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Man arrested, accused of trying to have sex with 13-year-old he met on internet

Man arrested, accused of trying to have sex with 13-year-old he met on internet


A 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of online solicitation of a minor under 14 years of age. http://ow.ly/i0tB30fQch6

A 27-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly tried to meet for sex with a 13-year-old he was talking to over the internet, officials said.

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The Dallas Cowboys needed the win, so they DISMANTLED the Giants!! 💪 ... See MoreSee Less


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As a cowboys fan seeing all the “cowboys fans” shitting on Dak really was funny. Looks like they all either all disappeared or back on his nuts

Yes they did😲😳 and it was beautiful!! Yoo-hoo go Cowboys!! 👏🏾🎉🎉🎈 You did that thing in style! Really enjoyed that game!! The announcers sounded like they had pronounced our demise early in which made the win that much sweeter!!😜

Our boys need to start off strong not settle for field goals need to score touchdowns can’t continue to drop the ball and miss field goals!!! Great win of the second half!!! Let’s go cowboys on to Oakland !!!

Really.... the cowboys dismantled a 2- 9 Team... the giants dismantled themselves! Give us a reason to cheer. Get red of the NFL Thugs and their commissioner!!!

Cowboys didn't dismantle anyone... Tough game again till the last 5 minutes. The giants fell apart. Yes I am a die hard cowboys fan since '72...from Washington state

They beat a Giants team with two wins under their belt. I love the Cowboys but fans act like they're Superbowl bound! Three games left and will be lucky to pull out one more win.

💙HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS, BOI!!! "You thought we were down. We up! Huh?! Look up in the sky... It's a bird, it's a plane... It's the Cowboys (in the palace?) 😂 of Kountry Wayne! ... I'm excited!!" All day Baby!!!💙

HOW ABOUT NUMBER 4 TODAY. It's not over untill its over. Who nos they could make a run for it. Whatch out hear comes the DALLAS COWBOYS.

So happy to win against one of our most hated teams! Can't wait for Zeke to get back. 😍

Should have been 38. Dan Bailey had a very rare off day!

One more game without Zeke. The league better PRAY that we miss the playoffs!

Great win bring on the raiders

I was so happy that we won that game We really needed the win Go cowboys!!!!

We needed the win...I never doubted the boys....Cowboys4Life

And now we are ready for Zeke week! Forever Dallas Cowboys!

Itold you so Cowboys were going to Win one from now on Cowboys canI know they love my Cowboys🏈🏈🏈🌟🌟🌟

I thought they had a suprize for Dallas cowboys 😂😂😂😂😂

Those r our boys they fall but they get up stronger

Go DALLAS beat the raiders

With better coaching we would have at least 2 more wins

Congrats to the Cowboys. What a game!!!

Wouldn’t matter, we need chips to fall in place to make it which ain’t that easy

1 down,3 wins to go. Cowboys still hanging on to a glimmer of hope of making the playoffs.

A lot closer than that Cowboys broke it open in the last quarter

You don’t even know!...I love my Boys 💙

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Governor Abbott declared that hurricane Harvey had created more than a 180 billion 0 dollars worth in damages I believe that we should have a state program that should mimic fema out of state level This program should be able to provide texans Who live in an area that has been ordered To Evacuate. When Our Legislators Know That Hurricanes Are A Common Problem . Our Governor Told The Federal Government That There was more than 180 Billion Dollars In Damages. Many Texans Had to Evacuate. Some Stayed . Also The Rainy Day Fund Should Have Been Used at Least 2 Billion Dollars . It's about setting An Example . Most Texans Pay Property Taxes & Sales Taxes . But If We Know That Hurricanes Are A Common Problem. IF WE KNOW That the Reason why So Many Texans Had to Be Rescued because they could not Afford to Evacuate The Department of Public Safety reported that, 122,331 people were rescued or evacuated after Harvey, along with 5,234 pets / We Definitely Need A State Wide Program To Help Texans in Such A Terrifying & Stressful Time . As That Represenative You Saw The Damgage that HURRICANES are Capable of . It be nice if you wrote a legislation stressing its importance & You Can Yeild Time to Floor to HURRICANE HARVEY VICTIMS . I'm just saying when The Governor Declares that One HURRICANE Created 180 Billion Dollars in Damages & The TEXAS Department of public safety Declared that 122,331 Citizens Were Rescued State Wide / Because if Were in Your Position I'd be Writing Leglislation & it Can Even be a Bi-partisan Leglislation / Even If it Doesn't pass the Senate it's About recognizing A problem & Fixing it / And The Last HURRICANE Was a $180 Billion dollar Problem & More than 13 Million Texans were Displaced

Sara Benavides

Gerry Moreno

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