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McGowan tweets that 'HW raped me'

McGowan tweets that 'HW raped me'


The actress also came out against Amazon's Jeff Bezos

Rose McGowan is stating more frankly what she has long suggested.

My San Antonio from the Express-News: https://trib.al/OaQ2Yyo

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8 hours ago

El Paso 411

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud! ... See MoreSee Less

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud!


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Leonel Rivera we can’t go now I’ll be the reason they lose lol

When did el Paso get a hockey team?

Daniel Fuentes we NEED to go to a game!!!!


Miguel Lopez and you never want to go to their games😏

Mira Esther Vilchez Madrigal...necesitamos it😆😆😆😆

Niki Nicole we need to go to a game

They got a team?

Christian Andrade

Tory Johannsen

Stephen Rodriguez Kate Johnsen

Nathan Weatherly

Jrod Rodriguez

Josh ☝️😀

I want to go Mathew Brown II

Marisol McGuigan :)

Christopher David Carrillo damn!

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8 hours ago

The University of Texas at Austin

Live from the Tower: Carillon Winter Concert ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks to the The Guild of Carillonneurs at UT Austin for inviting us to enjoy this performance 🤘❄️ Good luck during finals, and enjoy the holiday!

I miss this freaking bell tower so much

Texas Son in Oceanside listening!

Fort Worth sez ‘hook ‘em’!

Great memories! Miss that place! 🤘🏼❤️

Son just got his PHD at UT. hook em

My UT! Listening to every note! \m/💜

Beautiful Day

Play Freebird!

Elvin John Galarza good luck on your finals. 🤘 ❤️from 🗽

❤❤Parents love the 'Live' feeds.❤❤

Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas to YOU & Thank You!

Hey from Saskatoon

Lillian Davis ❤️

Hook ‘em! From San Antonio 🤘🏽

Still in Texas!

Hello! Awesome





Hook'em from Baltimore! ❤️



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23 hours ago

El Paso 411

We're at Lights on the Lake at Ascarate Lake! Let's check out some lights! ... See MoreSee Less


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What time does Ascarate close

Awww my childhood memories!

I love my hometown!

I love Ascarate, but they really need to improve their displays.

Whats the cost

How fun!

Don’t think there’s a cover charge.

Absolutely love it

Cassie Ruvalcaba Laura Sophia Duarte NEXT WEEKEND?!

It’s costs $2 per car

What is the cost

what time does it close

outdated AF!

Laura Jeremiah El Catrin Julie Moreno

Crystal Bates can you take me??

Melissa Navar

Cheska Marie 🙄

Ismael Arias Tafoya Mary Arias

Nancy Martinez Belem Reyes Teresa Martinez

Meelissa Castillo

They sucked

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Congratulations to all our 2017 graduates 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to all our 2017 graduates 🤘


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The UT Tower will shine with burnt-orange lights and “17” displayed on its sides to honor the Class of 2017 and this year’s graduates on both Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10: utex.as/2AJ6BHe

Why is the University discontinuing the fall graduation ceremonies? Even this year several colleges including the CNS did not have one. This is so wrong and it is allienating many graduating students who should be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with their University. Their University should honor their efforts and achievements but having the full graduation ceremony for all students graduating in December. There are a very large number effected by this ridiculous decision. Think about not just the dollars that it cost today to put on these ceremonies but the dollars that could be brought in in the future through donations given by these students who feel that their hard work was rewarded by their University. UT, please explain this unfortunate decision and it get it correct for next December.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates at The University of Texas at Austin! There's no place like UT! You have so much to be proud of and are well-equipped for a wonderful future! Enjoy your life's journey! Cheers, blessings and love from someone who cares in Far West Texas!

Awesome and congratulations 🤘

Congratulations Elena Arca! I’m so proud of you!

Congrats my precious Danielle...u did it and I am so proud..Dream big!!

Congratulations to my son Josef Mendoza! Hook'em Horns..🤘A proud UT Mom!💜

Congratulations to Matthew Neel. We are so proud of you.

Don't recall them doing that when I graduated in December of 1976. Neat!

Congrats to all. A great accomplishment.

Congrats to all the grads! Always remember what starts here changes the 🌎 ! So go for it! ❤️y'all! 🤘🏽

Congrats!! What starts here changes the world🤘🤘

Beautiful! Brings back memories, BA 1964.

Happy Holidays ! Beautiful UT TOWER ALL LIT UP!! Love the Longhorns .. UT ROCKS🤘🏈🏀⚽️⚾️🎇🌇🌉

Congrats to my son Jonah Arias who graduated as well! 🎺🤘🏽❤️




Hook 'Em from a '92 alum!

Congratulations!!! Class of '83. Hook'em!!

Hook ‘em 🤘🏼

Congratulations! Hook em!

Congratulations!!! Hook'em!!! :)

Yay!!! Congrats Grads 🎓👩‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓

Hook 'em

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Welcome #UTAustin’s new VP & Director of Athletics, Chris Del Conte, to the Forty Acres🤘 utex.as/2iIjKrC ... See MoreSee Less

Welcome #UTAustin’s new VP & Director of Athletics, Chris Del Conte, to the Forty Acres🤘  http://utex.as/2iIjKrC


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In 2008, he insulted Texas students when he was the AD for Rice while at the Rice Alumni tailgate before the Texas game. He said Texas students were just people who weren’t smart enough to get into Rice. Now he’s probably talking about how great Texas is. Liar. Asshole.

You idiots that scream for Beck to be fired. You can’t have any offensive scheme without a line. If you don’t know football, then don’t speak.

As long as he doesn’t take coaches with him, I am ok. UT has been trying to entice Tcu coaches every time they fire one.

Welcome ATX I hope we going to be Champions again.

Terry Harris. A frog leaps to Austin. Terry Harris

Hook ‘em!

Well. We are in for a lot more losing and down years. I’m out.


Welcome to Texas! Now fire Beck tomorrow.

Now fire tim beck

Better mind them boosters

We’re behind you, win or tie! 🤘🤘🤘

Welcome Chris! HOOK EM!!

You still can not get our coach.

Can you bring your OC with you please? 😏

So sorry you left TCU, Chris.

Great hire!



Hot mess. Good luck DC

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