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Father accused in death of Indian orphan, who he claimed choked on milk

Father accused in death of Indian orphan, who he claimed choked on milk


The father of a 3-year-old girl whose body was found in a culvert near their suburban Dallas home little more than a year after she was adopted from an Indian orphanage was indicted Friday on a capital murder charge.


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FOX34 Lubbock

Matt Ernst shows you where storms are now and the potential for storms later today. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hope you having a rest day 👌

I hope it come this way

Great Day

3 hours ago

El Paso Times

April 20 Walkouts El Paso ... See MoreSee Less


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Stay in school run for Congress and change the laws.

Is this an episode on MTV teen mom el paso edition

Why they doing this now? They're like a month or 2 late aren't they? Lol anything to get out of school.

They're all giggling and laughing, listening to music ..... Shows they're just in it to hang out and miss the whole point of the walk out.

Wish I would have known! Could have set up a taco truck 😞

Keep on walking until you find a job.

You guys forgot :( 4/20 marks the anniversary of columbine shootong

Thanks students for remembering

They just wanna blaze let's be real

So they don't even have a high school diploma yet think they know everything.

It’s district wide sponsored by Ysleta. Kindness awareness

I am happy for the kids who protecting Second Amendment

bet half of them have nooo idea what theyre walking out for smh

FYI pretty sure majority of these kids are under 18 need parents consent to record them. Just saying...

Wouldn't any of us have walked out given the opportunity??

That’s why they don’t know how to protest with respect

EP times grabbing headlines and not providing a full explanation

Mic is broken or something, audio is all messed up...

Very hard to make out what he was saying with all the messed up audio.

Civil Disobedience is a very important part of a democratic nation. GOOD FOR THEM‼️ I support these kids👍🏼

Schools are complaining about EOC scores and they're allowing this.

On their way to the mall, I bet!!

I Believe the schools know about the walk out

why walk when u can smoke and fly!!!! sorry i just wanted to be cool and say it

Is it the only high school doin this

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