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Facing critics, Facebook wants feeds to be more ‘meaningful’

Facing critics, Facebook wants feeds to be more ‘meaningful’


Facebook is tweaking what people see to make their time more “meaningful” in a move that could hurt news organizations that rely on it to spread content.

The latest move represents a major shift, one intended to highlight the posts users are most likely to engage with rather than passively consume.

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Photos from the Women's March El Paso 2018 this morning. Hundreds of men, women, children and even pets rallied from UTEP to San Jacinto Plaza. The movement calls for equality, women's rights, the #MeToo movement, among some topics. ... See MoreSee Less


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Today was the March for Life at San Jacinto Plaza, even the Bishop of El Paso went. Yet there's no media coverage of that! I wonder why that is???

Thank God they protested for all these rights that all women have apparently lost.

Did you also cover the Southwest March for Life from this morning, I must have missed it...... #BiasedMedia #MarchForLife #WhyWemarch

What "rights" are they marching for that they do not already have?

Am I missing something? What rights don't I have?

Equal rights equal pay but when it comes down to lifting something heavy in the office you expect me to do it 🤔

Someone please contact the Animal rescue and report the owner of that poor dog who was forced to protest....

odd, I thought women already had equal rights

Current feminazis teaching a new generation of feminazis

That old lady with the “no te metas con mi cucú” sign tho 😂😂 doubt anyone would want to

they should all be home baking and raking and breaking the seal off the faboluso

Let's give it to them, the government should of been out there with their selective service sign up sheets!

Oh god even el paso suffers from this cancer

wow a people women march,, but she has peacock feathers, and pheasant , wow don't care about the bird.. ?? some had to die for your feathers.. to bad not you!

Lol waste of time

There's absolutely no narrative!!

they fight for rights already have ...

What rights do women not have?

Francella Salgado you look good girl!

Blah blah

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Former Texas Longhorns DT Malcom Brown showing off that Super Bowl smile! 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

Former Texas Longhorns DT Malcom Brown showing off that Super Bowl smile! 🤘


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Any longhorn that goes to the Pats is no longer considered a longhorn. Sorry...

To bad he’s plays for the worst possible team

Playing for the cheaters :(

Congratulations to Malcolm Brown, hometown hero of Brenham and Washington Texas

Malcolm is a winner! Just like the Pats. Hook'em horns!

The only Patriot I’ll be happy for if they win the Super Bowl again

Go Malcom 🤘🏼 get that ring! #HookEm #❤️12💋

Can’t root for a Patriot, past Longhorn or not!

Watch the Patriots fan base decline when there is no more Brady or Gronk! I will laugh my ass off

Tribute to Malcom Everyone got to hate If your s Longhorn be respectful or stay off this

Well, at least you're not a Redskin. #Hookem

Go Pats and Hook Em!

Why couldn’t one of our boosters pay him so he would have stayed?! Smh

Even the kid knows the Patriots suck!

Love Malcolm Brown, but Horns Down on the Pats😀

Congrats Malcom. You have done The University proud.

Love that this is happening for him! I hate that the Pats are going to the SB again. Yawn.

I was pulling for da jags. But congrats to Mr Brown. Hook Em Horns

I’m glad for Him being that he is from Texas! Sorry he has to play for a scandalous team!

Sorry he plays for a crappy team

Im rooting for the Vikings because of Case Keenum. Abilene home town boy. Go Case!!!

So many bandwagon fans its sad. If you're for new england over a nfl texas team go ahead and be for their college team too.




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Good luck to Texas Longhorns great Brian Robison! ... See MoreSee Less

Good luck to Texas Longhorns great Brian Robison!


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What about Marcus Johnson? Playing for the birds? And Jordan Hicks is also with Philly (on IR)

One of my all time fav. Horns





Best of luck to former Texas Longhorns All-American & current New England Patriots DT Malcom Brown! ... See MoreSee Less

Best of luck to former Texas Longhorns All-American & current New England Patriots DT Malcom Brown!


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If you cheer for any team in the playoffs idk why your on this page. #Dallas #houston #texas

they won't need much luck they have the officials

Jags beatin that ass right now...

Love the Horns but hate the Patriots.

We never cheer for the Pats in Texas.

Also to another fellow longhorn, jordan hicks! fly eagles fly!

Nothing against him save the team he plays for. Not his fault but I will not root for the Pats.

We love Malcom in Patriots nation!! Hook'em! Go Pats!

Always a Longhorn. Hook'em

Not to mention there were several other longhorns during the playoffs too.

Happy for M. Brown but not for his team! Sorry!

I love the hook em horns!

I don't watch the NFL at all anymore but wish our Longhorns good luck.

Yeah really the Refs help them win

Pats had one penalty for 10 yds

Malcom sorry .hate pats

Sucks he and the Cheatriots won!! Hook Em!!

Good luck to him and him only, hope his team loses.

Great player

Let's go Malcolm🤘

He's a puss

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