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Kerrville residents preparing for snow

Kerrville residents preparing for snow


The Hill Country is preparing for snow tonight and everyone is excited.

Nearly a week into December, San Antonio and surrounding areas haven’t seen winter-like weather until Wednesday.

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Thomas Whitaker's family had already said their goodbyes and prayed as the time of his execution neared. Then, minutes before it was time for him to die, Governor Greg Abbott announced his decision of clemency. Here, the family is reacting. (Video by Keri Blakinger/ Houston Chronicle)

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A real kick in the face for his Mother & Brother that he murdered

Hot Wheels strikes again Birds of a feather flock together

I’m glad for this father. He’s lost enough in this life.

So he’s in his 30s and will be on the state’s dole for the next 50 years...

Wow. Abbott & clemency. Did not see that one coming.

Still scratching my head on this one🤔🤔🤔🤔

Wrong decision Abbott

No white privilege here.


Rico Gathers could be something special for the Dallas Cowboys!

Here's 3 reasons why...
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This page thinks every player on Cowboys roster is “something special”...

Pump the brakes....he just missed his whole first season..that's not a good start

If Rico gathers Is good to go this season he should start over Jason Witten

Lol.. hasn't he been on the team a while...must not be that good!!!

But do u think Jerry Jones knows that. He will let him walk or release him

He had one concussion in the preseason and it cost him the whole season. Let’s relax and making this guy best TE in league let alone on Dallas

What Dallas could do is split reps between him and Witten during games. Witten is my favorite Cowboy of all time and I’ll say if Gathers shows up and makes plays let the young guy play, this team needs a good game changer at that spot. It hurts to say it Witten just isn’t that guy anymore it’s like they’re afraid to find his replacement, I believe this guy could possibly do it.

The young man has tons of talent going from basketball to professional football. Hes also got the best tight end to menter him in Jason Whitten.

Gotta stay healthy and hopefully has improved on his blocking skills. He looks like a good route runner and has some good hands

Jason Witten needs to retire, he's more of a liability when starting. He's to slow and puts no fear on the defense.

I have ONE reason why he WON'T- dak prescott

He can run a route but not good at blocking schemes. Hopefully he can come out this year and be a complete tight end.

Sorry, but no he can't. Garret is the coach and jerry is the owner.

Is he still on this team? I hear his name...can't even remember a single play to him!

Coaches claim he is a slow learner. Got to know your assignments if you want to be like Witten.

If Rico can actually gather some playing time.

Man stfu let him play a full season FIRST smh and then see...

I didn't realize he was that damn big I hope it works out for him In Dallas

Means nothing when you spend most of the season in concussion protocol.

He is something special if they play him

Somehow he struggles blocking!

this guy is gonna be good mark my word

I can't wait to see him out there

Shew that's a big boy

Dallas Goedert...just watch the future Cowboys TE..

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