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Marry a laptop? Polygamy? Gay marriage sees a new wave of attacks

Marry a laptop? Polygamy? Gay marriage sees a new wave of attacks


The gist of Chris Sevier's argument is that if courts allow gay marriage, then they should allow him to marry his laptop. When courts repeatedly denied this request, Sevier sued. “Man-man, woman-woman, man-object, man-animal and man-multiperson marriages all amount to obscenity in action and the promotion of obscenity,” said the lawsuit, filed in November.

Despite their strong opposition to gay marriage, Gov. Greg Abbott and AG Ken Paxton aren’t buying the premise.

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Things are getting REAL for the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant! 😳 ... See MoreSee Less

Things are getting REAL for the  Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant! 😳


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Keep ; just have Dak and Dez work together in the off-season to build their chemistry. Also if I were Dak I’d ask tony Romo for some advice to help with throwing .

Keep wtf he’s still the best cowboys receiver ever! I mean the dudes played 5 season and smashing records lol. Just make him sit in front of a tennis machine all off season, watch Odell route running film 😂😂😂 and build chemistry with dak! Oh and no more throwing snap backs at your mama😂😂😂😂

He's stagnant with The Cowboys, if we keep him he'll continue to be mediocre and if we cut him he'll suddenly be an all star receiver for someone else. At LEAST if we cut him we'll save some money Or possibly get a trade/pick

Makes no sense to cut him. You will save on the cap but you will end up spending the same amount in his replacement. Talk about it after next year.

Dez should be back to form next season and he's not the total problem. We have a new WR coach AND new QB coach, let's see what happens next season before we crucify this guy. He's a damn good receiver in a shitty system. Right now, due to horrible coaching, we have great players paying independent of each other. Hopefully a fresh set of eyes and ideas can bring all the players together. 2018 will be interesting year.

Oh wait!! This can’t be right. According to most of the comments in recent weeks, it’s all Dak’s fault. Hmmm... looks like the ones who matter sees it differently. 🤔😀

Cut that big inmature drama BABY! His rants on the sideline are uncalled for and an embassing to the team as well as the NFL. He rants that the ball is not being thrown to him but when is thrown right in his hands he either misses catching it or fumbles it! CUT CUT CUT!

Cut, he cost us more having him in Dallas and distracting the team with tantrums. We were ok without T.O who made more catches, we’ll be ok without Dez

Absolutely cut. He's got ALL the physical tools, but he's weak mentally. Too many dropped passes, gives up when double teamed. Doesn't sell his routes when he knows he is not getting it.

He's a must keep you don't throw away talent because of some bad days at the office. Its not all dez fault just sayin

Cut. He's dead weight, and opposing defenders aren't afraid of him anymore..They know he can't catch and won't work hard to go get a ball..He's done.

Keep!!!! No questions asked!! he just don’t the chemistry with Dakk yet...besides Dakk don’t give him a chance like Romo did....Romo AIRED it out...9 x’s out of 10 Dez coming down with that ball!!!! That boy is a special talent when the opportunity is presented!!!! #keepdez #dezcaughtit lol

Trade for the right picks. That would allow the teams salary cap to go down allowing us to sign FA such as Lawrence and Hitchins. Then draft a WR with speed!!!

Cut in bring in a real ball players that's not gonna start complaining on national tv because he wants the ball hell he can't catch a cold right about now

Doesn't matter. We will not win anything with an inexpereinced qb that doesn't know how to be a leader and mediocre coaching

Cut his pay and tell him he needs to grow up and play for team and not throw a tantrum .....if he doesn’t do it in coming season then cut him

Keep, but make him take pay cut and then in order to get that money back earn it which most players should do in all of professional sports.

Keep! No question! Dez just has to re-focus and stop worrying about throwing up the X! Dude is plenty talented!

Keep. Restructure his contact like you did with Lee and Smith so you can stretch the money out through the years.

Cut if he costs too much. Too many fumbles in key situations. Loved the old Dez. Lately Dez hasn’t done much.

cut, free up money for a better secondary, thats wat we need, as far as wide receiver, go all in on butler, hes the next big thing, im calling it now

Cowboys downfall, should have Known his character when he got in trouble for hitting his own mama. "you can pay for school,but you can't buy class" ...looking ass

Get rid of him he's done he's just going to cause drama on the team take the loss and move on go Cowboys

Make him take a pay cut. He has no separation. If won't take a pay cut then trade him and draft a WR who has speed and can get separation.

If we keep him that means we have to pay him without a pay cut because he won't take one but if we cut him he might make us wish we didn't

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56 minutes ago

ABC13 Houston

Need an island getaway? You could win a trip for two to Atlantis Paradise Island - The Islands of the Bahamas to see a special taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Just watch the show today and tomorrow at 9am to see the daily trivia answer, then click on the link below for your chance to win. Good Luck! abc13.co/2F5LfVq
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Need an island getaway? You could win a trip for two to Atlantis Paradise Island - The Islands of the Bahamas to see a special taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Just watch the show today and tomorrow at 9am to see the daily trivia answer, then click on the link below for your chance to win. Good Luck!  http://abc13.co/2F5LfVq


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They finally found someone Kelly would be nice to and not run off??

The Dallas Cowboys have some MAJOR LB options in the NFL Draft. 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

The Dallas Cowboys have some MAJOR LB options in the NFL Draft. 🤔


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I feel like the Cowboys were lucky for some of their corners they drafted to turn out pretty solid. I think they should stack the D again in this draft so they have depth

Hitchens is a solid LB but OL (Z Martin ) is a first priority when it’s the situation the COWBOYS are in. We franchise tag D Law, and draft a young LB’s to eventually fill Sean Lee’s spot and Hitchens spot. Unfortunately we lose a great LB but gain more years of playing ability with youth. Then we go for another RB like Michael ( UGA) in the Draft to replace A Morris. Then a WR third. A physical tall leader to replace DEZ.

I just wish we could keep Lee on the field every game. If we could do that I don't think it would much matter who plays beside him. The Colts or someone with alot of space will throw alot of money at this guy and I would NOT overpay for him

At a reasonable cost. Overpaying for players like him his how you get in cap trouble. Don't het me wrong he is a solid player but you can replace him with a good draft pick at a way lower cost.

This dude plays all 3 LB positions well. I would deff resign for the right price.

Nah not for what some other team will pay for him

Let’s not forget Irving he’s a RFA and I like hitch but too many other guys to ink first. Let him test the market. If he’s affordable bring him back.

Not if you can draft Roquan Smith. Use the Hitchens money for an OL or a Speedy WR free agent.

Honestly I think this sounds good lol.... 1st round draft RT,move Collins back to LG. 2nd round LB, 3rd WR, 4th LB, 5th LT, 6th CB, 7th WR..??

Hitchens is a solid lb but you need to sign zack martin to long term and tag lawerence. Get a wr and linebacker in 1st and second round.

Honestly, pick best player available in round 1 unless it is a center, rb, or qb. We need depth everywhere especially on defense. I wouldn't just get rid of Dez without a plan b free agent receiver regardless so unless a top talent falls I would wait in draft. As far as Hitchens goes, if the price is right sign him, but if not draft one or two and sign a free agent or two. He is a really good player but we have other options there.

I wanna see the cowboys go after that fast linebacker from UGA! Dudes an animal that would benefit from learning from Sean! If we can get Hitchens back at a good price then absolutely. That's what we have been missing in years past; depth on the defensive side of the ball

We don't need to draft a TE till 4th or 5th. We need defense the first two picks. Get another CB, move Byron to safety. Get Another LB first though.. in my opinion. Hopefully taco blows up next year..

The Cowboys really do have the option of drafting the best player available. It you get a blue chip player to fall to you, the position doesn't matter. The only one of the starting 22 positions I wouldn't draft in the 1st round is running back.

I like Hitch, he has been a pleasant surprise

He is one of the few bright spots on defense but Stephen and Jerry will not pay market rate for defensive players of his caliber!!Look for another 8-8 season or 7-9 until we have an owner like Kraft or Rooney that will hire a REAL GM !!!

I think we should try and get DeShon Elliott if he dont go back for Sr yr. But we need recievers as well

Sign hitchens, Lawrence and Martin. Let Dez walk. He doesn't want to take a pay cut? Then find a new team punk!

He's a good player who can and has filled in for all LB positions. I'd re-sign him

If we could get bowman from Oakland which is high unlikely than I would resign after we lock up Lawrence, Martin, and Irving first. If not bye

Of course if it wasn't 4 him we would of been majorly screwed when Lee was out

Don't overpay for him If the price Is right resign him. If not there's plenty of guys to get In the draft.

Our front office will mismanage our salary cap as it always has. I like #59, let him walk! Next season complete overhaul of roster and coaches!

As much as I love Lee and the way he plays, if you are not on the field you can't help. Maybe he should follow Dat Nguyen to become a QC coach and like Vrabel into HC eventually.

Yes and draft a LB top 3 rds too, preferably one that isn't a injury red shirt. We need Lee's backup and eventual replacement yesterday.

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13 hours ago

Dallas Cowboys on 247Sports

What should the Dallas Cowboys REALLY do with Kellen Moore?? ... See MoreSee Less


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What is this shit with romo, we never won shit when he played, news flash, he wouldn't make a good coach either, why do people act like they can't see our issue is coaching and play calling, and lack of personel, aswell as our stubborn ass GM.

Why do people hate Kellen Moore so intensely? He wasn't good, but the team actually moved the ball better with Moore than Cassel or Weeden. He didn't have the physical attributes to be a successful NFL QB, but he's actually quite smart. Star players rarely make the best coaches.

Kellen Moore is a genious coach. I would still look into the option in bringing romo and let him be a qb coach. Then eventually promote him to become a offensive coordinator.

After the way the eagles played with their backup qb yesterday, I think Dallas needs more then a qb coach to stay in the hunt for the superbowl for the next few years.....philly has done in 2 what we haven't done in 25 years!!!!!!! Garretts got to go!!!

Start him...get can't be worse than Dakota

FYI for all you idiots on here that think you have to be a good qb to be a qb coach. The best qb coaches through our history sucked as players their two different things.

Trade him to the eagles for Carson Wentz and their next 5 1st round picks!

Get rid of him with the OC DC and the red clapper!

Cut ties with him not NFL material as player or coach

Do you all think he's going to help as qb coach....I really don't know! He's young...and have not have great success as a qb himself!!!!!

Package him with Jerry and send them both out of town! Nothing will ever change with this team as long as he is running it. Can you say Al Davis!

It all starts with Jerry keeping Garret around still. Doug Pederson is going to the Super Bowl in his second year as a head coach while Garret is still working the “PROCESS” after his 8th year!!! Go figure 😂.

As for Kellen Moore?! Like my grandmother use 2 say,...."DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YA',.....WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YA'!!🤣🤣I didn't mean that! But can't he be part of a trade?!

What is all this hate. Stop complaining about how to improve the Cowboys. How about improving yozr own life and do better for your family.

Make him coach, through his poor play he was still complimented on his intelligence. Let's see if he can be a coach.

Maybe you should ask What do we need to do with Jerry Jones! Wish we could trade or release him. I thought they let Moore go. Cooper Rush is the best back up. Release Moore cause you won't get anything for him.

He should be head coach or general manager. I may even be persuaded to allow Jerry to sell the team to him for a measly 1 milllllion dollars!

Or O leave me the fuck alone with Kellen Moore

Under normal circumstances with a seasoned veteran at QB I would have no issue with Kellen Moore becoming QB coach and learning the ropes. Kellen has only been in the league for 6 seasons, and Dak for 2. Dak after a great rookie year had a terrible season and needs all the help he can get. Putting a guy who hasn't coached a day in his life, and only "played" 4 more seasons, as Dak's mentor would be a colossal mistake. But what do I know, I don't make my living as a football expert. Unlike Oil Tycoon Jerry Jones....

Only the Garrett led Cowboys would consider Moore for a qb coaching job. For one, Moore has zero experience coaching. He was on the sidelines this year and obviously wasn't an asset. Romo on the sidelines he led Dak alot. What experiences has Moore had that he could then relay to Prescott? Only Dallas....

I say keep him because he can probably relate to a younger qb...help with the development of a back up.

I think Troy Aikman needs to announce Tony Romo coached cowboy games so Dak Prescott can lead the Cowboys to an NFL title with Rodger Staubach in the stands lol...

Cowboys seem to be the “learning as you go” type of leadership. Let’s develop leaders or let’s lead...🤔 i.e . Garret and so on and so on... developing leadership . He gets better but what did he do when he played... I guess Moore would be a good project... Is that what you want ?

Fire OC and hire romo you see the way he commentated that new england game he damn near called everything the offense was going to do he would make an awesome OC

Who gives a reverse cow whore about a got damn Kellen Moore?🤦🏾‍♂️ FIRE JASON GARRETT!!!(the only thing that matters right now cause we can’t get rid of Jerry🤦🏾‍♂️)

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15 hours ago

Houston Texans

It's time to #TackleHungerTX.

Learn more & donate ➡️ www.souperbowl.org
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Its time to #TackleHungerTX.

Learn more & donate ➡️ www.souperbowl.org


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spam? really yall need to focus!

better that than watching the pats...


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