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Python trackers find record breeding group in Florida

Python trackers find record breeding group in Florida


Pythons! Trackers find massive breeding group

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27 minutes ago

News 4 San Antonio

She resigned.

Port Authority commissioner caught on camera using some NSFW language towards police officers during a traffic stop.

Here's what happened: bit.ly/2KfkWPT
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Your privilege didn't work this time lady! 😂

How could she hold such a high position no respect for the law such fowl language towards the officers ! Glad she decided to resign what an embarrassment!

How disrespectful to the policeman for doing his job! Not his fault that it was Easter, not his fault who was in the car! His only fault was he was doing his job and was taking verbal abuse !

I know i could never be a police officer... i would have throat punched her.. these cops are my heros!!

I'm sure she will be able to keep her pension..

Official public state from Port Authority is she was fired

Just a stupid female on a power trip.

Privlige ...sad she should have been fired..with no benifits

I think she was just upset because the car was getting towed and it was Easter weekend or holiday. Still doesn't give her the right to do what she did bit I can see why someone would be upset.

This nut reminds me of Carolyn Ramos. She's the same way when her child molester brothers are getting questioned by the police.

Can't Understand Normal Thinking.

Good for her!

It’s a disgusting thing right there. Glad the officers held their ground. Not all white people are born with privilege, myself one of them. So when I see people like her trying to use the “power” granted them for nefarious reasons it makes me sick.

El Ferni ok so she resigned. I'm sure she knew she would be fired.


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39 minutes ago

News 4 San Antonio

WHOA! The oak is almost gone, but now we have to deal with mold! news4sanantonio.com/weather ... See MoreSee Less

WHOA! The oak is almost gone, but now we have to deal with mold! http://news4sanantonio.com/weather
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