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Austin Bombs Likely Connected; No Obvious Links Among Sites

Austin Bombs Likely Connected; No Obvious Links Among Sites


Three package bombs left on doorsteps have exploded in less than two weeks, killing two people, wounding two others and leaving investigators vowing to look at any possible explanation for a motive.

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35 minutes ago

Texas Rangers

A day in the life with Willie Calhoun. #RangersST ... See MoreSee Less


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Congratz making it to the Rangers Willie! I do miss watching you play in Tulsa.

Super interested to see how this kid does this year.

Hook em, Texas Longhorns! (h/t Texas Football)


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I said this last year Texas is going to be really good this year

Yeah.... But if our offense stinks again.....We will still stink

Stoop's did

After last football season and this years basketball season, I’m so over the Overtime’s. I’m really hoping we crush it this yr. I almost had to go on blood pressure medicine with Texas sports this year. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

Show me the money Sept 1st , on the road, in RFK, on national TV. Get the " W " Coach, then we'll talk.. hookem boys.

Come the fuck on with it then

The only piece missing is the O line. That gets fixed and they win out.

i hope the Texas Offense turned into a well prepared Offense. we got the people and got the the stuff so Coaches lets make it happen, lets make our Texas Longhorn football program shine in the light.

Nobody going to turn a team around in one or two years

Hope so, but will wait to see it.

Tori Lynn Gdowski god damn, why’d the season have to go by so fast?? Can’t wait for this season to come, going to Lawrence for the Kansas game this year!!

Hook em horns baby


Felix Conde Bennie Lee Everhart III 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Emilio Guerra

James Barkenhagen

Ronnie Garcia

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Best of luck to 🏀Texas Longhorns🏀 star Mo Bamba as he enters the NBA! 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

Best of luck to 🏀Texas Longhorns🏀 star Mo Bamba as he enters the NBA! 🤘


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Just joins a loooong list of one and done players at Texas. Any player who signs a scholarship then leaves early should have to pay the money back...

I hate to say it, but this young man is not ready for the NBA. He's too slight and needs more work on his back to the basket low post game. I think he needs another year in the college game before making the jump.

And like KD, he IS NOT or never will be a Longhorn legend. Neither one of them did a damn thing for the school...

Dumb decision, he is not ready for the NBA, he needs to develop his skills and give his body time to mature....

only difference is he will learn in the nba. Shaka is not a good coach or teacher of the game. totally overated. He has a lot to learn but needs someone to teach him. Shaka isn't that.

Big mistake...hes not ready..no low post game and needs to put on weight

You would be a great player if you would stay and develop your skills

Rewarding ???? We sucked and went one and done in the Dance...Rewarding my butt....With that said...I'd leave too...Can he take Smart with him ????

Congratulations Mo! Thank you for coming to UT. Loved watching you play. Block after block after block after block.........🤘

The guy doesn't stand a chance on the NBA...Will toil in the development league for years...can't shoot for a lick..can't react to quick players...too skinny, will get pushed around by anybody with size and weight...bad decision....simply greed

I am glad I got his Autograph in the beginning of the season

How many games did he play before he hurt is toe then out two weeks, what’s going to happen when he’s on a 82 game schedule playing games back to back etc that’s if he makes it I don’t think it will be good

Get those millions bro. I use to be a homer and wish kids stayed but in life your success is measured on how good you are with your craft, and how much money you made. Degrees are cool in all but that contract is worth more than any degree. Go out make that money play against better competition and make Texas Fan base proud.

1 semester and done is killing college basketball. I wish him the best but honestly just go pro out of high school or play college ball for at least two years.

The NCAA makes a killing off of their talent . I understand why they make the choice to enter the draft . Mo money! Lol

Lousy record. Mediocre year. Mamba should do what Is best for him... he will be another forgotten player. Shaka needs to wise up.

Thanks for the ride now go live the dream you earned

Get that money mo!! The same thing was said about Jarrett allen and he is clowning in the league! Screw the doubters and do you! #HookEm4Life

SMH... Sure Would be Nice to have at LEAST ONE STAY FOUR YEARS. No wonder We can't get past the First round.

Good for him. He is a talented and kind young man and I look forward to following his career. Hook em' 🤘

Damn man but dude can ball if only this was 1998 we could have him for 3 years dude would have got better offensively

He's a projected top 5 pick, no I don't think he's ready but he would have to be stupid to stay in college

He needs work especially offense and needs muscle as the grown men will through him around, but when you have a 7'9 wing span and a hint of talent you will get drafted...no surprise

Thank you Mo. may god bless you and give you great health throughout your nba career! Please come to the mavericks, we need you!!🤘🤘🙏🙏🐂🐂

Why does Texas seem to be always getting great players who won't stay 4yrs....no wonder they can't compete in basketball.....Gonzaga seems to never have that problem....

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7 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Doug Fister takes the hill this afternoon against the White Sox. atmlb.com/2IGNaT2 #RangersST ... See MoreSee Less

Doug Fister takes the hill this afternoon against the White Sox. http://atmlb.com/2IGNaT2 #RangersST


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I certainly hope this isn’t what we have to look forward to....

And Fister stunk it up.

I get the games on dish

Does a webcast cost me $$ to watch?

Drew leading off nice

7 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Need an afternoon pick-me-up?

#RangersST baseball is just around the corner.
... See MoreSee Less

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? 

#RangersST baseball is just around the corner.


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too bad MLB and/or Spectrum doesn't post the correct channel/network!!!

I'm there right now! Wish it was in person!

Wayne Downey

10 hours ago

Memorial Hermann

Watch as Dr. Spinn, a gastroenterologist with Memorial Hermann, answers the most commonly asked questions about colon cancer and preventative screenings. spr.ly/6184DVYlI. ... See MoreSee Less


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0:03 - What are the symptoms of colon cancer? 1:15 - When should I have my first colonoscopy? 1:53 - What is a colonoscopy?

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