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Amazon recalls portable chargers on reports of fires, burns

Amazon recalls portable chargers on reports of fires, burns


Check your chargers! The company said it had 53 reports of the devices overheating, and in one case a person was burned with battery acid

Amazon is recalling AmazonBasics portable chargers

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3 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

Stars need a big goal and the captain comes through. Jamie Benn is on fire with goals in five of his last seven games. ... See MoreSee Less


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Vintage Benn Vernon Skenandore II. Missed this all year long.

Just need about 2 or 3 more to make it to OT

Benn is such a beast!

James Preston

Jimmy Callan

4 minutes ago

KRIS 6 News

#LIVE: Austin police respond to another bombing tonight (This is a live feed from Austin and it could change in the middle of the streaming video.) ... See MoreSee Less


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another one from the one you posted 30 min ago?!

Sally West




Ingleside here


Not Good


Getting worse

Is this same


This is just continuing the coverage of the sixth bombing since March 10th.

? Does this make #7





Smh crazy

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22 minutes ago

KPRC2 / Click2Houston

WATCH LIVE; Authorities investigate yet another explosion reported in Austin on Tuesday.

MORE ---> bit.ly/2GbXx2Q
... See MoreSee Less


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That makes 6 so far !




What the hell

Hey Cindy!


Yup 3 blocks from me..

Stop all packages


Is this in Austin


This needs to stop!!

What is going on?

Where, what happened

What time

Get an update


What the hell is wrong with people now adays

This is crazy!!!

That was at goodwill

Another bomb???

South Austin

This is crazy. These person or persons have to be caught.

Hope that the good will employee is ok😪

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25 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

Only one defenseman has scored more points in their first 4 NHL seasons since 1990 than John Klingberg and that's Sergei Zubov. ... See MoreSee Less

Only one defenseman has scored more points in their first 4 NHL seasons since 1990 than John Klingberg and thats Sergei Zubov.


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They took that goal away and gave it to Rads

Klinger is awesome. That goal by Benn just now is one of those “Meh, I might not give up on them yet” moments but how i wish they were more consistent.

And subtract all the goals he gave up on stupid giveaways and turnovers.....

4 seasons? That went quick. Felt like Calder conversation was last week

he's involved in pretty much everything offensive in the team. every time it gets dangerous, Klingberg is there

Kari “Swiss Cheese” Lettingemin lol what a joke.

Too bad he sucks defensively.


Kristine Hughes SMH at you

Mona Renteria Macias

Spencer Crispino

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31 minutes ago

KRIS 6 News

#LIVE: Austin police respond to another bombing Tuesday night. READ MORE: bit.ly/2psFR8B ... See MoreSee Less


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Despite bombing tactics that have now shifted, investigators have repeated prior warnings about not touching unexpected packages and urged people to be wary of any stray object left in public.

Before dawn Tuesday, a bomb inside a package exploded around 1 a.m. as it passed along a conveyer belt at a FedEx shipping center near San Antonio, causing minor injuries to a worker.

Austin-Travis County EMS said there had been reports of at least one person injured, though it was not immediately clear how serious the injuries were.

Emergency teams were responding Tuesday night to another reported explosion in Texas' capital, this one at a Goodwill store in the southern part of the city.

It came as investigators who have pursued a suspected serial bomber terrorizing Austin for weeks uncovered what seemed like valuable new leads in the case.

Even before the report of the Goodwill blast, it had already been a busy day for authorities.

In a tweet, the Austin Police Department urged residents to avoid the area.

In my opinion everyone finding humor in this and making smart azz comments should be locked up and throw away the key because they obviously aren't in their right minds.

Prayers from Corpus Christi Texas. It's just so sad and scary that all of this is taking place in Austin Texas where I grew up.

Prayers for Austin. Geez. I dnt understand y they wanna kill people. Heartless. Praying they find the ones resposible

Prayers to everyone in Austin and anyone who delivers packages... Seems no one is safe at the moment 😔

Fed ex employee here afraid to go to work tomorrow.

Just chimming in, when did this one go off? And where? Was this number 7? 😔😢

Prayers for everyone and the police officers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Why is this person attacking the state capital? Sending prayers.

This is insane. Ups better not come around or FedEx. I don't care



Sending love and prayers from CORPUS Christi

Praying for y'all, there are no words for all this insanity

Be careful Y’all our there reporting, first responders & police...God watch over all of you & the city of Austin

This is going to cause major issues...Fedex, UPS, US postal service....Online sales the list goes on...smh

Bomb in the The goodwill drop box exploded when a employee when to take stuff out

Bomb at the Goodwill in south Austin was placed in the drop off box

I bet it is a fedex disgruntled former employee

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46 minutes ago

KPRC2 / Click2Houston

Man seen on surveillance video robbing SW Houston gas station at gunpoint, police say

MORE ---> bit.ly/2DHfEbt?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=kprc2
... See MoreSee Less


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Need a Houston ordinance, no hoods on entering any business establishment. Refuse service.

Another great thug,probably a gang member

The boy needs to be caught

No shame...

Can't see the dudes face very clearly, but he looks like a white dude with a beard and mustache.

Don't call that Maggot a man.

52 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

Another video game pass from Alexander Radulov, and Seguin buries it for his 39th goal of the season. ... See MoreSee Less


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As soon as I turned the game on, I turned it off. This team blows.

It is hard watching this team.....us fans got screwed this season. No moves at the deadline was totally ridiculous. Trades must happen this off season.

Nichushkin and Heiskanen would of been nice to have this year

Every time they score jets score looks like the stars are gonna get rail roaded

Seguins back has to be killin him

Power move by Benn to tie it up. Bout time

Good game so far tbh, not sure where the complaints are coming from, best theyve looked overall in awhile

With Kari in Net for the last 9 games - Dallas is sure to Not make the Playoff again

A 40 goal season for a team that doesn’t make the playoffs. This guy is wasting his career.

What the rest of the team is doing is downright disrespectful. Wasting Seguin’s best season.

thats my bro. way to go Seguin. Seguins my man. he's the man. 3pts away from 500 career pts. Lets Go Stars!

Ok let's get 3 more to maybe get it to OT and get a point

Dig in guys & send the CAPS packing.

Kari “Swiss Cheese” Lettingemin lol what a joke.....

Thankfully another stupid penalty to give up the lead yeah!!!!

geez gang it's 3-3 we have a good game

Then what happened

Trailing.....ugh here we go again.....

Let’s go Stars ⭐️

Losing still.

Let's get the W

Dallas stars ⭐️

Spencer Crispino silky pass

Brent Rocky radulov

That caption tho 😂 Tyler Lee

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1 hour ago

KRIS 6 News

This photo is a picture of Deputy Blaine Gaskill. He is a school resource officer who shot a suspect during a shooting inside a Maryland High School. The officer was credited with preventing any more loss of life. READ MORE: bit.ly/2HQ3VK6 ... See MoreSee Less

This photo is a picture of Deputy Blaine Gaskill. He is a school resource officer who shot a suspect during a shooting inside a Maryland High School. The officer was credited with preventing any more loss of life. READ MORE: http://bit.ly/2HQ3VK6


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Some men chose to engage danger others chose to turn around and run from it. This man chose to engage an active shooter in a school and took him down. Thank you Sir for choosing to get involved.

He’s got crazy eyes

Some officers are competent and actually do their job, I wish there were more of those kind.

Good job and god bless you deputy

This man is a Hero!!!

Buy him a case of beer or bottle of whiskey!

Thank goodness he was there.

Good job Deputy Gaskill! 👏🏼👏🏼

Good job Officer.

Well done young man. No one should ever want to take a life, but you surely saved many more than you were forced to take.

Thank you and God bless you and always keep you safe. We need more men like you.

That's good. But wouldn't it have been better to prevent the shooting and have 0 dead or injured?

He should go train the Broward Cowards. 👌 !

Liberals have already put spin on it, like CNN, and Occupy democrats.

God bless him,thank you for doing your job

Why are they making him look evil in the pic?

God bless him

Is that Sinead O'Connor look alive speaking there?

Thank God for heroes🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sad..But Thank You !

Awesome job Hero!

God bless him

Very very awesome!

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3 hours ago

Dallas Stars

Now that's cutting it close. Curtis McKenzie, who was recalled this morning, arrives to the arena just before puck drop tonight against the Capitals. ... See MoreSee Less


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Same old 💩. This team blows.

Go get them Mackenzie! We'll miss you in Austin. Don't listen to the nay saying douchebags!

Playing like garbage as usual

McKenzie really making a difference tonight lol

Oh god this team has their problems exiting the zone clean. They always freeze the puck or just slap it down the ice. That is one huge difference between Dallas and contending teams I’ve noticed. They need to carry it up ice with confidence, with short clean passes. Entering the offensive zone is just as bad. Sometimes they have a clear cut path to the net and they chip it in or just dump it behind the net.

Close up

Stay out of here! Let’s go Stars!!!

He look a newbie in the box for the night...

Here we go again.

Should have brought Roope with you too !!! Good to See you Back in Victory Green !!!!!!

I like him !

The struggle with the other strap is always a real one...

He’s back

Hell, he will only play 12 min all game

Kimberly Matthews Look who it is!

Solid team 💩

Dallas stars ⭐️

Chuck Latham he’s back

Courtney Dixon, told you he'd make it

Marco Velasco

Andrew Pope


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