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ICE Acting Director warns immigration crackdown is just beginning

ICE Acting Director warns immigration crackdown is just beginning


In an interview today, the acting Director for ICE said the sweeping immigration raids of 7-11 stores is just the beginning of cracking down on illegal immigrant workers and their employees.

This week brought the issue of immigration center stage, from controversial comments from President Trump, to movement on a plan to tackle DACA, to sweeping immigration raids of 7-11 stores by ICE agents. The action was taken in 98 stories in 17 states,

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State Fair of Texas

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Because #WineNot check out this list of 30 #TEXAS #wines to try this spring?! @TexasMonthly has done all the research you need~ Just sit back, relax and taste some good #TexasWine!  🍷🤠  #Cheers #HowdyFolks #BigTex #TravelTexas

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The Texas Observer

Students from at least 16 Austin schools walked out of class to join hundreds of protesters at the Texas Capitol on Friday, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, to demand tighter gun laws. Students and teachers here joined thousands of activists across Texas and the United States in the latest round of rallies and walkouts since a shooting in Parkland, Florida, left 17 high school students dead in February. #MarchForOurLives ... See MoreSee Less


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Do this on a Saturday and I doubt a quarter of them show up.

I respect their right to protest in a peaceful manner I believe they do not fully understand what they are protesting It isn't the type of weapon, but rather the lack of knowledge of the weapon , along with the amount of ammunition one may hold .

Anything to skip school! So sad

Seriously, if the people conducting illegal activity can have them, law abiding citizens should definitely have access to them.

gees eh. have fun kids. criminals will always find guns no matter what.

Well done, kids. Learn now how to get involved, active, and make your voice heard. Don't listen to the lazy, entitled adults in this country who want you to sit down, shut up, and get shot. You have a right to life. Period. Make this your life. Reform this broken country.

To those who denegrate these inspiring young people: read history of the 60s. We were young and stopped the war, but it was risky to protest, not a vacation from school. It's the same for these kids. They are brave and strong.

Not any worse than our attitude we could change the world in the 70’s your views change as you grow older. I think it’s great they are involved and trying to make the world a better place.

They are so wonderfully inspiring

thank you kids and supprtive family! Columbine should have been where change happened. The right clung to their weapons even harder. They did not care when all those 6 year olds were killed. They do not care if those of you marching are shot at school as long as they can keep weapons that should only be operated in a very well-regulated militia. The disgusting nature of how the NRA has purposefully misinterpreted the 2nd Amendment and then convinced the right that they are some sort of militia against a big bad government is horrible. The amendment was there so that the STATE could conscript YOU, forcing you to fight, and you would be already armed. There was no state militia until that amendment. No armies to call upon. That there was a need meant that the future conscripted soldiers had to already have guns.

Texas will improve - these kids will see to it.

Proud of these kids. Hope they can make a difference as we adults have failed.

Go Texas!! You make me proud kids!!

Good for them. ❤️🇺🇸💪🏼


Texas Proud!

I have to agree with these kids. After 6 years in the NRA I will not be renewing. Found the NRA to be made up of ignorant, paranoid Conspiracy theorist.

Good job! Keep it up!

Do a school walkout on a Sat?

I can't wait until these kids can vote!!!

So proud and hopeful!!!!!!

Mini adults acting out!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Good job, young people!

Love y'all

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2 hours ago

KRIS 6 News

Moody High School students walk out in memory of Parkland Shooting victims on the anniversary of Columbine. ... See MoreSee Less


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Moody High School students walk out in memory of Parkland Shooting victims on the anniversary of Columbine.

544 students participated in the walkout at Moody.

I bet if it was held after school to stand for 17 minutes. They would rather go home then stand so where is the respect in that . They only do it to kill time on a Friday.

They just wanted an excuse to skip class. How about you make friends or make a point of involving the kids that are bullied or picked on, that feel the need to turn to gun violence

Willing to bet none of these kids no nothing about firearms. If they cared about life as they claim they do, where are there protests against Planned Parent hood?

You folks are heartless. Complete lack of moral authority and you should be ashamed of yourselves! These kids are far more mature than some of you.

Whoever passed away... But you can't name any name of those you're devastated over? Get back in class....

These kids weren’t even thought of when this happened! Kids are always making an excuse to get out of class, to play on there phones. Get back to class and learn, and stop bullying other kids!

When kids are speaking out about how tired they are of getting shot up in school, and your response is to try and silence them...you give up any moral authority you had. 👍🏻

how can people say we need to stop bullying when you're literally bullying these kids on here by saying they don't know what they are talking about when they are trying to stand up for they believe in

Amazing how they aren't allowed to be out without a doctors excuse but yet they can walk out in protest. SMDH!

Should be praying and saying the pledge to our flag that give them this right to do so. You can't have some of the constitution without the rest of it.

Half of those kids on the field don’t even know why they are there! All they know is there classmates are doing it and follow the sheep to get of school

Ask these kids what games they play on play station 4 and Xbox... Hello aren't you shooting at people on the game... 😂

People need to get a grip on there kids if l would have done that when l was a kid my dad would still be whipping my but what there doing is not going to do a bit of good it's a waste of time

I really hope they know the importance of this walk out and not just doing so to out of class. I pray our community never goes thru this.

#neverforget the reason we have the right to bear arms, #neverforget I’ll never give my rights up to bear arms, #neverforget that mental illness and the lack of morals is the cause of the tragedies....

Just seems like they’re protesting since it’s the cool thing to do and they want to get out of class. #prosecondamendment

These comments are stupid there standing up for what they believe if I was there I could care less of on day just to walk out and stand for what I believe

I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years since Columbine 😥 good for these students to do such in the memory of Parkland ❤️

I see kids on their phones....just a way to get out of school....they need to go back to class and read a book.

All schools should have a comments box available to the kids. School counselors should be doing more. These kids clearly need to vent with no judgment.

In those 13 sec half those kids were thinking about where they will go after to smoke weed and drink maybe even go to the beach lol

Most of those kids don't even care what the purpose of "walking out of school" is for they are just out there doing it to get out of class and socialize smh

In my opinion this is the most stupid thing yo do someone could of done a drive by and shot everyone...

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3 hours ago

KRIS 6 News

#LIVE: Press Conference on arrest of fugitive Lois Reiss in South Padre Island. bit.ly/2qMwr9z ... See MoreSee Less


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More information on Lois Reiss: bit.ly/2qMwr9z

We have had some unexpected technical difficulties and are trying our best to bring you this press conference live. We appreciate the patience.

Bad connection with audio has been fixed. We apologize for the delay.

Thanks kris ... Ill read about it i cant understand this.

I’m guessing this is about the E-coli in our salads

Killed her husband and another lady in Florida

Ok So no volume thought I was tripping lol

She killed her husband then killed a woman that looked like her. She took her car

They caught her at a restaurant

Come on 6 news we can do bwtter than that

Skipping very bad try again tomorrow!!

I think that's why they were looking for her . She came from another state.

She murder some people and took their car.

I think she got arrested at padre island.

This is about that lady they were looking for.

Richard johnson.....thought so that USM arrested her

For those of us that don't know, what did she do?

Where’s the volume

They never have volume

Cmon kris get it together

Yvonne....killed 2 people

Marylou Atkinson is watching

🤦🏼‍♀️ I can’t read lips

I can't hear anything

Who is a good lip reader ?!

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3 hours ago

KRIS 6 News

#LIVE: Flaring at Valero West can be seen across the city. (no audio) MORE INFO: www.kristv.com/story/38004134/valero-west-flaring-due-to-operating-conditions ... See MoreSee Less


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#LIVE: Flaring at Valero West can be seen across the city. (no audio)

Have to burn the gas to keep the price up lol. Supply and demand, to much supply demand is hitting lower hahaha.

I don't know if it's here in Corpus Christi, but the Valero plant in Texas City had an explosion n wass on fire too...yesterday!

It wasent an explosion it’s all the flares including the ground flare I was here when same thing happened last year

S: Valero's West Plant Operating conditions at Valero's West Plant have made flaring necessary. At this time, there is no community action needed. Reply with YES to confirm. Got this message on phone.

I thought cuz it was 4/20 all the students skipping school were gathered and getting high

When don’t they flare? They take advantage of the cloudy days so they can release more chemicals

Some of you on here are showing some extreme ignorance.

My boys work at Valero, it’s NO BIG DEAL or I’d be worried

Oh No Flaring !!! What about the potholes and Selena ??

That's what happens when u dont put that neverseize

Weldon they were caused by the flaring

Flaring as in it exploded or like fracking?

Ok done watching the fracked up flaring, y'all have a great flaring fracking day!🍷🍷🍷😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁😁😁

Don't laught at me you'll hurts muh feelers

A mile from my house..i can see alot of thick smoke

Lighten up Stephen it's 4/20

Guess they thought the clouds would cover the smoke

Least they ain't pouring it into the ocean

The flux capacitor went out!!! Everyone call there attorneys in corpus!! Your about to be rich 😂😂

There fracking through the flare stack Pamela 😂😂😂

Exactly!!! Ignorant comments if u live in corpus lol, it’s gone on for years and years...

Eric Martinez get a life and don't misuse the court system to be sue happy.

They lost power at the west plant, so have to flare

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Not for a season, but for life!!

I will be a always be a DIE HARD!!
... See MoreSee Less

Not for a season, but for life!! 

I will be a always be a DIE HARD!!


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Aww Thats Very awsome

amen to that

I can't have those kinds of crazy people in my house!! ... See MoreSee Less

I cant have those kinds of crazy people in my house!!


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The. F YEAH.???

That's right

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