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Fort Worth Leaders Join Students For Int'l Walk To School Month

Fort Worth Leaders Join Students For Int'l Walk To School Month


October is International Walk to School Month and FWISD administrators were joined by city leaders this morning to form a series of Walking School Buses to get students to campus.

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1 hour ago

FOX 26 Houston

Remembering a great actor taken from us too soon. Michael Clarke Duncan was best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile. He would have turned 60 today. ... See MoreSee Less

Remembering a great actor taken from us too soon. Michael Clarke Duncan was best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile. He would have turned 60 today.


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"Don't you put that evil on us Ricky Bobby You can Walk!" "No No No he has to know he's always crying!" I will remember you

You are still missed. And fox news: who are you to say it was too soon. God has plans far greater than you. Yes, wed all love it if he was still here... But... We are not time keepers.

His role in that movie makes be absolutely bawl like a baby, I mean full on ugly cry sobbing. He had an amazing gift. ❤️

RIP Mr Duncan. I enjoyed watching you on the big screen. My favorite was the green mile.

He was excellent in Armageddon

I watched Green Mile yesterday. He is very missed

R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan I loved the Green Mile you are a gentle giant

He's with the angels, up in heaven #GreenMile #Duncan <3

The Green Mile is one of my favorite movies!

Michael was such a good actor , taken too soon ..

Folks...just in case you missed it, he passed in 2012 !

I can’t imagine the grief omarosa still suffers.

Deeply miss him Rest in heavenly peace

My favorite movie of his is, The Flying Salmon. Miss you big fellow.

He would of continued with a very interesting an bright career

Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!

You are still missed Thank so Many Year's Micheal Clarke Duncan

God bless him ...Rip Micheal Clarke Duncan🀄🀄🀄⚡⚡⚡🙏🙏🙏Age60 Never Been Forgotten R.I.P. Your Angles

john coffey sounds like the drink but spelt different x

RIP what a great actor and human being.

You'll be mess rip my preyer for the family

He played a great actor on forest Gump, RIP bubba 😔

Best movie The Green Mile. RIP. 😢

Awesome movie! Awesome actor!

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America, we need to do this more often! I bet the employment rate goes way the hell up too! Anyone else agree?

Well done. Great composure, control of the situation and enough situational awareness to make sure family is not in the range of fire.

Burglars better know people are carrying guns and won’t hesitate to shoot to kill! This one got lucky..

Awesome job Homeowners!!! This is the reason why normal folks are allowed to have firearms!!!

Hell be released from jail shortly. 😠😠 #sanctuarycity

That homeowner was too nice- I’d shoot them call The police!!!

Jesus, either that police officer is small or that home homer is massive

Thank you for not killing him. J s

Strong work.

Shoot him in the face!!!! Lol

Boo de frickin hoo!

Shoulda shot him

Zach Martinez

Todd Brown

Henry Arguello Sergio Ortiz

Vic Sanchez

Adrian Galvan

Luck Rangel

Neville Joseph

Roberto Ramirez

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2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

SNOW CUTE! The National Zoo's giant panda Mei Xiang had quite the time playing in the snow Saturday. ❄️🐼 More: bit.ly/2Abca04

(Video/ Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute)
... See MoreSee Less


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Panda good at back flip 😂

Hell yeah!! Love it!

How cute! Look Barbara!

Crystal Bennett

Hannah Rash

Anna Almanza

Franck Esquivel

Carmela Martinez

Carolina Mendez


Alexandra Skerry Apito

Susan Menning Trisler

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11 hours ago

Dallas Stars

Following two weeks of solid play and a five-game winning streak, the Stars struggle against three of the top teams in the NHL, proving that there is still work to be done.

5 takeaways: atnhl.com/2ARdB6K
Hitch: atnhl.com/2AI3zmm
Benn: atnhl.com/2A8rASJ
Spezza: atnhl.com/2jEXrE4
Razor: atnhl.com/2A8mo18
... See MoreSee Less


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I don't think that's a fair statement, Burnside. We beat Vegas during the win streak so obviously we can play with them. Honestly we should've beat them the first time around and we should've put 10 on them last night. I know, "shoulda woulda coulda" but we don't struggle against them. We lost because, as has been the case throughout the season, we don't capitalize on our opportunities yet one turnover by our defense costs us immediately. Stop turning the puck over. The offense looked fine, the defense even looked fine aside from TURNING OVER THE PUCK. Stop making idiotic passes. Geez, it can't be that hard can it?

Hitch is extremely smart, but I am afraid he is too much "old school" still. I find it extremely strange, and unfair, that he is not playing Honka, and even if he would struggle a bit from time to time, we need that player type to get NHL matches under his belt.

That’s the problem with a one line team -split em up and it hurts even more -hanzal is a key gotta be healthy so he can -and Spezza got older before we knew it-dissapointing so far -can still turn it around though

The Stars are currently a .500 team, they will not make the playoffs. They need to get bigger and faster and drastically improve on special teams, both PP and PK.

Its pretty accurate to say dallas isnt a top tir team, Wonder when or if the finnish D man Hieskanen...(probably butchered that spelling) Will be ready?

How long before the trades start? It's too soon to fire Hitch, but another season or two or three will hurt the franchise beyond repair.

The new kids on the block look young and fast and ready to play sucks that my team lost but the knights were capitalizing some mishandled plays

A lot of work! The frustrating part is those boys and green play way better than they did last night!!

Not looking good at all. This road trip won’t be easy either.

They’re pretty much a 500 team this year. Hate to say it

Come on guys. You're better than this. Let's get it done

Lot of work but I believe Hitch and crew can get them going...GO STARS!!!!

Can never ever ever come back in the third . . A 1 goal lead on the stars is as good as 5???

Just need everyone to grind like Raddy, Shore, Janmark and Faksa and this team will win games lol

A lot of good chances last night. Shame more didn't come out of them.

Fire the fans


We got this! Go Stars!!

No there not...and no we won't

Fire the coaches

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23 hours ago

Dallas Stars

The Stars had their chances, putting 39 shots on net, but they were unable to complete the rally against Vegas. ... See MoreSee Less

The Stars had their chances, putting 39 shots on net, but they were unable to complete the rally against Vegas.


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I miss Jamie Oleksiak. Sucks we lost him in expansion. He did awesome for Vegas tonight dishing all those dimes to their forwards for goals. ...wait. He still plays for Dallas??

Hitch is ridiculous. Gallant is way better coach. If Olesiak plays one more game Hitchcock need ls to be fired on the spot. There are zero excuses for honka not to be playing

Vegas should get a hockey team as they have shown tremendous support for their professional diving team.

😭😭😭 stop crying every time we lose and trying to point the finger at a particular player. I don’t even know where all the Oleksiak comments are coming from. He was badass tonight with some great plays. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM OR GO BANDWAGON SOMEWHERE ELSE. Stop your crying.

The opposing team could put the beer vendor in goal and he becomes Bernie Parent. Same story again and again and again.

Way to go Bishop!! Just keep sucking the same way in the next game! The Vezina Trophy is waiting! 😂😂😂😂 Yeah, I blame him just like people here blame Kari Lehtonen for EVERY loss when he's between the pipes. 😜😁✌️👍

Just like that their impressive 5 game winning streak has been extinguished by an equally unimpressive 3 game losing streak getting beat by the teams at the top by a score of 13-5. Two of those losses on home ice. This team has too many spectators and not enough leaders and their defense is below average at best. This team is what they are....a terribly inconsistent underachiever.

Stars defense is still the biggest issue. Sucks that Methot went down. I’m starting to see Klingberg improve, but he still tries to do the fancy or hard pass instead of just dumping the puck too much. Oleksiak needs to go. Give Honka his chance. I thought the forward lines were good tonight. I just don’t know how the Stars always struggle against rookie or back up goalies so bad. Is it scouting, not giving the guy enough credit or, putting too much pressure on themselves? If they ever shore up their turnover problems they will be much better.

On the positive side, to weigh up my and others negative comments a bit, great goals by Benn and Speeza, and very important to get these guys going, and that Benn ended his drought. And don´t blame (not many do fortunately) Jamie for not leading the way, the top guys are not the problem at all and Jamie always do his very best, it´s the D that is the weak spot. Btw, it was Seguin´s who played maybe a bit soft on the PP goal against them and not Benn, as it was Seguin's guy but I don´t blame Seguin for that, he tried to stop the shooter.

Oh I see a falling Star again! Average goals given up per night three or more. Wonder why the stars are falling? If they don’t win three of the next four on the road they’re done. Stick a fork in them. If they don’t win three, of the next four on the road they’re done. Stick a fork in them. We can keep Hitch around for another year and lose again...

Well 5-13 on goals the last 3 games , Bishops looking par and Kari did well , Stars got beat by a former Texas Stars goalie they let go. Need to play like they did before Tuesday.

It´s getting more and more appearant that the D is the big issue, something experts highlighted ahead of the season and now it has been led into evidence. There is no excuse for not playing Honka, Hitch is fumbling as today´s hockey is about mobility, speed and skills, and not being as big as possible.

Don't think this line shuffle worked out as planned. 1/3 of the season is over... We have got to find a way to beat the division leaders!

Nobody will drive hard to the net...afraid to get knocked of the puck or on their ass.....no drive or heart....time for player changes or trades....

Get rid of Johns for good. He has not improved at all, still gives the puck away when he has a clear out. Klingberg does too but at least he has a high risk/high reward.

Putting radulov on the second line was a bad idea, he just skates without a puck and partners don't pass on him. Not good for one of the best playmakers

Two and a half months left until the trade deadline. Time to start moving up the standings instead of getting whipped by an expansion team.

Refs must have been paid off by Vegas. Worst game I have ever seen! They should all be fired without pay!

They played really well, just too many missed opportunities where other top players usually don't fail. Also I wish Ben could make some more timely saves when it really matters

They can't beat good teams and even Colorado is no guarantee. I predict they will go 1 and 3 on the road trip.

Well I can already predict the future of the team it differently not the playoffs it more like the golf course

This kind of play is exactly why we can't get more than 20 seconds of local Sports news time every night.

Ludwig continues to slobber over Klingberg and I just don’t see why.

How many times do we have to watch klingberg and johns hand the puck over to the other team....

Win 5 in a row then lose 3 in a row. Welcome back to #starsing

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1 day ago

Dallas Stars

We'll be rolling out our adjusted lineup against former Dallas Stars goalie prospect Maxime Lagace who is in net for Vegas. Stars vs. Golden Knights is underway! ... See MoreSee Less

Well be rolling out our adjusted lineup against former Dallas Stars goalie prospect Maxime Lagace who is in net for Vegas. Stars vs. Golden Knights is underway!


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I feel so bad for Johns, being forced to play with Oleksiak, who already looks worse than he did against StL.

You know it’s bad when you find yourself cussing Benn as well. Too many “skill” players. Not enough hard working “team” players. Those who should be stepping up and contributing more are nowhere to be found.

Why is it that klingberg refuses to shoot the puck at the net. Just shoots around it or passes it. Shoot the damn thing. Get it going Stars. Very so frustrated.

Team makes me want to rip my hair out at times, they amount of pucks they have coughed up in the last 2 years has just been unparalleled

Spezza needs to start firing them away too, can't even count how many times this season he has gone for that fake slap/pass and produced nothing from it. He had a clear top shelf snipe tonight and didn't take advantage of it. Not sure what his deal is but he is a top class sniper when he finds good shooting lanes and he needs to take more advantage of that.

What professional coaches should take into consideration is that fans traveled to the game and paid good money to watch an experiment? No, the best effort the stars have and should put on the ice!!! Lose on the road hitch! Keep Frankenstein on the road!

We should be winning 9-4 and that's not an exaggeration. 3 posts, 2 shots right in the slot, a puck that rattles under the goalie.

This is pathetic. Versus a goalie u let go and a team that played yesterday. Hitchcock has them so tight and uptight.

The Stars have had so many chances that just haven't gone their way. Take away the two huge errors (delayed penalty and horrible turnover) it could be a different story. Mistakes kill us.

On this last PK, with Johns on the box, the second pair (after Pateryn and Hamhuis) saw Klingberg (with Lindell) on the ice. Not Oleksiak. Maybe, just maybe, they have seen that Oleksiak can't play solid hockey.

Something need to wake the boys up. One week they play like a team. This week the forgot how. GET IT TOGETHER STARS.

How many goals have we to give up with Johns-Oleksiak on the ice? This pair DOESN'T WORK! #FreeHonka


You know you've hit rock bottom when you make Maxime Legace look elite. Smh

Vegas is a good team . it. took Jim Nill 5 years and the stars are still horrible . Please Dallas . Get rid of Jim Nill

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates oleksiak.....top 3 pick for 2018?

Legace playing like a true vezina caliber goalie. Sad.

Oleksiak responsible for 2 against tonight.

This team is getting harder and harder to watch. Time to go back to watching cartoons.

Another vezina performance from the opposing goalie whose GAA is close to 4.

they should have the same lines that beat vegas last time

Stars keep this up, I'm done

STILL waiting to be impressed by Ben Bishop......

Did anyone else lose signal from nhl.tv yet again?

Do we have another lineup to try? This newest one isn’t working

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