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Patrick blames ‘violent culture,’ not guns for Santa Fe school shooting

Patrick blames ‘violent culture,’ not guns for Santa Fe school shooting


Texas' lieutenant governor blamed the shooting on “a violent culture where we devalue life,” citing violent movies and video games, bullying on social media, and abortion.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also called for arming teachers who he said should be part of the militia envisioned by the Second Amendment

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15 minutes ago

News 4 San Antonio

LIVE: Women of Faith Cry Out to Keep Families Together - Prayer Vigil outside ICE headquarters in DC.

More on border separations: bit.ly/2I1FZTS
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If it were not such an expensive, difficult process to come legally I'm sure they would not risk the consequences to bring their kids to a better life

The real solution to this problem: DON’T IMMIGRATE ILLEGALLY.

I blame the parents!!

The families come here could pray for God to help them know His will for them...and to obey laws. God wants us to obey the laws of our land. Pray for the children. God has compassionate and loving solutions for us. He does not want us to be contentious and hateful. He wants us to have good lives and He will guide us in faith and righteousness.

This is not an issue as is most any other news story now days.. It is trendy...that is all it is anymore...it comes and goes quickly with no predication or remedies .

Everyone has something negative 2 say but just think if u were in there shoe and they take ur kids. I wouldn't know wat 2 do if that happened 2 me!Players 4 those kids, and mothers!

They are here illegally, there parents broke the law should we just let them stay “no “ there is a proper way to get here it’s the the mom and dads fault,we can’t house them together they broke the law of this country!!

Think about what was done from 2009-2017 when Obama was in office?

Unity not division in earthly family and in God's family.

God hear the prayers of these women. Please Jesus, hear them.....🙏

what about children here first.you of all saying your people here should not be together

They are just kids they need to let them go .

Trendy?? did i read someone post it's Trendy?Sick!

Why is is screaming, off her meds?

Just don't come over illegally & they won't be separated!!!

Heavenly Father knows the solution. Pray.

Hate and anger are not solutions.

Oh more crazy drama.

LOL, night is coming every day.

Keep the families together

Seek God! He will show the way!!

Keep them together.

We are Free now, not someday

No, today, not someday

Omg.... Do we gotta

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Scroll through the 360 video ⬇️ and get to know some of our favorite spots on campus.

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51 minutes ago

News 4 San Antonio

Protesters gather for the Women of Faith Cry Out to keep Families Together outside ICE Headquarters in Washington DC.

Trump, GOP to huddle as outrage builds over border policy: bit.ly/2K34BR7
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It’s unfortunate that children suffer when their parents break the law, but the parents have broken the law and they must be sent back to their country

Watching these comments it just comes to prove that women can be just as callous and cruel when it comes children that are not their own.

Does anybody have a list of next weeks outrages/protests? I would like to know what ro be outraged about early.

A list of outrage? That’s simple just as the philanderer in Chief. I’m sure he has other anti democratic gems in store for us.

End it now!!!! God bless and protect those babies to be back with their mothers and fathers! God you are the judge! ❤️

This country has and will stand up to tyrants where ever they are be it in North Korea or our highest offices 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽

May those who think this is a joke may never be in another country and be separated from their family!

There’s a difference between policy and law! Guys look it up!

Keep your family at home in their country!

Even Jesus would get tired of being drained dry and taken advantage of

Aydee....not likely. People travel for pleasure all the time. The US doesn’t need more people to be a drain on our resources. As I said...all you bleeding hearts open your homes and take a family in to support. Until you do, you’re nothing but hot air.

These adults are bringing these children here illegally!! That's what is so unfortunate !! Why don't they come through the legal ports of entry!! We have no idea if the children are being smuggled or trafficked!!

This is an attempt at a diversen.

Those of you who think this is a humane practice and see nothing wrong with the ripping babies and little children from their parent's arms, your voice will be drowned out and you will one day you will meet your maker and explain the hate that fills your heart and soul.

Jesus is in Heaven. The Holy Spirit is who helps us on earth... Correct me if I am wrong... but protesting is an earthly affect.

Sherry Santos, we are Not in these Mothers situation! How blessed we are! But if we are Mothers and Christians it is staring at us! Remember “ Sometimes we see things not as they are but as we are!” God bless!

Sad where is the out cry for American kids in facilities all over the country that are separated from their families?

The disrespectful people in this message board, your thoughts and opinions are not loud enough or important enough to

They are nothing but paid hot air balloons. 2 seconds of famers never to be seen again.

This is absolutely hogwash

Speak to each life, listen to each story... Protesting does not do that.

Aydee Barrera....I would never attempt to go to another country ILLEGALLY.

They need rescuing, not protesting! I'm done here.

And your parents put you in this position! Not the law!!!

Not even close to the same situation!

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1 hour ago

Austin American-Statesman

LIVE: Attorneys discuss lawsuit filed Monday against Austin Police and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office. Three women say they failed to properly handle sexual assault cases.

Read the story here: atxne.ws/2ln4qlv
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Read the story here: atxne.ws/2ln4qlv

We hope that it never happens to any woman "again" ... it should have never happened to any woman detained, investigated or as a victim. Stop re-victimizing women, period.

Turn up the volume



Really? What now.....







APD and Sheriff deputies are part of the problem. They are assaulting women while incarcerated. Of course they won’t protect women. The truth is we need more men to say enough and stand with us.

I can't imagine it's a legit scam

The hyperlinks don't even work.

Keep up the good work!


Can't hear what they're saying. Maybe just one of those liberal lawyers that the mouths are moving but not saying nothing

Sue America!

Untested rape and sexual assault kits are shameful.

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Mothers, Babies & Addiction

In a Q&A with Texas Health Journal, Debra Woody - director of the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies and University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work associate dean for academic affairs - explains how her work at UTA aims to help some of the most heartbreaking victims of the opiod crisis.

🔗: www.utsystempophealth.org/debra-woody-qa
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Mothers, Babies & Addiction

In a Q&A with Texas Health Journal, Debra Woody - director of the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies and University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work associate dean for academic affairs - explains how her work at UTA aims to help some of the most heartbreaking victims of the opiod crisis.

🔗: http://www.utsystempophealth.org/debra-woody-qa
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