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1 killed, dozens injured in crash of Houston-area charter bus in Alabama

1 killed, dozens injured in crash of Houston-area charter bus in Alabama


#BREAKING: One fatality has been confirmed in the crash of a bus that was chartered by Channelview ISD in Alabama. Authorities confirmed that the driver of the bus was the person who was killed.

One person was killed and dozens of others were injured when a bus chartered by a Houston-area school district plunged into a ravine off Interstate 10 in Alabama.

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#Breaking: Austin police said latest explosion might not be connected to serial bomber https://t.co/UEhW9efSpO

Next town hall for @UTEPAthletics will be in the #UTEP student union where they will be asked what it will take for students to attend games. #YourVoiceYourFuture

So many want to vote in Mexico’s presidential election that the Dallas consulate can’t handle them all   https://t.co/sThPvHMIo7

Audience member compliments @JimSenter2 on how approachable he is and thanks him. Staff is friendly.
Senter says "People can tell when you are being fake, at the end of the day, I'm still a people person."

We're still live online with our Town Hall about the future of @utep athletics. WATCH: https://t.co/Ol2xhH6KTr

Tonight will be the coolest night for the next seven days. Lows will drop into the 40s and 50s, while the skies will remain clear. It will grow a little warm each day through the end of the work week. @FOX26Houston #houwx #txwx #Houston #Texas

This morning, we took a special field trip to spend time with the @HoustonDash. Thanks for letting us be in the team photo!

Setting up a surprise sloth encounter as a birthday present for @Simone_Biles? You might think his shirt is made out of cotton. Turns out, it's boyfriend material.

Judge rules that firefighter petition signatures must be reviewed promptly https://t.co/eLJp2tCnXu #kprc2 #HouNews

As we wrap up the town hall, parking, tailgating, marketing and of course, winning were issues that were consistently brought up. #YourVoiceYourFuture

Another reported explosion in Austin https://t.co/6W0a4Z9AuY

[email protected] on marketing: We need several hundred people helping us do that. #EPMAD
Energy, passion and having a fanatic fan base is important.

[email protected] If we don't sell partial season tickets, we will do it.

On the subject of having halftime performances, Senter says money is an issue. #YourVoiceYourFuture

Another reported explosion in Austin https://t.co/6wMyw5ZNgM

Melissa ISD gun policy causes alarm, concern for anxious parents who say they didn't know about it  https://t.co/GmmwGADbaa

20 minutes ago

Austin American-Statesman

There is a report of a new package explosion and one person injured in south Austin, at Brodie and Slaughter. Read the story here: atxne.ws/2IE7AvN ... See MoreSee Less


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There is a report of a new package explosion and one person injured in south Austin, at Brodie and Slaughter. Read the story here: atxne.ws/2IE7AvN

Terrorism. Call it what it is and bring in more feds

Thank you for reporting. And thank you to law enforcement for working hard to solve the case and keep us safe.

Tuned in from el paso tx and VERY WORRIED. this perp will be found!

Read that a Goodwill employee opened up a donation bin and there was an explosion from inside.

Has anyone heard about someone on reddit claiming responsibility?

Start monitoring north ... he has everybody busy in south and maybe targeting north now ! Since is less crowded...

If Austin employed Eye In The Sky Technology, they would already be apprehended www.radiolab.org/story/eye-sky/

This bomber's too smart. He's checking out the area for cameras before he plants one, IMO.

Pieces of human filth!!! Prayers for those affected by these terrorist acts!

Prayers to the injured...smh lord guide this person or persons to find peace in his or her heart...

I really hope surveillance video is being pulled from all these businesses

Forensic science now more than ever. Thoughts out to any victims hurt today.

Show us a video of this person so we can help identify them

Yeah Maudie’s, Goodwill, Randalls - all those stores are down there

This is my neighborhood. I can hear the chopper.

For those of you asking the location... just read the post above.

Right down the road from my in laws!

Thank u all for reporting n hard work of law enforcement. God help us

6th package PLUS trip wire right? So total of 7?

Sincere prayers ascending for victims and family/friends

When are they going to catch this person?

This is heart breaking...sending prayers from Arizona 😥

I hate that this is happening to Austin.

This monster needs to get caught.....someone knows something about this...

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21 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

Only one defenseman has scored more points in their first 4 NHL seasons since 1990 than John Klingberg and that's Sergei Zubov. ... See MoreSee Less

Only one defenseman has scored more points in their first 4 NHL seasons since 1990 than John Klingberg and thats Sergei Zubov.


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They took that goal away and gave it to Rads

Klinger is awesome. That goal by Benn just now is one of those “Meh, I might not give up on them yet” moments but how i wish they were more consistent.

And subtract all the goals he gave up on stupid giveaways and turnovers.....

4 seasons? That went quick. Felt like Calder conversation was last week

he's involved in pretty much everything offensive in the team. every time it gets dangerous, Klingberg is there

Kari “Swiss Cheese” Lettingemin lol what a joke.

Too bad he sucks defensively.


Kristine Hughes SMH at you

Mona Renteria Macias

Spencer Crispino

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34 minutes ago


BREAKING: New explosion reported in South Austin. One person reportedly injured. INFO: bit.ly/2G68Aul ... See MoreSee Less


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45 min from me 😮

Man whats going on over there


Is this happening now?

Wth are pple thinking now a days wow

My God, I hope they can find the person responsible for this, soon!

Someone must really hate Austin ..

What the hell is going on, these hateful people hurting the innocent is so wrong....

This person needs to be caught and put to jail

Oh wow! Praying for everyone in Austin

Lol why isn’t anyone calling for a ban on explosives or on detonating bombs in public???? Oh wait.. I’m pretty sure there’s already laws showing they don’t work


Another one


Leroy Salas you're a piece of trash for saying that.

This is the 5th time omgosh!

What's happening

Bombing in Austin Texas

Ay dio mio

Be careful walking..watch for trip wires

Samantha Alyse Hernandez im not going to Austin anymore 🤔😔

Wow !!!


People be vigilant!!!!

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47 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

Another video game pass from Alexander Radulov, and Seguin buries it for his 39th goal of the season. ... See MoreSee Less


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As soon as I turned the game on, I turned it off. This team blows.

It is hard watching this team.....us fans got screwed this season. No moves at the deadline was totally ridiculous. Trades must happen this off season.

Nichushkin and Heiskanen would of been nice to have this year

Every time they score jets score looks like the stars are gonna get rail roaded

Seguins back has to be killin him

Power move by Benn to tie it up. Bout time

Good game so far tbh, not sure where the complaints are coming from, best theyve looked overall in awhile

With Kari in Net for the last 9 games - Dallas is sure to Not make the Playoff again

A 40 goal season for a team that doesn’t make the playoffs. This guy is wasting his career.

What the rest of the team is doing is downright disrespectful. Wasting Seguin’s best season.

Ok let's get 3 more to maybe get it to OT and get a point

Dig in guys & send the CAPS packing.

Kari “Swiss Cheese” Lettingemin lol what a joke.....

Thankfully another stupid penalty to give up the lead yeah!!!!

geez gang it's 3-3 we have a good game

Then what happened

Trailing.....ugh here we go again.....

Let’s go Stars ⭐️

Losing still.

Let's get the W

Dallas stars ⭐️

Spencer Crispino silky pass

Brent Rocky radulov

That caption tho 😂 Tyler Lee

Jason Sinks that pass tho 👀

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1 hour ago


Join us as we discuss the future of UTEP Athletics. Comment or ask questions and will try to answer them live. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey Lou!


Watching on TV



What up Manny

What is up Alex

K rollo sin dee

Bring Baseball to UTEP

Join us as we discuss the future of UTEP Athletics. Comment or ask questions and will try to answer them live.

I am out.

UTEP should stop paying big $$$ to over-rated coaches who quit on us when the heat gets too hot! Why not look for local coaches from our high schools who are actually taking our teams out to Regional Chamionship games- those coaches are not looking into making money, they are here to win!

It's sad that we are the same as ut Austin but don't spend the money like them

The school is ran like the city it is in out dated

I think El Paso fans should support the team win or lose to show we care welcome to El Paso couch.

Make the coaches earn there pay checks

They got the funding they need to go to Austin and fight for it like ut Austin does

Go get the Alabama coach

People in the city want big market but they’re not willing to support programs to bring in money to help recruit and market UTEP athletics. The point is to be consistent fans and support your team even when they are losing. Ohio state and Michigan still had people supporting them when they were loosing. Money is what helps rebuild teams.

I see Miguel Mendez! Cookie I see you! 👍🏽👍🏽

We have a start with new AD and Head coach but we also need to have the president of Utep retire...she hurt the athletic programs...i know she has done an awesome job academically but we need both

It begins with a pedigree we have never had it and it looks like we will never achieve it. Sports is a knowledge base institution even if we get mediocre talent we need to look for kids who can spell at least at a high school level. It lays on the shoulders of the Coach’s to bring in kids who come to learn not just play the sport we are a institution of higher learning. The kids come to University’s across the nation to learn how to play there sport.

Or Pay coaches if they win.

Thank you😊

Put more money in athletics.

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2 hours ago

Dallas Stars

Now that's cutting it close. Curtis McKenzie, who was recalled this morning, arrives to the arena just before puck drop tonight against the Capitals. ... See MoreSee Less


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Same old 💩. This team blows.

Playing like garbage as usual

Go get them Mackenzie! We'll miss you in Austin. Don't listen to the nay saying douchebags!

McKenzie really making a difference tonight lol

Oh god this team has their problems exiting the zone clean. They always freeze the puck or just slap it down the ice. That is one huge difference between Dallas and contending teams I’ve noticed. They need to carry it up ice with confidence, with short clean passes. Entering the offensive zone is just as bad. Sometimes they have a clear cut path to the net and they chip it in or just dump it behind the net.

Close up

Stay out of here! Let’s go Stars!!!

He look a newbie in the box for the night...

Here we go again.

Should have brought Roope with you too !!! Good to See you Back in Victory Green !!!!!!

I like him !

The struggle with the other strap is always a real one...

He’s back

Hell, he will only play 12 min all game

Kimberly Matthews Look who it is!

Solid team 💩

Dallas stars ⭐️

Chuck Latham he’s back

Courtney Dixon, told you he'd make it

Marco Velasco

Andrew Pope


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