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First lady Melania Trump got lunch at Whataburger in Corpus Christi

First lady Melania Trump got lunch at Whataburger in Corpus Christi


As for what they ordered ...

My Whataburger order: a No. 13 Whatachick’n three-piece. Regular ketchup, please.

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2 hours ago

KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio

LIVE: Aerials of an apartment fire in Los Angeles ... See MoreSee Less


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LIVE: Aerials of an apartment fire in Los Angeles

OMG!! That is horrible!! Prayers for all affects by this fire....Lord keep the Firefighters safe & all first responders..

How tragic.. Prayers for all the Firefighters, Police Officers and First Responders responding to this scene. Prayers everyone got out safe!

No it's close to downtown. Lupe lives by the ocean and i live in the Mountains

Nice. Any kidney transplants around my wall in West Covina, CA?

Maybe 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles

God please be with our first responders and the family affected by this horrible disaster.

It's a suburb of Los Angeles pico rivera

Omg I hope everyone made it out OK.

Wow! I hope everyone got out safely.

🚒🚒🚒Call the fire department🚒🚒🚒

My city is so humongous wow

A great fight against fire

Los Angeles


I feel sorry for them 😥

Hope they are all okay.

Where is this happening at...

Where is this hapening

Hope everyone got out

Los Angeles

Location please


Claudia Castro


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3 hours ago

KHOU 11 News

WATCH LIVE: Kent Whitaker reacts to the governor's decision to commute his son's death sentence. Bart Whitaker was scheduled to be executed tonight for the murder-for-hire plot that left his mother and younger brother dead. ... See MoreSee Less


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I’m glad he forgave his son! But the law says that for this horrible, brutal crime...he must be put to death! Y’all who think this is good need to see what he did to his own mother and brother....it was horrific

petty sure his mother and brother would not want him dead.

Really.. yes thank you for allowing the person who killed my wife and child to go free!

I wish we would go back to public hangings

He’s not free he will still spend the rest of his in jail no parole

I'm shocked.. like everyone else. We know how Kent feels but how does Patricia's family feel about this decision? I'd like to know their reaction to this news.

Thank God he has his son. Only a parent would understand. He couldn't save his wife and son, but he took the opportunity to save this son. I would have done the same.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about this particular situation, this man is the model of having a God loving forgiving heart. I pray for Mr. Whitaker and wife and son.

each case is different and him as a victim allows to forgive and save his son from the death penalty why not, he still will be in prison but this father can at least visit and see his son, that's their relationship not ours to judge. The Lord allowed it it may be a purpose for it.

So we tax payers take care of another prisoner , Free roof, Free meals, Free medical, Free dental, free TV. For a convicted killer. What A wonderful country we live in.at least until the liberal left communist Democratics take over.

I believe the system already made the decision and that was the death penalty

Forgiveness takes courage and without faith you can not understand.

Too bad his Mother and brother didn’t have a say!! 😡😡

so sick of everything being about race...

Wow. Amazing that there are so many thirsting for blood. 😢

true, Milly, but pretty sure they would not want vengeance against their own son and brother. it's called forgiveness

Well I guess the Board of Pardons and Parole along with the governor just don’t care what a 12 person jury says. Guess that’s something else we can forget about.

His mother nor his brother would want him killed, your crazy if you think they would, love for your child is UNCONDITIONAL

He killed children. He should have not had the opportunity to live just like they didn't. He'll get it in the end.

Milly it's called tax payers not tax papers and yes. His dad forgave him!! Has lost a wife and son didn't want to lose another! NOW GO SUCK AN EGG!

and now my tax dollars are going to waste yet again on someone who thinks he deserves to live after killing his own flesh and blood because of his own greed? where is the real justice in this.

He killed 2 people so he should give up he’s life don’t you think they wanted to Live To but you didn’t do that for them so Why should we do it for you this is what’s wrong He Should of Died Today

I don't think this man love his wife and son because he did more for the one who killed them I feel sorry because he will have to live with the hate her mom and dad has to feel for him and his sorry son

Thanks governor. The people of Texas speak and you do whatever you want to. I guess now we know what you think of the people of the great state of Texas.

Bullsht that's why people kill cause nothing happens to them. It's okay that's he was forgiven now take your punishment

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5 hours ago

Memorial Hermann

Plan on indulging in the deep-fried creations at RODEOHOUSTON? Get back on track with this healthy vegetarian recipe from H-E-B: spr.ly/6182DRKxp. #HeartMonth ... See MoreSee Less

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