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Exclusive first look: Inching closer to launch, TWA Hotel unveils room design

Exclusive first look: Inching closer to launch, TWA Hotel unveils room design


The new TWA Hotel is one of the most-anticipated hotel openings of 2019.

TWA Hotel unveils room design

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Prince William to be best man at Harry's wedding at Windsor Castle next month https://t.co/mxkjUIH8lX

Expect EB delays on Barton Springs Rd behind a crash at Barton Blvd near Robert E Lee Rd


Watch for a wreck reported on Riverside Dr just east of I-35 at Lakeshore Blvd


Forecast: Finally, nice weather on a weekend in Houston https://t.co/bcpS2bv6sj

Congress wants to expand a land conservation program that’s known to contribute to deadly wildfires in the Panhandle. Trump wants to cut USDA staff who monitor the overgrown brush that fuels fires. What could go wrong? https://t.co/Wcpu7dMs03 #txlege

This years homelessness count in Austin increased 5% from last year @cbsaustin

Mike Budenholzer out as coach of Atlanta Hawks https://t.co/Ogfwwy0ojk

WATCH: Dancing mailman caught on video brings smile to customer https://t.co/gPJUug3ixR

Wild Moccasins set 'Look Together' album release show at White Oak Music Hall https://t.co/lWmWgsLqEk

A crash on MoPac at Capital Pkwy is stacking up the NB side for your inbound commute from Southwest ATX


Teachers to the rescue!

In our latest #HeroesOfHarvey profile, see how these two Houston teachers teamed up to replace for one student what Hurricane Harvey had taken away.


Things you don't want to see while driving in Houston https://t.co/Tx5arV9FpI

E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce grows, 84 cases so far https://t.co/9dHT1kIuL8

Texas bailiff arrested on DWI charge https://t.co/tEeiZSIYc4

NBA star speaks on anchor accused of stealing jacket https://t.co/qUidVorbIB

2 hours ago

FOX 7 Austin

A chilly start but Zack Shields on FOX 7 says it's going to shape up to become a picture perfect day! Here's a quick look at what you can expect and tune in to Good Day Austin for Zack's full forecast. ... See MoreSee Less


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I am hating this weather!

21 hours ago

Texas Democratic Party

Texas is a single-digit state. Every text message, every email sent, and every door knocked makes a difference. Tune in at 3:30pm for our text the vote training: ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Texas Democratic Party

Tune in at 10:30AM, we will be talking about how Texas Republicans intentionally discriminated against communities of color by gerrymandering Texas’ political districts and the Texas redistricting case at the Supreme Court of the United States: ... See MoreSee Less


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Gregg Abbot married to a woman, I believe from Mexico. Am I wrong?

I just put my Beto signs out on front yard. Have to put my t shirt on if I go some place this week. Bell county is like very Republican. Sorta glad I vote by mail these days. LOL!!

Ok. Guess it’s Bush’s wife. Or maybe Lou Dobbs. Isn’t that just amazing. Love the Hispanic wives but not the rights of Hispanic women.

Don’t trust one darn thing Republicans say. It is always counter productive.

Become a Voter Registrar in your county. And register voters. Easy to do. Each county had classes.

El Paso, TX here Home of the next Senator of Tx, Beto O'Rourke!

You mean texas is red because the rural areas get more representation than the urban areas because of gerrymandering? You dont say!

Ahhh yes. Whatever it takes.the heck with the rest of us. What is that called uhhh greed.

Beto will replace Ted Cruz...

Med,and poor class,we will vote blue all the way.

Gorsich should never have happened.

They fear Those of us NOT of their skin color. That is the change you are referring to right?

Corrupt family courts discriminate against parents to rake in billions in federal funds and Abbott and Paxton turn a blind eye.

In Dallas - where we have won every county-wide race since 2006 (except for one) - - plus more in 2002 and 2004.

Republicans are not afraid at all, they are very bold. Democrats are afraid of fighting them at their level.

They will do whatever it takes to keep their status quo, to keep their privelge at all costs.

Danny, that’s pretty silly! On account of a woman??? You probably always voted for ted Cruz anyways...

Change from what there is no change since the republicans are way to afraid and wants to go backward and hate

Hi from New Braunfels, TX. The BLUE WAVE IS COMING

They fear change and progress yes, but they are not clueless.

Angie republicans are very clueless

Brilliant move there Danny Garza, that's the way to change.

Skin color, gender, financial status...

Mary Rios, Greg Abbott’s wife, Cecilia, is from San Antonio.

hummm you discriminate to by supporting beto instead of a women miniorty ted cruz gets my vote this yr

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🎉 Happy birthday, Shock Wave! 🎉🎢 ... See MoreSee Less


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Husband proposed to me on the Shock Wave in 1998!

My 4 year old loooves the Shock Wave. ❤️

Shockwave was my first roller coaster ride!

Did they really have balloons on the ride?!? Doesn’t seem like a good idea! 😝 love the Shock Wave! It’s one of my favs at Six Flags!

Jill Barnes Smith and still one of my faves!!

We rode today Didn't know it was the anniversary or we would have rode it more.

I remember when it opened! It was a very anticipated coaster! I was 7!

Awesome... but it doesnt take much to cause a traffic jam in DFW

Darla Murray is that footage from your commercial? 😂

Happy Birthday to my first looping love!

Happy Birthday, you loopy beast 😍🎉🎂

It is a great ride .

I went on this in college!

Whoooooo. 😉

Aylin Navarro babe we finna go 💍💍💕💕

. Super Loop!!!

Dean Toland Jayme Thomas

Terrie Holley Willett Jordan Willett

Chris Betancourt

Robin Blake

Madison Gallion

Aquila Tennison


Paula Mcclintic

Neto Ness

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Every person has the right to clean air, safe water, and a healthy environment. Happy Earth Day! ... See MoreSee Less

Every person has the right to clean air, safe water, and a healthy environment. Happy Earth Day!


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Vote blue! Plant trees, go vegan

What’s the point of vaccinations for our children, when #Democrats enable millions of illegal aliens to violate our borders and spread the very diseases the vaccinations are trying to contain?

LBJ and LadyBird.


Climate change

This is really cheesy. Happy National Cheddar Fries Day! ... See MoreSee Less


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That’s my diet going out the tunnel, when I eat those yummy things.

Are y'all gonna be open tomorrow, with the rain coming in?

My favorite ride :)


Hannah Hays 😂

Alexandria Rodriguez Michael Castaneda

Here. We. Go! 🎢 🙌 ... See MoreSee Less


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Can’t wait to go!!! Daisy Lopez

Let’s goooooooooo Alexa Mely Harris

Good way to start the morning! Whoo hoo!

Becky Lazenby show the kids

Going next weekend

Rodrigo Cachoeira concentra e assiste

Velasquez otra ves?

Robin Blake hold onto your butts!!

Brent Eberhart 👀

Ceecee Carrillo

Madison Gallion🐙

Cristian Ortiz Nava

Jake Gonzalez Matt Parker

Briana Presnall

Vickie Chuca (mstweety)

Juventino Sepulveda Jr

Clem Vn

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Take it all in this weekend. ... See MoreSee Less


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Enjoy your day Derek Happy Birthday.

Elise Dawson, next time I'm down.....we're going!

Tanner When I get back.. We are going lol

Briana Presnall Madison Gallion

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