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What robot strippers say about sexism, tech and the future

What robot strippers say about sexism, tech and the future


In Las Vegas during the technology show, robot strippers offered a window into technology’s gender fault lines — not to mention our robot future.

The robots served a racy but utilitarian function by drawing gawkers to the club, much the way provocatively clad “booth babes” lure CES visitors to wares on the convention floor.

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28 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

BREAKING: Governor says 1 dead, many wounded in school shooting in rural Kentucky. In a tweet from a verified account, Gov. Matt Bevin said it happened at Marshall County High School in southwest Kentucky.

READ MORE: on.khou.com/2DuVKRD
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BREAKING: Governor says 1 dead, many wounded in school shooting  in rural Kentucky. In a tweet from a verified account, Gov. Matt Bevin said it happened at Marshall County High School in southwest Kentucky.

READ MORE: http://on.khou.com/2DuVKRD


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Latest details: on.khou.com/2DuVKRD

There was another school shooting in Texas this week... Not much publicity about it because no one died ..

Time to break out the handy "Mass shooting in US checklist": 1. Send thoughts & prayers but not actually do anything useful✔ 2. Argue over semantics of the term "assault rifle"✔ 3. Argue over semantics of the term "terrorist" - if Muslim use it, if Christian use term "lone wolf" ✔ 4. Congress does nothing but NRA increases donations just in case ✔ 5. Attribute shooting to mental health issues ✔️ 6. Wait for next one, repeat ✔️

Was it "Take You Gun to School" day? I mean,ya know,Kentucky.

Brissellies Montenegro Negrete can u began homes schooling the kids ..omg 💔

Where is Trump

O wow!!


Too much

Jon Bachman

Build the wall!

George Hernandez

Priscilla Cavazos

Joshua Robinson

Probably more white ppl!!!! Can we just ban all the whites?!!!

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38 minutes ago

KHOU 11 News

Do you think all kids should know how to write in cursive? ... See MoreSee Less


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Shows how lazy some teachers are becoming. It takes effort to teach cursive.

Yes, I didn't think it was a problem until a kid getting his drivers license did not know how to sign his name in cursive on the license. All of this country's founding documents - like the Constitution are written in cursive. I have watched a lot of younger people in our meetings at work and they have trouble taking notes because they are printing instead of writing quickly in cursive. Also, when handwritten notes come across their desk they can't read them.

I’d be interested in knowing the age breakdown of the people answering this question. My guess would be that the millennials and younger would say no, and the older, would say yes. We’re in a transition. Eventually there will be less and less paper used and everything will transition to digital. There won’t be a need for cursive. Perhaps everyone will have their own unique symbol, like Prince. Cursive will be the new Latin.

Not a priority in this technology age. The nostalgia in me says yes! I had to learn cursive. However, if you think about the jobs these kids are going to face in the future...I doubt they’re going to run into much cursive.

The constitution is in cursive and my children are reading it ... i took it upon my self to teach my kids cursive when they started to write. In 5th grade my Kids Are required to read and rewrite the ensable of the constitution in which is in cursive.... other peers of theirs have no clue how to read this! I can not understand how your going to ask of the kids to read cursive and yet none of the teachers are teaching it. We are paying for their education i want them to have the best .. the education system is a huge disappointment!!!!

Cursive allows for faster writing. I'm all about using my time wisely.

Also known as the secrete ode the millianals can't break

Yes!!! There will be forms in their life that they will have to sign legally and asked for a signature

Please put it back in the curriculum!!!! I teach my 8 yr old on my own. My older boys learned and I make them practice it.

Yes, imagine their signatures lmao won't be hard to forge since they'll look like chicken scratch Taylor Madison

They need to know how to write and read it.

We teach our teenage kids & younger kids to write cursive handwriting. We went to a teacher supply store & bought both print & cursive alphabet desk tape. Put them both on write on wipe off handwriting sheets & use dry erase markers. User friendly, reusable, & are recyclable. Inexpensive to make. Our kids like learning to write cursive handwriting & see how often daily myself & other grown ups use it. Besides there's historical documents in cursive handwriting & if they can't write/read it then they'll never be able to read the documents. They'll always have to ask someone to read it for them? Seem silly the schools don't teach this especially knowing how important it's needed for them to know how to do. We also use red & blue color overlays to help with our kids reading. As both our kids are Dyslexic & one has Epilepsy / ADD & the other is Autistic /ADHD. I know there's websites & apps online to help teach cursive handwriting. But it turns out teaching it "old school, by hand" works best & is easier to learn to do.

Yes. They need to be able to sign documents, as well as understand how to read cursive writing.

If you don't write in cursive, how are you going to keep someone from stealing your identity? How do you match signatures at the bank if everyone is printing their name? How do you read cursive if you were never taught it? To ask this question is really dumb. Just as dumb as common core math!

Well, without cursive writing, they will never be able to read historical documents. So yeah, kind of important.

Yes. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to read old documents and even letters written by relatives I especially want them to be able to read original documents written within history over taking someone's word, such as being able to read the original Declaration of Independence, letters written by our presidents, forefathers and ancestors. This erasing history business is a double edged sword. We are supposed to learn from history whether it's good or past mistakes.

Don’t say “consumption!” Kids are already eating Tide pods. Next think you know, they’ll be sucking the ink out of pens.

Should? No. But my kids asked how and are learning. I taught one and am working with the others. I think it would be great if kids could learn about whatever they want and if parents, educators, or society could support them in that.

How can anyone develop a unique signature if all they know how to do is print? Absolutely teach penmanship! It could be 15 minutes a day, at home, if not at school. It's not hard, and it is important!

What a waste of valuable class time. Nobody uses cursive, but more STEM would be time well spent. Cursive is a novelty, kinda like calligraphy was. It’s the electronics age, learn the keyboard!

Absolutely because that is part of being an adult!! You ha e to sign your name to all documents and not print!! Put cursive back into school!!

I think it juat something they can use,it will add a personal touch ti some

Yes I agree it should be taught in school it did before so why not now

Yes, I'm 64 and it was required in elementary Jr.High and High School

Yes I sure do I learn how to write in cursive in school and the school system should keep it that way

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1 hour ago

KHOU 11 News

This should be fun... 😛🐶🐕 ... See MoreSee Less

This should be fun... 😛🐶🐕


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Irresponsible KHOU. You do realize this is typically info used for security questions.

Hell no. My dog is absolutely NOTHING like the gif I would need to post. He’s kind, loving, obedient, loyal, loves and kisses everyone he encounters.

Ivonne Karla Bryan Go! Bryan just search for your cats name 😄

Comandate Toro or Loko depends what mood he is in...

Dog belongs to my granddaughters!

Just stop this password grabbing stupidity!

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🚨LIGHT THE TOWER🚨 Texas Longhorns drop Iowa State 73-57! Hook 'Em! 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

🚨LIGHT THE TOWER🚨 Texas Longhorns drop Iowa State 73-57! Hook Em! 🤘


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Light up the Tower?

Great rebound fellas

Someone needs to inform you of when the Tower gets lit up. But yea for the WIN! operations.utexas.edu/tower.php

Let’s go horns!!! That national title is ours boys!!!! Watch and learn!!!

We needed that after las Saturday🤘🏻

Well they got bought a week early bc they missed the last game

Love my horns!

Great job, Horns. Hook'em


Great win!!

Go Horns

Hook 'Em Horns Basketball!!!

Hookem horns



Hookem Horns

Better showing


"Hook'em" !!

Hook ‘em!


Hook em Horns 🤘💞


Hook'em Horns!

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If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be? Before you answer, check out this newly discovered dinosaur that is telling us a rainbow of new things🌈

Learn more👉 utex.as/2Dv3bw8
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Yep, that’s me! 😊

19 hours ago

Texas Motor Speedway

BREAKING: We're adding an all new Restart BAR Zone Club! See it for the first time at the O'Reilly Auto Parts 500! More info » bit.ly/2DYnuPH ... See MoreSee Less


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Nice , but NOT GOOD, when 1 beer is $8.00 and I'm sure $ 12.00 for mixed drinks 😩😩😩

Can anyone go there or do u have to be a club member

Need to lower ticket prices, I get them right before a Cup race for $30 near start/finish line...Eddie Gossage, you and Bruton need to wake up on the ticket prices, hell you have NASTRUCK races with maybe 30k people there...backstretch will never fill for a Cup race, is your PR and marketing people dead or asleep???

Dang Will Rector!

This is awesome, I can’t wait to see it in April

I foresee some free tickets since I always pay full price. I can be the trial dummy lol. I like this will definitely try it Linda Guerra

Thank you! This is a trend you need to get behind. Hopefully you add a section that’s general admission in the future, but this is a great start!

Infield or in stands? Pls don't build so high infield we can't see around track! #indysucks

OMG! This was an idea that I had a couple of years ago when surveyed. I hope tickets are close to the same cost as seats would have been for this area. I am definitely interested in this area.

Will Jena okay.. this is new. We need to check it out. Seems cool.

Bet it's gonna be super expensive too

Hope that nascar keeps the same restart rules..

Hiring???? I’d love to be a part of my community!!!

Great idea. More!

I’m glad my seats are to the left of that place ? So what sections are getting taken out.

Nathan this is why I love our home track!

They haven't started construction yet and its supposed to be ready by April ?????? Hmmmmmm.

Can't wait to see it

Rocky , son!!

Can’t hardly afford a normal ticket much less one of these


Jerry and Cindy

Rednecks and more booze! Just what is needed! 😜


Hell yeah!!!! Nice!!!!

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