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Rejected: Stories Unsold to be told at Wild Detectives

Rejected: Stories Unsold to be told at Wild Detectives


Got a rejected manuscript? Don't be dejected. Submit it for some love, or at least commiseration at Wild Detectives book store.

It's a new monthly reading series called "Rejected: Stories Unsold" at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District.

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Missing child alert issued for four brothers

A strong crusader for the environment, Pope Francis also expressed hope that people will realize the "need to adopt truly efficient decisions to fight climate change" while also combatting poverty. https://t.co/SL21NtnsU9

Texas State police report aggravated robbery at Bobcat Village: https://t.co/ckMLwO1lLP

Man in the iron lung finds his angel 10 miles away: https://t.co/Lqfgm08FVe

Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp says there are more victims

Today @3:58pm UPD received a report of aggravated robbery that occurred @9:30pm on Fri Dec 8. Incident took place near brzway of Building 7 at Bobcat Village. Suspect description: black male, aprox 6'2" dark hood pullover, dark jeans, earring. Call UPD 512-245-2805 with info

Exercise Minute: Core, hamstring and glutes: https://t.co/FPZi8KsyqI

After quite the exciting weather to end last week, we'll have a much quieter work week coming up in comparison. Though, there are a couple of fronts that will sweep South Texas. Get all the details on #KRIS6. #CCWX https://t.co/uR6CTTaBsl

Lift jack fails while Florence man is under vehicle causing fatal injuries. Death is being investigated at this time. NOI being released at this time.

Sight seeing train struck a vehicle attempting to cross tracks at unprotected RR crossing in the 600 blk River Run, Leander. No injuries, DPS working scene. Roadway is open. @SheriffChody

Have a great evening! Here's what you can expect: https://t.co/n9riZi8wgG #atxwx @kvue

Anonymous donor buys Goodwill toy section, surprises kids with free toys: https://t.co/YGhs1mI3Fd

National Geographic photographer shares emotional video of dying polar bear

Anonymous donor buys Goodwill toy section, surprises kids with free toys

Authorities say they found about 50 of these weapons some recovered while being smuggled into Mexico and the rest recovered by Mexican authorities. https://t.co/OBrRYiBdDL

15 minutes ago

SPCA of Texas

Happy Sunday!! Long-term resident, Mojo, was adopted by his Foster Ambassador today! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Sunday!! Long-term resident, Mojo, was adopted by his Foster Ambassador today!


Comment on Facebook

Yay! Thank you for giving Mojo the best Christmas ever!

Wonderful! Have a happy life together.

Yea, Mojo!! Just in time for Christmas!!

God Bless you both#!!

Thank you . ..congratulations

Awwwesome!!! 😁🖒

Yay for all. Mojo's tail is really wagging in this pic. :)

That's wonderful!

2 hours ago


Have you visited any of these natural wonders? ... See MoreSee Less


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Please do not follow the link for the Star Wars movie. I may have just had my identity stolen. Oh no....

I've been there. We lived on post at White Sands Missile Range back in the late 60's and visited there a few times.

Nadia Hassan.. made me this k of what you were talking about!! New places to visit!

Mike Leary Have you seen all of them?

White Sands when I was a kid.

Yes, Grand Canyon Yosemite White Sands

Been to four.

Juan Martines we’ve only been to 2


Isabelle Sauceda Bree Marroquin Michelle Alexandra Montero Jasminne Yanelli Alvarez Nathaly Benitez Girls trip!!

QueTrenia Hamilton Hogans

@ [ Febi Yulianti ➤➤➤ STAR WARS (2017) FULL MOVIE - VISIT or WATCH CLICK HERE

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2 hours ago


It may be cold outside, but these warm and fuzzy holiday moments will melt your heart. ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago


Near record high temperatures tomorrow?! Didn't it just snow? Meteorologist Jesse Hawila breaks down the ups and downs of this week #wfaaweather ... See MoreSee Less


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I remember my senior year of high school in 2010 we had record snowfall one morning and it was gone by the afternoon and it’s temps in the 60’s and I then the next day it was in the mid 70’s

Ugh Texas the worst when it comes to weather & not making up it's mind! Just be winter already & stay!

If I want snow, I would have moved to the Northeast. I don't want snow or ice here.

Didn't snow here in Fort Worth. What's your point again?

We have the coolest weather here in TX!

Texas weather is bipolar.

Well it’s Texas, so...... Lol

Sarah Frances Harris

4 hours ago

Houston Rockets

#HtownPride at the Houston Texans game today!🤘🏀🏈 ... See MoreSee Less

#HtownPride at the Houston Texans game today!🤘🏀🏈Image attachmentImage attachment


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The first picture answers my question of how can the Texans let down this city even more? Answer = Light Hakeem on fire

I was in Houston when the rockets won those championships in the 90s, I was pissed at OJ because he interrupted my Rockets game

I think if Hakeem and Gabby hadn’t been there, there would be even more empty seats. When will the NFL wake up? 😔😔😔😔😔

Big up to Hakeem and Simone, but how can we play football with 3 players..D Hopkin, J Clowney and The Punter.....Sad

“When you think of trash, think of Akeem” 😂😂😂

I’m sorry that some actual winners had to waste their time.

Harlem, a true Champion..

Hey Dream thanks for all the memories

I normally wouldn't like a Texans photo because I'm a Titan fan but Dream gets one.


The B.E.$.T🔥🔥 #DREAM34

My Dream... Always

6 hours ago

Houston Rockets

‪Rockets Season Ticket Members are having a blast at Downtown Aquarium - Houston for our annual Holiday Party! To learn how you can become a Season Ticket Member and attend exclusive events like this one, call 713-758-7300 or visit Rockets.com! ‬

For more from today’s festivities, follow us on Snapchat: 👻HoustonRockets
... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

El Paso 411

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud! ... See MoreSee Less

Congrats to the El Paso Rhinos Hockey on their current winning streak: 26-0, making #ElPaso proud!


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Leonel Rivera we can’t go now I’ll be the reason they lose lol

When did el Paso get a hockey team?

Daniel Fuentes we NEED to go to a game!!!!


Miguel Lopez and you never want to go to their games😏

Mira Esther Vilchez Madrigal...necesitamos it😆😆😆😆

Niki Nicole we need to go to a game

They got a team?

Christian Andrade

Tory Johannsen

Stephen Rodriguez Kate Johnsen

Nathan Weatherly

Jrod Rodriguez

Josh ☝️😀

I want to go Mathew Brown II

Marisol McGuigan :)

Christopher David Carrillo damn!

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10 hours ago

Houston Rockets

The Force is strong with this team... Make sure to join us for Star Wars night at our next home game, tomorrow 12/11 vs. the Pelicans!

🎟🎟 >> bit.ly/2iEXwXD
... See MoreSee Less

The Force is strong with this team... Make sure to join us for Star Wars night at our next home game, tomorrow 12/11 vs. the Pelicans!

🎟🎟 >> http://bit.ly/2iEXwXD


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People just sleeping on the rockets like always but they're improving each year. They only getting better everytime they played.

Lindsey Hardin If you do not succeed in getting me a bobble head thank I’ll shall find a new apprentice!!!

Let's Go Red Nation. WE BELIEVE

Maîtrise le crosse jeune padawoine

Pedro Longas que il force jpp 😂😂😂

Marc Callow

Javier Fernando Gutierrez why is this during finals week :'(

Gaby Bravo

Denise Barnett

Darren Symons

Muki Mujkanović

10 hours ago

Houston Rockets

Today's Holiday Assist Item of the Day from RocketsShop.com is Rockets Stance Socks!

Get yours now: bit.ly/2AFpQ4h
... See MoreSee Less

Todays Holiday Assist Item of the Day from RocketsShop.com is Rockets Stance Socks! 

Get yours now: http://bit.ly/2AFpQ4h


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I wanted to buy these socks for my son. I see they only come in medium and large. What about extra large for men that wear shoe size 13 or more?

Trina Hardman. Kieran might like these.

Yvette Gusman order me them

Claudia Gabriela Tonche 🙊

Michelle Vickery Canizalez

10 hours ago

Houston Rockets

A 3-0 road trip and a 9 game winning streak! 🔥

#RunAsOne 🚀
... See MoreSee Less

A 3-0 road trip and a 9 game winning streak! 🔥

#RunAsOne 🚀


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as a Lakers fan, the only reason the Rockets are on a 9 game winning streak is because they won 9 games without losing...

Congrats to RedNation the Rockets are on a roll! What's that? Now, back home for a 7-game stand. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 #RunAsOne 🏀

They still have 0% Chance at beating warriors or spurs in a 7 game series

I never seen the Rockets look this good

Eric Gordon needs to show up. Dunno why he's slumping as of late.


For now you are well but beware of the return in the form of warriors and Stephen curry

Go rockets 🚀🚀🚀💯💯 they beast mode!!

Funny how our jerseys look exactly like the trailblazers 😂 Go Rockets!

The Houston Rockets Trail Blazers .... Why not 😂

Cole Crompton Jon Alvarez looks like they’re holding hands hahaha

They holding hands ? This coming out shits gotta stop

I thought they are holding hands together., haha :D go houston. FeartheBeard :)

So glad they pulled this off. They were losing last time I checked.

Great Win Last Night!...~J'21~

Whew, I thought they were holding hands for a second. Go Rockets! #RedNation

They are on a 9 winning streak because they are so awesome !!!!!! Keep it going!!!!!!

All we need is another big man...Deandre Jordan would fit in nice with Houston..

I thought they were holding hands.

No defense on either side I guess.

Rockets vs Spurs Western finals if come back Leonard,😎

Aona manao amnai ry Nico Yvon fa elaela elah tsy enl

#RedNation 👌🚀🤘

We balling out.

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11 hours ago

Houston Rockets

A tenacious team effort in the come-from-behind win last night. WeWork #WorkWeLove ... See MoreSee Less


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The trail blazers was scoring lights out but the rockets taking it to a whole other level this year watch out teams sleeping on the rockets again.

PJ Tucker was a huge add this year! Mario Elie Junkyard dog type of player we needed

Team chemistry is over 100%

23 hours ago

El Paso 411

We're at Lights on the Lake at Ascarate Lake! Let's check out some lights! ... See MoreSee Less


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What time does Ascarate close

Awww my childhood memories!

I love my hometown!

I love Ascarate, but they really need to improve their displays.

Whats the cost

How fun!

Don’t think there’s a cover charge.

Absolutely love it

Cassie Ruvalcaba Laura Sophia Duarte NEXT WEEKEND?!

It’s costs $2 per car

What is the cost

what time does it close

outdated AF!

Laura Jeremiah El Catrin Julie Moreno

Crystal Bates can you take me??

Melissa Navar

Cheska Marie 🙄

Ismael Arias Tafoya Mary Arias

Nancy Martinez Belem Reyes Teresa Martinez

Meelissa Castillo

They sucked

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