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California wildfires: Death toll climbs to 31 as dozens of fires blaze

California wildfires: Death toll climbs to 31 as dozens of fires blaze


The fires have sparked what is being called the deadliest week of wildfires in California's history.

Fast-moving fire threatens to outrun thousands of firefighters.

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8 hours ago

The University of Texas at Austin

Live from the Tower: Carillon Winter Concert ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks to the The Guild of Carillonneurs at UT Austin for inviting us to enjoy this performance 🤘❄️ Good luck during finals, and enjoy the holiday!

I miss this freaking bell tower so much

Texas Son in Oceanside listening!

Fort Worth sez ‘hook ‘em’!

Great memories! Miss that place! 🤘🏼❤️

Son just got his PHD at UT. hook em

My UT! Listening to every note! \m/💜

Beautiful Day

Play Freebird!

Elvin John Galarza good luck on your finals. 🤘 ❤️from 🗽

❤❤Parents love the 'Live' feeds.❤❤

Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas to YOU & Thank You!

Hey from Saskatoon

Lillian Davis ❤️

Hook ‘em! From San Antonio 🤘🏽

Still in Texas!

Hello! Awesome





Hook'em from Baltimore! ❤️



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Congratulations to all our 2017 graduates 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to all our 2017 graduates 🤘


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The UT Tower will shine with burnt-orange lights and “17” displayed on its sides to honor the Class of 2017 and this year’s graduates on both Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10: utex.as/2AJ6BHe

Why is the University discontinuing the fall graduation ceremonies? Even this year several colleges including the CNS did not have one. This is so wrong and it is allienating many graduating students who should be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with their University. Their University should honor their efforts and achievements but having the full graduation ceremony for all students graduating in December. There are a very large number effected by this ridiculous decision. Think about not just the dollars that it cost today to put on these ceremonies but the dollars that could be brought in in the future through donations given by these students who feel that their hard work was rewarded by their University. UT, please explain this unfortunate decision and it get it correct for next December.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates at The University of Texas at Austin! There's no place like UT! You have so much to be proud of and are well-equipped for a wonderful future! Enjoy your life's journey! Cheers, blessings and love from someone who cares in Far West Texas!

Awesome and congratulations 🤘

Congratulations Elena Arca! I’m so proud of you!

Congrats my precious Danielle...u did it and I am so proud..Dream big!!

Congratulations to my son Josef Mendoza! Hook'em Horns..🤘A proud UT Mom!💜

Congratulations to Matthew Neel. We are so proud of you.

Don't recall them doing that when I graduated in December of 1976. Neat!

Congrats to all. A great accomplishment.

Congrats to all the grads! Always remember what starts here changes the 🌎 ! So go for it! ❤️y'all! 🤘🏽

Congrats!! What starts here changes the world🤘🤘

Beautiful! Brings back memories, BA 1964.

Happy Holidays ! Beautiful UT TOWER ALL LIT UP!! Love the Longhorns .. UT ROCKS🤘🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🎇🌇🌉

Congrats to my son Jonah Arias who graduated as well! 🎺🤘🏽❤️




Hook 'Em from a '92 alum!

Congratulations!!! Class of '83. Hook'em!!

Hook ‘em 🤘🏼

Congratulations! Hook em!

Congratulations!!! Hook'em!!! :)

Yay!!! Congrats Grads 🎓👩‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓

Hook 'em

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Welcome #UTAustin’s new VP & Director of Athletics, Chris Del Conte, to the Forty Acres🤘 utex.as/2iIjKrC ... See MoreSee Less

Welcome #UTAustin’s new VP & Director of Athletics, Chris Del Conte, to the Forty Acres🤘  http://utex.as/2iIjKrC


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In 2008, he insulted Texas students when he was the AD for Rice while at the Rice Alumni tailgate before the Texas game. He said Texas students were just people who weren’t smart enough to get into Rice. Now he’s probably talking about how great Texas is. Liar. Asshole.

You idiots that scream for Beck to be fired. You can’t have any offensive scheme without a line. If you don’t know football, then don’t speak.

As long as he doesn’t take coaches with him, I am ok. UT has been trying to entice Tcu coaches every time they fire one.

Welcome ATX I hope we going to be Champions again.

Terry Harris. A frog leaps to Austin. Terry Harris

Hook ‘em!

Well. We are in for a lot more losing and down years. I’m out.


Welcome to Texas! Now fire Beck tomorrow.

Now fire tim beck

Better mind them boosters

We’re behind you, win or tie! 🤘🤘🤘

Welcome Chris! HOOK EM!!

You still can not get our coach.

Can you bring your OC with you please? 😏

So sorry you left TCU, Chris.

Great hire!



Hot mess. Good luck DC

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1 day ago

Texas Rangers

Hugs, high-fives, & excited kids!! Robinson & Heidi Chirinos & Elvis Andrus visited with families from the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas this morning to spread Christmas cheer! #AHeartForKids ... See MoreSee Less


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Pick up JD Martinez, Jake Arrieta, and Alex Cobb. Get rid of choo so will actually have a chance this year.

Thank you Robinson Chirinos and Elvis Andrus for for serving the community and for loving the kids!!! ❤⚾️ ❤ Texas

Gracias Chamos, eso es lo que hace especial a nuestro equipo, somos especiales, afición y jugadores, somos mas humanos Dios les bendiga enormemente por estas muestras de cariño con quienes lo necesitan !

Chirinos is awesome! He's always doing the appearances

Thanks for being there guys!! My boys enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for joining us today, and for all that you do to support and encourage our kids.

Elvis and Robby are so devoted to giving to our community!

These kiddos are so adorably cute!!!!! Oh, and Elvis is too!! 😊

Chinos' s and Elvis really class acts thanks for being so giving of time and faith..


Great guys for a great cause! God's blessings for all.

Another nice job, Heidi, and the best guys❤️✨✨

Way to go, Rangers!

Thanks guys....you're the best.

Love it


Love my boys!❤️🎄💚

Precious Matthew!!!!

Aidan got to go!

Class acts. On and off the field.

Good guys

What a beautiful picture!!!

I love these guys!

Good to see this!👏👍❤️🇨🇱🌟🎄


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1 day ago

Texas Rangers

On Saturday, December 16th, Santa Claus is coming to town. 🎶 atmlb.com/2kJKKvp ... See MoreSee Less


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Dear Santa, Bring is some Pitchers

Santa doesn't look like much. Can we get the Krampus to sign?

Dear Santa, how do I get a piece of the Texas Rangers #Billiondollarboondoggle?

we’re not getting ohtani. so santa’s not coming

Wes Murphy

Kyle Cox

Stephen Phillips

Belinda Diaz

1 day ago

Texas Rangers

Spring Training tickets are now on sale! ☀️🌵⚾️ atmlb.com/2iJxrqh ... See MoreSee Less

Spring Training tickets are now on sale! ☀️🌵⚾️ http://atmlb.com/2iJxrqh


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My Daughter Shelby just said tonite she misses going to all the fun baseball games.....we are in Florida now....sad!

Let's go Rangers! Next year is our year, I can feel it!!

Daniel were gonna go this season ... k dont forget

Got mine!!!

Yes sir Got tickets already!!!

Ready to go!

Jacob Janet Silver Spring break?🤔

Norma Trejo the COL game?

Mira amor Koke Rodriguez

Ray Wilczynski Brenda Christoph Wilczynski

Steven Diaz

Cameron Mason Mason Ishmael

Francisco Manjarrez Jr.

Wayne Trussell

Ron Larson

Mike Diaz

Victor Rangel

Kimberly Ussery

Tammy Patton


Tina Blair-Bechthold

PJ Huerta Sanchez

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2 days ago

Texas Rangers

Papa John’s and the Rangers want to thank you for all you’ve done to support us in 2017! To say thanks, this Saturday, 12/9, and Sunday, 12/10, Papa John's of North-Central Texas is offering large 1-topping pizzas for delivery or carryout for just $6.99 with promo code 699PIE!
... See MoreSee Less

Papa John’s and the Rangers want to thank you for all you’ve done to support us in 2017! To say thanks, this Saturday, 12/9, and Sunday, 12/10, Papa Johns of North-Central Texas is offering large 1-topping pizzas for delivery or carryout for just $6.99 with promo code 699PIE! 


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Nope! Never. Not after Papa John blamed the NFL for his slumping sales. The pizza isn't that great and then for him to play the blame game. Done with them and the Rangers should be, too.

They will never get any more of my money. Between not wanting to help his employees and his NFL comment, let someone else support him.

I don't like Papa John's pizza. It's overloaded with fat, greasy, nasty garbage. The management is a management is a bunch of anti-American traitors.

Screw Papa John’s. He licks Trump’s butt so much his tongue is orange. I’ll never order his gross pizza again.

I will never purchase your product again. F papa john

Never again, Papa John's! I won't miss you.

I can't see supporting a team which supports this man.

Sorry Texas Rangers, but no more Papa Johns for this fan and her family!!!

That looks like cardboard with pizza vinyl coating.

That looks like a $2 frozen pizza from Aldi. Show us a real Papa John's pizza with thick crust!

If the Rangers really appreaciated their fans, they would field a winning team.

Couldn't find a better picture of the pizza? 😂💩💩💩💩

I swear I’ve seen competitors offer a multi-topping pizza for same or very similar price point.

no mo papa... now Pizza Hut, Patron, Dominos plus custom artizan made.

Garbage pizza and garbage founder

Elizabeth Olguin u buying dinner tomorrow?????

Ricky Laureles I see pizza in the near future 😋🍕

Not good pizza

What a sweet deal!


🖕🖕🖕Papa Johns🖕🖕🖕

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2 days ago

The University of Texas at Austin

Celebrate the holidays with Orange Santa and Songs of the Season ... See MoreSee Less


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Nice to hear a little Hanukkah music,too! I get my Longhorns back in tune for the end of Hanukkah. Yay!!!

I love this song! I remember being introduced to the game by a teacher in elementary school

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to Longhorn Family. God Bless you all. With Love from Surabaya, Indonesia🎄🎄🎋🎋🎄🎄🎁🎁

I hope my Longhorn makes it back from her appointment in time to catch some of this!

Ooooooo The Eyes of Texas. I'll join in from PA

How nice :) I hope y'all enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate. For me, that's Christmas :)

That was fun! Happy holidays to all of yall!!!

What a beautiful day in Austin! Hook 'Em Horns! Love my 2 Longhorns so much!!!

Looks like the snow cleared up fast

Beautiful ut...my graduation ceremony eas on the steps where the choir is singing....oh the golden days

Watching from snowy Brownsville, Texas!

Kathy Gomez get yourself out there!


can really feel the joy that Christmas is near...

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Longhorn Family 🤘🤘

Julia Kwiatkowska since you like Christmas music so much

To all Longhorn families, merry Christmas and a happy new year

Merry Christmas to all!!!

There he is!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

That was FUN!!! THANK YOU

There’s orange santa

Til Gabriel blows his horn!!! 🤘🤘

Hook em!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Go, Santa!

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