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Kroger to hire 11,000 workers, more than 400 openings in Houston area

Kroger to hire 11,000 workers, more than 400 openings in Houston area


Know someone looking for a side job or a full time job? Tell a friend!


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“I lost a friend last year to a motor vehicle accident. Pretty horrific. Words cannot explain."


At least another 31 cases are believed to be tied to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, Arizona.


Brad: Your Thursday will be partly cloudy and warmer, windy late. We will see a high El Paso around 86°. South winds 5 to 15+ mph, becoming east 30 to 40 with gusts 50+ mph later this evening.

JUST IN: White House Doctor Ronny Jackson has withdrawn his nomination for VA secretary. https://t.co/iXApqvHS9t

Officials say the overall increase was fueled by a nearly 15-percent surge in sexual assault reports in the Marine Corps. https://t.co/s65KLVMRT3

Elderly and disabled tenants, who constitute more than half of the 4.7 million public housing families, would be exempted. https://t.co/MBHUv48aDc

I-45 Gulf Frwy (northbound) @ El Dorado, accident involving school bus has all northbound lanes blocked at this time. Expect delays. #houtraffic


Company officials said the chain's sales dropped 4.4-percent last year due to competition from new chains and other fast food options.

A portion of Omega Circle in Northeast El Paso is blocked off as officers investigate a shots fired call. https://t.co/yy9eoFOjCY

Pregnant @iamcardib announces her upcoming weekend performance will be her last before she gives birth. Looks like she may not be coming to El Paso after all. https://t.co/YaKLRxGRzW

Shooting Investigation: 2475 Gray Falls. Male shot in Leg. Transported to SW Memorial. #hounews CC8

16 hours ago

Houston Astros

Justin Verlander improves to 4-0 as the Astros take the series finale from the Angels. ... See MoreSee Less


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I'm a Tigers fan who has been following the Astros since the trade and I have to admit I really like this team. Some of the most exciting baseball I've ever watched. Go Stros!...until the Tigers finish rebuilding.

At 0:10 the announcer called him "Justin Upton" Lmbo

My predictions prior to spring training where JV35 wins the Cy Young & Correa wins the ALMVP. They are both playing at the top of their game right now! #NeverSettle

And what was yesterdays posts... Astros can't beat the Angels?? My Stros are looking great!! #NeverSettle

Long overdue for that first big fly, but our MVP finally popped one! The silent treatment was hilarious! Is it just me or does JV's slider look absolutely filthy?!?! Excellent all around game and back on top where they belong! #NeverSettle

What a fun game! And the silent treatment from the dugout was hilarious 😂😂

Glad the Astros win, but man Angels are tough.

Always been an Astros fan, Awesome to see them on top there game, Love the Game

Back where we belong on top!! #FirstPlace #NeverSettle

i literally LOVE justin verlander <3

I was there, beautiful. Altuve also hit his first home run of the season!

lol...Stros get bounced outta 1st by a division rival by losing the first 2 out of a 3 game set, yet regain 1st again with the only win of the series 😆 ...the irony. 🤘

Awesome job astros let get a nother win #go Astros

Our bullpen finally came through!! Now if we can just keep 'em hot!!

He hops off that mound like a fn 🐐

Astros have played an easy schedule...we will see once they play serious teams...

Bob Wagener what a loss to the Tigers roster

Enjoy watching the Astros. Games are not dull!!

Im not even mad that we drop the first 2

Just glad we're not playing contenders yet!😳

Danny Chauvin did you see Altuve's "silent treatment?" 😂😂

Neil Cour-Palais watch the silent treatment after Jose’s bomb!!! 😂😂😂

Bailey Rutledge!!!! How about them Astros!

Livier Escamilla mira amor ve la q le aplicaron a altuve jajajaj🤣

he was definitely breathing out the correct eyelid today! 💪🏻

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16 hours ago

Houston Astros

JV deals, Altuve and Jake homer, and the #Astros take the series finale against the Angels!

RECAP: atmlb.com/2HsNSGw
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And Bregman’s 3-run double started it all!

53 looking mean an lean...its a what have you done lately world...glad he is looking strong again...we all have to agree..#respect

Back in first!

Way go Astros on the win

Needed this W....

Good job men 👍🇺🇸

High five guys!

Keep it Astros,way to play ball

Happy birthday, Matt Stowell!

dale Jose! ⚾️💪🏼🇻🇪 #27 #neversettle

Thank goodness

Ivan Jon Ngo

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17 hours ago

Houston Astros

#Astros win to improve to 17-9! #NeverSettle ... See MoreSee Less

#Astros win to improve to 17-9! #NeverSettle


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My favorite play... Altuve dancing in the dugout after his homerun while his teamates ignore him. LOL!

Wish I could watch😔

Their just about ready to get back to where they were last year . This is when they took over 1st place in their division and never looked back

Astros yesterday: "Hey Angels, keep first place warm for us." Astros today: "Ok give it back."

Even though they didn't win the series, I'm glad they won today. A real nail biter! Back in first place, keep it up please. Thank you Velander for not letting them score no more but 2 runs. Also Giles been striking out the homerun hitters, if he keeps it up, he'll be my favorite closer💯. Always will be my favorite team!! Congratulations Astros!!⚾️🔥 #neversettle

All the way to the Back-to-Back CHAMPS!!! #Astros2018Champion

Astros fans come join our group Houston Astros Nation☆ and let's talk some Astros baseball!You can get in on our giveaways that include game tickets and other Astros merchandise!

I like their new dance in the out field when they win

Way to Go Stros! Great performance Verlander! #WorldSeriesChampions #NeverSettle 🏆

This team right here boyyyy 🚂

Best team ever 😍

Good Game!!! I guess Ill have to quit bad mouthing Marisnick now. I’ll move on to Fisher! What was he thinking????

Angels still won the series tho, but atleast u guys avoided the sweep.

Go ASTROS!! Yeah baby!💕

Would it be nice if Houston could establish a 2-3 year dynasty run. 🤔


Way to go Astros 💫

holy schamolley

Zero walks

Go Astros!!!!

Handshakes and High Fives!

Literally love this guys

Joe take that broom and shove it!

go astros

Awesome, Awesomeness!!👍🏼

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17 hours ago

Houston Astros

Will somebody PLEASE give José a high five?? ... See MoreSee Less

Will somebody PLEASE give José a high five??


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He is only player I've seen in years who plays ball. Like actually plays for the love of the game. Rest are just trying to get millions

Love the way these guys have fun with each other! Too Funny!

Altuve doesn't need help to celebrate ! ! ! He's a party all by himself. ..... but friends do make it better ❤❤❤

That was so funny! Everyone ignoring him and then after 2 pitches from the next batter they all crowed him with joy. That's the Astros that's our team. #NeverSettle

Well played by the dugout. Jose doing his happy dance, ignored by all....then congrats!

That's the way to be Altuve keep it young let's play ball cuz it's fun guys keep it young there's no stopping you if you could keep it young and enjoy it and play ball liking boys do love you Astros go for it get it done!!!!

The "ice" is now broken! Watch out! He's going to get a lot more of "the silent treatment "!!!!!!!!

Lol that was priceless. Dancing through the dugout celebrating by himself. I think he was glad and relieved to fiiiiinally get his first homerun of the season out the way lol we love you Jose 🙌

This team is super fun to watch. Love the way these guys have fun and yet have each other’s backs when needed. True definition of TEAM!!!

How can you not love this man? His smile and personality are contagious.

I love the silent treatment😂😂😂 These guys have fun together & work very well together on the field!

They are just messin with him...love it!

Yayy!!! High five brother! Thanks for the birthday home run!

He's short so you're using the term "high" pretty loosely. Medium five, maybe. High five, probably not

Must have been the beard, lol, great job #altuve, let's see you do it again every game.

Too too funny--♡♡♡the Astros!!

Astros will be fine, teams trying to pitch them a little different to throw them off. They will figure it out, it's what good clubs do. Heck of a hit Tuve.

We all gave him one from the stand

My 83 year old mom is just head over heels for Altuve! She thinks he is adorable. She’s right, of course! Y’all play nice with Jose!

It seems Altuve is having lots fun. And his girl supporters adore him. What a great way to catch their attention. Do not monopolize it Jose. Be generous with teammates.

And he's always there congratulating his teammates when they do great! True team mate!!! Love him and his enthusiasm.

He's a happy lil munchkin! Great game. I really enjoyed it.

Astros fans come join our group Houston Astros Nation☆ and let's talk some Astros baseball!! You can get in on our giveaways that include game tickets and other Astros merchandise!

Oh my gosh I just love him!!! I love how excited they get for each other and for themselves hahaha. He always has fun

Looks like my son celebrating a home run in little league...playing the game because he loves it!❤️❤️

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Dreaming in the rain. 🌧️✨ ... See MoreSee Less

Dreaming in the rain. 🌧️✨


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That is one sexy 777.

Nice pic! <3

Fly me away!!

18 hours ago

Houston Astros

First homer of the season for Altuve ends with the silent treatment. 😂 ... See MoreSee Less


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That is why I love this team. It was so obvious what they were doing, and José knew it as soon as he didn't get any immediate love, so he just kept dancing until they gave it. They're all brothers who have fun giving each other a hard time, but out of love. This chemistry is why I think we were able to take it all the way last year. I don't see any other dugouts really act like that.

It was so cute, they all ended up hugging him and laughing. They were playing...it was funny! #ROOTFORTHEGOODGUYS

We needed that as JV is getting lit up now.

Now we can get the Papa Johns Pizza special lolol

Why didnt they show how it ended? Come on guys

It's about time!!! I was starting to worry...#Altuve #NeverSettle

They all hugged him a few seconds later! 😂

Such a fun little prank on Altuve! Bet it was really awkward trying to ignore him! I just love the brotherhood of the Astros!

Too bad the Texans will never have this kind of connection with each other. And they will never win a Super Bowl until the chemistry is right.

Astros fans come join our group Houston Astros Nation☆ and let's talk some Astros baseball! You can get in on our giveaways that include game tickets and other Astros merchandise!

Its so cool to see this team have so much fun together ! That’s what Champions do , they enjoy the game and each other !

How can you not like Altuve? He plays the game like he's having a blast!!

That was awesome. What they did not show here was they just messing with him! So cute! 😂😂😀

They can only hold back from lovin' on Altuve go so long.

First of all.. how he barrels up the ball chin high is mind boggling. The silent treatment was hilarious.

Too Funny ! Altuve will pay them back ! Love That "Dugout" and the Camaraderie they have as a Team ! It Creates Winners ! You Win as as a Team and Lose as One but fun times are great ! Go Stros !

How did those guys (in the dugout) hold a straight face...? They must've broke after the video was cut off.

This is great! Air dabs, high fives all around! Funny how the silent treatment is just as ‘congratulatory’ as the actual celebration!

He better hit a home run this summer when I am sitting with the fans!!! ⚾️⚾️⚾️ If I can catch that ball would be even amazing. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

You could see the weight lifted off of his shoulders!!!

Same thing hardened to Joey Votto last night against the Braves. So glad he finally got one! Many more to come!

That’s wat chemistry is all about!! These guys are out there having fun and enjoying the moment.. the ending should be shown!!!

Love Jose.... Ignore the MVP on his first homer and he celebrates anyway, then they mobbed him. epic scene.

Marissa (skip to the end) when you're getting out the army and nobody in your unit cares since they have 2 years left lol

Montana Cooley. Lol the silent treatment always cracks me up.

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18 hours ago

Houston Astros

Our first hit of the day was worth three runs! Bregman comes through in the clutch!

... See MoreSee Less


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Hey we was down 3b line

There's a lot of people not at work today 😂

We needed that as JV just got lit up in the 7th

Go Astros go!!!

When Bregman does it he does it right when we need it like the time it was last out and it was 2 strikes he got that one hit and we were able to get a run and win one of the games in the world series.

Best play in baseball...a clean bases loaded triple. As rare as a bad steak in Houston.

Inside pitch right in Bregs's wheelhouse and he turned on it!

Kid is a BEAST!! Love watching him play

You know its a good play when the Ump says nice job

I know they have their good days and bad days, but they need to remember every single game of what they are capable of doing to continue through the rest of the season!! #NeverSettle #GoStos

Charles Fairchild ✔️ Bregman triple 3 RBI’s

Victor Terri Gabriela why couldn’t they play like this last night

Like this lineup

Go Stros!

Go Houston ⚾️💪

Astros fans come join our group Houston Astros Nation☆ and let's talk some Astros baseball! You can get in on our giveaways that include game tickets and other Astros merchandise!!

Mike #BEAST!!

My boy yuli with them wheels

GO ASTROS!!!💗⚾💗⚾💗⚾💗⚾💗

Great hot Breggy


Go Astroes

Bregsterssss!!! 🙌🏽

Geaux Bregs!! 💜💛

Wow!!!! 😲

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21 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

... See MoreSee Less


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#NBAcommunityassist #JJBAREA



21 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

Mavs fans JJ Barea needs your help! Comment below using #NBACommunityAssist and #JJBarea as the 2017-18 Seasonlong NBA Cares Community Assist Award recipient! Vote counts twice today only, so vote now! ... See MoreSee Less

Mavs fans JJ Barea needs your help! Comment below using #NBACommunityAssist and #JJBarea as the 2017-18 Seasonlong NBA Cares Community Assist Award recipient! Vote counts twice today only, so vote now!


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#NBACommunityAssist and #JJBarea

You rock JJ !!! #NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea

#NBACommunityAssist and #JJBarea.

#NBA Community Assist #JJBarea


#NBAcommunityassist #JJBarea

#NBAcommunityassist #JJBarea

#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea


#NBAcommunityassist #JJBarea

#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea



#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea

#NBAcommunityassist #JJBarea


#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea

#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea


#NBACommunityAssist #JJBarea

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