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Lubbock's paw patrol: Police hope therapy dog 'Justice' will help in community engagement

Lubbock's paw patrol: Police hope therapy dog 'Justice' will help in community engagement


Lubbock's paw patrol: Police hope therapy dog 'Justice' will help in community engagement

Lubbock police are launching a new tool to enhance their efforts at community engagement - this one with four legs and a tail.Police Sgt. Steven Bergen

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#breaking DHS Sec has arrived at WH and is about to start answering questions #KHOU11

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REMINDER - MetroExpress Route 980 customers who use the New Life Park & Ride: Please use the parking spaces (125) marked with signs like the one shown below. Please don't park in the covered parking at that location. Thanks!https://t.co/Irw7I75SVL

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KTSM NewsChannel 9

Don Cheadle joins Bear on an adventure through the mountains of New England. Watch Running Wild with Bear Grylls at 9 p.m. Also, the ninjas are back to face their toughest obstacles yet. Tune in for American Ninja Warrior at 7 p.m. on NewsChannel 9. ... See MoreSee Less

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KTSM NewsChannel 9

When you’re ready to stop pretending it’s casual. ... See MoreSee Less

When you’re ready to stop pretending it’s casual.


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I'm now in Pennsylvania and we feel you up here. Its hot but with 62% humidity. It's days like this when I miss El Paso the most.

Glad you're back on the air!!!

Wish I was too but we just have a fan

1 hour ago

Texas A&M Football

This fall, we welcome nine into the Hall of Fame.

The Texas A&M Lettermen's Association announces the Burgess Banquet Class of 2018:

📰 aggi.es/burgess2018
📆 Friday, September 14
🎟️ 12thman.com/burgessbanquet

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KTSM NewsChannel 9

BREAKING: We're getting a first look inside the Tornillo 'tent city' used to house migrant children here in El Paso County.

GALLERY: www.ktsm.com/news/local/el-paso-news/first-look-inside-tornillo-tent-city-housing-migrant-childre...
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BREAKING: Were getting a first look inside the Tornillo tent city used to house migrant children here in El Paso County.

GALLERY: http://www.ktsm.com/news/local/el-paso-news/first-look-inside-tornillo-tent-city-housing-migrant-children/1247018812Image attachmentImage attachment


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These kids probably are living in better conditions here than where they were. They are receiving free medical, clothing, food, and a place to stay. It’s better than being in the streets or where they came from. Not all are here because they were taken from a parent, some were caught crossing over by themselves. I’m not saying it’s right but they are living in better condition than where they came from

#propaganda from democrats(election year)because of their in-action on legislation on this exact issue because of their #Resist(obstruction) movement that has caused this to begin with. BTW,nobody batted an eye when obama was doing this.#doubestandards. Why wasn’t anyone protesting in 2014 when they were in cages under the previous president. Now it fits an agenda and you can pretend to care now. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Looks like what our soldier live in while on deployments...not saying right or wrong just saying...

So heartbreaking! I just cant imagine myself being separated from my baby! Or what the little babies are feeling right now!

So what are they planning to do with these kids? Dam this sucks for real i feel so bad for these kids

Like we had in the service!

Relax the kids are fine..Its like Summer Camp with all the extras better food.better beds.medical.even give the Ice Cream .So much better than what they had.✌

This is very scary, I don't care what anyone says

How about getting the parents and the children together and sending them back together to their homes that way they won’t be separated 🧐

This is BS democrates want you to believe this is how Republicans respond total bs

You guys just don't get it that's how it starts

Blessings for the childrens😇🙏❤️❤️

These poor kids are going to be scarred for life. Poor things :(

I just don't understand why they were removed from their parents!? Why couldn't they be housed together?Concentration camps in the making! History repeats itself!

Don’t lie.... it’s a concentration camp.


Wow. Just wow

Horrible enough said

Soccer goals....how cliche. 😑

Amy Siskind

These children and their families DID NOT come here ILLEGALY like how many of you ignorant people claim. These people came asking for Political Asylum .... Trying to do things LEGALLY is how they are getting separated!!!!

Hector Duran Ricardo Raul Marin aqui estan ustedes?

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Texas Military Department

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3 days ago

Texas Military Department

After months of development, the Army’s Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command has begun implementing the redesigned strap pack meganut on the Army’s full AH-64 Apache helicopter fleet. Texas was their first stop. ... See MoreSee Less


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Crew chiefs are not the ones preventing these from being flown with bad strap packs. 15D powertrain maintainers are. Js.

I’m glad they figured it out ...more Torque on MR head and same old components from D model..

"Waite belt"/strap pack. #MyBabiesAGenius him & his team designed at Boeing

Great job to you all. In honor to your men, who sacrificed their lives.

Praise the Lord, 1 person can change everything ,we miss Lucas everyday

When I was at the plant this week they told me they are not making aircraft deliveries until the Strap Packs get delivered. So it is, and I’m told, has always been serious business to get this fix out in the field.

Took long enough

This is cool!!

Bryan Hmc Steiner


Tyler Nicholas Kyle

David Kreiner

Blair Alyse Stephenson

Michael Calhoun

Joel Mead

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