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Tariffs, Worker Shortage Raising Construction Costs

Tariffs, Worker Shortage Raising Construction Costs


First time homebuyers are feeling the crunch as the cost to build a new home continues to rise.

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UPDATE: @NWS says EF-1 #tornado reached 90 mph, causing roof and tree damage in #WilliamsonCounty. See video of the confirmed tornado: https://t.co/kf3ie4n7rq

We have confirmed an EF-1 tornado that was on the ground for about 5 miles and about 20 minutes this morning (5/20/18) around 8:30am near Leander, TX. 90 mph winds.

There was roof and tree damage. To read the full Public Information Statement check out: https://t.co/kwmvq2TWE6

[email protected] calls for moment of silence Monday to honor victims in #SantaFeHighSchool shooting: https://t.co/FF9JegkotJ #SantaFe #SantaFeHighSchoolShooting

'I still don't want to believe it': Family says #SantaFeHighSchool school shooting suspect harassed victim: https://t.co/DyeNyKA1V1 #SantaFe #SantaFeHighSchoolshooting

The rain is clear here at Mansfield Dam - plenty of families and boats playing in the water @KVUE

This is it folks! Your top 3 perform for the last time on American Idol tonight at 7 pm! Who are you rooting for?

6:00 - 7:00 America's Funniest Home Videos
7:00 - 9:00 American Idol
9:00 - 10:00 Deception

Fisherman dies when kayak flips over in Lake Conroe https://t.co/p3SLd6HBwy

We highlight some of our favorite movies coming to the @ParamountAustin's Summer Film Series. https://t.co/3XjjDl9kZi

Santa Fe #Texas shooting suspect won’t face death penalty, could be paroled: https://t.co/yZ49OMRfx8

Santa Fe HS student Angelique Ramirez was 1 of 10 killed in shooting https://t.co/3xVQP20tIm

Final 2000 Burton Dr. Fire out, confined to stovetop. No injuries Two trucks will remain to remove smoke all others have been cleared.

Re Box Alarn. 2000 Burton Dr. The Arrangement Apts. 911 Caller reported kitchen fire started while frying. E 6 arriving on scene reporting light smoke showing from front door. Investigating.

CONFIRMED TORNADO in #WilliamsonCounty. This was taken by Kathy Cuff at Rancho Sienna at Ronald Reagan Boulevard. DETAILS: https://t.co/xldLrUr0cE

Share your pictures and video with #KVUE

Santa Fe HS student Shana Fisher killed in shooting, mother says https://t.co/6pxxKem1Yg

UPDATE: Survey of storm damage confirms #tornado in #WilliamsonCounty, officials say: https://t.co/p7LAkID1NB #Texas #txwx

2 days ago

Texas Democratic Party

We refuse to accept this as our normal. Texas students, parents, and teachers deserve action. #EnoughIsEnough

Texas House Democratic Caucus
Members of our Caucus address the tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School.
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Democrats refuse to secure our schools. They oppose metal detectors. They oppose armed guards. They oppose training and arming teachers. The only thing they want is to ban firearms. The only logical conclusion is that they really don't care about school safety at all.

How many children must die before the Democrats allow school districts to make their schools safe? They don’t want to let trained teaches be armed, they don’t want to put trained armed people in the schools, they don’t want to make the schools more secure. All they want to do is try to take freedoms away from law abiding citizens. What does it say about the Democrats that they put their political agenda before people’s lives?

We don’t need thoughts and prayers. Do your job and begin gun control

I will never vote for a NRA backed politician and if you do blood is on your hands.

Vote Blue Texas! 🇺🇸💙

Your efforts are appreciated. Do all you can to get legislation past those who just pray, accept NRA money, and say we're doing all we can. Stand tall.

Going forward I would like to see schools becoming "centers". Within the centers they are broken into sections. Education, Healthcare/Psychology, Law Enforcement, Social Workers and a full compliment of Religious Representatives. All of these modalities under one roof. More funding would come to these centers than what is budgeted for just schools alone. Each entity could provide what they do best. It's not working the way it is set up now. Teachers are being asked to do so many things which takes them from teaching. As a parent I would welcome help from all of these professionals. It was once said " it takes a village ". We need to be open to a new way are children's lives depend on it.

We need to march against guns..

Demand a Special Session on school safety and Vote Blue

We need to do more than send thoughts and prayers to victims.

Please do something. This has to stop.

This is good Action no Words.

so change your gun laws in TX.

"But as leaders, we have to do so much more." Thank you.

time clean house rupukes




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Texas flags across the state are being lowered to half-staff in memory of those who lost their lives in the school shooting at Santa Fe High School today. goo.gl/9LfM77 ... See MoreSee Less

Texas flags across the state are being lowered to half-staff in memory of those who lost their lives in the school shooting at Santa Fe High School today. https://goo.gl/9LfM77


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Their blood is on your hands and the NRA which funnels the Republican party obscene amounts of money. Enact gun control laws NOW!

Maybe instead of lowering flags, you should say that enough is enough and introduce legislation for gun control.

am so sad this has happened ... again. But I still do not feel in my heart that more gun control will fix anything. Look at Chicago with some of the toughest laws on the books. Does it stop people from killing? NO! I have seen a continual degradation in parenting for many years going back to when I was raising my daughters. I would shake my head at my peers who would condone their kids bad behavior but saying “What can I do?” I used to tell them .... DISCIPLINE! Funny how a lot of these same kids are in prison today. This all could have been prevented if parents would just do their job. PARENTS, you are failing your children and creating the reality we are seeing on television. Your children are your responsibility. STEP UP TO THE TASK!!

Thoughts and prayers don't prevent gun violence. You make such a big deal about being pro-life, when are you going to do something about the innocent people dying due to gun shot wounds? I'm a lifelong Texan and a gun owner, and I want you to do something more effective than saying how sorry you are. You wanted the job, do the work.

Can anyone tell me what law exactly will prevent this? Judging by your nasty comments during this time of great sadness and grief it's no wonder your raising kids that feel it's ok to bully other people.

Is it just me or does it seem like school shootings started not long after the paddle was taken away from the schools?

We didn't' have mass shootings in the 50s and 60s when weapons were far easier to get than today. So why are we have shootings today? The gun? More probably is the modern progressive culture that cheapens life; one only has to watch TV or go to a movie to prove it.

Governor, I suggest before your round table discussion about shootings, you get someone or a group to research every shooter in last 5 to 10 years. Find out what medications, like mabe Ambien they were on, their mental history, their parents, their video game habits, what they watched on TV. Where they abused. I bet either they were on medication like Ambien or they played shoot em up video games since they could walk. Has anyone ever done a thorough study like this. May open some eyes.

Here we go worrying about anything but securing our schools. The libtards are exactly why this crap his happening. SMH... What in the world does the NRA have to do with this? Guarantee this shooter is not a member of the NRA.

All these people pushing for gun control that have no idea what happened. Sad that the brain washing runs so deep. For the right decision to be made, we must wait a little bit and see what happened, what led to this, and what/how we can do something that will ACTUALLY begin to solve this issue. If you want totalitarian gun control, move to England. If you are too wimpy to do that, move to California.

"Please be advised that the Needville ISD will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness!! Should students choose to do so, they will be suspended from school for 3 days and face all the consequences that come along with an out of school suspension. ...every choice has a consequence whether it be positive or negative. We will discipline no matter if it is one, fifty, or five hundred students involved." You should be suspended for 10 unexcused deaths in a public school. Your "Guns Everywhere" agenda is insane.

Our county courthouses down here all have armed sheriffs at the doors and all visitors must empty their pockets and pass thru a metal detector. But it blows my mind that our kids, our most vulnerable are in the most unsecured buildings. Most schools down here have zero to little security. and absolutely nothing at the entrances. Visitors can waltz right on thru. But there are some people among us who feel it's the NRA's fault and attack the 2nd amendment, makes no sense at all to attack individual rights & gun owners.

Flying the flag at half staff does nothing. When are you going to do something to stop gun violence in Texas? You cannot be PRO-LIFE if you allow children to be killed in their schools.

We don't want your thoughts and prayers. Children are DYING. I'll repeat - CHILDREN. ARE. DYING. DO something to protect us and our children.

Because honoring the victims is more important than, I don't know, preventing their murders?

That will work! That will stop the next one! That will bring back those lost souls! That will not be enough to console the pain the families feel! Sorry but that's not going to be enough anymore. Vote them out!

Lowering flags won’t bring them back. How about doing your job and enact gun control legislation? I mean... you weren’t dumb enough to say “thoughts and prayers”, but this action is meaningless.

Great. You know what a sign of respect for our students and teachers is? Doing something other than lowering a flag after the fact. Goddamned shame our politicians are so gutless.

Do you know a teacher cannot tell anyone anything about a mentally ill child or they can loose thier teaching certification.

We won’t settle the gun debate anytime soon. But we can come up with a proactive solution to Keep kids safe in schools by fall. Those that can, should step up to the plate. Governor Abbott and every Texas senator and congressman and state representative. Get busy!!

Gina you obviously live in a bubble and have no idea that the bad guys have always been able to go around the law and get guns. Guess what they also use knives, hammers, bats, cars, trucks, planes and anything else they can put their hands on to commit their evil!

It is very sad and I feel for the parents of those that were shot. I worked in a prison for 13 years and know that it's not the people that obey the laws that do horrible things like this. No matter what the law says, there are those that will do whatever it takes to get their way.

Today's words of our Governor sound like nice promises. But one should wonder why the almost identical shooting in Parkland FL three months ago was not enough to start action THEN? No, more kids had to die, and here. Your words ring hollow. I do not believe you and the Texas legislature will do anything. ------------------------------ "AUSTIN — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, speaking hours after the school shooting that left at least 10 people dead Friday, said he wants new guns laws "to make sure this tragedy is never repeated." "We need to do more than just to pray for the victims and their families," Abbott, a Republican, said during a press conference near Santa Fe High School on Friday afternoon. The governor will begin holding roundtable discussions next week with "stakeholders to begin to work immediately on swift solutions to prevent tragedies like these from ever happening again."

Respectfully, Governor Abbott - please don't say "commit" or "committed" suicide. The proper term is "die(d) by suicide". Historically, in the United States and other areas, the act of suicide was considered a crime. Until as recently as 1963, six US states still considered attempted suicide a criminal act. Suicide is no longer a crime, therefore to say that someone "committed" or wanted to "commit" suicide implies that a crime was intended or occurred in that regard. #WordsMatter

In case you guys didn’t notice THERE WERE EXPLOSIVE DEVICES ALSO. Guns don’t kill people, people do. The UK doesn’t allow guns so they are having a serious uptick in knife violence. The solution isn’t banning guns, it’s paying attention to problem people before they commit the crimes. Oh wait! That would be against that person’s rights. Well which is better keeping a few more in jail or dead people?

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