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1 confirmed dead in Alabama bus crash carrying Channelview ISD students

1 confirmed dead in Alabama bus crash carrying Channelview ISD students


THE LATEST: At least one person has died after a charter bus carrying Houston area students plunged into an Alabama ravine. Multiple injuries have been reported, and numerous children were being carried by helicopters to emergency rooms after the crash.

At least one person has died after a charter bus carrying Houston area students plunged into an Alabama ravine early Tuesday, a Baldwin County Sheriff's Office assistant deputy chief confirmed.

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56 minutes ago


Stitch was one day from being euthanized when Millie saved her. Now she's found a new calling as a racing dog, breaking records and defying expectations. via HeartThreads ... See MoreSee Less

3 hours ago


A freak gust of wind whipped through this park sending Port-A-Pottys flying! ... See MoreSee Less


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Now that is what parenting is suppose to be like. Protecting their children by covering them with their bodies.

I guess the sh...t hit the fan.

Its Poopnado!

Shout out to the 400 lb. Person filming this. Watching all the skinny people get thrown around. He really didnt give a crap(pun) about everyone else.

I see baths and car washes in the future. Lol

That was a turdnado!!!😂😂😂😂

The parents and adults covering the children with their bodies ♥️ #HeroesWithoutCapes

As "funny" as flying potties are, what a scary situation for those parents. That would have killed a child easily. Those parents shielding their babies are a good example of what parenting should look like. 👏👏👏👏👏

Well that's a crappy situation

That momma protecting her baby though 😍👌

Where and when was this?

Definitely the wicked witch did this lol

I hope no one was in the port-a-potty’s.

I’ll never un-see that liquid staying from those things again!!!

Mother Nature does have a sense of humor.

They need a barf 🤢 option..

A lively blast of wind followed by showers.

OMG! Hope no one was in those port-a-pottys. Where was this?

Taryn I think what I love most about this is the parents properly trying to cover their children 😂😂

It’s not one but it’s two times the fun

Well that’s one way to clean the toilet! Lol

Horrible. Imagine all that yuck raining down.

Want came out of the potty is not good.

Toto, We're not in Kansas anymore!

Cory, lol check this out

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3 hours ago

Texas Tribune

Here is a mural of President Donald Trump in the Casa Padre immigrant shelter in Brownsville. The center is located in a store that was previously a Walmart. bit.ly/2t1SCcT ... See MoreSee Less

Here is a mural of President Donald Trump in the Casa Padre immigrant shelter in Brownsville. The center is located in a store that was previously a Walmart. http://bit.ly/2t1SCcT


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Donald Trump and Republicans will have to pay a big political price for his false claims that the separations of families are the fault of Democrats, and not the result of his own administration's change in how undocumented immigrants are treated, which includes tearing suckling babes away from their mothers and putting children in cages.

Has the meaning of the text been explained?? Exactly what battle?? What war??

You mean “there is a mural of the monster that is trying to become this country’s dictator “

I'm confused by the message....it seems to be saying to "take this opportunity of being caught (losing the battle) to find a way to not get caught next time (win the war). Do these idiots even think about their own stupidity when they do this stuff? That boot flavored Kool Aid must really taste great...

We are allowing this in our state, right now, we are all being too complacent 😡 This is that moment in history when future generations will be asking how did they let that happen 😔 its beyond time we do more than bitch on social media about atrocities being commited against our fellow human beings!

just insane. Maybe he can use "lasers" from Space Force to stop them from crossing. He's a whackjob and if you still support then you need your head examined.

I don’t like this situation any more than many of your readers, but please be objective...based on other reporting there are multiple murals of former presidents at this facility. Some outlets show only this one and that is not the full context regarding the murals.

I guess his new way is to hold children hostage.

Having to look at that all day is torture in and of itself.

This is not a direct quote but "an observation on war and battle from the former real estate developer’s co-authored book, The Art of the Deal. In its original context, the line refers to evicting tenants (p. 249)." Nice, huh?

Why don't you show the other half of that wall with the dear leader Obama mural?

All Praise Supreme Leader.

“Big brother is watching you”

Not my hero!

Is he meant to be “father” in the name casa padre?

Kinda like his hero did back in the 30's and 40's, Adolf Hitler. Every government building in Germany had a giant picture of Hitler.

there's not enough Maalox

Wonder who painted it?

Arbeit Macht Frei


Another Trump Tower?


Kevin J. Ghanbari Have you seen this yet? 😒


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16 hours ago

Texas Tech University


Texas Tech vaults into the CWS winner's bracket with a 6-3 win over No. 1 Florida! #WreckEm
... See MoreSee Less


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GO RED RAIDERS! support TECH and go to www.fansox.com for officially licensed ceiling fan blade covers.

At the game last night and they looked solid.

Wreck ‘Em Tech! 😎👍

As a Florida State and TTU fan this makes me so happy.

Great game and great win! Let's win this thing!

So proud of Texas Tech University baseball team. We will always be a Red Raider fan.....as well as a Boise State Broncos fan.

Fantastic!! Great pitching! Can't wait for the next game!

Yes men always winning

Congratulations Tech. Fantastic win. Keep it going.

Wow, that's great!


Great.....Keep it going


Great Game! Fearless!

Tech wins 6 - 3

What a game! Wreck em. ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

John David Kirby....it's a good time to be a Red Raider!

What a game! Awesome job.

Hell yeah!!

Awesome game!!!!

Love IT!!!!

Guns up

Dot Doe

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1 day ago

Houston Zoo

The sweetest little Father’s Day present is here! Less than a year after Houston welcomed Asian elephant calf, Joy, a new kid is on the block. This morning at 2:38 a.m., 35-year-old Asian elephant, Tess, gave birth to a 345-pound female without complication, and the calf began learning how to nurse within the first few hours. The calf has been named Tilly by the team who have dedicated their lives to the care, well-being, and conservation of these incredible animals. Baby elephants are quite wobbly when they're first born, so Tilly will wear a harness for a few days so the zoo’s elephant team can help her stand steady while she's nursing. ... See MoreSee Less


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Nothing good to say about Zoos. And to have them breeding is worst of all. They have no life, no where to do what nature meant. They need their herds, can't survive on packed dirt. They die decades early, just so people are entertained. SANCTUARY IS THEIR ONLY HOPE.

Elefants born in the Wilderness, there are happy and FREE ..can you say the same in a Zoo ? I think the answer is NO ..

Poor baby elephant doomed to live a life of misery locked behind bars and walking on cement!! Elephants belong in the wild!!! They love to roam miles..

SO sad.. the beginnings of a most unnatural life... wearing a harness... this is just the start.

Why are there ropes tied tightly around this innocent baby?!

They are being mutilated in the wild for their ivory. Look up the Houston endangered species project. Furthur they have acres to roam at zoos. Water holes. Things to play with plus excellent nutrition and veterinary care. And they aren't separated from their family's. People have become cruel to animals in the wild for financial gain.

When will we get to see little Miss Tilly!!!! Sooooo exciting....great job Tess!!!!! 🐘❤️🐘❤️🐘❤️

She doesn’t need a harness, she will learn on her own! Sad she will be raised in a Zoo and probably be sold to another Zoo in a few years! BOYCOTT ZOOS!☮️❤️🐘

Best Father’s Day gift ever...said the Dad of one of the elephant keepers!

Aub Renee Tiffany Collins our Houston Zoo trip needs to happen as soon as he goes on exhibit😍😍

So Awesome. Congratulations to everyone that takes care of the Elephants at the Houston Zoo. So happy Tess and Tiiy are healthy. Can't wait to go visit.

Congratulations Houston Zoo! Your elephant team sets the bar for Endangered Asian Elephant care!

Congratulations on the birth of your new elephant! Awesome job by Mom and her caregivers!

Calf #3 for Tess (and it's a night birth as well!) And a sister for Tucker and Tupelo!!!!

Wonderful news also another baby girl just born in Taronga Western plains zoo in Australia.

Congratulations to the elephant staff at the Houston Zoo! Welcome Miss Tilly.

Congrats, Tess! Welcome to the world, Tilly! Happy Father's Day, Thai!

Congratulations!! We have such an amazing zoo here. Thank you for all you do for these amazing animals. ❤️

Congratulations! Well done Tess and our fantastic elephant team.

Oh my gosh, she is so adorably hairy!! I love her already!!!

Two baby Elephants?! Congratulations, Houston Zoo!!!

Glad you explained the harness. Beautiful!

Stephanie we need to make a Trip back to Houston zoo soon to see the babyyyy

Congrats to Mama Tess, the amazing Houston Zoo Elephant team, and the rest of the adorable herd!! 💕🐘💕🐘💕🐘💕

What a sweetie! Congratulations to all and happy Father's Day to Thai!

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