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Search teams rescue woman in Sam Houston National Forest

Search teams rescue woman in Sam Houston National Forest


She was lost in the forest for 15 hours.

The woman went to the forest around noon Tuesday with her dog, and around 8 p.m., she texted her father to tell him she was lost, said Lt. Scott Altemus of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

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7 minutes ago

KABB FOX 29 News, San Antonio

Strong storms are headed to SA! Meteorologist Siobhain Anders is LIVE tracking when & where these storms will hit. ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for the info



Send me some rain! 🙋‍♀️

Good evening

Good for the yard.

It it going to storm in Delaware

Are we expecting hail




In Claymont Delaware

My plants would love it

How about a big storm and lots of lightings in the misogynist white house?

Strong winds in Hondo


Hi, how about Cuero and De Witt will it hit us?

Night rocker

Heavy rain in Castroville


Good job!

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24 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

"I ask all Texans to join in holding a moment of silence tomorrow morning to remember the victims, their families, and first responders of the attack that took place at Santa Fe High School." - Gov. Greg Abbott
READ MORE: on.khou.com/2GATLvO
... See MoreSee Less

I ask all Texans to join in holding a moment of silence tomorrow morning to remember the victims, their families, and first responders of the attack that took place at Santa Fe High School. - Gov. Greg Abbott
READ MORE: https://on.khou.com/2GATLvO


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Abbott still has a shotgun-giveaway on his website, as if to prove he won't do a damn thing about curbing gun violence.

NRA bot.

Go count your NRA money that day.

Not sure what you want done about the gums? Not one mass murder has been committed by a NRA member. If a criminal or thug wants a gun, they will get one. No matter what laws you enact. Drugs are illegal but druggies still get and use them. Laws are put in place for law abiding citizens. You are attacking 5he wrong person. Maybe try attacking the person who actually committed the crime.


Think the victims and their families would prefer ACTION. That moment of silence only is meaningfull if society acts. Responsible parenting and gun ownership. Confront bullying. Affordable and available mental healthcare. A society that respects diversity rather than extremists.

A moment of silence my ass. Enact gun control you silly uncaring fool.

Gov Abbott’s campaign has a lottery for a “Texas Made Shotgun”. Here is link. www.gregabbott.com/ Do you really think he cares?

#actionsspeaklouderthanwords #enough

Hate these Royalist conservatives.

Tiffany Thomas

All talk no real action

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1 hour ago

KHOU 11 News

Dynamo showing support today for the people in Santa Fe....The Houston Dynamo are playing in Chicago today, showing support as they walked to the stadium for the community of Santa Fe after Friday's tragic events. ... See MoreSee Less

Dynamo showing support today for the people in Santa Fe....


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Supporting them by controlling guns? Or at laws to make them have to be insured like liability on cars?



Stacy Howard David

2 hours ago

KHOU 11 News

Good afternoon everybody, meteorologist Blake Mathews here. While most of Houston remains dry at this hour, torrential downpours and big thunderstorms continue to plague areas in Montgomery county. I have a look at the radar right now. Join me. ... See MoreSee Less


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I’m seeing sprinkles and clouds fondren and 59

We had a major downpour in Humble near 1960 and 59...about 3 or 4 inches of water on the S. Bender Ave in front of township apartments. I am still amazed how we did not have our apartment flood out during Harvey!

It was raining a lot since last night until this morning. But now we're done with the rain in Dallas. We have Sunshine now.

The Katy, Texas area received a bit of a rain shower that last all of about 5 minutes in the process. 🌧🌦🌩

i am terrified of tornados so NOT speaking those into existence but dang does the rain ALWAYS have to skirt southwest houston??

Poured, here in Lake Conroe...lots of thunder and lightening...trying to clear up somewhat now

Cloudy no rain southwest houston.. my plants NEED RAIN 🥀

Driving from Dallas. On 45 right before madisonville. It’s pouring. Thunder & lightning.

Huge dark clouds looming but no rain not even a sprinkle.

Sounds great outside just got back from gtw and have to deal with rain joys

Rain off & on in Caldwell...we seem to have heavy stuff coming.

Angelina County has thunderstorms now.

Please... I got my hair done, my make up done... and it’s about to rain😩

Tomball/Klein area has been getting it for while now

Do we ever talk about Wharton ? Unless we’re under water ?

Bout 4 min of rain earlier 59 and bellfort

It’s raining HARD at my house in Conroe

Been raining in Porter for a while now!!

The rain needs to come into Harris County, & Hi Blake

Is it true about a hurricane coming?

Had a short rain in LA Porte earlier.

Is anyone seeing tornado conditions?

thunder here, had some light rain...

Willis, TX getting tons of rain

Saludos Houston

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2 hours ago

KHOU 11 News

Severe weather is moving through part of the state. There have been reported tornadoes near Austin. This is video from Leander. bit.ly/2rViJ4t

Do you have photos or videos of severe weather? Email them [email protected]
... See MoreSee Less


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Erica Harris Melissa A Martinez Mercedes Fanfan This might explain these storms we’ve been caught in

Stephanie Hammonds be careful boo boo

Our food depends on it! The farmers need rain!!!

Christina , you out of there yet??

Gene Moore these are coming out way out here in Houston. If you come towards the Houston Area, like ever, please let me know lol

Its shaping up to be a ruff summer for storms,,I pray I'm wrong

Bring it to Highlands we need the rain

Britt and Aaron take care be careful on the way home

Ashlyn Hayes you and Dylan Take Care

. It's trying to rain we need it no rain in 4 weeks

Monte Wakefield. Where my baby lives. Ughhhhh

Isn't that the way it always is. Feast or famine.

Not in Kingwood. 🙁

Kayla Harris y’all be careful headed back✝️✝️

Joan Cor watch out ! ~Maymay

Valerie Wilson near Austin


Melissa Jacksonon

Kailyn Ashleigh. Ughhhh. I checked on bubba. He’s good.

Maggie Vasquez Juan Manuel Cantu Stephanie Rey

Yvette Hdz

Kevin Penner

James Miller 😳😳

Iridian Davila

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