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Missouri City couple wins cash, trip to Hawaii on Wheel of Fortune

Missouri City couple wins cash, trip to Hawaii on Wheel of Fortune


After a rigorous audition process, they were one of only eighteen couple selected nationwide.

Husband and wife Joel and Kim Gutowsky have always loved the game show, so last year, when tryouts were held at Houston's Memorial City Mall, they were there.

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As we wrap up the town hall, parking, tailgating, marketing and of course, winning were issues that were consistently brought up. #YourVoiceYourFuture

Sixth explosion reported in Austin and a possible eighth bomb has been found. What we know about the latest explosion: https://t.co/l1SxlK4QOG #AustinBombings

Employees of a restaurant near where an explosive is believed to have detonated near a Goodwill in SW #Austin are standing around in shock, police interviewing them inside blocked off area. #AustinBombings

[email protected] on marketing: We need several hundred people helping us do that. #EPMAD
Energy, passion and having a fanatic fan base is important.

[email protected] If we don't sell partial season tickets, we will do it.

On the subject of having halftime performances, Senter says money is an issue. #YourVoiceYourFuture

[email protected] on parking: We gotta do a good analysis on every lot and # of parking spaces. "There's a lot of parking here." Challenge if it's it allocated correctly. #YourVoiceYourFuture

Some new faces among #UTEP Athletics. Recognize these men? #YourVoiceYourFuture #TownHall https://t.co/hseMhnnTnS

Dozens of law enforcement on scene of a 6th explosion in South Austin. @tplohetski reporting a 2nd possible device on scene. This is the 9600 block of Brodie Ln.

Next hot-button issue for #UTEP sports is parking. Tweet your comments with #YourVoiceYourFuture

“Happened really fast. All of the sudden we started seeing helicopters and (emergency vehicles) moving through,” witness tells KVUE after Goodwill explosion in SW https://t.co/9kpg2VTbHz live: https://t.co/l1SxlK4QOG

There were more commercials for UTEP games last season than this season! I saw more promotion from NMSU🙄 https://t.co/hfmAo2CUBj

An honest and genuine reaction from a @statesman employee who lives near the most recent explosion. https://t.co/RIr9fHDUo4

NEW: Bowie High School on reverse evacuation, everyone is ordered to go inside building after reported explosion in southwest Austin. No other schools in area affected yet. https://t.co/l1SxlK4QOG

[email protected] on @UTEP_MBB future: "No shortcut to success." The whole world of basketball is changing.

You can smell smoke in the air, people visibly shaken as police ask everyone to evacuate this business park anchored by Randall’s on Brodie and Slaughter. #AustinBombings

28 minutes ago

Houston Texans

Time to eat. #WeAreTexans ... See MoreSee Less

Time to eat. #WeAreTexans


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Already the best player we've ever had at safety and he hasn't even put on a uniform yet.

I've got some leftover pizza in the fridge...


Hungry Jack Hungry......

Buffett time

Bring one home dB

Let’s get it

We are hungry Anthony Labrado get ready to empty dem pockets

Mason Hulll

29 minutes ago

Texas Rangers

A day in the life with Willie Calhoun. #RangersST ... See MoreSee Less


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Congratz making it to the Rangers Willie! I do miss watching you play in Tulsa.

Super interested to see how this kid does this year.

3 hours ago

Houston Texans

🍯🍯🍯 #DearDrew ... See MoreSee Less


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Drew...why haven't we signed MARCEDES LEWIS yet its been 5 hrs since he's been cut?...lol #SignBigMarcedesLewis

Can’t wait to see a pre-draft show to see where the Texans might be focusing this year.


7 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Doug Fister takes the hill this afternoon against the White Sox. atmlb.com/2IGNaT2 #RangersST ... See MoreSee Less

Doug Fister takes the hill this afternoon against the White Sox. http://atmlb.com/2IGNaT2 #RangersST


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I certainly hope this isn’t what we have to look forward to....

And Fister stunk it up.

I get the games on dish

Does a webcast cost me $$ to watch?

Drew leading off nice

7 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Need an afternoon pick-me-up?

#RangersST baseball is just around the corner.
... See MoreSee Less

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? 

#RangersST baseball is just around the corner.


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too bad MLB and/or Spectrum doesn't post the correct channel/network!!!

I'm there right now! Wish it was in person!

Wayne Downey

8 hours ago

SPCA of Texas

Making their adoption debut: Echo, Foxtrot Tyro, and Zulu!! The 3-month-old Pomeranian mix puppies are available for adoption, right now, at our Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center in Dallas. ... See MoreSee Less


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How much is adoptions

My they are spunky !!! 😍😍😍

How big do you think they will get? We are looking to adopt a fur baby for my grandma!

They still available

Ronnie Muñoz OMG, how cute!!


Krystal Castillo Elvira Bakalbasic I am so tempted. Lexi needs a baby friend.

I want some of that energy! They are so precious. <3

Paula Cullum they look like bow.

Hannah Kasper I hear you want a tiny pup

So much cuteness 💕💕

Absael Hugo Flores Can I get another?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

I want the tiny one with the pink collar!! Her name will be Tinker Bell

Omg I want one!!!! Becky! Aja

Kimberly Coleman Colmenares sorry- had to tag you- how cute are these babies!!!!

Damn you Sonny!

Tehehehe josh levin the fuzzy one!

Alyssa Meadows Pom mixes!! Oh my goodness. My heart can't handle this <3

They are so cute

Rick French one of these looks like a little Scooter!

Philip Alexander the lightest one looks like a little sable 😍

Pearl Lynch isn’t Stefan in Dallas at the moment?

Marissa Rubino. You can bring Zulu when you visit!!

Ashton McConnell omg adopt one for me pls!!! 😍❤️

Matt Morris Penny needs a puppy!

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11 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Gotta love Hanser! 😜 ... See MoreSee Less

Gotta love Hanser! 😜


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After losing 10- 0 today he should've kept hiding

Sorry,not a fan of his infield playing

Could have sworn it was Adrian. Lol

If ever there was a guy that needs a starting position it is him. Great attitude, effort, always ready to play and he's a solid player at that.

Wow I was wrong swore it looked like Beltre :)

Oh snap, you fooled me! The wrist band and hat were making me think it was Adrian!

Which Reindeer was he?????

I love Hanser Alberto.... He is such a team player and always has the best attitude!

I didn’t think it was Elvis but wasn’t sure who it was...

Beto WS bound!!!!!

12 hours ago

Texas Rangers

Take a stab at who's hiding behind 😜. ... See MoreSee Less

Take a stab at whos hiding behind 😜.


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It’s someone saying “Fire JD!”

I can tell you who it ain't. It ain't someone who'll be holding the World Series trophy this fall.

For all of you fair-weather fans, I'm sure the Astros will make room for you on their wagon. 😂

I’m still waiting for them to announce that they’ve lowered beer prices so I can be talked in to watching mediocre baseball

Get a Better Bull Pen!!!!!!!!!!

you can tell by the size of the hat its Adrian

Someone who’s team will finish sub .500


Adrian beltre or Elivs Andrus

I’m gonna say that’s jeff bannister

Rougned's brother Rougned

Elvis is first guess! 🕺

I actually think it's Beltre

I actually think that’s nomar mazara

I think its Hanser Alberto

Go Rangers

I'd rather not stab one of our players. We aren't the Mariners.


Who says this photo is from this year? I'll guess Vladimir Guerrero

Elvis Andrus

It’s Adrian “don’t touch the head” Beltre.

Got to be Elvis😀❤️

Elvis has entered the building.

Well, tell us who it is.


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1 day ago

SPCA of Texas

Sandy has been in our care over 100 days; we’re thrilled to say that she found her forever home today!! Happy homes to our sweet, Sandy. 💜 ... See MoreSee Less

Sandy has been in our care over 100 days; we’re thrilled to say that she found her forever home today!! Happy homes to our sweet, Sandy. 💜


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So glad for you Sandy, after all this time at the SPCA now you have your loving home a yard where you can run and owners that gave you your home that now you can call your own good luck Sandy. 💝❤💞💕

Happy tails to you Sandy. Glad you found your forever home

Paty Campos is this ur new baby?

I am so happy for this precious dog 😀😀😀😀

They Sure gotem a Beauty!

She's a cutie!! Lucky family! ☺😄🖒☺


Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! Best wishes Sandy!❤️


Good life my friend ❤️❤️👍👍🐾🐾

Yay for this baby!!! 💜💙

Yay for this cutie! I hope she will be treasured always. :)

Wonderful news!




Sometimes it just takes time! Thanks for giving Sandy the time to find her forever place! <3


Look at that beautiful smile!

yea...happy for her. <3

Awesome Sandy

Yay! Sweet baby!


Yay! Hugs and kisses!


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1 day ago

Texas Football

"I've never been more excited to coach a team than I am this one." - Head Coach Tom Herman
#ThisIsTexas #HookEm

Full press conference: hookem.at/HermanPressConference
... See MoreSee Less

Ive never been more excited to coach a team than I am this one. - Head Coach Tom Herman 
#ThisIsTexas #HookEm

Full press conference: http://hookem.at/HermanPressConference


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Let's dial that back a tad, we heard that last year, and then Maryland came to town.

Tick tock, Coach, Tick tock.

Ron McGuire

More hype. What happened to that "best O and D lines since Ohio"


Show us, don’t tell us!

I’ve never heard of a team doing good that had fans with piss poor attitudes

Hook'em Horns!!!

Your record is 7-6 and that's still better than that trash coach we had. I'm hoping to see a huge difference this season!

Ask me in mid-October how exciting this team is.

then there should be no 'our team wasn't prepared and that's on me/the staff' excuses in the fall. tired of the spring buildup just to result in the fall letdown.


Good luck this season coach

Good because this may be your last season with the Longhorns if you screw up like you did last year.

Lot of positivity here to Coach. Hookem

Ok.....now let’s win!

Looking forward to football season.


I've heard some people call this guy The Great White Hype, and I think that's hilarious.

Daniel Taylor, hoooooook em !!!!!!!! I think things are looking up dude , herman has the skills to gain the respect of his players and also to reinvent our playbook.

So many negative comments. Keep them to yourself. The rest of us true fans are optimistic every year. Hook 'Em!

Wins Tom! We want wins!! We gave you $$$$ you have recruits. We want wins!!!

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1 day ago

SPCA of Texas

Meet Norma Jean! The 9-year-old pretty lady made her WFAA debut just a little bit ago and now she’s back at our Russell H. Perry Animal Care Center in McKinney, where she’ll be available for adoption. Norma Jean is a curious and playful mare; we believe that she would do best in a home where she can trail ride. If you’d like to learn more about Norma Jean check out her profile @ bit.ly/2syifUV. ... See MoreSee Less


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What a cutie!

Best of luck to Norma Jean. She's beautiful.

Yay for Norma Jean! #SPCAofTexas

Dena Gaskin Emma Lee Westbrook

Debbie Orr-Perdue

Tana English

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