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Former Texas nurse to be arraigned in deaths of 5 children

Former Texas nurse to be arraigned in deaths of 5 children


Genene Jones is serving concurrent 99-year and 60-year sentences in state prison for the killing of a 15-month-old and the sickening of 4-week-old.

She was scheduled to be freed from prison in March under a mandatory release law in place when she was convicted.

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Happy #NationalChiliDay, y'all!

Thank you KVUE!

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37 minutes ago

FOX 26 Houston

HELP GET HER HOME: An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing and endangered 8-year-old girl from Florida, along with two adults who may be with her. MORE: bit.ly/2GB7zqx ... See MoreSee Less

HELP GET HER HOME: An Amber Alert has been issued for a missing and endangered 8-year-old girl from Florida, along with two adults who may be with her. MORE: bit.ly/2GB7zqx


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Why don’t we just cut Florida out of the Union? It’s hanging on the edge anyway. Always something going on in that f up state. Must be the heat frying people’s brains.

Well good luck

55 minutes ago

FOX 26 Houston

Authorities update the latest on the massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school that happened last Wednesday. ... See MoreSee Less


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Authorities update the latest on the massacre at a Parkland, Florida high school that happened last Wednesday.

Why does everyone keep talking about it . The kid is guilty. He wanted to play like a big boy so treat him like one . Give him life in prison with possible lethal injection. There you go .

Y'all were responsible for all those kids. y'all had him down the street and there was still gunshots going off in the school the video shows it in the times are off that's why y'all stories are all messed up.

You can't legally buy beer at 18 but an 18-year-old can buy an ar 15 gun to kill people. Am I the only person having an issue with these laws? The only people that should be allowed to have any type of high powered gun is police, military and any other law enforcement officials.

I knew he was nut 19 in highschool

No one knew he was nuts ... the 30+ home visits by law enforcement didn’t lead them to that, the kids that said “we knew it would be him” didn’t alert them to that, the fact he openly stated he was going to be “a professional school shooter” didn’t tip anyone off that he was nuts?

I've been catching these updates late... Did they get the person that did this???

Are there any victims still in Hospital or recovering as outpatients?

No one knew this kid was nuts 🥜

The local police are greatly responsible for the school shooting. They failed to do their job. The murderer wasn't even slapped on the wrist. His unearned clean record allowed him to purchase firearms.

He wasn't crazy that's a cop out plea

Bring in veterans to lock & load

Stop selling XR15 , now 🙏🙏🙏

Jean Brown , Mississippi

Watching from Southern CA

Stop shooting

Mr. Mustache





Was hoping for new info. Nothing new at this briefing.

The boy went nuts 🥜 lost a screw just like all the other crazy’s

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1 hour ago

FOX 26 Houston

Randy Wallace FOX 26 on the road

Randy Wallace FOX 26
Kent Whitaker nervously waits to see if the governor will stop his sons execution still scheduled for 6pm tonight.
I'll have a live report at 5
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He committed the crime he has to pay like anyone else. Now others would like the same treatment if he doesn't get the death penalty.. opening a can of worms, don't you think?

Put the dog to sleep

Why? What was the point of the trial and jury then?

He murdered his mother and brother!! He knew what he was doing regardless and deserves the injection!!!!

I Sure Hope Not. EXECUTION Is The OPTION The JURY VOTED Foe. It Needs To Be Followed Thru With.

Feels Just like Rome! I knew people would come around😎😎😎

Nope time to die


He deserves death


So sad

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2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

WHAT DO YOU THINK? President Trump said that if one of the victims in the Florida school shooting, a football coach, had been armed “he would have shot and that would have been the end of it.” bit.ly/2EWPtSF ... See MoreSee Less

WHAT DO YOU THINK? President Trump said that if one of the victims in the Florida school shooting, a football coach, had been armed “he would have shot and that would have been the end of it.” http://bit.ly/2EWPtSF


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It’s not about arming teachers. It’s about allowing teachers who have a CCL to carry. There is a difference. Doesn’t have to be even close to every teacher, maybe the 20% who would volunteer their time to be trained by local law enforcement over the summer in certain shooting situations. People volunteer their time to be trained by EMTs on CPR, because they want to be able to save a life. this would be no different.

First of all the Florida school shooting could happen at any school, any type of business, any where. He pulled the fire alarm & they ran outside. I personally did not go to school to become a teacher & a guardian angel for these kids. I am not putting my life on the line for anyone, anywhere. Do not give teachers guns!!

No bc teachers aren’t trained for that job under stress. I mean if our nations LAW ENFORCEMENT can’t shoot someone without killing them, how can we trust TEACHERS to shoot and not hit a student in that chaos?

No armed teachers! Bullet proof doors, security cameras, metal detectors, police officers at every school. Security systems for schools.

An active shooter would rather have victims that are defenseless, then those that can defend themselves. Even the thought of an opponent that is carrying is a deterent.

Fox is at it again, PRESIDENT MR.TRUMP didn't say it like that at all, wish they would tell it like it is. Media can sure turn things around.

Yes! I'd feel safer knowing someone who could protect my kids was already there instead of teachers and students having to hide to wait for someone who can effectively protect them.

Well somebody needs to protect them innocent kids. Because our President is not doing anything about it. And no disrespect to our President at all. IT'S just something really needs to be done.

There’s a 50/50 chance you can stop the shooter if the shooter is right in front of you, it decreases if the shooter knows you’re armed, and it decreases even more if the shooter has an assault rifle so no. The best solution is to raise the minimum age to at least 21, mental evaluation and metal detectors for all visitors just like they do in court, among other things.

Now we want the wild wild west setting. How the students going to learn staring down a gun on somebody hip. Not a good idea, your gun may be available, but somebody still going to be hurt. How prayer brought back in school, how about more security, how about mental health counselors available to screen students. Can't catch everything but @ least make sure Our children is worth it

Teachers would volunteer. .they would not be forced to carry...you have to pass background checks..pass classes and pass proficiency at firing your weapon...if my grandchildren were in school and a shooter came on campus..I would rather their teacher be ready to defend them rather than cower in fear..

Many educators have military and/or LE experience. Many of those same educators have held a CHL for many years. They carry a weapon at Wal-Mart, at HEB, and the local restaurant. They carry everywhere EXCEPT school because they're not allowed. We're not asking them to be police officers. We're asking them to protect their students with their own weapon. The biggest reason this won't work is that too many folks are afraid of other people carrying a gun.

New job description for football coaches: Must be willing to pack heat at all times. I'd hate see what would happen, though, when Johnny Quarterback's dad gets upset about Johnny's playing time and decides to walk up behind the coach.

Mixed feelings about this.... Everyone failed this boy! School friends, parents and mental health...all could have been avoided if FBI and school took this seriously!! So many red flags!!!!

I disagree with Teachers carrying a Gun. Maybe schools need more security. A teacher already has a job of teaching kids and not worry about having a gun on their body or that a kid gets a hold of it. Back in the days school used to be a safe place. Maybe metal detectors

Absolutely for this. The only person who can stop a potentially dangerous situation is someone from the inside. A good person with a gun is the only one that can stop a bad person with a gun it's just as simple as that. People comment about metal detectors bullet proof windows security cameras automatic locking mechanisms etc etc etc... well financially speaking that is not feasible. I'm sure each school in the nation has at least one teacher (Or any other school staff member) that would take the responsibility of such position especially a teacher with a child attending the same school his or her parent teaches at.

I guarantee you none of these people against teachers carrying a firearm ever complain about an airline pilot being armed. Airline pilots were never trained to carry a firearm until 9/11, now they all carry. We’ve never heard of a story about a pilot going crazy and shooting people so I don’t see what the problem is with teachers being armed. You can’t stop all the evil in the world but you can take the necessary steps to limit bad things from happening.

Yes Teachers handle their students all day & I have no doubt that those who choose to undertake the responsibility of becoming part of the safety response team can & will do a great job.

Why not make it mandatory for every teacher to go through the same training as armed security guards. Then we put a small gun safe in the teachers desks with a fingerprint ID lock that would be integrated into the schools security system. Anyone but a member of the assigned faculty touches the lock and the place goes into lock down until safety checks are made. On the other hand if a faculty member opens the safe, the police are notified and treat the situation the same as we already would with an active shooter on school property....only ever teacher is armed and ready to safeguard our children against an immediate threat. Sounds too expensive and too difficult to impliment??? Guess our kids security isn't worth that much. So let's put further restrictions on firearms across the board. Ya know, because the bad guys won't be able to get them any other way.

Yeah until one of the teachers like the ones who mistreat the children snaps and shoots one of them instead of just yelling or whatnot. I think they should have trained personal not teachers there to protect. The teachers deal with them all day and get angry and irritated with children all the time. I don't think they should have armed teachers. Someone else yes.

it's not that simple, it's both a good/and bad, i still think we should put homeless vets in the schools, give them a small room and a cot, because the schools are not protected during the weekend either, fathomless vets could basically be security for the weekend.

I can trust teachers who learn to use a gun. Who are there risking their own life, with good mental sable abilities, can pack a firearm safely to protect and defend any intruders that can cause harm.!

Not all, but certain ones who have a military background, law enforcement background etc, The ones who have had training and not afraid to used the weapon. But to avoid that, Trump need to sign an executive ordering, ordering all schools in the United States that except government funding be required to hired police officers, private security to protect these schools. Like that school in Flordia, with a student body of 3800 students. There should be at least 25 armed officers roaming the school property. Set up metal detector at the front door of the school with police or armed security having all students and staff walk through the metal detectors. Have surveillance camera aim at all entrances, side doors etc with a armed officer standing near by. But Trump must not give the money to the schools to pay for all this security. The school must do the hiring and the company they hiring must send the invoice straight to a government agency set up by Congress so that they could get paid. Also, this government agency will send out personnels to make sure everything is in compliance. Any fraudulent invoices sent in by the hired security agency. The owners will be prosecuted to the fullest of the law with a felony. I know I stated early about certain Teachers being qualified to carry weapons, that would be the only other option in the executive order. They do this, there will be no more school shootings. If someone want to try, they will be shot down. This what I would do, if I was president. These schools will be protected Luke Fort Knox. We have the money, if we could send over a Triillon dollars to support these other countries, We could spend a Trillion dollars to protect our kids.

Yes, if there was someone stationed in several areas of a school then this kind of shooting could have benn prevented. Not necessarily teachers, but some one should be inside who is armed and can kill a gunman before HE kills anyone!!!! That is a no brainer!!!!!

If they are certified in firing a gun, already a gun owner, if they volunteer I don’t see a problem, but I prefer trained police officers, or retired cops or veterans be given a job to help law enforcement. Metal detectors need to be at every entrance at schools with a armed guard in plain sight.

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7 hours ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Celebrate Texas Independence at the birthplace of Texas.

This 2-day living history celebration is free.

Texas Independence Day CelebrationMar 3, 10:00amWashington on the Brazos State Historic Site - Texas Parks and Wildlife“Texas Independence Day Celebration” is an annual two-day living history celebration to commemorate when 59 delegates bravely met in 1836 to make a formal declaration of independence from Mexico. After all, there is no better place to celebrate Texas independence than on the very spot “Where Texas Became Texas.” The free event features live music, food, traditional crafts, musket and cannon firings, Texas A&M University Singing Cadets, the Kids History Zone, “The Birth of a Republic” historical play about the signers of the declaration, Brenham Children’s Chorus and other commemorative programs. The new museum exhibit titled “So Others Could Follow: Four Centuries of Maps That Define Texas” will open that weekend and will illustrate the evolution of Texas over four centuries, both topographically and politically. Historical reenactors set up a bonafide 1836 Texas Army camp where visitors can wander freely to learn how the soldiers and their families lived then. Admission fees are waived for the site’s attractions (Independence Hall; Star of the Republic Museum and Barrington Living History Farm) for that weekend celebration. Admission to the grounds, on-site shuttles and parking are also free.
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Texas Independence Day Celebration


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Patricia DeLora Vazquez

Isabelle Villarreal Bazan. Let’s go

Brooke we need to go!

Amber Durden Roberson

While on assignment for Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, photographer Chase Fountain came across this rattlesnake nest.

How many do you see?
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While on assignment for Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, photographer Chase Fountain came across this rattlesnake nest.

How many do you see?


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When you have a sticky trap in the garage trying to catch mice and you find this instead.

Yep, there's 3 kind of snakes that scare me. Big snakes, small snakes and sticks that look like snakes - lol

Nightmares. I see nightmares.

Come on Texas Parks & Wildlife. Rattlesnakes (Crotalus sp.) do not nest. This is a den site. Please do not perpetrate myths for cheap "likes, comments, and shares." Your goal should be education, using words like "snake nest" is counterproductive and irresponsible.

I took a stab at it by marking the heads, but I'm sure I'm missing some!

Honestly, I kill any I find on my property it's too dangerous to myself, my husband and our dogs.

Be careful cleaning the pool baskets too!

It's the ones I don't see that worry me

At least rattlers usually warn you. Those copperheads and moccasins don't.

Can't believe the hate on this post!!! Don't mess with them and they won't mess with you. And in case one of them does get a little unruly and doesn't want to follow the rules......they are good to eat too.

I can smell them when they have a den nearby — it smells like the snake house at the zoo. Be alert!

I see too many.

Note to photographer Chase Fountain...does your mother know what you've been doing????

Texas Parks and Wildlife thank you for this post. From many of the comments, these valuable creatures are not appreciated by many folks. Brings to mind the quote paraphrased 'We do not value what we do not know!'. Too bad. Thank you for the work you do. Stay safe.

I see me calling it a day ... it’s 5pm somewhere!

I Believe I am seeing 6. Their camouflage is what scares me the most. You could be right next to one and not know it. I appreciate their rattles, the copperheads around here totally disappear into our leaves.

Not a nest, a hibernaculum! They are just starting to emerge for the spring but stay close in case of late cold fronts. Magnificent creatures!

How awesome!! Do you need a field assistant Chase?!? And by the way all native snakes are important. If you do not want them in your yard, do not make it inviting for them. Most people co-exist just fine with deer and even feed them. And deer incidents with humans can be very costly. I would take a snake in the yard anyday over a deer eating all my plants!! ;) and btw...snakes can climb trees.

Trust me...I would not be able to count them because I wouldn't be sticking around long enough...

I bet they are back in there hole today saying “well played Texas weather well played!”

I got 4. Everytime hike Texas I look. Haven't been lucky enough to see one yet. Beautiful. Still need to respect the rattle.

Too many nope ropes there for me!

I see five but I couldn't get a good zoom on the picture could be more.

If we see this many, that means there's twice that. Ykes. Is the guy who took the picture still with us???

Theres 4 of them that i can see immediately and i cant believe that he didnt take them home to grill or BBQ

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1 day ago

Houston Zoo

This is Pop, one of our capybaras. The human in the picture is Wren, and she's working on a training session where Pop stands and is rewarded with yummy treats. This behavior is important because it lets the keepers get a good look at the underside while building a strong keeper and animal bond. Great work, Wren! ... See MoreSee Less

This is Pop, one of our capybaras. The human in the picture is Wren, and shes working on a training session where Pop stands and is rewarded with yummy treats. This behavior is important because it lets the keepers get a good look at the underside while building a strong keeper and animal bond. Great work, Wren!


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This is Pop, a capybara. The human in the picture is Wren, and she feels her personal space has been violated by Pop. Pop does not care and proceeds closer. Wren decides she has had enough. Wren tells Pop, "Talk to the hand you big gerbil." Pop hurt by such a statement plots his scheme to dismantle Western Civilization due to Wren's behavior.

They are changing the natural behavior of the animal. So bad!!

My girl Wren❤, raised up her entire life with guinea pigs decided to go big or go home 😁

Jo you need one! lol Right Jenna Vallone Wasden!

Could y’all maybe free range those just in the general zoo pathways? I want to be standing next to a capybara as we both ooh and aah at elephants. Kthnxbai.

Lauren is that you??? Beatriz Leite

Operant conditioning and positive reinforcement work.... on wild critters, pets, birds, insects, fish, even husbands and wives 😁👍🏻

Kirsten Ufer - whaaaaat?! Where are the capybaras?!?! I didn’t know we had them!!!

I didn't know they did anything besides chill.

Looks like a giant guinea pig

Amberlin Parson!!! We need them!

Does this look familiar girls. Hint: in Mexico when you girls ran in the house and leaving me outside to confront one of these. Luckily he was more afraid of me than I was of them.😘

Rob McLeod great work pop!

Way to go Wren!!! All those years of dog obedience training put to work!

Looks great Wren....I love it when I get to assist you at the zoo! 😀

Emily it’s name is Pop!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


I love them

Brianna and Gemma

Blake Meyer it's Valentino!!

Love this and capybaras❣️❣️

Loren Westerfield...did you see this!? :)

I want a capybara

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1 day ago

Texas Department of Agriculture

Another great example of the Texas FFA Association at work. Way to go #TexasFFA!

#MyTexasFFADay #TexasAgricultureMatters‪Today more than 450 Texas FFA members gathered in Austin for day one of the 2018 Texas FFA Day at the Capitol. Throughout the day members met with their state legislators, walked the Capitol hallways, and saw where history has been made since 1889. #TexasFFA #FFAWeek‬
... See MoreSee Less

Another great example of the Texas FFA Association at work. Way to go #TexasFFA!

#MyTexasFFADay #TexasAgricultureMatters
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