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Retail Gasoline Prices In Texas, Nationwide Continue To Drop

Retail Gasoline Prices In Texas, Nationwide Continue To Drop


Average retail gasoline prices in Texas and across the country continue a steady, month-long decline.

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3 hours ago

Houston Texans

"We have to do a better job of keeping that momentum...rolling." ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey as a Colts fan I truly hope Tom Savage is okay after the big hit he took today . Yes I may like the colts and this is a Texans page but truly life is way way bigger than football and always will be ! I really hope he’s able to recover well and get back out there. It isn’t okay seeing a player of any team shake like that . Hope the best for you guys !!

Every week one of these bozos come on and tell us "We have to do a better job...Tell us something we dont know... After today I need a Rockets game to get me back in the Christmas spirit....

Remember when we had kubiak as a coach, we fired him, he then won a super bowl with the broncos? Remember when we had Keenum and he barely took up any cap space, he’s now leading the Vikings to one of their best seasons in 2 decades? Fire the GM and figure out what the hell is going on. Quit firing people that leave our organization and sore in others.

Hard to do with a coach who turns Watson loose but doesn’t trust his WHITE quarterbacks enough to do the same and instead plays conservative, get into fieldgoal range and QUIT football. And don’t me get started on how bad the secondary is playing under Vrabel’s leadership.

Our guys are like paper. Seeing Savage have a seizure on the field and still want to go in shows heart. But the reality is that the game is much faster than him. He’s had so may concussions that he will have to retire early as well. I hope that he recovers for his own good but he does not need to take another snap for the Texans.

How about skipping interviews. Each week it's always a comment like this. Cancel interviews and resume them once y'all have it figured out and producing the results in a game.

This man had a Grand Mal Seizures on the field and yall put him back in the game ?? One of them 120 police officers who work at the stadium should have booked the team doctor or Bill O'Brien for " Failure to render aid " or Injury to the elderly ! Then I heard he was coughing up blood and phlegm ! Y'all should be ashamed of y'all selves ! Houston Texans

Watson will be back next year. Calm down. Everybody suddenly forgot we were the most exciting team to watch when Watson blew his knee. Just breathe.

How can they have all these procedures set up to protect these guys from serious head injuries and the guy is clearly knocked out and , AND has what appears to be a seizure...on the field ...and then is allowed to return to the game ...it is all a facade ..to cover and protect themselves only ...come on

In Yates we Trust! Go Texans!! I hope Savage is ok. The Team Doctors and GM need to be relieved of duties immediately!!!

Not really sure what the point of these useless Post Game Press Conferences are? Same excuses week after week, might be time to find some new material their boys.

I like the fact that you are hearing from him not O'Brien! He is owning his mistakes! Coming in cold... But still owning it!

Is that what they tell them to say when they lose a game ? Well they losing so much until i think they need to come up with a different line,because we have heard that line way to much.You know what i see,i see Big Heads,Big Pockets,Little Performance.check the purse.

I have to do Better Coach’s have to do better “Players have to do better We gotta get better And win games...”” Who’s tired of this?? it’s the EXACT same line Kubiack gave us for 8 years... We’ve gone nowhere since the franchise started. Who’s fault is this?? Who needs to go?

Texan team known as the crumble team everyone is.injured but their cks keep going to their bank why bother to win right .

Why not admit the problem is half of our key players are out and no one has stepped up to fill in those gaps, period!!!

Kicker took all the momentum away, if he has a job tomorrow, no one can lose their job (kinda like Rick Smith).

The Texans have been cursed with horrible luck this season. What started out looking like a potential for a great season has become a disaster because of serious injuries to many of our key players. Coach Bill O'Brien is doing the best he can with what he has left to work with. You people who are bad mouthing him are idiots. You people bad mouthing the players who are injured are low-life trash. I am born and raised in Houston, Texas. I will always support my home town teams. We don't need low class trash here in Houston who bad mouth our teams. (Players or coaches)

Please start Yates I cant watch another game with Savage...

Do you think we need to do a better job? We could do a better job, right? Maybe we should do a better job!

I think they need fired the coach.

Threw in towel regroup.new quarter back /coach

Win or lose I'm still proud of my Texans !!

T.J. should back up Watson next season

What momentum, you lost??? I can't wait until Deshaun Watson comes back and they fire O'Brien.

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4 hours ago

Houston Texans

Thanks for being our Homefield Advantage Captain today, Hakeem Olajuwon!

📸: bit.ly/2A91Vci
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I remember seeing him when I was like 10 years old ,,, at the book store * on shepherd n Richmond area *

Dream has always been a class-act!

Should have made Jimmy G the Captain. He owned the Texans today 👌🏻

My boy the great one always in my heart


Wish I had all the money I had betting on him with U of H and the Rockets

OMG! Bottom left pick they set him on fire!

Harlem ( the dream) olajuwon !!

Go Rockets!

Remember when he was Akeem..

The Dream. My favorite athlete. A true Champion.

didn't help

Love u Dream

Dream !

Such a class act.

Dion Boettcher

Kurt Froistad

Haaris Sheikh

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8 hours ago

Texas Motorplex

Looking at a test n tune next Saturday from 10-5. Just need to know the interest first. Weather looks great.
Comment or like if you’re interested.
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I think this will be more packed than the fast Friday before street car takeover

I'm down for test and tune..

Just keep the TNT’s rolling into next season 😂

We are good to go Saturday, watch for more info tomorrow.

There's more that enough interest for y'all to open up.

I would if it didn't take 2 1/2 hours of waiting just to make one run like it did on your last TNT.

Yes please

Open, open, open!!!!

I'm in

I'll be there!

We're in!

Yes please

Bout time


Count me in!

I'm down


Brent Baker what the chances?????

Let's do it

Interest come on--------> This is TX!


Count me in

Yup yup

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Take a look back at some of the highlights from Robert Hight’s great year. Can he do it again in 2018?
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1 day ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

A curious Gray Fox at Lake Corpus Christi State ParkThis Gray Fox was hanging out last week near the shelter restrooms just long enough for our park visitor Kaye McDaniel to take these beautiful photos!

Thanks for sharing, Kaye!
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A curious Gray Fox at Lake Corpus Christi State Park


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It is a gray fox... red fox have white tipped tails. If you look closely you can see the sides of this one are gray, another indication it is a gray fox

We have a family in the neighborhood. I see them almost every day. Kinda my favorite wildlife experience for the 'hood full of deer. Never bother our old/young cats. They actually seem to kinda hang out together. Not sure what kind of livestock they might threaten besides chickens.

up here in Denton County, a grey fox used to cut through our property in winter season around twilight...don't remember any red or russet, but maybe it was the light!

I wonder if he’s watching people coming out of the pooper, and wondering if they washed their hands....be spreading germs around his Forrest

We have so many chicken owners now I doubt we have any foxes or bobcats & hawks left. The neighbor's seem to think eradicating the wild life will help the chickens.

I wish a neighbor would quit shooting them! Makes me angry 😡 I

We called this Fox a Red Fox , we also had Gray Fox's in our area they both are so pretty

ah shes sitting looking for snow like heyyy were did it go lol jk

Natasha look at this pretty thing

Having your camera ready and timing

What a treat to see a beautiful animal like this!

Love little foxy...in the mountains...you would see quite a few

Fernando Isaac Flores we must go to take w picture of it!!

We had coyotes running about 3pm that's not funny.

What did it say?!

So cute! What a treat for her!



That is a fat fox

Taking in some rays.



Here kitty, Kitty, Kitty- come home with Me

So pretty.

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2 days ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

It's not too often that you get to build a snowman on a Texas beach. ... See MoreSee Less

Its not too often that you get to build a snowman on a Texas beach.


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some people up north might think that's a puny little snowman down here we think it's freakin amazing we can even make one LOL

Everything is bigger except snowman in Texas

Frosty the Snowman might need to ask Santa for a GPS or maybe just an old fashion map. Frosty seems to have gotten lost.

That's beautiful! It snowed here for first time this year yesterday and everyone panicked and went out and bought out all the milk and bread! HA! Hey folks... it's December in New York! Yippee☹️


Ahhh... The elusive nearly extinct Texas snowy beach comber

Love it. I’m sure there were a few people surfing while it was snowing. ⛄️ 🏄

its Photoshop, it doesn't actually snow in texas, thats just a myth started by the Illuminati XD

My favorite SNOW picture of all.....

Lake Ontario don't have snow yet it looks funny to from New York

Cool picture with the Gulf in the background !! ⛄️🌊

Love it!!! Don't get a chance to build a snowman on Texas beaches very often.

It snowed there in 2003 a few days before my daughter's outdoor wedding!!!

Ella Bryan this is the real reason you don't want to go to Hawaii 😂⛄️🏄🏻‍♀️

Even Snowmen love the beach~~~ lol

Did you see the picture of the snowman "fishing"?

This is truly awesome. Never thought I would see this.

Steve-o lies... y'all did get snow down there.

OLAF!!! Looks like he's singing, 'LET IT GO, LET IT GO!'

This is absolutely un-real!!! Has this ever happened before?

You can use tar balls for eyes!

Looks like the snowman that was on our neighbors truck this morning.

My niece Jean had a pic of snow in Louisiana this morning..none in Maine (yet)


All I can think of is Copenhagen! Someone add a mermaid tail!! ❤️

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3 days ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Some brave souls are swimming today at snowy Balmorhea State Park in west Texas.

Water temperature of the spring-fed pool stays 72 to 76 degrees year-round.December 7, 2017 - It has been snowing steadily at Balmorhea State Park since early this morning. Here are a few shots of our first snow at Balmorhea this season. So far, we have only had two brave souls in the water today!
... See MoreSee Less

Some brave souls are swimming today at snowy Balmorhea State Park in west Texas.

Water temperature of the spring-fed pool stays 72 to 76 degrees year-round.


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We also had some swimmers at the 3rd largest spring-fed pool in Texas - located at Fort Clark Springs in Brackettville! It was surrounded by snow today too!

Not sure the word "brave" should be applied to anyone swimming in an area that has snow on the ground

I used swim year round at Barton Springs in Austin. Even when it's cold and wintry, the water feels great once you get in.

I took my scuba certification test there. On our 2nd day the weather was mild when we got in. By the time we got out it was starting to snow. We got changed in record time!

Remember when I told your friend this about the river and he said it wasn't true so I told you he was a downer and you told him I said that Abby Burns

I lost my mind on that broken white line before I even reached Balmorhea...

The Polar Bear Club is what it's called up North in Minnesota.

If you read the pool stays 72-76 year round. The water probably feels good.

The swimming is easy, it's the getting out that's hard!

I can't stand it in the summer, too cold, but on a day like today it would probably be nice.

72 wouldn't be warm enough for me!!!

Salina and Shannon, here's west Texas.

So Margie Anthes you'll still be able to swim here on our trip to the observatory!!!

72 is cold unless it's summer in Texas.

I would probably get in now, Kevin!

Man, Gerzan J Chau, maybe we should've planned our trip for this park instead.

Omg I'd love to do this!

Scott McIlhany Erin McIlhany - here you go. Your winter vacation spot.

It's cold in the summer!

I saw one post where 2 boys were swimming in a pool surrounded by snow.It looked like fun.

I would just to say I did - perfect temps!

Yes it's snowing here I'm about 45 mins from balmorhea now

And then you can come over to see me.

Mitch Watt, this is where you want to be right now, right?

Siobhan... it's snowing in Texas 😍

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