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Vets save deadly cobra with beer can stuck on head

Vets save deadly cobra with beer can stuck on head


Lots of questions here -- but let's start with, "they sell Budweiser in India?"

Vets had to painstakingly cut away the metal and perform a two-hour operation to stitch it back to health.

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4 hours ago

FOX 4 News

5,000 acts of kindness in 15 days? That's the PERFECT challenge for these young students. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less


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This kids are doing great they need to come to my job and lead them by example ? 😊

Bobby Bones Show

There's a spirit can ne'er be told!

The Spirit of Aggieland began with just one voice but grew quickly to fill Ben Hill Giffin Stadium as Aggies exited after the Texas A&M Football win last night!

Video courtesy of Louis A. Acosta, class of 1993.
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That was something else to be there. Louis was voice one I was voice two and it just grew!!! Gig'em. Fernando Camarillo '94

I will never forget that moment. Thanks Fernando Camarillo for helping me start singing and getting everyone to join in. Gig'Em.

Was a special experience. So glad I was in the right place at the right time!!!

Right in the feels, I'm in tears. Gig'em.

This gives me goosebumps! Honored to be a part of the AGGIE ‘tribe’‼️ “...true to the Aggies, the Aggies are we...”🎶🎵

“From the inside looking out you can’t explain it. From the outside looking in you do not understand it!” Goosebumps!! Gig’em! 👍🏻❤️

Victoria Guadian this is fun to watch. Looking forward to Mason (& the rest of us) being part of this fightin’ Texas Aggie Spirit!! Fall 2019 ⚾️👍🏼

That sounds like a pretty good tradition brewing up. That there just makes you proud to be an Aggie! Whoop Gig'em 👍🏻

That was amazing. Thanks for starting it, videoing it, and putting it out here for all us who couldn't be there!

i remember the aggies singing this exact song as we left the stadium after our last game against tu, the stadium was singing so loud, you could feel the vibrations of the voices coming up through your feet. truly a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life.

So grateful for that spirit! I just graduated in August and miss the environment of Aggieland more every day!

As a graduate of the University of Florida ('80 and'82), I walked that ramp for many games. At times, songs spontaneously broke out. A great feeling! This video reminded me of those times. Proud of my Gators and also a proud Aggie Mom! Gig'em!

This is the coolest thing ever! Turn up your volume and listen Aggies!! Started off with just one voice then everyone joined in! Whoop!!

That's so awesome! I love that everyone is walking casually and no one is pushing to get through and out of the stadium.

I saw! Actually tweeted it out and sent to some friends! They all thought it was awesome too! I freakin love our school!!!! 👍🏻😊

I’m a Gator and was at the game. Texas A&M fans were a great crowd. I wish we played each other every year.

Erica Mejia Licon Isabel-Candy Alaniz Jessica Vasquez Linder I was gonna tag y'all in a Longhorn one, but of course like usual didn't see one.....

Allison Graham you can’t get this at any other college #traditions Gig’em

I love this I want my kids to experience this love I never got too but I am determined to have my boys have this in their hearts 💕 Schoooool pride!!!!

Wow, I've never seen Aggies do something like this outside of their stadium. A testimony to their spirit! Kudos!

Trey Rogers, that looks like you at the very end of the video, once they take that last turn… The guy with the visor and greying hair to the right. No way, right?

Team spirit is gone in nebraska due to a coach not caring at all bout the team and the team not showing spirit itself in that lost

Stuart Fitzhugh Cody Cole Joel Smollack Yo, you can actually see us in this video. I mean barely but still.

Got all teary-eyed watching this.

need to make this a tradition walking out the stadium! lol ! Gig-em Aggies

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2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

Comments on the field following Saturday's big win #12thMan ... See MoreSee Less


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Hellava game! White knuckles all the way! Those guys are definitely Aggies. Played their hearts out under very difficult field conditions and under their own fans lack of confidence in them. I'm so proud of them.

Great win over Florida congratulations Aggies will pray for you thousands miles away from the core of heart

No more games like this I'm going to have a heart attack or faint.

Texas A&M defense led by Dillon County's own Johnny "Chief" Chavis!!! Love you John Chavis- So Proud of You!

I'm a total Aggie fan, i still think they should keep Sumlin at least for another season

Great win, and great attitudes from the players! ♥️

If they could score touchdowns instead of field goals we might be ranked in the top 25

Great game!!! Keep us on our toes the entire game

LaCamera was in Burst Mode last night!

Another mvp caliber season from Will Johnson.

Congrats to A&M. We were out coached.

12 points for LaCamera

Whoop... Gig'em Aggies! 👍🏈

Road win!

WHOOP!!! Keep it up Aggies!!! 👍🏽 Great Team Effort!

Proud of you, Aggies!

SO. MUCH. WILL!!! He's in heaven

Lacamera for heisman!!!!




Great win.


Go ooooooooo Aggies

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2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

Highlights from Texas A&M's 19-17 victory over Florida are below!
#12thMan #AggieFootball
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Whoever the woman was calling the game killed the excitement. Next time let Dave South call it, please.

Amazing win in the Swamp! This young team is growing up right before our eyes! Kudos Coach Sumlin for instilling composure in the face of adversity! #Gigem. PS. Anyone else think the espn game call announcers were HORRIBLE tonight? Please on tv... tell me what I don't already see! Wow they should have been wearing red coats! #captainobvious

Great win on the road in a tough atmosphere! But God help me, that female announcer is horrible! I don't know if it is her accent or her nasal tone but I had to mute the sound!

Those have got to be the ugliest uniforms Florida wore. Guess it fit them well after they got pulled through the swamp.

Some call it an "ugly" win. I don't care what you call it or how it looked. If we win, we WIN! I've seen us lose lots of "pretty" games. Lol! BTW...anyone know when the team plane lands at Easterwood tonight?? Some of us want to salute the team buses as they leave the airport.

The Only Bad thing about this game was having to listen to the lady Troll broadcasting.. I'm sure glad there was DAVE SOUTH on the radio to listen to ! Dave South Rules the airwaves.. Women have No idea what Football is about.. They need to stick with volleyball... GIG'EM AGS !

Wow!! Too bad you took vacation a week too early Deric. You could have seen this tough TAMU win over the Gators in person. Gig'em!! 👍👍

Worst game crew I have ever heard! Horrible all of them. Comments were ignorant and the play by play voice was obnoxious. The worst!!!

Mond is showing some flashes of Johnny, great mobile QB, don't giving up, staying ice cold in tough times

Re do this with Dave Souths commentary. Beth hurts my ears.

Wow that was the worst announcer ever!

Y’all couldn’t at least mute Beth Mowins???

Tough game, but nice to have another win. Gig 'Em!

Could they swap the calling with leerfield sports announcing?

Texas A&M beat the Gators me so happy right now

Can the 4th and 1 stop that got a replay for 4th down be a highlight? #horribleofficials

Wow Jared Marshall good game! Glad Aggies won, I don't like those gator uniforms 😉

Wish we had Keith Jackson back calling play by play. GIG’EM!

So proud of the boys! They always finish the game and they do it with heart. Great game Ags!

It's even better when you mute the audio!

Sumlin is lucky we finally got a good kicker.

Great game..........but the Gator's uniforms were butt ugly!!!

Lots of shoestring tackles by the Gators. BUT they still count as a tackle and not a missed tackle. Props to them in making stops.

Clay Brian look how many comments on the announcers

I'm all for equal rights for the sexes, but a woman has no business trying to call a football game!

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Congratulations to all aggies and Gig'Em!!!

Awesome Game by the Aggies!!!

Agradecida primeramente con Nuestro Padre Celestial y también con estos chicos por compartir parte de su tiempo,su vida y sus experiencias con mi hijo!!Bendiciones y abrazos!!!❤❤❤

A big "whoop" from the Traveling Aggies in eastern Canada! We celebrated the game and win on board our ship.

That win was worse than the woman announcer and florida's uniforms

Despite the refs and Florida’s best efforts: A&M proves victorious again!

Part of Florida’s problem was their uniforms. And we all know—if you don’t look good; you don’t play well! Geaux Aggies.

That annoying voice of that woman announcer drove me out of the room.

These nail bitting games are too addicting!! #GigEm #AggieStrong

Put 4 quarters together and we will dominate!

I'm usually for the Florida teams, but I'll cross sides on this one.

Congratulations to the Aggies!

Thank God for field goals!

Way to finish strong, Aggies!! GIG 'EM👍👍👍👍👍

Logan Morris you were right!!🎉🎉

WE BEAT YA LOSER😗 Jay Pivs SO sad we didn't get to watch heems together!!!!

A&M. Uniforms..... Tradition, classic and historic 100+ Gators. Uniforms Tacky, ugly and embarrassing FF- -

Thanks Aggies. You hung in there and continued to fight.

Alfredo Mena L. la dulce victoria contra florida la cantamos 🙌🏻💪🏻🎉

Class of 1952


Whoop! 👍🏻

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2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

The Aggies win in Gainesville!!! #12thMan #TAMUvsUF

pres. by Academy Sports + Outdoors
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The Aggies win in Gainesville!!! #12thMan #TAMUvsUF 

pres. by Academy Sports + Outdoors


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Great, now take Beth out behind the swamp and dig a hole. Some of the worst commentary I've ever heard.

Kevin Sumlin has earned another year in my book. We got a good thing going with Mond and we don’t want to bring in a whole new offense for him going into his second year.

This is SEC football. You grind, play defense and get points when you can. It wasn’t pretty but it’s a big W that we didn’t see 4 weeks ago

I just wanted to say I could have done befter play by play then that female announcer (I forgot her name!) I am just glad we came out on top and hopefully we have more wins left in us!

Defense. Gave me heart attack and then saved the game. Let's work on some tackling for sixty minutes next time.

Great defense aside from one play. thank you sumlin for a second straight week of no bubble screens for a loss on 3rd and short👍

Dodson and Mond are going to be team leaders next year. Dodson has almost single-handedly turned this defense around

It was a great game. Forgot to tell you all this morning that I am an Aggie grandma. Both of Chad and Tia's kids are at A & M. Knew you all were Aggie fans.

Aggie fans - chill yourselves. That wasn't a good game at all. Remember y'all lost to UCLA, and y'all lost to us too

Please pass along to ESPN Beth needs to stick with woman's sports.

Mazonne for the love of God Read This book. The same play for negative yards over an over week after week is pathetic.

I admit I was nervous during the winning field goal. Great stop D and Dodson great Int.

GIG 'EM, AGGIES! Texas A&M is leaving The Swamp with a win!

Proud of my Aggies getting that W!!!

Won but not pretty and Mazzone needs to be fired

Guess this year they figured they'd be a second half team.

Despite what had to be the WORST officiating, or home cooking, I’ve watched in decades!

Way to play till the end, Aggies, and bring home the win! Aggie proud!

Another nail biter finish..grats Ags!

Great game, glad they grinded it out..

It wasn't pretty, but I'll take it!

This Aggie Mom is Proud ! These boys play good and hard

The TOP SCHOOL in the World. Enjoy your RING!!!

Meh 😏 hahaha Lucky A&M is my #3 team lol

YESSSSS! At least Somebody's "drainin' The Swamp!" :D

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2 days ago

Texas A&M Football

photos by Sam Craft/TAMU Athletics ... See MoreSee Less


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These ESPN commentators are AWFUL. They should have to make a statement at the start of the game: "Disclosure; we are so far in the tank for Florida that they are paying us as an advertiser. Thank You." Also, thanks officials, for showing me the first fifth-down play I have ever seen. Florida is paying you, too?

I’m a Gator fan in all kinds of weather, but I want to THANK your band, yell leaders, and fans for being so respectful today at Ben Hill. It was refreshing after last week against LSU. Congrats on the win. #classyaggies

Missed horse collar, two 4th and 1 attempts could it be more obvious smdh the SEC needs some new refs

First off, the refs gave Florida the touchdown. Second, why is it that the commentators accurately point out that Mond is better out of the pocket but we make him play from the pocket even though our line is not as good as their front? Offense is an issue right now.

Upset at what the refs just did. If they want to win then do it the right way. Let's go aggies let this not take you out of the game. Show them that cheaters never win.

Noel Mazonne hasn't learned a single thing. He should fired. Leave him in FL. Let's run the same plays that don't work. The first FL touchdown was BS but the second is strictly on us. Terrible tackles...though I blame most of it on Mazonne. Our D is gassed because Noel couldn't call plays for Pee Wee yet he is still at Tamu....

It’s another show of a lack of discipline on the field by Sumlins team. They shoot themselves in the foot every chance they get. No excuse for stupid penalties on crucial plays.

The post says we're playing Florida A&M - how about the University of Florida Gators. The game's NOT being played at Kyle Field. It's being played at the "Swamp" in Florida!!!

Please, for one more quarter, stop throwing to Kirk. He is usually the go to, but he isn't having a good game. They have given up 2 touchdowns on wasted throws to him.

Ok... the game was in the swamp (of I’m breaded families) and this report said it was in the holy land, btw refs sucked and the tv crew all in General sucked missed plays due to commercial cutting off game time, the announcers are homers with the refs, we survived and gig’em mother fathers 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

From Vols fan. Thank god y’all beat the Gators... they need to get knocked down more. Glad Sumlin got the win. I’ve always liked him.

This team beat the Gator's, the ref's, and the crowd at the swamp. If they had some truly great coaching, easily 7 and 0.

Play calling still horrible!! Wtf!! Throw to the receiver is this triple covered and yet number two is standing on the goal line wide open!!!

Can the Aggies please convert some 3rd downs? Seriously, where's our team that fought so valiantly against Alabama?

I'm positive that most of you would have a hundred per cent winning season coaching Podunk High playing in the Big 12. It is easy to tell by the comments you make about all the coaching mistakes. Any reason you aren't the # 1 coach in the US right now?

The Refs have been playing hard for Florida! And those are the,ugliest,uniforms I have ever seen.

Most unbiased commentating ever.. NOT!!! The refs suck too!!

Announcers either comentate this game or get on the field and referee!!😈😈😈

Who are the commentators? Husband and I are debating- he says female and I say male with high voice?

The refs are giving Florida this game! 😡

*Update - Mazonne still running the same play over and over that hasn't worked all game

In the end ags win whoop.

Vol Fan here. Pullin for y’all! You’re fighting the “swamp” refs! Welcome to our world!!

These guys need to learn how to tackle!!!! I've seen peewee players with better fundamentals 😞

Way to go Coach Sumlin and the Aggies!

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3 days ago

Texas Rangers

“Howdy, folks.” – Adrian to State Fair of Texas's Big Tex ... See MoreSee Less

“Howdy, folks.” – Adrian to State Fair of Texass Big Tex


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"When your homie invites you to his primas quincenera"

Adrian Beltre as Big Tex would be a shut up and take my money proposition every year when it comes to the State Fair of Texas

Way to go Adrian and you look good as a cowboy from Texas!

I miss watching my Rangers, but they've got work to do before next season. In the meantime, we can watch football

Paola Salazar if you see him get an autograph for Dante Martinez lol

A very good looking cowboy and a great Ranger, the best player⚾️

Yes...he's at the fair, not in the ALCS. Congrats Texas

Travis Gilbert I can see you wearing this!

hope he likes tx so much he stays with the Rangers..!..

Ggggrrrraaawwww big TeX .

Love the coat, Awesome.

What you post when you're not in the playoffs

No matter what he has on he looks great...Yum



Wow! Very handsome! Miss you guys on the field. Is it March yet? GO RANGERS!

papasito ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Haha, Crazy Adrian!

Love Adrian

Doubtful he would ever go to that side of Dallas

You look good as big Tex love this Texas Ranger

It’ll be funny if Houston wins a World Series while we are back to sucking hahaha

Best baseball player today!!!

Looks like he going out to a Mexican dance club.

What a great look!! My favorite player😉

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3 days ago

Texas Rangers

#HBD to bullpen coach Hector Ortiz! 🎈🎉🎁 ... See MoreSee Less

#HBD to bullpen coach Hector Ortiz! 🎈🎉🎁


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Treat yourself to something nice, and go slap Nick Martinez and Tyson Ross in the face.

Happy birthday from a Texas Rangers fan!

Birthday blessings to you!!

Happy Birthday! May God bless you always!

Happy Birthday Ortiz hope you have a very happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂🎈🎉⚾️

HappyBirthday Hector !!

Happy Birthday Coach Ortiz🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈🎉

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Hector!

Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈⚾

Who is this guy?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday coach

Happy Birthday, Hector! 🎂

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday sir

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday! Hector! Texas Rangers Fan for Life!

Happy birthday Hector. Go Rangers

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Coach Ortiz 🎉🎁🎈🎊🎂😊😃

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