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Man robbed and shot outside his home, suspect on the loose

Man robbed and shot outside his home, suspect on the loose


The victim was walking into his house, when he was approached by a male dressed in black.

The victim was taken by EMS to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition.

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5 minutes ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Have you ever had a close enounter with an armadillo?

Due to their poor eyesight, armadillos can look directly at someone who is standing still and give no indication that they see anything.

Learn more about these rambling creatures at bit.ly/ArmadillosTX

Ray Roberts Lake State Park Isle du Bois - Texas Parks and Wildlife
"I can smell youuu."
While they have poor eyesight, an armadillos nose is top-notch! They use that superb sense of smell to find insects and worms in the ground, then use their strong claws to dig em up!
Bon appetit!
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I've seen them in the brush but they never let me get close

I've yet to see one in person alive 😞

Heather Bennett

Patti Moses Penny

27 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

UPDATE: Our Philly station found this man and talked to him. "I was a little bit sore when I woke up ... My shoulder and chest and arm a little bit. Didn't take it to the face which was a blessing." bit.ly/2DDZMKK ... See MoreSee Less


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A quick representation of how 2018 is going for me so far....

People trying to join the Eagles bandwagon like...

Almost as good as Kanye walking into a stop sign!

Glad you're okay buddy. I'd be excited too if my Cowboys were going.

An actual depiction of the Cowboys in the post season.........

Ouch. What a fan. Glad he’s ok. Lol

Touch down!


Esmeralda Pardo 😆 aww

Angela Spain Severance Alicia Ann Watson Amy Spain Benton Kim Spain

JessicaRene'e Martin Jennifer Karr 😂😂

Adam Rodriguez

Spencer Bennett

Misael Ramos

Michael J Rangel

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2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Find out which movies and actors get nominated for this year's big awards: bit.ly/2n4368t ... See MoreSee Less


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OSCAR NOMINATIONS: Find out which movies and actors get nominated for this year's big awards!

Who wants to watch a bunch of overpaid spoiled people spewing their Liberal Political views...

Changed the channel. I prefer Fox 4, but I couldn’t care less about a bunch of actors patting themselves on the back and telling each other how great they are.

If you don't care, why bother clicking on the link to watch...? Just to type "who cares"..

Don't care! Where's the news and traffic?

Everyone sayin who cares... stop watching and commenting if you dont😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I mean... come on now 🙄

why do y’all feel the need to make negative comments?

I like watching the nominations because it gives me a nice list of movies to make sure I see. :)

Apparently y'all that commented cares

Slow news day? Looks like not many care about those freaks or their political opinions that will be most of the show.

It’s just a liberal political rally anymore

Another awards show??? Good lord how many a year do these bozos need?

More important things to worry about than this.. smh...

Who cares about HOLLYWIERD anymore.


I won't watch. Who cares about these snobs.

Why are we watching this? I want to see my news.

Borger Tx here and don’t care about the Oscars!

Don't watch awards shows anymore!

Nope, done with Hollywood.

Can they get people that know how to read to do this?

Thank you...thats 3 minutes of my life I will never get back...

Who cares nothing but a bunch of rich stuck up people who thinks they are better than anyone cause they are actors.

Who cares? Just another ceremony where celebs can pat eachother on the back and wear millions of dollars worth of clothes and accessories only to preach to the rest of how to live.

Boy this was so hard to watch.. Did anyone even go over the names to her before going on the air? Not a good choice at all!

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2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

Yes, even little piggies need a home. Penny, her five brothers and sisters, and their mom, Oinkers, are searching for their new forever homes. bit.ly/2DyYLEF ... See MoreSee Less


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I got a freezer with their names on it.

Piggies make wonderful pets, we love our Rosie...she's way more intelligent than our dog.

I'm really amazed of the ignorance of some. Pot bellies are not food!

Awe little bacon seeds 😍 Someone name a male Chris P Bacon Some of y'all are too sensitive, laugh at jokes and live a little.

Invasive species .. kill it or take it back to where it came from..

Funny what pops up right below on my End of the page here. I thought I was seeing things....

Just what I needed for tamale season.

Wouldn't make much sausage

Ship one to me. I have experience w them, had one as a teenager.

The bad thing about this pet is that if you get mad at it you can just eat it.

Sheila Gregory that moment you see this and think to yourself "my cousin must not have seen this yet, cause she probably would've tagged me"... but, seriously, OINKERS!!! 😍😍😍

ya in the oven , frying pan and deep fryer lo;

I've got room in my freezer for them a home

This little piggie went to market. This little piggie stayed home. This little piggie had roast beef. This little piggie had none. This little piggie went, "Wee, wee, wee!" all the way home. Yep. I couldn't help but think of that childhood poem when I see those little piggies!

Brianne Chris, a pot-bellied pig is an appropriate baby shower gift, right?

we seriously need to get a home built asap because i want to add a bunny and a piggie to the family and im sure i could find a few more animals id like to have! the older I get, im thinking maybe, just a farm! Moses Garcia

Jona Saenz how about a pig?

Kristen Dodds your daughter needs a brother or sister! Lol 😂

I want a piggie why y'all got be so far away it looked sooo sad 😭😭😭

I have always wanted a pig for a pet

Kaitlin Teel i mean you could totally just add to the group...

Trey Locke take me to Tampa to get one of these babies.

Tiffany u need a bacon factory. Chris needs more friends

Emily Merle needs a brother or sister

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3 hours ago

FOX 4 News

This pup and chimp just may be the cutest BFFs in the world. The dog, named Bruno, is an African Mastiff who adores his chimp buddy, Limbani. Limbani was nursed from pneumonia when he was born, and Bruno gave him extra hugs to help with his recovery. 💙 💙 bit.ly/2rrh494 ... See MoreSee Less


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Gentle giants are the best!

Trey Locke 😱😍 what about this pair since you snubbed me on the pig babies?

Justin Andrews this is exactly what boomer needs

Wildania Davis Jeff Davis look! Piper's cousin...lol😂😂

Paul Oliver -- your dog


Jaz El

Barry Ferrill can you imagine? lol

Caleb Ross Riner I want one

Deana Hunter here to make u smile

Cheri Anigian Lattimore now you need a chimp!

Kris Ten Bob needs a monkey

Jenna Branham, now you need a monkey

I want a monkey

Jay Longoria Khloe needs a monkey 🐒 friend


Amanda Miller Farghaly Kenneth Miller

Maria ❤️

Melissa Boseman


Laura Williams

Dominique Brooks

Jennifer Garfias

Ryan Hall

Vicki Brazeal

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On our next PBS show: Follow a fifth generation shrimper on the Texas Coast. Then visit the diverse eco-systems of Brazos Bend State Park.

See these stories and more at bit.ly/MustSeeTxTV
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I have found memories from my visits to the Brazos Bend State Park.

Now accepting applications for Texas State Park Ambassadors in the Houston/coastal regions. Make a difference while gaining valuable leadership experience.

Open to adults age 18-30. Apply here: bit.ly/TxParkAmbassadors
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Now accepting applications for Texas State Park Ambassadors in the Houston/coastal regions. Make a difference while gaining valuable leadership experience.

Open to adults age 18-30. Apply here: http://bit.ly/TxParkAmbassadors


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TP&W, I’m 33yo (34 in June), how strict are you about this age cutoff?! I live in Houston, and I would LOVE to be an official representative of TX parks!

18-30? Institutional ageism. Middle-aged and older people can do the job just as well, and we like our state parks too!...people live and work longer than they used to, lest TPW forgets.

Monica Misztall

Abigail Wilson oooh look into this!!!

Edie Plata show gabby!

Totally on the list!! This is awesome.

Roland :c aw I wish I could do this

Marissa Carreon here’s your chance friend!!! ❤️

Not sure if this would be something Michaela would be interested Lori

OUCh im 31

Heather Park Wartenburg - Maybe for Norah next year?

David D Howe for Ash

No idea if you'd have time for it, but you may enjoy this, Audrey Koepp Steffek


Jacob Robertson

Justin Dorrell

Hailey Triplett

Ale Jacquez made me think of you!

Tyler Tucker it might be worth checking out

Matt Keil you would be so good at this!

Sean Kurburski another fun job

Sara Hamilton

Felicia Fox

Andres Terrazas

Robert Sparrow

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4 days ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife


A hungry hog-nosed skunk roots around for food at Seminole Canyon State Park in southwest Texas.

Seminole Canyon State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife
This hog-nosed skunk was spotted rooting around for food, too busy to worry about any two legged animals around him. Hog-nosed skunks are one five species of skunk found in Texas. The hog-nosed (there are 2 species) are recognized by their solid, white stripe and their hog nosed like snout which they used to root in the soil for insects.

Video by Park Host Gary Barbiaux
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Texas has 5 species of skunk, more than any other state. Read more at tpwmagazine.com/archive/2016/jun/ed_3_skunks/

He wasn't too busy to worry about two-legged animals. He knows that anybody that comes to close is gonna get a squirt of "perfume" and is gonna ruin their week!

I thought they were nocturnal-is this maybe at dusk?! I've never heard of a hog nosed skunk-haha, I wonder if we have them here by Palo Duro Canyon?

I get the feeling that people with government jobs enjoy 2-4 weeks of vacation, 10+ days (2 weeks) of paid holidays and 2 weeks paid sick leave, plus a possible 6+ weeks of gender neutral maternity leave.

VERY cool to see! Beautiful white coat on top.

Johnny Bugatti they're planning against you. Just like the one you Snapped at the dumster.

I had a red one that housed around my pens years ago.

Such a little stinker wrapped up in a glamorous coat...

Strange that he seems so oblivious..kindof like the behavior of an armadillo?!

I had one once in my yard. Clearly hog-nosed species. Johnson County...

Looks a bit different from the ones we have in Wharton County!

This one visits our barn pretty regularly.... cat food snack.

We saw quite a few of these guys last time we camped at Seminole.

Rusty Gregory, this one looks like the one from the Llano hunt.

Oh my! What a big nose you have!


He’s beautiful... errr, handsome.

Never saw on like that before.


Pretty baby

Sooooo cute!!

Beautiful animal.

John Hayes , & Finn

Kristina Baker

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