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The story of James Avery Craftsman, Texas' favorite jeweler

The story of James Avery Craftsman, Texas' favorite jeweler


Do you own any James Avery jewelry?

My San Antonio from the Express-News: https://trib.al/NlAEf0i

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6 minutes ago

FOX 26 Houston

Congratulations to The Rock! Actor Dwayne Johnson will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to film. ... See MoreSee Less

Congratulations to The Rock! Actor Dwayne Johnson will get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to film.


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The future candidate for democratic party 2020 😆😀😁😂🤣loosers

Alright, wish I could meet him in person

I hope it's next to trumps 😂 Roman Shoffner



Lulu Fuego Botello Gigi Thompson Fonteneaux

Andrea Bernal

18 minutes ago

Dallas Cowboys

We had so much fun at our first holiday camp of the year! If you missed this one, sign up and join us December 19th at AT&T Stadium for our next holiday camp! ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

Remembering a great actor taken from us too soon. Michael Clarke Duncan was best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile. He would have turned 60 today. ... See MoreSee Less

Remembering a great actor taken from us too soon. Michael Clarke Duncan was best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile. He would have turned 60 today.


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"Don't you put that evil on us Ricky Bobby You can Walk!" "No No No he has to know he's always crying!" I will remember you

You are still missed. And fox news: who are you to say it was too soon. God has plans far greater than you. Yes, wed all love it if he was still here... But... We are not time keepers.

His role in that movie makes be absolutely bawl like a baby, I mean full on ugly cry sobbing. He had an amazing gift. ❤️

RIP Mr Duncan. I enjoyed watching you on the big screen. My favorite was the green mile.

He was excellent in Armageddon

I watched Green Mile yesterday. He is very missed

R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan I loved the Green Mile you are a gentle giant

He's with the angels, up in heaven #GreenMile #Duncan <3

The Green Mile is one of my favorite movies!

Michael was such a good actor , taken too soon ..

Folks...just in case you missed it, he passed in 2012 !

I can’t imagine the grief omarosa still suffers.

Deeply miss him Rest in heavenly peace

My favorite movie of his is, The Flying Salmon. Miss you big fellow.

He would of continued with a very interesting an bright career

Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!

You are still missed Thank so Many Year's Micheal Clarke Duncan

God bless him ...Rip Micheal Clarke Duncan🀄🀄🀄⚡⚡⚡🙏🙏🙏Age60 Never Been Forgotten R.I.P. Your Angles

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mr. Duncan. Your remarkable talent will never be forgotten.

john coffey sounds like the drink but spelt different x

RIP what a great actor and human being.

Loved him in that movie.

You'll be mess rip my preyer for the family

He played a great actor on forest Gump, RIP bubba 😔

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2 hours ago

FOX 26 Houston

SNOW CUTE! The National Zoo's giant panda Mei Xiang had quite the time playing in the snow Saturday. ❄️🐼 More: bit.ly/2Abca04

(Video/ Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute)
... See MoreSee Less


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Panda good at back flip 😂

Hell yeah!! Love it!

How cute! Look Barbara!

Crystal Bennett

Hannah Rash

Anna Almanza

Franck Esquivel

Carmela Martinez

Carolina Mendez


Alexandra Skerry Apito

Susan Menning Trisler

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3 hours ago

Houston Texans

"We have to do a better job of keeping that momentum...rolling." ... See MoreSee Less


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Hey as a Colts fan I truly hope Tom Savage is okay after the big hit he took today . Yes I may like the colts and this is a Texans page but truly life is way way bigger than football and always will be ! I really hope he’s able to recover well and get back out there. It isn’t okay seeing a player of any team shake like that . Hope the best for you guys !!

Every week one of these bozos come on and tell us "We have to do a better job...Tell us something we dont know... After today I need a Rockets game to get me back in the Christmas spirit....

Remember when we had kubiak as a coach, we fired him, he then won a super bowl with the broncos? Remember when we had Keenum and he barely took up any cap space, he’s now leading the Vikings to one of their best seasons in 2 decades? Fire the GM and figure out what the hell is going on. Quit firing people that leave our organization and sore in others.

Hard to do with a coach who turns Watson loose but doesn’t trust his WHITE quarterbacks enough to do the same and instead plays conservative, get into fieldgoal range and QUIT football. And don’t me get started on how bad the secondary is playing under Vrabel’s leadership.

Our guys are like paper. Seeing Savage have a seizure on the field and still want to go in shows heart. But the reality is that the game is much faster than him. He’s had so may concussions that he will have to retire early as well. I hope that he recovers for his own good but he does not need to take another snap for the Texans.

How about skipping interviews. Each week it's always a comment like this. Cancel interviews and resume them once y'all have it figured out and producing the results in a game.

This man had a Grand Mal Seizures on the field and yall put him back in the game ?? One of them 120 police officers who work at the stadium should have booked the team doctor or Bill O'Brien for " Failure to render aid " or Injury to the elderly ! Then I heard he was coughing up blood and phlegm ! Y'all should be ashamed of y'all selves ! Houston Texans

How can they have all these procedures set up to protect these guys from serious head injuries and the guy is clearly knocked out and , AND has what appears to be a seizure...on the field ...and then is allowed to return to the game ...it is all a facade ..to cover and protect themselves only ...come on

Watson will be back next year. Calm down. Everybody suddenly forgot we were the most exciting team to watch when Watson blew his knee. Just breathe.

In Yates we Trust! Go Texans!! I hope Savage is ok. The Team Doctors and GM need to be relieved of duties immediately!!!

Not really sure what the point of these useless Post Game Press Conferences are? Same excuses week after week, might be time to find some new material their boys.

I like the fact that you are hearing from him not O'Brien! He is owning his mistakes! Coming in cold... But still owning it!

Is that what they tell them to say when they lose a game ? Well they losing so much until i think they need to come up with a different line,because we have heard that line way to much.You know what i see,i see Big Heads,Big Pockets,Little Performance.check the purse.

I have to do Better Coach’s have to do better “Players have to do better We gotta get better And win games...”” Who’s tired of this?? it’s the EXACT same line Kubiack gave us for 8 years... We’ve gone nowhere since the franchise started. Who’s fault is this?? Who needs to go?

Finish the season with TJ. Maybe he can be a decent backup for next season. CUT SAVAGE and the dummy who thought he was starter material!

Texan team known as the crumble team everyone is.injured but their cks keep going to their bank why bother to win right .

Why not admit the problem is half of our key players are out and no one has stepped up to fill in those gaps, period!!!

Kicker took all the momentum away, if he has a job tomorrow, no one can lose their job (kinda like Rick Smith).

The Texans have been cursed with horrible luck this season. What started out looking like a potential for a great season has become a disaster because of serious injuries to many of our key players. Coach Bill O'Brien is doing the best he can with what he has left to work with. You people who are bad mouthing him are idiots. You people bad mouthing the players who are injured are low-life trash. I am born and raised in Houston, Texas. I will always support my home town teams. We don't need low class trash here in Houston who bad mouth our teams. (Players or coaches)

Please start Yates I cant watch another game with Savage...

Do you think we need to do a better job? We could do a better job, right? Maybe we should do a better job!

I think they need fired the coach.

Threw in towel regroup.new quarter back /coach

Win or lose I'm still proud of my Texans !!

T.J. should back up Watson next season

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4 hours ago

Houston Texans

Thanks for being our Homefield Advantage Captain today, Hakeem Olajuwon!

📸: bit.ly/2A91Vci
... See MoreSee Less


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I remember seeing him when I was like 10 years old ,,, at the book store * on shepherd n Richmond area *

Dream has always been a class-act!

Should have made Jimmy G the Captain. He owned the Texans today 👌🏻

My boy the great one always in my heart


Wish I had all the money I had betting on him with U of H and the Rockets

OMG! Bottom left pick they set him on fire!

Harlem ( the dream) olajuwon !!

Go Rockets!

Remember when he was Akeem..

The Dream. My favorite athlete. A true Champion.

didn't help

Love u Dream

Dream !

Such a class act.

Haaris Sheikh

Dion Boettcher

Kurt Froistad

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10 hours ago

ESPN Houston

Report: Texans TE C.J. Fiedorowicz may be forced to retire due to concussions, per Adam Schefter. ... See MoreSee Less

Report: Texans TE C.J. Fiedorowicz may be forced to retire due to concussions, per Adam Schefter.


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Sucks cuz the guy was actually starting to get it figured out in the NFL. Actually started to look like a legit starting TE and not just a blocker. Really feel for the guy 😞

First pick of the 3rd in the 2014 NFL Draft. Anyone know any other player from that draft class that has produced for the Texans other than Clowney? Don't get me started with Sua Filo pick in the 2nd rd. Thank you Rick Smith.

Yes Yes Yes. This is why Texans should have traded for Jimmy Graham from Seahawks when they made a deal for Duane Brown. CJ need to hang it up and move on to new things.

Damn that sucks. He was just coming into his own. He was Starting to look like a legit TE. Not an All-Star or anything but a little better than just serviceable.

Sorry to hear about his condition but thought he was over rated by the Texans. Not that great at blocking or catching, especially running after the catch.

Play it safe man, invest the money you have and retire comfortably to be with your family.

For his own future he should retire. He can't play 2 to 3 games in a row without getting concussed.

That sucks. Pretty much why my kiddos won't play football.

He couldn’t stay healthy every game it’s the same injury just hang em up he did his time

I’d retire if I had to play for the shitty ass Texans too.

Figured that was coming.

How does that work with that fat contract we just signed him too

Probably for the best. Football ain’t worth it

I have to say this season was worst than that 2-14 season mentally and physically with all those injuries

He was becoming a concuss machine

We wasn’t that good anyways

That's a shame.





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