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Man found guilty in 'Hell's Gate' murder trial

Man found guilty in 'Hell's Gate' murder trial


Robert Martinez's uncle said the killing was a retaliation hit.

Jurors deliberated for just 90 minutes before returning a guilty verdict against Robert Martinez.

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When hiking or biking, stick to existing trails whenever possible. This helps prevent trail braiding and erosion, and it protects the area's vegetation and wildlife habitats from further impact. More at https://t.co/Ju5tqIHCH1. #LeaveNoTrace #SticktoTrails

Avicii, born Tim Bergling, was 28 years old. https://t.co/uQ5rvXjsCv

Lol @MelanieCBS says Ivy is looking like, “where are we going now mom?” 😂😂😂

TOUCHING MOMENT: President H.W. Bush smiles as he shakes the hands of people paying their respects during a public viewing for beloved former First Lady Barbara Bush. https://t.co/ECUvjjbCql

Hard working #Volunteers are 😃 thanks to @CornerBakery for providing yummies ! #EarthDay2018 @abc13houston @CompuCycle

#ABC13 ECycle update 🗣 840 cars have stopped by our station today! Give us your old electronics 📺📠💽📼 We are accepting electronics till 3pm. #AARPHouston https://t.co/uVhxUQX9vq

VIDEO: A half-dressed man was caught on camera running from police in northern California.

Producer and DJ known as Avicii has been found dead https://t.co/uTzxibiiuP

#BREAKING: Avicii, electronic dance music DJ, found dead at 28 https://t.co/Ymfn5SExRo

Blue in honor of Barbara Bush 💙 @abc13houston @CollinMyers_ @TomKochABC13 @MelanieLawson13

Congress Ave closed downtown as hundreds of students march to Capitol #NationalSchoolWalkout #Austin

I-45 UPDATE: All lanes north and southbound are now open after crews cleaned the scene of an 18-wheeler fire. The highway had been shut down for several hours. https://t.co/2NCqjtxsm5

Wearing shades of #BlueForBarbara #RIP @CollinMyers_ @KatherineABC13 @TomKochABC13 @abc13houston

UNA LEYENDA AMERICANA: @DaMarcusBeasley es uno de los jugadores de fútbol más condecorados de todos los tiempos y tiene otra pasión, las joyas. Véalo en acción mañana cuando el @HoustonDynamo se enfrente a @torontofc dentro de @BBVACompassStdm https://t.co/Ma5Hat7Sl8

On 4/11/18 at about 1:20 p.m., the suspect stole two iPhones from the Boost Mobile in the 7000 block of Military. Please call Detective French at 214-671-0112 with information about this case.

These are the 1:30pm Temperatures! https://bit.ly/2uRDwKq?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KPRC2_/_Click2Houston

14 minutes ago

KPRC2 / Click2Houston

Cool overcast Friday afternoon with a couple of sprinkles around. Best rain chance will be Saturday night into very early Sunday morning. bit.ly/2uRDwKq?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KPRC2_/_Click2Houston ... See MoreSee Less

Cool overcast Friday afternoon with a couple of sprinkles around. Best rain chance will be Saturday night into very early Sunday morning. https://bit.ly/2uRDwKq?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KPRC2_/_Click2Houston

43 minutes ago

Houston Texans

"The people of this community were so blessed to have her here with us. She's had such a positive impact on Houston, and on the world." ... See MoreSee Less


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Yes May she Rest in heavenly peace.

2 hours ago

Memorial Hermann

Meet Sandra, a 35-year volunteer at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

“I’ve learned to take your eyes off yourself and see what you can do for other people. That’s the most rewarding thing I can do," she says. "I love to come in—I can work a shift and forget my problems. And I go home with a lift.” #NationalVolunteerWeek
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Meet Sandra, a 35-year volunteer at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.
“I’ve learned to take your eyes off yourself and see what you can do for other people. That’s the most rewarding thing I can do, she says. I love to come in—I can work a shift and forget my problems. And I go home with a lift.” #NationalVolunteerWeek


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Felicidades Sandra yo wuiero servir asi

3 hours ago

Houston Texans

LIVE: Brian Gaine on the NFL Draft ... See MoreSee Less


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Dez would be insurance if Fuller gets hurt again

I would love to see hopkins, fuller and Dez!!

Miller should be converted back to qb

Hey, they're finally putting a mic on the interviewers! So many times in the past we had no clue what the questions were they were answering.

This dude is the real deal. Way better than Rick Smith!

JJ will retire a Texan and the team won't have to decide. He will quit if he can't play to a certain level.

O'Brien wouldn't play to Keenum strengths on offense back then like he doing with Watson. I think O'Brien learned from his mistakes.

Dez would turn into a cancer in the locker room the first time Hop gets more than 3 catches in a game!

I promise all of y’all..as a Clemson fan Deshaun will bounce back..this ain’t nothing like what he went through as a child

Deshaun Watson belongs on the Texans team! Just like JJ!!

Imagine Hops and Dez on the corners Fuller running free from the slot

Best of Luck on the Draft!! Hope we land great players!! GO TEXANS!!!

Cut Jeff Allen before he jumps offsides


Keenum they messed up letting him go

Miller hadn't shown ANYTHING yet

Let's go get Julius and Dez and give Deshaun more weapons that way we can focus on the line and secondary in the draft

No Dez unless he comes in on a prove it deal.

Seth cook you haven’t been paying attention to Manziel have you? He literally has come out and say he will play on a practice squad. He just wants a chance to prove he’s changed

Umm you don’t trade for dez he’s a free agent

They could of had keenum

He will play for the league minimum, he just wants a chance and is similar in playing style to Watson

Dez average dropped since Dak went to Dallas, Dez could possibly still help to ease double coverage on Hopkins

We had no pass rushers last year except clowney...secondary got ate up ...we need to move on from kareem jackson

Defense is solid they need a CB to keep Johnathan Joseph off the field hopefully they find another bouye

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5 hours ago

Houston Texans

🏊‍♂️ 🚴‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️

Good luck to all the #Texans Kids Triathlon pres. by Texas Children's Hospital participants!
... See MoreSee Less

🏊‍♂️ 🚴‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 

Good luck to all the #Texans Kids Triathlon pres. by Texas Childrens Hospital participants!


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Thuy Nguyen

16 hours ago

Houston Texans

Plan accordingly. #WeAreTexans ... See MoreSee Less

Plan accordingly. #WeAreTexans


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You guys actually have a chance of winning week 17 the jaguars will be resting their starters for the playoffs and texans will be last place in the afc south

I'm feeling 8-1 at the bye...its definitely doable

Why do we always go to NE , 3 years I a row we travel there

Lot of people keep saying we’re gonna have a bad record and lose to the Titans? Who tf are the Titans. 😂😂 We gonna surprise y’all. Let’s go Texans!!!! 💪💪💪

They Will go 4 an 12 this year.

We seriously always get Patriots and in their place. Who makes these schedules. Last year I believe Jaguars didnt even play them.

Early season trip to Nashville on the docket James Bobby Jackson Justin Robbie Kirk . . . . JC?

Healthy Watson and the rest of the team , we go 12 - 4 ...for sure winning the division, with ease. ..

To all of the haters, do not hop on our bandwagon, NO VACANCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really believe it's our year after the Astros winning the world series and the Rockets being compared to the 96'-97' Bulls. It's a good year for Houston 🤘🏼💯

My Houston Texans Must beat Patriots and the Cowboys!!! Period

Texans are at Mile High the week we're in town for our 10 year wedding anniversary!!! My dreams just came true! 😃🙏🙌🏻

I have a feeling 2018 could be the years Houston can they own 1st World Series champs, NBA champs and the 1st Super Bowl champs. TEXANS can do it

Dang were going to break the season in with the Patriots ...Texans got this.

Raul Corona Jannet Zarco that’s it, nick will definitely have a hard time picking between giants or Texans shirt on the 23rd of Sep. must look into those tickets.

Yall forgot to post the Super Bowl on there

I'm a diehard Eagles fan but as a former Houston native I'm pumped to see the Texans take on my Birds. Won't be mad with the outcome

Not playing seattle this year such a bummer. I'd really love to see them lose to the Texans since they barely won the last two times they played each other. I believe this will be a great year for the Texans

I think barring unforeseen events, you can reasonably look at the schedule and see 9 solid wins and 4 solid losses with 3 toss ups. Best case 12-4 Worst case 9-7 (again) BULLS ON PARADE!

9-7 If O’Brien can coach his way back to 9-7 with this schedule I’ll be pleased. It looks pretty tough right now

Not an easy schedule but not a hard one either. We got it this year all our stars returning healthy and picking up some nice free agents. #1 defense in the league no doubt. Top 5 offense? We will see.

Get in my long Weekend off For the Cowboys game ,so I will be able to watch in the Uk ,winning Season is Definitely on the cards ,wouldn’t be frightened to play any of those teams to be honest !!!!.

Houston....you hurt me....I live in the North East but will be away for every nfc east game except the redskins.

Can go 4-0 the first four games. As long as the starters stay healthy and the Pats start slow like always lol

Francisco ChavezSandy M GarzaAlex Garza guys they play the cowboys on regular season we are def going save up those pennies now!!

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23 hours ago

Texas A&M Football

Jimbo Fisher made an appearance on the latest episode of The Beat.

He breaks down the Maroon & White Game ⬇️

... See MoreSee Less

The latest episode of The Beat recaps the Maroon & White Game. 👇

... See MoreSee Less


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Of course they looked good ... they were playing the Aggies

Cant wait for football season to start. Whoop Whoop

Should I get season tickets?

Rohan Shirodkar Anuj Chaudhry

Gabi Montemayor

Santiago Cruz Santiago Cruz III Ace Cruz

1 day ago

Memorial Hermann

Join us as we discuss dangerous toxins in common household products. Leave your questions below and learn more here: goo.gl/kpBeae. ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for joining us!

Very informative!

Nice job Mary Grace!


Good morning ladies

Love this!

Nice job Mary Grace

Good morning


Good momig ladi es

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