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HCSO: Fight between neighbors over car parked in street ends in deadly shooting

HCSO: Fight between neighbors over car parked in street ends in deadly shooting


The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly shooting scene near Katy last night.


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Countdown to 11AM! Join @MelanieLawson13 @ArtRasconABC13 @ABC13Elita and me for an update on weather and road conditions. I'm monitoring a new accident that could affect your lunchtime drive. @abc13houston https://t.co/fhcEunRK9S

Ayesha Curry's new restaurant in CityCentre has opening date https://t.co/DTMjuySJlS

Malauzai, maker of banking apps, acquired by global fintech player https://t.co/Fiymj73vfG

Why an adult toy manufacturer is backing a UT grad's film https://t.co/9zJ9LQ9OiP @CalExotics #CocksNotGlocks

SPORTS ALERT: Astros ace @kidkeuchy to be featured in @espn's Body Issue

Welp. That doesn’t look menacing.

Radar ➡️➡️➡️ https://t.co/lfkG1RFW0S

Ewww!!! Finding a hair in your food is bad enough but imagine going to take a bite and seeing maggots!

DPS reveals name of victim in deadly crash near Lubbock https://t.co/mi2ZYtLNwK

Rapper XXXTentacion shot dead in Florida https://t.co/coI6o4bz0a

[email protected] joins the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force to announce results of "Operation Broken Heart." Streaming now on #abc13 -> https://t.co/Mef7Eclqt8. #hounews

Mystery solved: Animal previously believed to be a wolf-dog hybrid has been identified by a DNA test.

Astros promotions this week:
June 20th (Wednesday): All fans receive a replica World Series Championship ring

June 22nd (Fri) : First 10,000 fans receive an Astros fedora

June 23rd (Sat) : First 10,000 fans receive a Yuli Gurriel Gnome with Troll Hair


The 25 patients who were at @memorialhermann have been discharged. Three of four patients who were at the St. Joseph Medical Center have been discharged. Only one patient remains hospitalized, but it's for an issue not related to the carbon monoxide. https://t.co/jTfGzRDIkA

Standing by for @houstonpolice to announce results of "Operation Broken Heart." We'll be streaming the news conference live on #abc13. @ArtAcevedo will be in attendance. The operation focused on arresting those responsible for online sexual exploitation of children. #hounews

2 hours ago

State Fair of Texas

Chili+Sausage+ Jalapeno, need we say more? Try this ribbon-winning recipe! #BigTex bigtex.com/game-day-recipes-from-our-competition-kitchen/ ... See MoreSee Less

Chili+Sausage+ Jalapeno, need we say more? Try this ribbon-winning recipe! #BigTex https://bigtex.com/game-day-recipes-from-our-competition-kitchen/


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Looks like a bow of slop

Joycita Campa

18 hours ago

Texas Tech Football

It’s all about the process.
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19 hours ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

This bullsnake is doing its best rattlesnake imitation, making a rattling hiss with its mouth.

This non-venomous snakes eat rodents. Here's more: bit.ly/Bullsnake

Texas Nongame & Rare Species - Texas Parks and Wildlife
We all know that some non-venomous snakes can look like venomous snakes; the milk snake and the coral snake being the classic example. But some non-venomous snakes also behave like venomous snakes to scare off would-be-predators. Check out this video of a bullsnake from west Texas putting on a great show. We found this snake in the middle of the road basking, filmed it for a minute for educational purposes before moving it off the road so it would not get hit by a car. The noise you can hear is made with its mouth, and is a very convincing impression of the noise made by a rattlesnake.
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I used to catch these all the time when I was a kid. Once they realize the hissing doesn't fool you they will do an impression of a cobra but instead of striking forward they will jerk back making it almost impossible to not flinch. When they realize that won't fool you they will finally just turn over on their backs and play dead. If you turn them back over they will just turn back over repeatedly. They are very cool snakes!

I know for certain it would convince me 😲

Thank you for this post. Education is absolutely necessary to save our beautiful planet!

First bull snake I caught had scared the piss out of me as I was watering a bush the natural way when it began rattling the dry leaves - beautiful critter. After we admired him we let him go. Have caught many since

Janna Cryer Lair look familiar?

Coral snakes are venomous, just not pit vipers like rattlesnakes. Do not have fangs, but saliva is considered venom. Very rarely cause major injury, but are considered poisonous. "Red and yellow, kill a fellow - Red and black, you're OK Jack"

I always try to look at the head and the tail to see if its a rattler or bull snake

About a month ago my daughter caught one on a sticky trap. It was making a rattling sound but had no rattles. I was wondering how it did that. I took it out to the country and let it go.

I am a snake lover peace kinda girl but I would think he was a bad guy for sure!

If we ever had one around the yard we left it alone.

Relocated this beauty earlier this year. Kenna Heap Stephan Gillenwater Charles Lee Michael Heap

I will believe the bullsnake if i saw it the wild...

Don't a coach whip make the same kinda noise

Venemous or not, I still run for my life

Gave me goosebumps

Yea that's crazy

Wow. Who knew?

I'm convinced

It convinced me

These snakes are beneficial, they keep small rodents and rattlesnake populations in check. Don’t kill them

they are great around the farm, no mice or rats.

He fooled me

Mandy Havard

Cynthia D. Pedersen, Austin Pedersen, Joe Pedersen, Sandra Kiive Logston, Ryan Kiive-Logston Sylvia Castillo, Ashley Barney

Elle Marie Stevens

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We're studying Green Jays in the Rio Grande Valley to learn more about their home range in urban areas.

The team measures, weighs and bands the birds, attaching a transmitter to track their movement, which will fall off in 1-2 months.

The only place in the U.S. you'll find this tropical species is in south Texas: bit.ly/GreenJayFacts - with Rio Grande Valley Urban Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife
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Lot's in Uvalde Texas too.

Watching this video, I couldn't help but think of Aliens in UFO's swooping down and making measurements on humans and then then re-releasing them in their cornfields. 🤣

Love green jays. Had them at my house in Brownsville but not here in Victoria, although I have seen them in Goliad.

And at Austin State Hospital in Austin.

You can find them in Carrizo Springs Texas also, FYI ......... 🇺🇸

Had quite a few in Beeville, tx but recently just 1 or 2 come by

Have Green Jays at our birdbath in CampWood, Tx

I wish they would expand their range like the White-winged Dove and Crested Caracara. It would be nice to have them on the Upper Texas Coast.

Have had rwo on our Atascosa County ranch for sevetal years now. This yeat a half grown one accompanied them. They splash all the water out of one of my birdbaths!

Got some in my backyard, Brownsville, TX. We love watching them in the mornings & all the chatter they make.

Tayah Disney you were almost right There are Green Jays! The red ones though are Cardinals

See and hear them in Dewitt County just South of Cuero.

Annette Lopez Schmidt Ever heard or seen this bird before?

My backyard is full of these beautiful creatures and yes i live in South Texas! 🙂

See some everyday in my backyard along with the great kiskadee

I wonder as our climate changes more how far up will the Greenjays move?

Love these birds! There are so many of them at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge! 🤓

On my bird bucket list. One day I will see one in the wild...can't wait!

I live in New Braunfels and have never seen one. Would love too.

There are Green Jays in Santa Fe, NM. Is this a different species?

Saw one at the oso bay park in Corpus Christi TX 2 months ago

E visto parvadas de cotorros de diferente tamanos pajaros tijera,cotortitos del amor de diferentes colores comienzan en octubre su emigracion

I would see them in December, here in Houston.

Saw one while sitting in a deer blind in Jim hog county tx

Don't know if I have ever seen one Houston area.

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There's still time to register for summer fun! Camp SIGN is a week-long program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Campers make new friends, learn leadership skills and more - all in a communication-friendly environment. Learn more: bit.ly/2GC6Sky ... See MoreSee Less

Theres still time to register for summer fun! Camp SIGN is a week-long program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Campers make new friends, learn leadership skills and more - all in a communication-friendly environment. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2GC6Sky

WIC has a special message to share today. To all the dads, from all the dads at #TexasWIC (and all the WIC and HHSC team): Hope this Father's Day has you jumping for joy! ... See MoreSee Less

A Black-capped Vireo dad helps mom change the “diaper” of their chick.

Whatever awesome things you do, Happy Father’s Day!
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The dad is the bird with the dark black cap. Chicks produce their poop in a little sac, which both parents will dispose of to keep the nest clean. Once on the brink of extinction, the Black-capped Vireo has made a dramatic recovery thanks to conservation efforts: bit.ly/BlackCappedVireo

That is so interesting! I’d always wondered how baby birds weren’t just sitting in a stinking mess! Just never remembered to go & look it up!

Pretty fascinating. Also gross

These bird it steealing the tiny and little birds food oh! my buda. from Japan

Well, that was interesting .

I wonder if that's what this guy was.

Great job of co-parenting.

love the close observation

I’ve never seen that before!


Zac Riehs Veronica Riehs

David Geddie

Becky Deshotels Price

Ross Garner

Jenn Sweatman

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On our next PBS show, meet a guy who has made a career out of his lifelong love of birds.

Then visit the Powderhorn Ranch, the largest undisturbed tract of land on the Texas coast and future state park.

See these stories and more at bit.ly/MustSeeTxTV
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Wished we could watch PBS in the RGV without having to have Cable or Satellite. New owners not broadcasting over the air anymore !

Powder Horn is so beautiful!!

Ross Garner

‪Only 1️⃣0️⃣ more Saturdays without #TexasTech football. 👀 #WreckEm ‬ ... See MoreSee Less


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Pete Erick Garcia

Salina Ball are you ready ? I am!!

I'm ready!

Am so ready to

Guns up


Go behind-the-scenes for one of the year's more entertaining days--Photo and video promo day! (Stay till the end for a good blooper or two). #WreckEm ... See MoreSee Less


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Shaleen Hester Parker

Here we go..

If dad likes to fish, we stocked our Neighborhood Fishing lakes just in time for Father's Day.

Find a fishing spot near you at bit.ly/GoFishin

- with @iInland Fisheries College Station-Houston District-Texas Parks and Wildlife
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Was at Millers Pond on Wednesday and when it got dark saw a group of 3 people using huge casting nets and taking way more than 5 fish per. I hate people like that with a passion.

if it is catch and release, why bother!!??

Why don't they put any in Odessa or midland also we have small city ponds an we don't have any lakes around us like some of the places that get fish put in them, we do get trout during winter but would like to have catfish, yall used to put them years ago

Where do the fish come from?

What's the survival rate? Has there been any good studies showing how many of these fish survive the transfer process? And are some breeds "tougher" and able to handle a little jostling better than others?

<wondering where the stocking fish are kept>. LOL!

Nancy Gómez mira deben ir ahí y con una malla de pesca cogerlos antes de que lleguen al agua porque si roncan el agua los perdieron 😂😂😂 Abner Zayas & Louie Corujo

How can we get our neighborhood pond stocked?

Whoooo looks like me after a bad trip to Long John Silver’s.

I wish Bright Lake in Old Settlers Park (Round Rock) was a Neighborhood Fishing Lake. How does one go about making that happen?

Come stock the ponds in Corpus Christi.

Mickey Rivas, ayi estas mick, when u get ur pond ready, holler at these folks

That sure looks like Katy TX.

Why is Ascarate lake in El Paso not being stocked with fish? It's not shown on the map. It is part of the TPWD.

I wish someone would stock our at Tri Lakes

How can I get the one in my neighborhood stocked?

Bill, tomorrow night baby

Kevin Luce. Makes me think of you takin care of business back in the day

Bet those fish thought they were on a ride at Sea World 😊

I have seen this being done at Live Oak City Lake

Y’all need to restock Buffalo Run Park


Joshua Feather more fishing coming up

Andelson Pacheco Tapia (Pocho) asi es q llenan los lagos artificiales q te decia y no me creias

Brad knebel

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Today, Franklin Mountains State Park staff broke ground on their new visitor’s center. Soon to be located in the Tom Mays Unit, the center will house administrative space and public space both indoors and outdoors.

... See MoreSee Less

Today, Franklin Mountains State Park staff broke ground on their new visitor’s center. Soon to be located in the Tom Mays Unit, the center will house administrative space and public space both indoors and outdoors. 



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My tribute to the city where I graduated from high school.

Tiziana 😂😂😂😂 Franklin purtroppo non posso taggarlo qui 😂😂😂😂

Julia Gonzalez felicidades..quien es ese bb? Besos mi niña.

Congratulations Julia Gonzalez

More cement on fragile eco.

Awesome 🤠🤠

Yareli Santamaria Misty Reck next time

Julie Perry

4 days ago

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

We are excited to announce the featured speakers for the 2018 Geriatric Symposium. Each of these speakers has made important contributions to enhancing and improving care for older adults. We look forward to hearing their experiences and insight.
- Donna Howard, Texas State Representative
- Karyn Buxman, Neurohumorist
- Lance A. Robertson, Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging Administration for Community Living
- Scott Abel, Texas HHS Leadership & Professional Development Specialist
Learn more about the symposium here: bit.ly/2J0nMr3
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You’re looking at the Rolex wearin’ ⌚️
Diamond ring wearin’ 💎
Kiss stealin’ 😘
Wheelin’ dealin’ 💸
Limousine ridin’ 🚘
Jet flyin’ ✈️

Thanks for stopping by Ric Flair, The Nature Boy!
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Ron Lee

Tommy Vega Debbie Vega

Randy Rincones Wooooo

Jimmie Winter

Matt Duncan heck yeah!!

Melissa Brisco

Delia Gonzales John Gonzales

Michael Guzman

Sabrille Less

Amanda Calderon

Tonya Givens

Tony Squillante llante

Jeremy Zamora


Chris Cavazos

Jonathan Evans

Gregory Jones Dominique Mojica Josh Putman

Eric Daugherty

Johnny Baumgartner

Mickey Tharp, Michael Tharp


Blair Brummell

Ricci Ellis

Bridgette Ann & Ryan Skogg

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Lubbock ✈️ San Angelo ✈️ Abilene ✈️ Lubbock

Summer Showcase ✅
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Graduated in 1950 from there and moved to as, never to go back to Lubbock again.

Lewis Rodarte

Joann Walter Susan Link Boone y’all made the video!

Andrea Ramos

Love this. Wreck ‘em.

Thanks for coming to San Angelo.

What a surprise to see this. Bernay Sheffield Ŧ beamed with joy

Sylvia Caballero Suarez Liz Suarez

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