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'He's a disgrace to our state.' Kentucky teachers outraged over Gov. Matt Bevin's sex abuse remarks

'He's a disgrace to our state.' Kentucky teachers outraged over Gov. Matt Bevin's sex abuse remarks


Teachers outraged by Ky. gov's sex abuse remarks

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Teachers to the rescue!

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10 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Run, Ronald, Run! ... See MoreSee Less


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See a bright future for Guzman and Isiah. Profar and Robinson no

Way to go Rangers!!! 🙌🏼💙⚾️

Go Rangers, Go..

1 dollar baseball too!


Steve Keck

10 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Ronald Guzman hits crucial, late-inning RBI triple as Ranger top Athletics. atmlb.com/2HT2NZY ... See MoreSee Less

Ronald Guzman hits crucial, late-inning RBI triple as Ranger top Athletics. https://atmlb.com/2HT2NZY


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Someone better get smart and lock these young guys down with some long term/mid-range $ contracts. They're gonna figure out they can make some serious cash in the next 2-3 years if we don't.

Nice win Rangers. Think Kela should share his save with Delinos great play at third tonight. Still think they should be searching for a new hitting coach. Too many guys struggling at the same time can't be a coincident.

The rookies got it done tonight!

Yes!!! Yippy!!! We lost 2 of 3...at home...to the Oakland A's...to secure last place...to quote a very good coach, "The only thing you learn from losing, is how to lose". It's great that they won this game, but continually losing 2 of 3, makes for a very long season.

Kinder-Telafa great young talent. Reminds me of Michael Young

Way to go Texas Rangers good baseball Game tonight Whoop Whoop ⚾️💯⚾️💯

Forget about wins and losses it's all about evaluating the rookies....... with Tavares in the Outfield, a likely top 5 pick in next year's draft , a new ballpark a new general manager and a manager the future's looking good

Russell Varga your brother cane through

Now we need a long winning streak to get the fans fired up!

Great job !!! Let's get this thing going in right direction.

Fun game to watch! Nice win!

A rarity happened. A save and a win. Expect about a dozen of these in 2018. Maybe we can get our hopes up with two dozen.

Finally. I hope JD is happy... This team was set up to fail.

Yes Go ranger


Mr 6ft5in. Go Rangers!

Carl Davis what did Jorge Rivera say 💪

Zane G Yarbrough couldn't resist lol

Miranda Miears your guy came in clutch! Now you can tell your Dad you know someone lol. Every time I see him I’m gonna think of you.



Good game

Watched it. Way to go, Texas Rangers.

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10 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Joey Gallo goes 3-for-3 as Rangers take series finale with the A's. ... See MoreSee Less


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I love my Rangers but management needs to get it together. There is nobody in the seats and our talent is bottom 10 in the MLB. You better start figuring it out or it’s going to be a 10-15 year drought

I’m a Giants fan but Joey Gallo is so fun to watch. Maybe HR derby this year?

That’s me

If the tickets and food were affordable the chairs might be full -- JS

Way to bunt against the shift!

it always such an empty stadium in Oakland.

Look at all those empty seats.

Nice win, but still another series lost. Staying on that average of losing every series, they on their way to a 100+ loss season,

We actually won a game with solid pitching and good defense? Niceeee

So much fun watching these Young Rangers doing their thing.

Great game by the younger guys! Joey bunts for a hit, Guzman with a 3-bagger, Delino with that throw! Kela with a great 9th...this club has a future.

Fun time tonight.

I love ❤️ my Texas Rangers ❤️

I love the Rangers but let’s face the facts: the closets this team will be to .500 was 0-0.

Aaron Choe Kevin Cush gallo with the big bat lol threw down that big bunt

Gallo finally laying that bunt down. He should do every time they do that dumb shift

The outfield was great tonight.

Thank you Joey Gallo!!! Love the Texas Rangers ⚾️⚾️⚾️

Awesome game...way to go Rangers :-P ;-) ;-)

So that is what a W feels like... interesting

Rusty Davis they’ve been running on DeShields this whole series and he finally threw him out!!

In front of a capacity crowd apparently...

Zach Geer NFHS showing out.

Zach Geer this one of your boys making that snag?

Helen Scanlan you would have been proud of your team tonight!

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15 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Cold, rainy weather can’t stop these autographs and smiles. ... See MoreSee Less


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Miss my Beltre!!!

Apparently they can’t stop A’s either

Stepfanie Ayala

Courtney Mcdade

Cristo Cabrera

Ivan Zapote

17 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Doug Fister gets the call for our series finale tonight with the A's! atmlb.com/2JqW4na ... See MoreSee Less


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Why in the world is Joey Gallo playing LF. He plays 3rd. I just don’t understand the hamster that’s turning the wheel

Call up Calhoun already, jeez, we already know Robinson can't play defense or hit. Not like we're priming for a WS run this season.

Do you think you can win one for a change?

I don't think I've seen a team this injured in baseball. Not that this team was any good before but I think they'd be a few games better at least with a fully healthy roster

Alright Fister will get us the W!! Let’s go Rangers!!

At least we haven’t had to listen to CJ the last few games....enjoying Tom Grieve

What's the lineup for the other split squad game?

Wonder if the front office has any concept or clue on what is absolutely needed on this team?!?!?!? PITCHING. Stop all the other grabs and invest in freaking PITCHING.

So how many trips to the mound does the catcher get?

My big 3 are all on the DL.. what in the world is going on?? Scared to think what might happen next! #lovemyRangers

Good luck Texas Rangers beat Athletics Go Texas Rangers all the way ⚾️⚾️

This team is horrible. ☹️


Fister going for the sweep tonight. 😡😂🤣

glad to see Delino is back.

Bring up Calhoun! Are you afraid he will make Odor uncomfortable?


Strong pitching will keep us in it:)

What time does the game get started?

Another loss with 💩 pitching👊

#LetsGoRangers! See ya tonight!

40-122 #BookIt

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21 hours ago

Texas Rangers

$1 HOT DOGS TONIGHT. ... See MoreSee Less



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Not making any moves during the offseason to better the team. Building a new ballpark even though there is nothing wrong with the current one. Watching the franchise waste money on promotional items and apparel. Nah that doesn't bother me but, do you know what really makes me sick to my stomach? Is watching you advertise that photo of the hot dog. Nobody and I mean nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog.

Those are the worst hot dogs ever they need to quit advertising them like it’s a great deal wouldn’t feed that to my dog

I am trying to help, management of pitching is wrong. We have a good team, in my opinion not managed well. Tired of seeing them struggle.

$1 hot dog , AA baseball Go to Frisco instead of Arlington , more value for the money

$1 hot dogs, $6 tickets, and $20 parking. What a deal!

Something has to bring out the runs.

On 2015 &2016 we were Western division champs. The difference is no Ron Washington. We are getting a new stadium and not half will sell out at this rate. We will have problems selling now. Think about it.

Joseph M Andrews A hot dog at citifield is like $8. Flights to Dallas for tonight are $180. That means if we leave right now, we only have to eat 26 hotdogs each to actually MAKE money 💸💰🌭

LaRon Hughes Dayuum it is $1 hotdog night smh

Just wanted to saw we have LOVED hearing Tom’s voice and stories for the last two series. We have really missed him.

When is Texas. Rangers going back On tv

Are the $1 hotdogs still the gross ones? Remember when they were beef hot dogs? Those were the days.

Tyler McAnally ok now I am excited! =)

Nice but the kind of hot dog I need now is a loving and caring man to love all my life Texas rangers.

Is the best thing you can get at globe life

Prepare your colon

go see the fort worth cats play.......better players - better parking - alot cheaper - just better baseball.

Rangers better get to work. Like to see them get a few back to back W's

Hopefully they sell enough to get some pitching 😛😂👊

i have 2 ticktes for todays game at 7 $50 for both. please let me know

I will be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah


Tammy Goetschius Slovensky my fav night!!!!!

Ryan Bristow bring me some!!

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2 days ago

Only In Texas

Ships entering the Houston ship channel from the Gulf at sunrise, Galveston. Photo taken by John Chitty. ... See MoreSee Less

Ships entering the Houston ship channel from the Gulf at sunrise, Galveston. Photo taken by John Chitty.


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The chemicals in the air illuminated by an otherwise perfect sunrise.

It was a Spectacular day day in Galveston today the Gulf was calm the sky was as blue as the water you could see the ships for miles .

Am I the only one that thought of the Chitty Bang Bang song

Thank you Dear Lord for this magnificent work of art

Can not wait to the sun sets and sun rises in Texas.

Breath taking! I need to be by the water!!!! This is a Richard Mantia painting


Very pretty

So pretty

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