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17-year-old’s head grazed with bullet during drive-by shooting

17-year-old’s head grazed with bullet during drive-by shooting


The back of a 17-year-old's head was grazed with a bullet from a drive-by shooter around 1:50 a.m. on the 5114 block of Pond Lake Drive.

The victim was transported to Samm-C to treat his injury.

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Ronda Rousey breaks silence: 'I did a whole lot of crying' after UFC defeats: https://t.co/6v88EDEu0x

“I lost a friend last year to a motor vehicle accident. Pretty horrific. Words cannot explain."


At least another 31 cases are believed to be tied to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona.


Kanye West angers fans with pro-Trump tweets, is defended by Chance the Rapper: https://t.co/4KI8Xpwi61

Brad: Your Thursday will be partly cloudy and warmer, windy late. We will see a high El Paso around 86°. South winds 5 to 15+ mph, becoming east 30 to 40 with gusts 50+ mph later this evening.

This might be the real reason North Korea is willing to get rid of its nukes: https://t.co/RbRaYxicA6

JUST IN: White House Doctor Ronny Jackson has withdrawn his nomination for VA secretary. https://t.co/iXApqvHS9t

JUST IN: White House doctor Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA secretary nominee, calls allegations against him 'false and fabricated': https://t.co/XSSqvS0CS9

Supreme Court shows support for President Trump's immigration travel ban: https://t.co/BKC38A3wcj

Officials say the overall increase was fueled by a nearly 15-percent surge in sexual assault reports in the Marine Corps. https://t.co/s65KLVMRT3

'It was all word of mouth' | First shop to exclusively sell CBD oil drops into Austin https://t.co/5KQuunkczv

Happy birthday first lady, @MelaniaTrump!

Elderly and disabled tenants, who constitute more than half of the 4.7 million public housing families, would be exempted. https://t.co/MBHUv48aDc

I-45 Gulf Frwy (northbound) @ El Dorado, accident involving school bus has all northbound lanes blocked at this time. Expect delays. #houtraffic


The 2018 NFL Draft is HERE!

Who will the newest members of the Dallas Cowboys family be?
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The 2018 NFL Draft is HERE! 

Who will the newest members of the Dallas Cowboys family be?


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1st- Cowboys move back 3 spots, pick up an additional 3rd round pick and pick one of the top three WR’s 2nd- Trade to Seattle for Earl Thomas (2/4th round picks) 3rd- Small school OT 3rd- LB

If Ridley is there take him for sure. Not sure hurns and Thompson is the answer or I think there will b a top 5 reciever on the board. The second round on there will b some good defensive players still left on the board. Need. Safety LB CB DT Hopefully we get at least one good player off the board and have a good overall draft.

Good morning cowboy nation,lets have a solid draft and boo the crap out of goodell.i wish i was there i would probably get escorted out for booing as loud as i could for how goodell screwed us last year.still mad.but on a postive note i hope the cowboys draft well,d.james or vitea vea.

Cowboys if there smart a cb or ss or lb plz no offense early picks... Defense wins championships!!!

Dear God please let us not draft stupidly today

Who cares about the draft! My cowboys need a head coach but we all know that will never happen. Talent alone is not enough to win in the Nfl.....and that's the bottom line !

Calvin is to small, he will play inside. Moore is perfect and so is Sutton they are big and Moore has great speed for his size. But I’ll be happy with any of them. Play it smart tonight Boyz and bring them HELL!

LETS GO COWBOYS !!! We need some good legitimate picks to help bring number 6 (Super Bowl) to DALLAS.

Let's go Boys go get the best Linebecker or Pass rusher. Go Cowboys

First Round Move up for Derwin James S. OR Ridley only 2 player's worth moving up for or Will Hernandez any one of these 3 in first

DJ Moore or Derwin James

A new wide receiver and Barkley

DJ moore

1st round needs to be D.J. Moore Then a safety on the second.

What day

I will be watching! !

Earl Thomas if they are smart

Calvin Ridley

I'm hoping they get Courtland Sutton.

Go Dallas Cowboys.

Cmon man let’s grab Shaquem Griffin!



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We want to hear from YOU!!

Who is/was the best quarterback in Dallas Cowboys history?!
... See MoreSee Less

We want to hear from YOU!!

Who is/was the best quarterback in Dallas Cowboys history?!


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Definitely not 9 worse qb for our team he threw alot of nice interception to blow the game but yea yall call him good. Yall need to share what ever yall are smoking

For every fan that hate Romo or say he not the best ain't looking at the facts he put Dallas on his back troy didn't have to put up a lot of points because he had a great defense rodger was in a different era where things were different altogether Romo had to do it all he had no online for most of his career he was running for his life almost every play he went up against one of the best to ever do it and went and did his job defense didn't do theirs how often you see someone put up 50 in nfl and still lose he didnt have a choice but to put the ball in the air when they know you have to throw it's easy to defend because you one dimensional

#9, our classy Tony Romo !!! Put Tony on Troy’s teams and the Cowboys would have won at least 4 Super Bowls !!!

If u don’t say Staubach than you don’t know Cowboys football. #CaptainAmerica #CaptainComeback #RogertheDodger 12, 8, 9, 17, 11

Tony Romo Hands Down he has broken every Dallas Cowboys quarterback record including Aikmans and Staubachs and is the fifth highest rated QB in NFL history plus holds numerous NFL records

For, the people saying Romo, learn your history. Romo, was no leader. Romo, played in a pass happy league. The Troy and Roger teams won nfc championships and superbowls. They dominated. They, didnt choke....

I go back an forth between Roger an Troy and if not for those great Packers teams Dandy Don may have had a couple of Superbowls. Romo is not in the conversation.

Troy Aikman was one of the most accurate quarterback ever to play any game and he was a true leader that’s why they win Super Bowl’s

Staubach was/is the ultimate competitor. He's in his 70's and still plays flag football on thanksgiving with friends and family. He put Dallas on the map and made everyone around him better. #12 will always be the greatest cowboy.

Not so sure tony would have won any Superbowls playing for same team Aikman played for Because Jimmy Johnson wouldn't Put up with all the boneheaded game costing Interceptions that Was as Much a part of his games as was him Willing the team to wins.... Double Edge Sword there..... Tony won many games single handedly but he single handedly lost many games throughout his career as well.....

Rodger Staubach is and always will be when the Dallas Cowboys greatest QB ever until somebody else show me better and that Dallas uniform Rodger Staubach all the way all the way

Y'all are silly, I mean I was born in 1980 so I didn't get to see him play but obviously Staubach IS the best Qb the Cowboys ever had, followed closely by Aikman. I was/am a big Romo fan but be real, Staubach is nicknamed Captain Comeback and helped give the team the moniker Americas Team, Aikman won 3 Super Bowls in four years, Romo just has stats bc he played in a pass happy era and scheme. Even the scheme Aikman played in was run with Emmitt and then throw when necessary! But tbh the fact that Meredith actually won a few playoff games and took Dallas to the first two consecutive NFC Championship games I might even put him third ahead of Romo

How bout best coach? Tom Landry was most popular and he won two Superbowls and coached for 29 something Years..... Well Jimmy Johnson comes in and turns the worst team in the NFL Into Superbowl Champs in just 4 years then won another Superbowl the Next and assembled argubly the most Talented Football Roster in NFL History.. .. Ill take Jimmy Johnson

Staubach #1 .. guy could do it all . Pass , scramble , captain comeback. A true leader . Helped revolutionize the q.b position. Led Cowboys to 5 super bowl appearances, didn’t start playing until age 27 (rookie) because he spent 4 years serving his military duties. Did a tour in Vietnam. Only one of 4 players to ever win both the heisman trophy and named super bowl mvp . Navy retired his college # , in the college fb hall of fame . Led the NFL in passer rating in 4 of his 11 seasons . Rushed for over 2,000 yards and scored over 20 tds on the ground .. Staubach was the best Cowboys qb ever and I like all them on this list

Staubach who ever saying romo don’t know football it’s not all about stats it’s about what u do in big moments and roger won big playoff games including the Hall Mary against Vikings to land them in Super Bowl

I grew up with Danny White and love him to this day but my son is named Troy for a reason. The metric for a Dallas Cowboys QB will always be winning, Super Bowls in particular. Tony and Danny will always be statistically merited but never be counted among the greats.

Staubach and Aikman had HOF RB's and WR's. Danny White and Tony Romo had great OL's but no help at RB and WR. Romo didn't have help anywhere. I believe that both White and Romo could have won Super Bowls with more support. Romo has numbers better than most HOF QB's and was a great QB that tried to do too much to carry his team and ended up getting roasted for it. Aikman had mediocre numbers but had a HOF RB & WR. Also had a top 3 offense and defense. Just about any QB could have won with that team. I have watched every one of these QB's play and 3 of them were great. My pick though, would be Romo. Just to bad that he didn't have enough talent around him to help. It's a shame that success is measured by Super Bowl wins.

Romo,he carried the Cowboys.Don’t believe me,there games when Rogers backup came in and games when Troys backup came Dallas still won.Romo went down Dallas couldn’t win A game.Romo has to play with the worst defense the Cowboys ever had.

I'm stuck I want to say Roger but Romo was better than those guys I wish Tony had the team those guys had. 2014 was the best team Romo had behind him and that Dez play ruined it. Those guys were surrounded by HOF and Romo had nothing

Look I like Romo but he’s not the best QB in franchise history. Sure he has 45 comebacks and all of the stats. But 0 rings. But he only has 2 playoff wins... Tony Romo had exactly a similar Career to Peyton Manning when compared. had: great regular seasons, all the QB stats, and yet in the playoffs Manning was good but just had the bad luck of losing: till he manning: finally got over that and won 2 Super Bowls: which helped define his legacy. Sadly Romo and his Peyton manning moment was robbed of that opportunity in 2014: that was the Super Bowl team and the Refs help take it away. That said Romo is a great QB: but he’s not above Staubach or Aikman. Number 3 for sure though.

The best quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys was Roger Staubach. You could make a case for the others as well. I think it all depends on the Era you grew up in. I'm lucky to have been able to watch them all play. Roger Staubach gets my vote.

Very simple...Football is a TEAM sport. Not one person can win on their own. The question is about the QB only, and based on that, you look at stats. Romo is by FAR the best QB in Dallas Cowboys history. No other way to look at it.

#12 was and always will be the best! There never was a Hail Mary until Staubach created that! You knew when we were down 3 touchdowns going into the final 2 minutes of a game, we would win it! LOL!

Yeah #12 is a hard act to follow.Those old enough to see him play know Roger was the best qb.I like all these qb's but when you think Cowboys and you saw how clutch Roger was and how hard it was to play in 70's era NFL.Basically NO rules back then.#12!No protection for a qb.

Statistically? Romo. However, Aikman retired fairly early due to concussions. I've always been a fan of Staubach because of the infamous hail mary. That and the dude served our military and then played football, what a life.

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Joined the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers to discuss exploring new resources and developing innovative technologies to ensure that Texas remains the energy and economic engine of America. Learn more: goo.gl/ejUZTR ... See MoreSee Less

Joined the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers to discuss exploring new resources and developing innovative technologies to ensure that Texas remains the energy and economic engine of America. Learn more: https://goo.gl/ejUZTR


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I've been in the oil field for 45 yrs, the last 5 or 6 have been tuff, seen maybe 1 or 2 working, now under Trump and Abbott, im seeing 7-10 rigs working. Whatever they're doing they're doing it right. these are jobs my friends, much needed jobs that have been hard to find.

Heard That Governor Abbott Gave A Great Speech On Energy. Texas Is Pumping Close to 4 Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day !!!! STRONG !

Question for those who are so against Gov/. Abbott where are you getting your lesson's ? Could it be from the White House. ? Sad so many people enjoy knocking another person down ..........

More lies . Oil lobby Owns this clown.

Meanwhile France president Marcon declares war on fossil fuels in the White House today. Why! Because fossil fuel burning causes climate change. He's right and this is why we are getting rid of conservative hypocrite Abbott.

I can't wait to vote against you!

Spending tax payer money pushing innovative resources and technologies to help Abbott buddies get richer and richer, because nobody gets rich in Education. Oh wait, maybe ETS and Pearson.

Can you please pass a bill that raise the gas tax so more construction projects get done sooner than later Texas Department of Transportation

Legalize cannabis

Monkey boy. Keep slapping your cymbals like a maniac.

3 days ago

Office of the Governor Greg Abbott

The new Texas Medical Center research campus will provide Texas’ top medical minds with the resources to remain at the forefront of the health care industry. LEARN MORE about today’s major #TMC3 announcement. goo.gl/LeXSo7 ... See MoreSee Less

The new Texas Medical Center research campus will provide Texas’ top medical minds with the resources to remain at the forefront of the health care industry. LEARN MORE about today’s major #TMC3 announcement. https://goo.gl/LeXSo7Image attachment


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In a country ranked last among industrialized nations and Texas ranked 38th in the Nation. Please tell me how Texas can be in the fore front of anything in the medical field?????

Do they accept Medicaid?


Abbott is a scam artist/ taking lessons from Trump. Go ahead and ask Abbott why Texas leads the world in maternal death rate...

Office of the Governor Greg Abbott State Insurance Building 1100 San Jacinto Austin, Texas 78701 Clemency Section Texas Boards of Pardons and Paroles Austin, TX 78757-6814 Thomas Schüller D-63303 Dreieich (germany) urgent appeal Thomas Schüller not to execute Mr. Erick Davila Dear Governor Mr. Greg Abbott Dear Members of the Board, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I appeal on you and all the responsible persons and instututions of the State of Texas to stay the planned execution of Mr. Erick Davilla who is sheduled to be executed 25. April 2018. Please allow me to post my arguments against executions: I believe that executions of humans are cruel and can not be brought together with human rights. According to my experience the executions can not really defend capital crimes, the execution continues the tragic of killing human persons. I believe that every human has the right to live. So it is terrible when muderer do not respect this fundamental right but states should not continue the tragic of violence and crime by executing this persons. It´s important to arrest and to punish the acteurs of capital crimes but this is possible without bring them to death by execution. I do not want to see away from the violence and the tragic the terrible capital crimes causes: "Davila landed on death row eight years ago after the April 2008 murders. He drove to the house of a rival gang member, Jerry Stevenson, and opened fire on the porch before speeding off, according to court filings. Davila didn’t hit Stevenson, however; instead, he fatally shot the man’s mother and daughter, Annette Stevenson and 5-year-old Queshawn, who were outside during another girl’s birthday party." www.texastribune.org/2017/04/20/case-texas-death-sentenced-man-be-heard-supreme-courts-nine-justi... Violence and murdering is terrible, cruel and inhuman. I feel sad about the violent deaths of the both victims Ms. Annette Stevenson and the young 5-year-old daughter queshawn Stevenson. I feel sympathy to the both victims, their families, friends and loved ones. Words can not express the tragic of this crime. It must be very tragic for Mr. Jerry Stevenson that he should be hit by the gun shots and that in the end his daugther and his mother were killed. But executung Mr. Davilla will not stop the line of violence. I believe there should be another ways in practising justice and preventing violence and capital crimes for the future and that other methods can be more effectful, for example a good educations for all people and eliminating the factors which can make humans getting being murderer. Murderer must be punished hard, but this is possible without bringing them to death by executing them. Please send a signal for more peaceful methods and stay the execution of Mr. Erick Davilla. Please grant clemency to him and commute his death sentence into a long life prison arrest so that your state can offer him the chance to make the best out of his life that is possible from now on. I believe that saving his life and punish him wirhout practising the dath penalty can help to start up a more peacefull world. Thank you for listening - Thomas Schüller

You have got to be kidding? Just another thing for the rich

Pay yourself for something you did not do or effect in any way. You are a cult leader.

Donald J. Trump Vice President Mike Pence Federal Railroad AdministrationCan you start building a fence at major stations or along the rail lines to keep folks safe. because some people walk along the train tracks Texas Department of Transportation

I hope they don’t do animal testing

For people with insurance that is


Good job, governor!

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4 days ago

Texas Football

Team White beats Team Orange in the 2018 Orange-White Spring Game presented by Living Spaces. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm ... See MoreSee Less

Team White beats Team Orange in the 2018 Orange-White Spring Game presented by Living Spaces. #ThisIsTexas #HookEmImage attachment


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Danny Bennett we got our first win🤣

It’s bad if you beat yourself 🤡

I had big money riding on the Orange. 😡

It’s bad when your receiver runs a td and not the rbs

Yes, finally a win! 🏆

Looking forward to more 11 to 84 in the fall! 🤘🏻

Hook em

For those who actually got to watch the game, how did they look out there?

We are doomed....

Season will go as the OL goes......And THEY Better Get BETTER !!!

Who was White QB1?

anyone like this post as much as i do

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