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Photos: HGTV's 2018 Dream Home is in Gig Harbor, WA

Photos: HGTV's 2018 Dream Home is in Gig Harbor, WA


Looks like a dream come true to us.

HGTV Dream Home 2018 is a fully remodeled tri-level 1970s contemporary waterfront house on Henderson Bay in dreamy Gig Harbor, WA.

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31 minutes ago

FOX 4 News

"That active shooter is coming down the hallway with that thousand-yard stare and that gun in their hand. Do you want somebody to step out and stop him?" The outspoken Polk County Sheriff says a second Florida school will join a program allowing school employees to have guns on campus. bit.ly/2HFddt2 ... See MoreSee Less


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I completely agree that all schools should allow teachers to have access to guns.. there should be armed guards and metal detectors at the doors of every school. And instead of the government using the American peoples hard earned money to line their own pockets money should be put aside to fund all this... along with paying teachers a higher salary.

There was an officer on campus at the time of the shooting

You won't pay them a decent wage, or pay for their supplies. When they did pay for those supplies, their Tax write off is taken away. Now you're ALLOWING them to bring their guns? Don't EXPECT it if you aren't going to front the bills for training, licensing, and the guns themselves.

Why don’t you get smart & put more officers in the schools instead of more responsibilities on teachers. Dumb

Why are people misbehaving with gun these days? Do they have no honor?


There are teachers with ltc's... That carry there gun everywhere outside of school.. why would people be opposed to them having it at work. Makes no sense to me. #bangunfreezones

You walk through Northpark and see the high end jewelry stores have armed guards guarding the stores... yet, its considered absurd to protect our most valuable assets, our children, with guns?

Just covering the fact he made threats of shooting up the school and after police being called to his house 30+ times he is deflecting blaming others just like the liberal he is.

how about just banning schools instead of guns so Americans can be even stupider than they are now? Teachers with guns is the scariest sh*t out there....

Why not have armed school cops ? Like all hospitals ?? One man one room lots of camaras and sucured weapons ready to respond ???

This officer made a valid point. But people are too hung about OMG BAN GUNS 🤦‍♂️

Next thing u know some kid is shot because of the teacher was in fear of their life. Sounds familiar ?

Prolly aught hire veterans that have seen battle that will engage in the dam fight or the shooter duh

Very well said Sheriff. The only solution to a criminal with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.

I really like Sheriff Grady Judd he is always saying it straight out and how he seas it ...

The problem is will a staff member be able to pull the trigger on a child they know?

We protect/secure things that are of value to us here in the USA. LIKE IIR Banks, Museums, our perspective houses of legislators, our churches, places of business and our college campuses. Why don’t we have armed security and metal detectors at our schools? WHY?!!? First and foremost we should start with securing our kids schools. Then let’s work on a comprehensive solution to making some real changes so cowards like this are prevented from carrying out such a horrible massacre.

Google "Arapahoe High School shooting". All it takes is action.

Here's the problem with arming teachers: An active shooter starts shooting, all the teachers pull out their guns, Police ( who on several occasions have mistaken various random objects for guns, and ended up killing unarmed people) come in to look for the shooter, while the teachers are also carrying. I can see too many teachers getting shot in this scenario, because, unless the teachers all start to wear uniforms, the Police will kill them too because they saw a weapon. Maybe the uniforned teachers should be armed with thoughts and prayers.......

I hope he's on suicide watch....

I want someone to take the shooter down!!!!!


Jamie ...exactly

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2 hours ago

CBS Austin

“We are all going to die. We don’t know when, we don’t know how, we don’t know what time one should leave. But no person that dies should leave a financial burden on the next of kin." bit.ly/2EIX7ko ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

FOX 4 News

YOUR TURN: Three police officers in Egypt saved a 5-year-old boy who was dangling from a balcony. After a passerby called police, an officer grabbed a carpet while the others held it as the boy fell three stories. The carped softened his fall, and he was not hurt. bit.ly/2F0KCzU

Clarice Tinsley
YOUR TURN: In Egypt, three Police Officers saved a 5 yr. old boy dangling from a balcony. A passerby called police. One officer grabbed a carpet as the boy fell 3 stories. No injuries to the child but an officer was injured. bit.ly/2F0KCzU
... See MoreSee Less


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Did anyone else notice the carpet didn't help anything? The one officer caught the boy from his fall.

If you didn't tell me he was okay, I would have thought this was a fail.

Wow! Talk about how all the pieces fell perfectly into play. That was quite miraculous!

I didn't see any "others" hold the carpet

The carpet did little to soften the fall. The man trying to catch the kid did.

Spank his buttocks

Yes, it's my country, thank you officer ✌️🤗

Ya, sure, the carpet

Angels from heaven , Thanks you Angels..

Where were his parents 😡

God bless. There are angels out there


Poor baby

Alicia Rivas

Valerie Sturdivant

Clifford Hardin

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3 hours ago

CBS Austin

LIVE: Father of Texas death row inmate to speak after Gov. Abbott just spared his son's life. INFO: bit.ly/2oqUj0l ... See MoreSee Less


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If he was a minority there is no way this would have happened. Double standards are Sickening.

The son masterminded an ambush, that killed his mother and brother. The father was supposed to die too. He lived and forgave his son. The killer wanted the one million dollar insurance money!

I pray that the people who are making negative comments never have to go through this with their child. I am for the death penalty but as a parent I am happy for them.

TX is a victims right state. If the victim doesn’t want death, their wishes can be considered. www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/cvs/victim-rights


I’ve transported hundreds of convicted people to Huntsville Texas. I’ve also had the opportunity to talk to them while in transit.

What a slap in the face to our judicial system and the men and women who go out every day and try and protect us . Shame Shame Shame

Why? How much did they contribute to his campaign fund?

He shot and killed his mother and brother and also the father who survived

I'm sorry for what you have been through. I HOPE you understand that we expect you to pay for his keep with every dime you have or make. David Sherman check this out

What did his son do?

Killed his Mother and Brother

Hi from South Austin

What did the son do?

So happy for you!



Wow frances.

Big mistake.

Hot wheels is a moron. Murderers should be put to death

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3 hours ago

FOX 4 News

SKY4 is over the flooding in Rockwall, prompting voluntary evacuations for several residents. bit.ly/2EWolmZ ... See MoreSee Less


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SKY4 is over the flooding in Rockwall, prompting voluntary evacuations for several residents. bit.ly/2EWolmZ

Y are people watching this or following a local news channel and not knowing what town its in? Its like me following Huntsville Alabama local news while i live in dallas.

by the old city lake that most people in Rockwall don't know exists

I just left Rockwall this afternoon. My friend’s house is by the lake and next to the the Yacht Club and we noticed the water had risen

Well there isn't a name to the subdivision but we gave it a name when we were younger.. it's Happy Country Homes

Of course Horizon and 30 isn't underwater, that's not the lake they're showing. It's Lake Rockwall in Rockwall Lake Estates.

Outside of Dallas I believe I could be wrong but I'm thinking it's like going towards Texarkana on 30 but I could be wrong

I just looked at apartments close to the lake. My first question is does the lake flood? She said NOOOOO it never floods! Hmmmm

Oh my goodness, those houses aren't even elevated. They are built on the ground next to a large lake in a flood zone and not even elevated to allow for any amount of flooding. That doesn't make sense.

Dang, they can't catch a break. They had a tornado a few months back that destroyed a whole neighborhood.

I live in wylie. If anyone is needing help around there please let me know. I will help out anyway I can.

Need restoration and home dried out, called roto rooter I am lead tech and we can help you out asap!

Lake rockwall is off of horizon rd I live in the neighborhood we have been here for twenty five years never seen it that bad prayers to families that their homes are flooded on both sides of lake

Mother Nature is really being forceful. Wish thus rain would Stop. So sad for you folks who are getting floods. I pray you all are safe. And some where to go

Rockwall is not Dallas county boys Rockwall county

This is Rockwall Texas, not Dallas County! Rockwall is in Rockwall County

This isn’t lake ray Hubbard. It’s Rockwall lake

Oh wow, I live five minutes away from there and my daughter just told me about the evacuations, so I get on Facebook, and see this. Crazy.

This is about 10-15 miles from my house. I hope they leave! Lives are far too precious than objects!

Doug. Bad enough. I’ve been in Collin county for 30 years. I don’t remember anything like this so close.

I lived on the Ohio for years. My home was 16 feet off the ground. Lost it in 2011, no more river for .me

That’s why I don’t want to purchase a home near any lakes, rivers, or flood zone area because this might happen.

Are those the sink holes in florida that some nut-heads were laughing about a week ago? Oh no there aren’t.

South of 30 off horizon rd and Very close to Tubbs. There’s a neighborhood lake in the middle of the neighborhood called Rockwall lake.

This isn't Ray Hubbard this is Lake Rockwall. This is awful. My heart breaks for these folks.

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4 hours ago

FOX 4 News

Fort Worth PD have a "missing" alert for the sun. Described as "middle-aged" and orange in color. 😂🌞😂🌞😂 bit.ly/1SJ8Ltk ... See MoreSee Less

Fort Worth PD have a missing alert for the sun. Described as middle-aged and orange in color. 😂🌞😂🌞😂 http://bit.ly/1SJ8Ltk


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last i saw trump was in DC.

Do you remember the last place you left it?

The sun isn't missing, it's still hiding from the groundhog. The sun will be out in May and by August the FWPD, will have Mr. Sun on a wanted dead or alive poster with a reward.

I’m glad to see that our FWPD has a good sense of humor! Thank you!

We've had just about nothing but sun here in Amarillo for the last 130 days, y'all can have it. We'll trade for rain.

I can help to put out flyers please let me know, WE NEED IT 😭😭😭😭

Is there a reward?😉

Would this be considered as an “Orange Alert?”

Do you have a better photo? That’s a little fuzzy.

I feel like im living in Gotham City!

Do you know the make and color of the vehicle it left in?

For awhile there I thought they were taking about POTUS lol

Hope it returns soon, it was in Ontario briefly today..looked like it was heading south😎

That's funny we lost our sun too. If you find it please return it.

Sure hope it is found soon. I am mildewed now.

There's a strange webbing starting between my toes . . .

Beautiful sun, be glad when it returns !

When you find it, send it my way.

I believe the moon kidnapped it :)


Lisa Brown Buchanan you anytime we go to Chicago in the winter 😂😂

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5 hours ago

Dallas Mavericks

Doug McDermott weighs in on his first couple weeks with the team, playing in Rick's system and more! #MFFL ... See MoreSee Less

Beginning May 28, you can #flyAustin to Frankfurt, Germany on Condor Airlines. The twice-weekly flight will increase to three times weekly on June 27, operating on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays. The flight schedule runs through Sept. 27. bit.ly/2GEUc8R ... See MoreSee Less

Beginning May 28, you can #flyAustin to Frankfurt, Germany on Condor Airlines. The twice-weekly flight will increase to three times weekly on June 27, operating on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays. The flight schedule runs through Sept. 27. http://bit.ly/2GEUc8R


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Obviously the flight is successful. Why not make it a all year flight?

Anyway to show the flights growth from the beginning?

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