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These are the countries where spanking is illegal

These are the countries where spanking is illegal


Here's a look at how children are disciplined around the world, including where spanking is legally allowed and where it isn't.

Most parents know the proverb, spare the rod, spoil the child.

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Update: Reports of explosion at 9600 block of Brodie Ln determined to NOT be a #PackageBomb. Determined to be incendiary device. Not believed to be related to #PackageBombMurders

So many want to vote in Mexico’s presidential election that the Dallas consulate can’t handle them all   https://t.co/sThPvHMIo7

Melissa ISD gun policy causes alarm, concern for anxious parents who say they didn't know about it  https://t.co/GmmwGADbaa

Meet the emerging D-FW designers who won awards for their Southern styles  https://t.co/1sC2ZpZruc

#Breaking: Another explosion reported in Austin https://t.co/UEhW9efSpO

#Breaking #FBI responding with @Austin_Police to a reported explosion in 9600 block of Brodie Ln in south Austin. EMS reporting at least one injured. Please avoid the area. APD PIO en route.

#WreckEm, #GigEm, whatever you've got to do to 'em. Let's just get the Lone Star State back in the Final Four. | @KSherringtonDMN #MarchMadness https://t.co/mbhsoyaxUR

Tim Lincecum will not start season on active roster for the Texas Rangers | @Evan_P_Grant https://t.co/rHHpRZSNAk

Don't miss a dance party (and delicious Bánh Mì) at this World Down Syndrome Day celebration Wednesday in Dallas https://t.co/NNHUDqM8AU

FBI, @Austin_Police and @ATFHou confirmed packages located at two separate FedEx facilities in the Austin/San Antonio area today are connected to the four previous package explosions that occurred between March 2 and March 18 in Austin, Texas. #PackageBombMurders

Powerful story from hometown singer Demi Lovato: https://t.co/oSLKdTfm15

#Breaking: Surveillance video could show Austin bomber, congressman says https://t.co/RQr3fXtc4t

It would be a 'black eye' on Texas if state's credit is downgraded, comptroller tells lawmakers https://t.co/XTJ4nkcJB5

Frisco man who wanted business back arrested in murder-for-hire plot, officials say  https://t.co/oiqzKA01KP

Poll: What should Dallas do with its remaining Confederate memorial? https://t.co/x1UiK16T2b

24 minutes ago

FOX 7 Austin

HAPPENING NOW: Reports of a possible explosion at a Goodwill store off Brodie Lane W Slaughter Lane. Multiple agencies on scene. One person injured. bit.ly/2psF9It ... See MoreSee Less


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This person needs to be put under the jail

Kelley ThomasNatasha Chavez this is right across from work.

I’m watching now

Where is this?

Watching home from SW FLORIDA...





This person is getting brave!

What is going on?

Austin TX

Omg again prayers 🙏

How many more explosions until we catch this POS

South Austin

That person needs to be locked up in jail

Here In Austin,Texas

Broadie and slaughter

Brodie /slaughter goodwill

I think at a goodwill?...

Brodie and slaughter at Goodwill.


Brodie and slaughter

Wth is wrong with people

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24 minutes ago


LIVE RAW FEED: Officials are at the scene of another reported explosion in south Austin. One person has been injured.

WHAT WE KNOW: on.wfaa.com/2u6Ds8X
... See MoreSee Less


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Just awful 😢

LIVE RAW FEED: Officials are at the scene of another reported explosion in south Austin. One person has been injured. WHAT WE KNOW: on.wfaa.com/2u6Ds8X


Hello I want to hear you

hi fort worth

Not again!

What happened


Oh dear not another one

What’s going on? 😳



Joan K watching


Another one?

Casa View Dallas

This is just soooo SAD-

This has to stop.

Prayers from Dallas


Omg please find this POS

How many total?

This is horrific

This is freaking crazy

Vegas here

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28 minutes ago

FOX 26 Houston

#BREAKING: Austin authorities respond to another reported explosion, this one at a Goodwill store in south Austin. EMS reports one person injured. (VIDEO: KTBC)

MORE: bit.ly/2pvGMF4
... See MoreSee Less


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Whats Going On


What's going on?


Oh no...

Wait what


What happened

Turi Loggin-Nelson


What happen



Natalie Nevarez

What the heck 😞

Jesus!! Come on people!!

What happened

Hi what happened?

Was anybody hurt?

Not another one! Omg

Another bomb in austin

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34 minutes ago


WFAA Rebecca Lopez: Federal agents and the fire department in Austin just passed us. They are headed to a Goodwill facility where there's a report of another explosion. DETAILS: on.wfaa.com/2prq1M5 ... See MoreSee Less


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who ever this is he getting away omg austin texas yall in my prayers

Very scary. This one a lot closer to home as it's not far from my daughter's home and a shopping area very familiar to her. Please pray they find the person/people doing this! 😢🙏

surely they will get a picture or video of this guy dropping off these bombs ...he needs to be caught and put away ...so scary for Austin ...saying prayers they catch this guy soon !

Stop bombing the big business atound your bombing insatant of human life you murder.

What the hell wrokng person duing such crap

What the hell wrong that person he need metal evaluation badly .

Hope nothing like end up on my front porch .

This guy is escalating or have a copy cat..

America is under attack!

Hope they catch this fruitcake soon. Prayers for Austin.


Fly the camera drones across the city and let's see how smart they are

Allie Adamek Lauren Taylor Lumbley wtf

Tommy Wikert better site

Cornilus Hawkins

Ben Gombossy

Nikki Bellamy

Brendarandy Ramirez

Wow another one Nathan Smothermon

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1 hour ago

FOX 7 Austin

The package bomb that detonated overnight in Schertz is believed to have originated at this FedEx location on Brodie Lane. For the very latest on this developing story, watch FOX 7 Austin News at 9 & 10pm. ... See MoreSee Less


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This is weird, because there was just another explosion at a Goodwill on Brodie Lane. One person injured.

Brodie Ln FedEx...Brodie Ln Goodwill. what's the chances that the person livesor works close by?

Hopefully they have cameras... Someone had to drop them off there.

Like a half mile from my house! Too f'ing weird!

Helping the bomber I see.

Conor O'Donoghue Donal Roughneen Daniel Doak John Van Der Huban Brodie lane 😵

2 hours ago


Welcome to Spring North Texas! Enjoy the quiet weather right now...because Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus talks about a stormy weather pattern returning next week. #wfaaweather ... See MoreSee Less

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