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Even Pokémon Go used by Russian-linked meddling effort

Even Pokémon Go used by Russian-linked meddling effort


Russian efforts to meddle in American politics extended to YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go.

Accounts belonging to campaign are suspended

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HS students make blankets for the homeless https://t.co/wm533MyMxX

Police: DUI suspect dances atop car, flees on kid's scooter. https://t.co/905ldjYFQM

Boy donates 176 gifts to the children's hospital: https://t.co/WWVVMnaOMF

Florence man killed while repairing vehicle Sunday afternoon when lift jack fails. https://t.co/S7XkUCkrQo

HEARTBREAKING: A family is in mourning after an 8-year-old boy who was playing with a red Radio Flyer wagon outside his grandparents' home was killed by a garbage truck. https://t.co/WrIqlTOASF #ABC13

'Property Brothers' fans say they were duped by scammers: https://t.co/GUDSr57TUo

Inmates knit scarves and blankets for those in need: https://t.co/lQWvR2Y2WZ

Lift jack fails while Florence man is under vehicle causing fatal injuries. Death is being investigated at this time. NOI being released at this time.

What's your favorite song from @Disney's Frozen? You can watch it now on ABC13!

Getting your news on your schedule just got easier with our @amazon fire app. Download it here: https://t.co/QLPJVV4H4Q

Houston teen's viral tweet (@basicjackz) saves father's bakery: https://t.co/BHq4x4VYzR

Sight seeing train struck a vehicle attempting to cross tracks at unprotected RR crossing in the 600 blk River Run, Leander. No injuries, DPS working scene. Roadway is open. @SheriffChody

‘Coco’ threepeats as ‘The Last Jedi’ looms large. https://t.co/kwYQq0A5fg

Trump draws protests while honoring civil rights heroes. https://t.co/aI2BSRj463

Grab the kids and get comfy for "Frozen!" It's up next at 7 on #ABC13 and the #ABC app!

And there's more fun "winter-ful" programming coming your way: https://t.co/YdDVXAzAH8

2 hours ago


Have you visited any of these natural wonders? ... See MoreSee Less


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Please do not follow the link for the Star Wars movie. I may have just had my identity stolen. Oh no....

I've been there. We lived on post at White Sands Missile Range back in the late 60's and visited there a few times.

Nadia Hassan.. made me this k of what you were talking about!! New places to visit!

Mike Leary Have you seen all of them?

White Sands when I was a kid.

Yes, Grand Canyon Yosemite White Sands

Been to four.

Juan Martines we’ve only been to 2


Isabelle Sauceda Bree Marroquin Michelle Alexandra Montero Jasminne Yanelli Alvarez Nathaly Benitez Girls trip!!

QueTrenia Hamilton Hogans

@ [ Febi Yulianti ➤➤➤ STAR WARS (2017) FULL MOVIE - VISIT or WATCH CLICK HERE

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2 hours ago


It may be cold outside, but these warm and fuzzy holiday moments will melt your heart. ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago


Near record high temperatures tomorrow?! Didn't it just snow? Meteorologist Jesse Hawila breaks down the ups and downs of this week #wfaaweather ... See MoreSee Less


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I remember my senior year of high school in 2010 we had record snowfall one morning and it was gone by the afternoon and it’s temps in the 60’s and I then the next day it was in the mid 70’s

Ugh Texas the worst when it comes to weather & not making up it's mind! Just be winter already & stay!

If I want snow, I would have moved to the Northeast. I don't want snow or ice here.

Didn't snow here in Fort Worth. What's your point again?

We have the coolest weather here in TX!

Texas weather is bipolar.

Well it’s Texas, so...... Lol

Sarah Frances Harris

8 hours ago

El Paso 411

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud! ... See MoreSee Less

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud!


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Leonel Rivera we can’t go now I’ll be the reason they lose lol

When did el Paso get a hockey team?

Daniel Fuentes we NEED to go to a game!!!!


Miguel Lopez and you never want to go to their games😏

Mira Esther Vilchez Madrigal...necesitamos it😆😆😆😆

Niki Nicole we need to go to a game

They got a team?

Christian Andrade

Tory Johannsen

Stephen Rodriguez Kate Johnsen

Nathan Weatherly

Jrod Rodriguez

Josh ☝️😀

I want to go Mathew Brown II

Marisol McGuigan :)

Christopher David Carrillo damn!

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23 hours ago

El Paso 411

We're at Lights on the Lake at Ascarate Lake! Let's check out some lights! ... See MoreSee Less


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What time does Ascarate close

Awww my childhood memories!

I love my hometown!

I love Ascarate, but they really need to improve their displays.

Whats the cost

How fun!

Don’t think there’s a cover charge.

Absolutely love it

Cassie Ruvalcaba Laura Sophia Duarte NEXT WEEKEND?!

It’s costs $2 per car

What is the cost

what time does it close

outdated AF!

Laura Jeremiah El Catrin Julie Moreno

Crystal Bates can you take me??

Melissa Navar

Cheska Marie 🙄

Ismael Arias Tafoya Mary Arias

Nancy Martinez Belem Reyes Teresa Martinez

Meelissa Castillo

They sucked

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2 days ago

El Paso 411

ICYMI: The public is invited to the lighting ceremony at Ascarate Lake this weekend.

411: elpaso411.com/2017/12/lights-on-the-lake-returns-to-ascarate-park-for-3rd-year/
... See MoreSee Less

ICYMI: The public is invited to the lighting ceremony at Ascarate Lake this weekend.

411: http://elpaso411.com/2017/12/lights-on-the-lake-returns-to-ascarate-park-for-3rd-year/


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Miss Western Playland being there

Wish I could be there with the Angel that will be🌈🙌🌈✨

Such great memories of that place!!!

Johnny Diebel let's take the boys this weekend

Hemi Session 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Stinky ass green water

Chong Wang

Joslyn Johnsen

Alexa Netherlin we should go

Jose Prieto this one too!

Alicia Casillas Can we go?!

Quirino Villegas take me here

Alex Aragon date night ?

Eric Young Suh 허접하다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뭐 이따위야

Liaa Sarah vamos

Noel Morales

Armando Melendez Rosemarie Corral

Cristian Romero

Luz Machuca-Gallegos

Christina Martinez

Gabriel Mora

Joe Camargo

Julian Escoto...

Elisa Rodriguez

Alex Camarillo

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Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor and honoring the brave men and women who lost their lives defending our country. ... See MoreSee Less

Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor and honoring the brave men and women who lost their lives defending our country.


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This did happen. I can remember hearing the announccement on the radio and family members and neighbors crying all day long. I was very young but old enough to know something terrible was going on.

You can't hardly stand on the deck of the Arizona Memorial in the evening, when they blow taps, without getting a tear in your eye.

This is a day that everyone should remind their children about. It was those lucky ones that came home that allowed us to be here. And always remember the ones who didn't come home but died for our freedoms!!!

Yes and your president has opened up a second holocaust yesterday with the announcement about Israel.

Some of us might not be here, had those brave men and women not given their lives to protect us.

12/7/41, 9/11//01, 11/8/16. All days that will live in infamy.

Can you please tell Ken Paxton that pictures of the fallen being burned alive on their ship conveyes terror rather than honor?

Honor & Respect is appreciated!

We remember not only those who died on that dad day, but also all who fought and died in the subsequent WWII.

I had the privilege of visiting this memorial in 2008. It was so very sobering. Looking down at the sunken ship and knowing what happened their, is a feeling I shall not forget.

I will be there a week from Monday, if you are planing a trip to Hawaii MAKE SURE you book your tickets on the USS Arizona at least 2 months before you leave, they sellout fast, do not wait. They will only let you book them two months before you go, but you have to do it basically on that 2 months out date or you will be out of luck, Just FYI

This was horrible like 9/11 was for us being born later in time. Hearing our daddy and all his brothers and uncles on moms side of family all joining forces to defend this country

As a Texas veteran, I find your fake flag waving hypocritical at best. Your party has done nothing to help veterans. In fact you and your administration have removed programs that were designed to assist veterans. Quit posturing and do something that actually makes a positive difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Here’s hoping you don’t get re-elected and your entire party is voted out of office. You are an odious human being

Thank god for the greatest generation if it wasn't for them we would be slaves or dead at this moment in time,

Just honor our ancestors. There were causes which led to this action. Study the history and reflect on our current situation with embargo North Korea. Cogitate and respect our fathers and families.


DEMP HORTON Sharp High School 1940. Sharp, Texas. Rest in Peace.

Sadly, each generation has it's own "Pearl Harbor". 9/11 was that moment for this generation.

Why is it people say that troops "lost their lives" when they GAVE their lives for their country?

76th anniversary since the Vetnam war. God bless our troops & vet.

I remember and will not forget that tragedy. Rest In Peace to all lives lost

When will the USA ever tell the truth?

My dad Obra Walters was on a ship fighting and was wounded during the attack

Anyone in our country are hurt. Especially those serving to defend our freedom.

We lost one uncle on both sides of families in war later. I as American feel pain when

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