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Incredible photos show how one man's house was saved in California fires

Incredible photos show how one man's house was saved in California fires


One homeowner ignored evacuation orders. He hosed down his home while houses on their side were igniting and exploding:

"I was just drowning this place."

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Paris Gill Jonny Gill Wilson Samuel.. downtown Dallas :)

Angela Saavedra

Hayley Schmidt

5 hours ago

Dallas Observer

Cedars Open Studios Shows Off ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

Texas A&M University

Aggieland was coated with several inches of snow on Thursday night! As Aggies enjoyed the snow, they shared photos of their experiences.

Click through this album to see Texas A&M in a way you never have before!
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I have some moreeee

These pictures are wonderful & capture Aggieland beautifully. Thanks 👍🏻

Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures

Thanksgiving 1980 was a big snow storm, missed the bonfire because of the snow.

Some great photos! Thanks for compiling and sharing.

beautiful pictures, & collage! Grandson Joseph , finishing 3rd. year, WHOOP!

Nice photography Texas A&M. I'm sure our Grandson Zach enjoyed the snow there! :)

These pics are absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful! Spring 1989 we had a 3-day shutdown for the white stuff. It has been a while!

Wow 😳 ecosystem dookie 💩 but its white ⚡️😁Sweet revenge

Beautiful picture thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful pictures!

How does one apply to take some photos with a drone?

Eames Bennett! Your MSC photo is wonderful.

Rebecca Russell I didn’t know college station got enough to build snowmen 😳

Absolutely beautiful!



Just beautiful

Frequency load up he mocked me years

Great pictures. Class of ‘87! Whoop!

"Several Inches", it was 2

Beautiful pictures!

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Best of luck to our Aggies as they begin their final exams today! #BTHOfinals ... See MoreSee Less


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Good luck, Matt Jungmann and Kristin Corley! I know you both will do great! I’m looking forward to both of you being home for the holidays!!!

Good Luck Rohre Voss❤️❤️I know you will do great and can't wait for you to be home for a long break!! Lana and I miss you❤️😻❤️

Good luck to you and Alex on your finals! I hope the care package has helped Angelica Fraga

Twenty-one pennies on Sully, Tara Schwehm!

Good luck Lexy....hope this week is an easy one..

Good luck to all Aggies specially to my daughter prizila

Good luck best of good luck To my grand daughter Brittany VroomanAnd all the other studentsWho are taken their finals

Good luck Bianca Calderon california is waiting for you!!

Good luck to my daughter Jamie Mares and all the students 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Good luck!! You’ve got this Judith Perez! 😘

Best of luck James Chance Chapman and Elizabeth Liu on finals this week! You Got This!!!! BTHO Finals!

Good luck Tyler & Jaclyn! Y’all got this!

Katy, sending positive thoughts your way....Love you, Nana

Good luck Edward Torres!! You got this.

Love you, Dalton Armstrong. Do your best!!

You've got this Emily Nash!

Maggie Kramer. Good luck doll. You got this.

Good luck Sydney Meyer. You've got this!👍❤️

Good luck Dustin Gebert you rock!!!!

Good Luck Jordan Dugosh! So proud of you❤️

You’ve got this Tanner!!💪🏼🙏🏼📙📗📘

Study Smart - not hard!

Good luck on exams AGGIES

Good Luck Alexia!

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After consultation with the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) and local authorities, Texas A&M’s College Station campus will be open and fully operational on Friday, Dec. 8.

We will monitor weather conditions throughout the night, and if an update is required, we will provide one after 5a.m.
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After consultation with the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) and local authorities, Texas A&M’s College Station campus will be open and fully operational on Friday, Dec. 8.

We will monitor weather conditions throughout the night, and if an update is required, we will provide one after 5a.m.


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I like how we had a class day cancelled due to weather and it didn't rain, but now it's literally weather most have never driven in here and we have classes. I don't wanna die today.

Maddie Martin Michayla Strange 2013: half inch snow CANCEL EVERYTHING 2017: 4 inches overnight Suffer

I WAS SO EXCITED AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS POST & then I finished reading. Thanks for getting my hopes up 😕

Anyone who thought otherwise has more optimism than any human rightfully should. X'D

JohnConnor Haverkamp ONE......LAST.....final.....and this snow stands between us and our winter break

Jana Gomez Looks like you still have biochem tomorrow 🙃

Cool. TBH I would prefer to just get it over with #8DaysUntilGraduation

Hahaha some things never change Crystal Kae Garcia. A&M cancelled one time and it ended up being 50 degrees partly sunny.

Ryan Samadh lololol glad we got those days off back in the day. remember when i almost slipped and fell on my face right when stepped out of the rise? 😆

Glad that I took the day off today, lol!

It’d be super cool if my final got pushed back...

But there is still snow and ice everywhere

Hahahaha hahahah this is classic. *sees tornado in the distance, class isn’t canceled* Leah Badri


Wow!! I could hear y’all sighing all the way up here in Michigan!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Omgoodness, it's just snow ❄! Started with a hurricane and ended with biggest snowfall here ever!

Look Torrey Padgett - they are open tomorrow. Maybe they will send an email saying you're accepted. 😉👍🏼🙏🏻🎄❄️

what. I went to school in Nebraska with winds @ 40 and snowing. 10” every couple hours.

Haha!! Enjoy finals kids!! 😂😂

if only I were there and not in Mexico, i can know my future dear university

I can hear the horse laughs from here...

In the 80’s it was canceled for 1/2 “. These kids are tough! Blizzard of 17!

Much to the dismay of the students!

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There’s no sight like Aggieland covered in snow! Whoop! ❄️☃️ ... See MoreSee Less


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My daughter's friend took this picture:

We had our friend climb up in a tree and shake the snow from the branches so we could capture this

My son is a freshman, living on campus. The pictures have been beautiful! Started the semester with a hurricane and ended it with snow! Only in Texas, Gig'em

New Army will never know the joy of borrowing trays from the commons cafeteria and heading to Mt Aggie when it snowed.

My son and his roommates live at Gateway Apts this is what their neighbors did tonight 👍🏻

My son sends me this picture , he’s right outside the Library , and was so excited . Enjoy the snow , this is such a rare opportunity ❄️😘

My daughter and her Mister Rev out for a walk.

My Daughter send me this beautiful pictures she is loving it ☃️God Is Good All The Time!!Just Enjoy every Snowflake ❄️We Love You ❤️

TAMU Wake Board Team....probably the only ones with the closest thing to a snowboard readily available in Texas!! Cristyn Faythe Nichols looks like y'all are having a blast!!

Cancel finals! This is WAY too rare!!!!

Jeff Schneider, I still remember when it snowed in CS winter of 96/97 and you called to wake me up to make sure I didn't miss it! I was a little bitter about the early call but it was such a fun day!

The campus is beautiful in the snow. I remember back in the '70's being awakened in my room in Fowler by the noise from people laughing and 'tubing' behind a car in the heavy snow in the parking lot across the street (where ILSB sits now). I couldn't believe my eyes!

How beautiful!!! Cheyenne Castro, I️ bet you’re one of them running and making snow angels!!! I️ sure hope so!!! Take pics!! But please be safe! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️🤗

I love it!!! I can’t imagine!!! We were wearing shorts this time of year in Aggieland!! They probably were too earlier in the week. LOVE THE PICS!! ❤️

I'm amazed. It has been a loooong time since I've seen snow in Texas. I know it happens but I never wake up in time before it melts away.

GraceAtama this is amazing and so beautiful😍😍😍😍😍. We should have been on campus to take so pictures

😊Very pretty. It is also snowing in Montgomery, TX!!!! However, not sticking and melting before it hits the ground.

Alejandro Cardenas no fuimos de vacas a Canadá 🇨🇦 rey pero casiiiii, te mandamos ❄️ la nieve ! Está increíble miren reinas Laura Camacho Karla Camacho Natalia Leyva

enjoy it,up here we got over 15 inches and now freezing rain,yall stay safe,my Niece goes to school there,

Remember playing hockey with a crushed beer can and brooms on the tennis courts at tree house village in 1988

Remember when we went to play in the snow on campus back in '08?! Brittany Avalos Stephanie Gonzalez Ambus Great memories with my bffs 😊

5.7 inches of snow in college station!!! Can you imagine the donuts we could do in the parking lot in that?? Angelica Garza Mark Chavarria

My daughter is at the underwoods having fun

Awesome in hot spot AggieLand got more snow than DFW!! Gig’em.

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