!!❤❤❤

A big "whoop" from the Traveling Aggies in eastern Canada! We celebrated the game and win on board our ship.

That win was worse than the woman announcer and florida's uniforms

Despite the refs and Florida’s best efforts: A&M proves victorious again!

Part of Florida’s problem was their uniforms. And we all know—if you don’t look good; you don’t play well! Geaux Aggies.

That annoying voice of that woman announcer drove me out of the room.

These nail bitting games are too addicting!! #GigEm #AggieStrong

Put 4 quarters together and we will dominate!

I'm usually for the Florida teams, but I'll cross sides on this one.

Congratulations to the Aggies!

Thank God for field goals!

Way to finish strong, Aggies!! GIG 'EM👍👍👍👍👍

Logan Morris you were right!!🎉🎉

WE BEAT YA LOSER😗 Jay Pivs SO sad we didn't get to watch heems together!!!!

A&M. Uniforms..... Tradition, classic and historic 100+ Gators. Uniforms Tacky, ugly and embarrassing FF- -

Thanks Aggies. You hung in there and continued to fight.

Alfredo Mena L. la dulce victoria contra florida la cantamos 🙌🏻💪🏻🎉

Class of 1952


Whoop! 👍🏻

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It's Aggie Game Day in Florida! 👍🏈

Texas A&M Football takes on the Florida Gators today at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN2! #BTHOflorida
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In what decade in the future are the A&M defensive coaches going to teach their players to WRAP UP AND TACKLE, not just tap and grab????

Tammy Davis Hendrick The Aggies beat the Game Cocks....can they do it again with the Gators? (Bryson is in the Corps)

My daughter is born in Florida but goes to Texas a&m.Which one do we choose

Please! I am a Texan trapped in Florida. Whoop those Gators!

If the “swamp” had “neutral Refs” this game would have a different score...

Parker Tripplehorn early verbal to A&M...class of ‘24. Help is on the way!!

Gators got "Gigged" at the end. I was watching my Bulls roll.

That was an Awesome Game!!!

Why do Florida jerseys look so horrible?

What's up with the tackling.

Its the most wonderful time of the year #GAMEDAY #BTHOflorida #FARMERSFIGHT


TAMYuck. Go Gators.


GIG'em Aggs.....Whooooop 👍👍

Gig’em , Aggies!!!


Gig Em Aggies

Gig em!!!


BTHOflorida! 👍😊


BTHO florida

Gig Em!

GIG'M Aggies!

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