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Crash kills one person, knocks out power to nearby homes

Crash kills one person, knocks out power to nearby homes


NEW OVERNIGHT: About 60 people lost power when the car hit a pole.

Austin Police are investigating deadly crash that knocked out power to northeast Austin neighborhood.

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51 minutes ago

FOX 26 Houston

YEE HAW!! It's DAY ONE of the #HoustonRodeo Cook-off! #Like or #retweet if you are going to make it out this weekend!

We are LIVE @ the #HLSR cook-off all night long! Don't miss one second of all the action --> Tune in to #FOX26 News at 9 and #TheNewsEdge at 10.
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YEE HAW!! Its DAY ONE of the #HoustonRodeo Cook-off! #Like or #retweet if you are going to make it out this weekend!

We are LIVE @ the #HLSR cook-off all night long! Dont miss one second of all the action --> Tune in to #FOX26 News at 9 and  #TheNewsEdge at 10.


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nah, it's only fun if you have a ticket to one of the private tents

I miss going to them but now that Yankee have taken it over I don't care about it

2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

SAGGY PANTS BAN? South Carolina lawmakers are working to pass a bill to ban saggy pants throughout the state. Thoughts? ... See MoreSee Less

SAGGY PANTS BAN? South Carolina lawmakers are working to pass a bill to ban saggy pants throughout the state. Thoughts?


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Leave them alone!! The police say it is way easier to catch them when they try to run.

While i would love to ban this. It personally annoys the hell out of me but i think it’s targeting a specific group. What about chicks that wear these yoga pants and you can see her fallopian tubes?

Saggy pants are stupid in my opinion but who cares!?! Let me see... Gun violence... Saggy pants... Gun violence... Saggy pants? Really?!? Are you kidding me?!?

Let's outlaw every little thing we don't like or agree with! America has become full of pansies....😂

That looks so stupid. If you want to do that , do it in the house not in public. You can't get hired looking like that

What's the difference Btwn sagging pants and a teenage girl or woman with booty shorts and a low cut top?? 🤔

Gotta love how the party of "small government" always looks for new & inventive ways to regulate individuals. Never businesses, or weapons of war, only the way I choose to wear my clothes, or who I go to bed with at night, or whether a woman can decide what's best for her situation.

It would be awesome if they put the same amount of time and effort into passing law's that actually make a difference

Yep. When a guys butt is hanging out his pants, it’s disgusting.

I do not think it’s the under paid law enforcement officers duty to raise YOUR children. Finger flick your child on top of the head and don’t give them the option of how to wear his pants improperly. Good grief!!!

There’s more important things to worry about than saggy pants!!! How about keeping our kids safe at schools ????!?!?

Well on a brighter note. If they go to jail or prison the other inmates will know that they are available for lovin

Why??? Women go around with their breasts barely covered over the nipples, butt cheeks hanging out of too short shorts. At least with baggy pants,no actual flesh is exposed.

Yes and I hope Texas does the same thing . it looks nasty How so they walk

While I don’t like saggy pants, there are more pressing issues such as gun violence, gangs, drugs etc. “Banning” saggy pants is only putting a bandaid on a bigger problem

IF just half of the idiots knew what it means in prisons--They would pull them up in a heartbeat.!!!

Lol....if you cant outlaw abortion..or semi automatic assault rifles then what makes you think you can outlaw how people dress 😂😂

Bad parenting skills should be outlawed. My parents would kill me if I walked around with my pants like that when I was growing up. I had self respect and my parents raised me better than that. Smh

Why wear a pair of jeans, down to your knees, then three pairs of something else underneath, plus boxer shorts, why not just stick to the shorts? I dont get it.

The city just trying to make a buck . I know of some families including mine in Houston that would be very happy if they picked up the hookers and drug dealers that are all over our neighborhoods. They are gonna start ticketing people in shopping centers and malls you know where the suburbs are . No one in the hood will be getting ticketed .

South Carolina isn’t trying to do this. You’re citing fake internet bs.

Thats it fake news. Post some senseless no sense about britches. As if there werent bigger issues?! As an employer, Id never hire someone who cant dress as professionally. End of story. Next.

Yea!!! I will protest and march for this one Lisa Love Schuble!!! I absolutely hate this!!! Even the stupid offenders in prison with elastisized pants do this and I HATE it Raymond Calvillo!

Anything to make money off , give a ticket for idont like it looks trashy ,but theres bigger thing to fix like the guns

we cannot legislate moarlity... of course there IS a school of thought that says "LET THEM HAVE SAGGY PANTS!" this allows one to determine a person of poor moral charachter without having to actively engage in dialougue!-)

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2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

How much money do you spend on your rodeo outift?
The secrets to getting western wear for cheap...
Tomorrow on FOX26 Morning News!
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Mens XL Black leather vest with Texas patch on back $100 or Best Offer

Does anyone realize how ridiculoust they look when they dress like this???

At la pulga you can get you an outfit for under $100 bucks pa los kodos que no quieren a flojar la plata 😂


12 hours ago

Houston Texans

New year.
New you.
New #Texans phone background!

Which one is your favorite?

📱: bit.ly/2CbNxET
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If it ain't Cushing I don't want it

Need to cut j jo already and bring in butler to replace him

Like seriously where’s my boy Watson?

My personal favorite

Where is Deshaun Watsons????

Clowney! Allow me to switch up a Mike Jones song. Back then they didn't want him now he hott they all up on him lol.

so, Cushing is gone, what's the next move?

Joseph? bwahhhaaaa! put him on this phone.

my current phone background!


You Need to stock up on elite jerseys 😑😑😑

Dashausn Watson!!

JJ Watt but so excited about DW


How bout new uniforms

New Uniforms?????

JJ then Hop

Deshaun Watson!!


Clowney comin

No JJ Watt

Jadeveon, Deshaun, Nuke, Whitney, Bruce, JJ...All are my favorites...Plus other players too. Just can't pick a favorite.

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1 day ago

Houston Texans

It's a way of life. #DearDrew ... See MoreSee Less


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#HTCSocialClub #HTCTryOuts2018 #HTCSuperFan #BigestPartyOfTheYear🤘🐃🏈🔥💯

1 day ago

Houston Texans

With the NFL Combine right around the corner, TORO's Kids Club tried their hand at each event!

Want to join the fun? Sign up here: bit.ly/2GyU8HV
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#HTCSocialClub #HTCTryOuts2018 #HTCSuperFan 🤘🐃🏈🔥💯

Janell, C is at :53

Erica Hernandez Rodriguez

Let the 2018 season begin! 🙌 Get your thrill on in 5️⃣ days! ... See MoreSee Less


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That's the first time I didn't see a hat on the track 😂

Aka the hat stealer. My son and I always had bets going on how many hats were on the track.

Ill be there Sunday

Can the 2018 discounted season passes be bought at the park Saturday ?

Payton Vanover when we come for save the dates 😍

I miss this park. And this ride. :(

Can’t wait for another year of thrills!

Was one of my favorites as a kid

Thanks for the ride.

My most favorite ride! Whoo hoo!

me acode de ti bb y de los buenos tiempos jajajaja Abigail Espinoza Jmz

Elena Henry cash was asking when y’all can go.

Debbie Y. Stott :)

Okay Kameron Schmor we need to think about season passes for this summer so we can check out all the parks though.... Like we should do this ride asap

Katelynn Gutierrez Anna Garza yall we have to go to the one in dallas.

Jack Roach I remember riding this for the first time with you when I was little 😚

Maggie Rodriguez need to plan to go here. I’m ready haha

Justin Collett I hope we have our passes by then :/

So we are going this year right?? Anthony Strickland

Yamilec Ramos lmao our picture when we rode this ride

Jas let’s gooooo

All clear 👍🏽 I miss my ride 😭

Love this ride!

Joshua Munoz

We ready

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Look what just got delivered 👀🎢 ... See MoreSee Less


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What is this?

Skye Lynae woohoo!

Why can't that be going up in Great America, road trip here I come.

Brandi Noble McCracken MUMMY LOOK

It is the Harley Quinn spinsanity

Branco Rdz we need to go again with all the kiddos!!!!

Jesse Messick it's waiting for you...

Was just talking about how I want to see progress when I go to opening weekend

Roxanna Natalie... can’t wait for them to be open!!


Cant wait

Que será esto??? 🤔😆

Daniel Sandoval baaabbeeeeee ommg we gottaaa gooooo

Ohmagad Chelsea aaaaaaaa

Brooke Kranz Black, Daniel Black, Bridget Farinella Harper 👀

Stephanie Hinkle

Clint Parks

Chris Williams

Kiana Fields

Hannah Hays

Raymee Haas

Alicia Harvey Green!!

Hayley Searcy Cooper Hendrix Dillan Nelson

Haley Marie Wilson

Danielle Ochoa

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