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Top health official views Harvey recovery efforts

Top <a href="https://texasnewz.com/health/">health</a> official views Harvey recovery efforts


"I wanted to come and see how it's going, and also to see what else we can do to make sure Houston recovers totally."

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, head of the CDC, spent most of the day with Harris County Public Health officials.

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19 minutes ago

Dallas Stars

22 games remaining. The Stars are now in the first wild card spot in the West with 72 points and the Kings are one point back with 71 points. We've got another big game tonight. ... See MoreSee Less

22 games remaining. The Stars are now in the first wild card spot in the West with 72 points and the Kings are one point back with 71 points. Weve got another big game tonight.


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Tonights game is utterly massive. YUGE 2 points.

6-1 Stars stink it up again tonight They don’t go to the net All they play is perimeter hockey They don’t finish their checks AND The don’t play with passion Hitch needs to stop coddling them.

Let's see if the captain gives a damn, I suspect he doesn't SFFS

How did that happen? I haven't paid much attention except to the Stars falling lately? Even after last night though, they were still in 3rd.

Keep bishop out! Or at least Saturday keep him out!

Disappointing go from potentially a 1 or 2 in sight to maybe slipping out of it entirely

In LA for 3rd game of California road trip. Just WIN!

3 of the four focused on their phones !?!?

Gonna miss the playoffs again, ain’t cha?

Need the 2 points!


Every game is a huge game.

Are you planning on showing up?

Let’s get a win boys!!

Stupid West Coast time zone! 🙂

Go Stars!!!!!

Let's go boys!!! 💚

Let’s go boys!!


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23 minutes ago

News 4 San Antonio

QUESTION: Does the ‘Pet of the Week’ have to be a cat or dog?
‘Bunnicula’ the bunny says NO! (Thanks to Liz Guzman for the photo)

Share YOUR photos and video of cats, dogs or even bunnies here: news4sa.com/chimein/pets
... See MoreSee Less

QUESTION: Does the ‘Pet of the Week’ have to be a cat or dog?
‘Bunnicula’ the bunny says NO! (Thanks to Liz Guzman for the photo)

Share YOUR photos and video of cats, dogs or even bunnies here: news4sa.com/chimein/pets

1 hour ago

News 4 San Antonio

Do you want to live forever? ... See MoreSee Less


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No but I'll take 100 years! That would be awesome!

Why so they can continue with the same problems.


Dear god no.


Brianna Miranda

2 hours ago

News 4 San Antonio

LIVE: Aerials of an apartment fire in Los Angeles ... See MoreSee Less


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LIVE: Aerials of an apartment fire in Los Angeles

Why do I need to know what is happening in LA?

Apparently 225 firefighters on scene.

Omg prayers that no one got hurt

I hope everyone got out safely

Lord bless everybody praying nobody was seriously hurt

Enemies of the people reporting only bad n sad...

Oh geez...praying everyone is out and safe...praying for first responders.

Prayers for everyone involved and any animals trapped. firefighter brothers be safe.

is that a firefighter on the roof standing by himself

Anyone know where in LA?

😱 prayers for all blessings

Where in SA is this??

This is in Los Angeles

Chester, click on video.

Los Angeles

What and where

Where is that at.

This is L.A

God bless them wow .

I don’t see any thing

Says it's in Los Angeles, people. Not in SA

Soo sad! 😢

Paul Fdez


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2 hours ago

News 4 San Antonio

Right now on #EveningBreak : Do you support walking out of class to rally for gun control reform? #Soundoff And dozens of jobs available at the VA Job Fair, we have all the details. ... See MoreSee Less


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Students need to learn about civics. Why stop them from exercising their 1st amendment rights. Many are scared because most students will be a majority voting block come this November and in 2020.

Any protest, whether the NFL protesting the National Anthem, teachers protesting wages, or kids protesting gun control ought to be done on your own time.

That’s okay. They can show their protest by registering as Democrats and vote blue! No more assault rifles! Now selling and owning these weapons is ABSURD.

I have already told my daughter that if she wants to walk out of school, just let me know and I'll come join her.

It is curious in 1 breath, protesters want things to happen " right now". In another breath , they say "it's too soon to talk about it" ! They need to get their agenda in organized.

Does anyone saying Yes they should,know why the 2nd amendment was created?

Sergio Zepeda, the School has responsibility for the safety of the children in their charge. Once they leave the school, without the Parents' permission, the school is liable for any problems that arise.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”...Supporting the walkout is an endorsement to violate a rule or policy in school districts. Such thing may open the door to the thought of “it’s ok to compromise rules or laws”.

If I was in school in this day and age I'd rather be home schooled than risk my life because someone thinks they have the right to take other people's lives.

I would. I would absolutely hate to face what students face today. Not ever knowing if it will be your school next. Imagine if you always had to fear this in your work place?

They're violating school rules, so no. You want to protest, do it during the weekend/afterschool. My kids protest, they won't just get it from the school, but from their parents as well.

The students have no business walking out of school. They have 1 job and that is to stay in school and learn. Parents and other adults have the duty to protect the children. The problem is not gubs and cannot be fixed by gun control.

Walking out doesn’t address the issue! Stay and educate yourself to make change!! You’re the future, act with PRIDE! #BossUpBeSomebody

Kevin Kelly is that's the case, you've failed as a parent. I support these kids 100%. They are going to get done what you and I couldn't and haven't to this day.

No! Walking out of class hurts the student by disturbing the school day and learning process. Protest is fine, in the right place and time. Schedule the protest for after school like other OPTIONAL activities.

I think every citizen should be heard. As long as they know what they’re talking about

They learn from their parents, another loss generation.

Protest all you want AFTER school. We pay for you to get an Education

No they should stay in school

Half of the ones who are walking out are doing it to just get out of school. Watch some being interviewed yesterday was asked why are you here. Uh just so uh you know get out of class. That teaches them alot.

I support a young teenager's beliefs that needs to be said and heard...this is a powerful message for Washinton, since nothing has been done to control this violence....

Implementation of a roaming security force, which attends different school districts at random, may deter another attempt/attack on our children

10 students and 1 teacher. Arrested and convicted for a sit-in to protest the Draft and Viet Nam on the campus of SWT now Texas State

Absolutely not. A couple weeks ago they were eating tide pods. Y’all need to stay in school and let your politicians take care of it

Donald Rutledge, stop with that! No one wants top disarm you. You're not paying attention and only buying into the NRA nonsense!

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10 hours ago

Houston Astros

Bregman on the run! #AstrosST ... See MoreSee Less

Bregman on the run! #AstrosST


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Practice game tomorrow at 1 pm YEAHHHHH 👍😁👍 . . . On TV 👍😁👍

So many clutch plays at 3rd last year, especially during the playoffs. Dude is a vacuum and will have a big season.

See you Saturday

See you Friday

Gotta love Bergman, oh, he's an Astro; of course we love him.

Alright.let's play ball.....

Glad game will be on

Dude is a beast on the corner...


Let’s Go Stros!!!!..good luck this season!!!

I bet that was one of his bare handed plays.

I see you working, kid!

Trout 4s

Isa González

Oscar Reyna III

Kelsy Layne McMeans

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