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Stolen 'Candy Cane Lane' decoration recovered

Stolen 'Candy Cane Lane' decoration recovered


Residents say a FedEx driver contacted them after seeing the decoration of Everhart Rd. near P.O.E.T.S. restaurant.

A stolen Candy Cane Lane decoration has been recovered. The decoration was allegedly stolen Tuesday night from the curb of McAlpin Dr.

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1 hour ago

FOX 7 Austin

A suspicious person caused a lockdown at Akins High School. Natalie Martinez on FOX 7 has reaction from some of the frightened kids and parents TONIGHT on FOX 7 Austin News at 9pm. ... See MoreSee Less

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Not suspicious if it's a kid that was 17 and a student 2 weeks ago that came and threatened the school with a backpack full of things they haven't released yet.

Terrorists love fear. Quit being victims and train.

Fear, is a weapon now...

2 hours ago


Net neutrality is now slated to end April 23rd.

But the that doesn't mean the fight is over. bit.ly/2BM8Pb5
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Susana....you got two more months of TV 😱

3 hours ago

FOX 7 Austin

In the aftermath of yet another mass school shooting, President Donald J. Trump says that if one of the victims, a football coach, had been armed “he would have shot and that would have been the end of it.” bit.ly/2CDEW9R ... See MoreSee Less

In the aftermath of yet another mass school shooting, President Donald J. Trump says that if one of the victims, a football coach, had been armed “he would have shot and that would have been the end of it.” http://bit.ly/2CDEW9R


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There was an armed security guard at the school! He was a uniformed sheriff. He did absolutely NOTHING for 4 minutes while the massacre was happening. He was seen on surveillance video. So you expect a teacher to react different? These are teachers not soldiers. You actually think that in the middle of class a shooter walks in firing a gun, that the teacher is going to grab their gun and fire across a room full of panicking students and hit the assailant? GTFOH

No. Bad Bad Idea. 1: All teachers are not that Honorable to be Trusted

This is stupid If you arm teachers there would be more risks of attacks, what if a teacher shot someone?

See what happens when a teacher forgets her weapon in the restroom or leaves her lock box unlocked. Accidental gun going off...

I had a teacher that was missing an arm once in junior high so he couldn't hold the eraser and the chalk at one time so it took much longer to conduct class because that simple switch eventually amounted to a lot of time throughout the year. And if he'd drop either that was much harder because he couldn't hold himself up while simply bending down to grab it. So, yes they should be armed and both arms is a major plus!!!

Yes the teacher will shoot the shooter and there will be less victims and probably schools won't get approached knowing they have weapons

My concern is a post I read last night. Husband states wife is a teacher and has hands full teaching she doesn't need the emotional upset of protecting with a gun ...the children....that doesn't speak well to me. They are in her care when in her classroom....

This plan won’t last. ISDs will be bankrupt after their first wrongful death suit and those will happen. It’s only a matter of time before someone accidentally leaves a gun out or gets disarmed. The people championing this plan are the same people that got us to where we are now with so many guns accessible by anyone.

I don't know....seems like a lot of teachers are making students victims too. New teacher student relationship in the news every other week.

If you can find a teacher that is not a liberal living in a fairy tale world. These matters require individuals with a grip on reality.

You mean the same teachers that see nothing wrong with sleeping with their students?....yeahhhhh suuure, give those f'd up crazies a gun. What could possibly go wrong....?!? 🤔

Very bad idea. You'll have clearly not been in a classroom in years. These teachers can't even keep the kids in-line. Students are constantly cussing out teachers making fun of teachers and have no respect for the teachers. Go ahead and put guns in teachers hands and then there will be that one "bad apple" that shoots up a classroom

There are many teachers that are ex-military. Yes, I think it could definitely help. It needs to be advertised outside the buildings and only the leadership should be aware of who is armed. In addition, they need to be trained, licensed, and psychologically stable.

This, like 911 was, is the new normal now. Columbine was handguns and shotguns. Sandy Hook was an AR and handguns, the Pulse niteclub was a semi-auto hunting rifle and handgun. Handguns are almost exclusively used in the THOUSANDS of ghetto shootings and in virtually all robberies. Banning AR's is only a symbolic effort and will NOT be effective. They will bring shortguns, handguns, pressure cookers, bomb vests or machetes. BANNNG AR's will not solve the problem. Overturning a Constitutional amendment, 2A, is impossible so let's get real. Banning AR's is the ONLY solution that has been offered by Democrats, the ONLY one. It is NOT a real or relevant solution much less a set of relevant solutions. LE just did not work here and is almost always too late: the assigned deputy did not go in to confront, the Sheriff visited this guy 39 times, and 2 people informed the FBI. They all failed. We need barriers, metal detectors at controlled entry, improved threat reporting systems without PC, better threat info video and verified fire alarms, more training and drills. And more.

Well hell it seems children we cant agree and come up with a damn solution but i say yes. Beats the crap out of doing nothing. Its a start. Or just put a hatch in the floor at the door and teacher hits a button and drops em in a dungeon . or maybe a giant friggin flyswatter hidden in wall that smacks the crap out of the bad guy . Protect the schools dammit cause you aint ever getting rid of guns , knives , home depot trucks , boxcutters on and on .Protect the kids....

If you were in an active shooter situation with the gunman in the room, would you want someone else in that room (who has a license to carry and trained) to be carrying? I would!

I will say no because what happens if the student say the wrong thing to the teacher and the teacher pulls out the gun or the student takes it it's just not too much a good idea

I agree that more security in the school is a large part of the solution and I do not pretend to believe licensed and trained people carrying in a school will stop these shootings. However, it will always take time for police to respond and people will be shot during that time. So, if my child was in the school with a shooter I would want someone who was trained and could respond immediately on site.

Some teachers probably shouldn’t be trusted

Only the ones that are trained and capable to do so. Not everyone is qualified to uphold that responsibilit.

Just arm them wit tazers or bean bag guns but why the same weapon as the shooter. There's other ways?

A well armed teacher can protect you children better than an unarmed teacher. Weapon or chalk, witch will protect children better?

Yes plus add more trained officers at each school. Plus pay more attention to the at risk students....don't be blinded by odd behavior. Listen to your gut feelings!!!

If I can’t trust my kid’s teacher with a gun, why should I trust them with my kid? Arm and train the willing teacher.

Nope can't trust teachers when there are some that touch kids or have kiddie porn and What happens when the teacher gets caught and they use that gun on themselves in front of the students, or use it on the kids, or the police.

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3 hours ago


Have you been enjoying the temps in the low 60s? Let’s talk with Amanda Guillen to see if there are any changes in sight for this weekend! ... See MoreSee Less


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I’d rather have cold, wind, rain and snow. I dont want the hot weather. It makes me so sick. 😩

I get dizzy a lot and faint a lot. Even when I drink nothing but water. Born and raised in Cruces but my body never liked the heat. 😂

No, we need warmer temperatures, no wind and no rain so we can open the track next Friday night and start our season.

60 degree weather? Thats a summer day for me right now.. I been in 20° weather for 2months...

Over here in Las Vegas Nevada too it's windy and cold

I like the weather when it’s around 68 to 75 degrees perfect weather

Watch out for the wind ....


I dislike this weather

Come to Connecticut 😎

Yes it’s been to cold

Bring some rain 🌧 please rain 🌧



Oh no . Rudy

Bye 👋 beautiful


Karen Itzel

Hi. Buaetifu l

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We're heading back to SXSW!

For a second year in a row, Texas A&M will travel to Austin to host unique panels, exhibitions, and more at SXSW Interactive from March 11-14. Learn more about #TAMUatSXSW at sxsw.tamu.edu.
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Take a sneak peek at what we've got planned for this year at tx.ag/sxsw2018!

Yay! I was within a couple days of asking! I loved having y’all there last year! What an impression! And yes, I still have my Cardboard viewer! 😍👍🏻

Angela Ceginara Melo Aita

The February Texas Transportation Commission meeting has just started. Watch a live stream here: ow.ly/cxCa30iygqv ... See MoreSee Less

The February Texas Transportation Commission meeting has just started. Watch a live stream here:  http://ow.ly/cxCa30iygqv


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Kaitlyn Cheyenne

A reason to whoop: It should be a good year for bluebonnets in Texas!

A Texas A&M University - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences expert explains the biennial state flower in The Dallas Morning News: tx.ag/bluebonnetsin2018
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Melinda.. pics?

William Montgomery photoshoot

Texas A&M University When can we get ahold of the maroon bluebonnets?

Christine, we need to take Bluebonnet pictures this year!! Let us know when they're in bloom and we'll come visit!

How I miss the Bluebonnets in Texas as well as the things.

Paula! Thought this might make you excited! 🙂

Love those bluebonnets!

I love you


Heather Gumarang

Carlen Zdunkewicz Bibb road trip!

Taylor Davenport

Jimmie Arnold

Danielle Holman



Yvonne Cain Redmon, good to know! We’ll have to find a good spot this year to take photos.

Shannon Hawthorne

Nathan McDuff

Sara Bice Klahs

Candy Dade Williams

Billie Marcum

Tyler Johnson

Theresa Furgeson McClellan

Julie Paquette

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