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Middle school calls for 50 volunteers to dads' breakfast event, 600 show up

Middle school calls for 50 volunteers to dads' breakfast event, 600 show up


These guys showed up big time for these young men.


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15 hours ago

Dallas Stars

Today is one of our favorite days of the year. It was our pleasure to spend the afternoon at Children's Health with these incredible kids. ... See MoreSee Less


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Good job boys!!

True class!

Omg. My son was so excited to see that he was in this video. He had a great time. Thanks for brightening up his day!

This is another reason to love hockey. Teams and athletes support their communities.

We were there but missed y’all 😩 but she will be at her first Stars game tomorrow!!

That is super cool of the team to do that.

I love this team 💚😍

Cook children’s would love the stars to visit also! ❤️💚💚

Love this fantastic team!

Class Act Fellas!


Love y'all 💕

Sierra Poe

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16 hours ago

Houston Texans

It's time to #TackleHungerTX.

Learn more & donate ➡️ www.souperbowl.org
... See MoreSee Less

Its time to #TackleHungerTX.

Learn more & donate ➡️ www.souperbowl.org


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spam? really yall need to focus!

better that than watching the pats...


17 hours ago

Dallas Stars

A team celly is the best celly. Consistent play has given the Stars points in 12 of their last 15 games. ... See MoreSee Less

A team celly is the best celly. Consistent play has given the Stars points in 12 of their last 15 games.


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A 'celly' is hockey terminology for a goal celebration.

Yup, great picture! Almost as good as the one with Tyler, Rads and I celebrating in his goal in Denver!

Now if only our friends in the Central could play along and lose a game!

they didn't get there by drinking Budweiser!

I love this. Thanks for sharing!

20 hours ago

Houston Texans

On Fan Appreciation Day, one lucky fan won a free-for-all shopping spree at the Houston Texans Team Shop, thanks to Coca-Cola! ... See MoreSee Less


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Smh yeah let's give it to some old guy and a season ticket holder like if he needs it with all that money enjoy you old prick lol

How do I sign up for this

I just want a Watson jersey. Hard to find the stuff around here, only online really. The shipping is outrageous through the league sites. Hook an out of town brother up!

Big fan since the Houston Oilers I'm a ride or die fan... plus don't have too much money FEMA screwed me...lol

Melissa 'Roco' Cooper how do we sign up for this!?!?!?

I’d be happy with a team jersey

Just like Texans.. Only 1 winner !!!

Wow that would be my dream come true

Nikki Shibest Baldwin Angie Fannin Patton Eric Garcia Joshua Villalon Greg and Carol is in the video 🤪

Seems like only season ticket holders win these things

Me me and meeeeeeee please haha. Born and raised a Houston football fan!

Hey i want a shopping spree! My daughter and i would love that... How do i win?

Let’s go texans let’s go

I would love this

How does one enter this contest?

We need details to how to enter

🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🏈💗🏈pick me please!!!


I want Houston Texans Coca-Cola!!

This is so nice.

Grab me a hoodie


Love it 😍

Lucky Dog !!

Mira Paty Moreno Silva Elizabeth Rostro sería el hombre más feliz del mundo

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21 hours ago

Houston Astros

A huge congratulations to George Springer for tying the knot with fiancée, Charlise, over the weekend! atmlb.com/2BknAhN ... See MoreSee Less

A huge congratulations to George Springer for tying the knot with fiancée, Charlise, over the weekend! http://atmlb.com/2BknAhN


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I don't know what he saw in her , she has a face of a horse. (Sorry)

Sick of football!!!!!! Come on Houston Baseball!!!!! Love the Astros!!

The awkward part where Fiers is there

What a beautiful couple - we wish them a beautiful marriage and happy life (and more championships!!)

Where are Altuve and Correa?

But did he propose after winning the World Series? No? Then get out of here you bum! #TeamCorrea

She know he'll about to sign that big contract

Saw you and your lovely wife at The Woodlands Church a few weeks back. You are so down to earth and honest and I wish you, Charlise and of course our Astros for the best year of your life and always!

Looks like Springer hit another homer! Congratulations and best of luck. Nice looking young couple!

never quit george. i got 41 years with one woman, one and only. never quit

Congratulations to Springer and the Mrs!

Luis Enrique Lopez : She is a beautiful woman on the happiest day of her life. Who are you to judge? In OUR culture, we treat people with respect. You need to repent and beg forgiveness.

Congrats George and Charlise,hope y’all have a wonderful and happy marriage. To all the Ladies out there,even though George Springer is officially off of the market,that doesn’t mean that we have to stop drooling over him,we can look,but we can’t touch

Anna, he’s taken babe. You’ll have to stick with me ❤️

Congratulations George and Charlise!! Wishing you a lifetime of joy!

Congratulations, George and Charlise!

These guys maybe pro baseball players but they are human as well who they choose to marry may not be miss universe to the outside but to them she is and to them that’s all that matters!!!!!

Right now, Vanessa Balderas' heart is breaking, again😞 Hang tough, Balderas; I gairundamtee you holler louder foreem than that gal he married!

Congratulations! Thank you for being a good role model and a couple of class acts. It's easy to root for y'all regardless of the outcomes. :)

Boy Springer down there lookin like 🦉🦉😁

CONGRATULATIONS! GEORGE & CHARLISE! ..Happy Honeymoon! ..and then come on back, ready for spring training! WE'RE READY FOR ASTRO'S BASEBALL! (y)

the blessing keeps coming for Mr Springer and he deserves them

Awesome, congratulations to the happy couple! God bless with many happy year's! 💕

Congrats George and Charlise! Much happiness to you.

Congrats! Y'all should have a co-ed game to celebrate (and raise some money for a good cause of your choice ;) ) since you are both sluggers! Please...do it for us! It will be fun! I would pay to see it, unless y'all need me as a bat girl which I am totally up for.

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1 day ago

State Fair of Texas

Don't let the #MondayBlues get you down~ Keep it going! #BigTex ... See MoreSee Less

Dont let the #MondayBlues get you down~ Keep it going! #BigTex


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Question; how and where do you get infro. On how to enter artwork to be judged at fair? Thank you

3 days ago

Houston Astros

What a night!

Tonight, the #AstrosFoundation hosted its third-annual Diamond Dreams Gala featuring legendary performer Gladys Knight!
... See MoreSee Less


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All the Pips died

Saw Gladys Knight a few years ago. She is a terrific performer & entertainer.

Midnite train to Minute Maid

Love love love my ASTROS!!! ❤️

My brother is at that concert being played at the WinStar Casino 💞💞

Jim Crane putting them boys to shame with the pin stripe.

Everyone looking spiffy!

Were JV and Kate there? How about Tyler and Brittany Clippard?

Love Ms. Knight! Great choice, Stros!


Keyla Gallegos lovie was gonna be there today

Alfonso Guerrero lol

Jessica Gonzales

Jessica Gonzales

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4 days ago

Houston Astros

Host Lauren Blackwell introduces the newest #Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole, recaps #AstrosCaravan and #AstrosFanFest, and previews #AstrosST in Episode 90 of #AstrosAllAccess, presented by StubHub! ... See MoreSee Less


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Hope he's worth all the Astros gave up to get him.

I hope He pitches better for Houston then he did for the pirates.. I Just looked at his stats for 2017. They were mediocre at best and bad for an ace.. hopefully that awesome pitching coach we have will help him grow into a verlander type pitcher!

Don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.

First things first, I'm a disgruntled Pirates fan. I just wanted to tell you guys that you are getting more than a great pitcher, he is a great man off the field as well. Gerrit Cole is passionate and pitches with it as well. We are hurting here in Pittsburgh so if you wonderful Houston Astros fans would stand with us and sign this petition it would be greatly appreciated! Gerrit Cole deserves a championship, so go ahead and get another one! #PiratesPetition

They helped Morton and McHugh get their careers back on path just like Verlander. I am sure we can help Cole improve his pitching as well.

Back to back like the Rockets

Welcome to the Astros family Cole!!

I’ve grown a bit concerned about our Astros doing all of this traveling and visiting in the offseason . I hope they won’t be completely worn out when spring training starts .



Jen Bibbiano

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