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90s rapper Craig Mack dies at 46

90s rapper Craig Mack dies at 46


It's a sad day for hip-hop fans. Finish this lyric "And just like a piece of Sizzlean/ You'll fit inside my stomach..." #RIPCraigMack

Rapper Craig Mack, best known for the platinum 1994 hit Flava in Ya Ear has died in South Carolina.

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XXXTentacion shot in South Florida, appears lifeless: TMZ https://t.co/HNM1LB4TRB

A woman was killed when an alleged drunken driver rear-ended her car at the intersection Railroad and Diana. The accused DWI driver of the deadly wreck is facing an intoxicated manslaughter charge. More on this crash: https://t.co/oY5NCZ1CT8

MISSING: A Silver Alert has been issued for a missing 59-year-old man from Northeast El Paso. https://t.co/fFjRKCjoFu

Texas heart transplant program resumed after suspension https://t.co/SRxHn2opE2

In his new horror anthology, @Massawyrm introduces readers to mall-town Armageddons, childhood terrors, and zombie dinosaurs https://t.co/tzkQwswQru

Cavs making trade inquiries for Kawhi Leonard https://t.co/AvSsR1BkhU #GoSpursGo

Working on special assignment, right before the rain ☔️ @KABBFOX29 @News4SA

In 'Jurassic World,' a dino-sized animal-rights parable https://t.co/YxPyPloYNq

Now that trough axis has made it to the TX coast, will watch for movement to the W-NW overnight which would boost our rain chances from what we're seeing. This is seen by 2 models overnight - sunrise Tuesday.

PHOTOS: We are getting a first look at where immigrant children are being housed in El Paso. U.S. Rep. Will Hurd said the shelter near the Tornillo port of entry in far West Texas will house about 360 boys who are 16 and 17. (Photos: U.S. HHS)

[Story: https://t.co/yHVnfOgxAe]

Local graduates from specialized undergraduate pilot training https://t.co/vL2naFpyTU

Cavs making trade inquiries for Kawhi Leonard - https://t.co/AvSsR1BkhU #GoSpursGo #Spurs Via @JeffGSpursZone

Invasive plant that causes burns, blindness found in Virginia https://t.co/ENrJYOqNZl

2 minutes ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

This bullsnake is doing its best rattlesnake imitation, making a rattling hiss with its mouth.

This non-venomous snakes eat rodents. Here's more: bit.ly/Bullsnake

Texas Nongame & Rare Species - Texas Parks and Wildlife
We all know that some non-venomous snakes can look like venomous snakes; the milk snake and the coral snake being the classic example. But some non-venomous snakes also behave like venomous snakes to scare off would-be-predators. Check out this video of a bullsnake from west Texas putting on a great show. We found this snake in the middle of the road basking, filmed it for a minute for educational purposes before moving it off the road so it would not get hit by a car. The noise you can hear is made with its mouth, and is a very convincing impression of the noise made by a rattlesnake.
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Miguel is coming to San Antonio THIS FALL!!

Here's where he'll be performing and when: foxsanantonio.com/news/entertainment/miguel-to-bring-sleeper-hits-to-the-majestic-theatre-in-september
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Miguel is coming to San Antonio THIS FALL!! 

Heres where hell be performing and when: foxsanantonio.com/news/entertainment/miguel-to-bring-sleeper-hits-to-the-majestic-theatre-in-september


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Victor John Nava III

Idk he was relevant on the news🤔

This daddy/son duo has won our hearts 😍😍😍

Check out more pet pics and upload your pics here: foxsanantonio.com/chimein/pets
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This daddy/son duo has won our hearts 😍😍😍

Check out more pet pics and upload your pics here: http://foxsanantonio.com/chimein/pets

2 hours ago


The 23-year-old man killed in a rollover crash in Montana Vista over the weekend has been identified. Full Story: bit.ly/2I1giCC ... See MoreSee Less

The 23-year-old man killed in a rollover crash in Montana Vista over the weekend has been identified. Full Story: http://bit.ly/2I1giCC


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Prayers to his family

Aesha Ureno

2 hours ago


TRAFFIC ALERT: Loop 375 south onto I-10 east in far east El Paso is closed Monday following a crash involving semi.
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TRAFFIC ALERT: Loop 375 south onto I-10 east in far east El Paso is closed Monday following a crash involving semi.


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Praying everyone is safe!

Monica Castro que paso?

2 hours ago


Breaking: We are getting a first look inside the tents at the Marcelino Serna Port of Entry in Tornillo where hundreds of immigrant children are being housed. Story: bit.ly/2LZRYUc
(Courtesy: HHS)
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Research it for yourself! Clinton enacted the Flores Consent Decree in 1997 that separates kids from their parents when they get caught crossing the border illegally! Thank You👉 Liberal Privilege

Why don’t they just send the whole family back from where they came from? Why do they have to separate kids from there parents? I guess our government just likes to waste money.

Everyone now suddenly concerned for the homeless, but when they ask for money y’all pretend they don’t even exist.

It's not the accommodations it's the action itself. Why take innocent children away from their parents? It should never have come to this. I understand they are crossing illegally, then process it and send them back and give their kids back. There has to be a better way than this. And for you guys who said to do this for our homeless, where y'all at when they are out in the streets asking for help? Many of you ignore them then say they want money for beer or drugs. So please stop pretending.

Some comments are not funny at all and this is not about a particular party. These kids are been separated from their parents and now people attacking them, while some others are using them for political issues, come on people, get over so much hate and racism and show if not a little bit of compassion at least respect for these innocent children

I have a question what happens when you commit a crime in the United States while your kids are with you and you get arrested?

I just hope we don't start hearing that this children are being abused, they are under the protection of government employees which is good, but we all know evil walks among us...

It is difficult to leave your home town and take such a big risk. These people are desperate and fleeing for their lives. We need to help refugees. They also make applying for citizenship so difficult. It also costs money. If you had violence at your door step wouldn't you do whatever it takes to leave that violence? People don't learn from history, this is so inhumane.

so where the cages at??

Criminals have better set ups in Prison.

Can we set some of these bad boys up for our homeless? Think they would be far more grateful for the accommodations.

Now show us the motels that the state of Texas has taken over because CPS does not have enough foster parents to meet supply and demand for children taken away from their parents HERE IN THE US....

uh Beto Oroke said only 98 kids are there TELL THE TRUTH PLEASE!

Better than some of my military housing in the field.

Very nice setup, very compassionate country compared to the one they first passed through. Now once processed find their sponsors and send them back. Make sure they understand that we have laws and a process to pursue citizenship.

They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t brought here.

Not to worry kids having fun at summer camp.✌

Heartbreaking 😔 poor children must be so confused & scared they need their parents.

Watch them brake free like the mazerunner movie.

They not Homeless. They have a Home in another Country. Well here is a example how WE are a Latin family. We used to live in Projects and the Office People gave my Older Brother a Scholarship. We are so Blessed he Graduated from the University with a Masters. Anyone can do it but it's How much YOU want it. Let the kids grow if American kids don't want!!!

What's the point of keeping them?? They should have been able to go with their parents. Watch these kids are going to end up in trafficking rings. Stay woke.

How many will be crammed there? Looks like it's all nice till you are the real pictures when they are actually there

That's sad, does it have air conditioner cuz its hot

This is so wrong, in all levels...

Good, send them back to their country.

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We're studying Green Jays in the Rio Grande Valley to learn more about their home range in urban areas.

The team measures, weighs and bands the birds, attaching a transmitter to track their movement, which will fall off in 1-2 months.

The only place in the U.S. you'll find this tropical species is in south Texas: bit.ly/GreenJayFacts - with Rio Grande Valley Urban Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife
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Lot's in Uvalde Texas too.

Beautiful. Never knew these existed.

Watching this video, I couldn't help but think of Aliens in UFO's swooping down and making measurements on humans and then then re-releasing them in their cornfields. 🤣

And at Austin State Hospital in Austin.

I wish they would expand their range like the White-winged Dove and Crested Caracara. It would be nice to have them on the Upper Texas Coast.

Had quite a few in Beeville, tx but recently just 1 or 2 come by

There are Green Jays in Santa Fe, NM. Is this a different species?

RGV wildlife on point always! Lynda Gonzalez

Love these birds! There are so many of them at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge! 🤓

I live in New Braunfels and have never seen one. Would love too.

I wonder as our climate changes more how far up will the Greenjays move?

The bird sounded like it was laughing back at her...lol

My backyard is full of these beautiful creatures and yes i live in South Texas! 🙂

You can find them in Carrizo Springs Texas also, FYI ......... 🇺🇸

Is it a “green jay”?

Think I saw one on Saturday in Leander.

Got some in my backyard, Brownsville, TX. We love watching them in the mornings & all the chatter they make.

On my bird bucket list. One day I will see one in the wild...can't wait!

One of the great joys of my life was observing these beautiful birds.

It’s so pretty!

Saw one at the oso bay park in Corpus Christi TX 2 months ago

Saw one while sitting in a deer blind in Jim hog county tx

I would see them in December, here in Houston.

Don't know if I have ever seen one Houston area.

Beautiful Bird

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A Black-capped Vireo dad helps mom change the “diaper” of their chick.

Whatever awesome things you do, Happy Father’s Day!
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The dad is the bird with the dark black cap. Chicks produce their poop in a little sac, which both parents will dispose of to keep the nest clean. Once on the brink of extinction, the Black-capped Vireo has made a dramatic recovery thanks to conservation efforts: bit.ly/BlackCappedVireo

That is so interesting! I’d always wondered how baby birds weren’t just sitting in a stinking mess! Just never remembered to go & look it up!

Pretty fascinating. Also gross

These bird it steealing the tiny and little birds food oh! my buda. from Japan

Well, that was interesting .

I wonder if that's what this guy was.

Great job of co-parenting.

love the close observation

I’ve never seen that before!


Zac Riehs Veronica Riehs

David Geddie

Becky Deshotels Price

Ross Garner

Jenn Sweatman

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On our next PBS show, meet a guy who has made a career out of his lifelong love of birds.

Then visit the Powderhorn Ranch, the largest undisturbed tract of land on the Texas coast and future state park.

See these stories and more at bit.ly/MustSeeTxTV
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Wished we could watch PBS in the RGV without having to have Cable or Satellite. New owners not broadcasting over the air anymore !

Powder Horn is so beautiful!!

Ross Garner

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