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What to do if you owe the IRS money

What to do if you owe the IRS money


Don't forget tomorrow is the IRS tax filing deadline. Here is what to do if you owe the IRS money but cannot pay.

Million of taxpayers receive notices from the IRS about unpaid tax debts. Believe it or not, the agency understands.

KENS 5 & Kens5.com: http://bit.ly/2qxcOkK

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This City Nature Challenge starts Friday. Help Texas take the lead!

You can play at home or join a group. Here's how it works: bit.ly/CityNatureChallenge
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Rich corps see it only think of money that could be made if developed!!!

Jacob Mikes

Melanie Purcell

You never know where you will have a unique wildlife encounter. This redheaded centipede was found in a department store dressing room!

As far as invertebrates go, the giant redheaded centipede is one bad dude. In the wild, these centipedes may reach 8 in. in length and can get even bigger in captivity.

For more information about redheaded centipedes, visit bit.ly/TxRedhead

🎥: Kara Delaney
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Why txpwd, why must you keep posting these disgusting terrifying centipedes. Can't a girl get a cute owl or something instead?!

I swear I'm the one person here who WANTS to see these things. Five years in Texas, and not ONCE! has one crossed my path. If you find one, please tell me and I will drop everything and take it away for you (and maybe dress it in doll clothes and have a myriapod tea party...)

In what city was the department store in which the dressing room had this centipede?

i ran into one of those when i was sunbathing on a big rock camping. I looked backward and it was slithering along the overhang next to me. Oh mah gawwwww. My lizard brain told me to RUN PREDATOR ALERT! even though it was only about 8" long.

Almost stepped on one in the morning on my way to my bathroom. So glad I didn't but was totally freaked out trying to figure out how to capture it without touching it.

By the look of that carpet I'm gonna guess it was a Beall’s store in a small rural town?

OMG that I have seen and the game warden said it was the largest one he had seen. They kept it. It was in our cabin.

I spent about 10 minutes attacking on with a John Deere riding mower 😂 ... neighbors wondered why I kept going back and forth, back and forth...

They make interesting, ah, pets; in a secure container. Build a desert environment with a water feature, feed it crickets. More interesting than goldfish.

I was bitten by one, and yes, it was painful! It bit my left shoulder blade and instantly started swelling and pussing out in streams. It left a red line where it walked along my back and neck. Over the course of a week, the swelling traveled towards the center of my back and all the way down to my tailbone by the time it dissipated.

I had one in my night pants once. Got my inner thigh and two more places to my calf. It SUCKED. Kill them all.

Had a first floor apt on the fringe of San Marcos when I was going to school there. During the summer, these things would crawl up on my patio while I was barefoot, drinking beer and just relaxing. Hilarity ensued, as my neighbors saw me standing on top of a camp chair smacking the crap out of the cement with a flip-flop trying to kill the damn things. Truth be told, I was a little on edge considering I found brown recluses all over that apartment when I first moved in.

I was at Copper Breaks Park near Quanah Texas many years ago and encountered one during a nature walk. I had never seen one before in person. It was huge! Close to a foot in length. Never knew they got so large.

While living in the Caribbean, one crawled across my neck in my bed, woke me up....screaming. I won.

Saw one of these in our backyard a couple days ago, but not nearly as scary as the one that dropped on my lap while I was working at my desk a few years ago.

Now, for the rest of my life, that will be on my mind when entering a dressing room! 😳😳😳

My husband was putting his jeans on one morning and one of these fell out of his pant leg ...I about died

If one gits in my clothes, I’ll show him some wildlife!

Um, the centipede would be dead and the clothes would have a squished bug stain on them. 😱👀

Woke up with one of those on my face camping at the Frio River.

These critters scare me more than scorpions and spiders.i can smash scorps.and spiders.centipedes move fast and look like snakes that i hate also. JUST STAY OUT OF MY HOUSE.!!

So much more fun showering with the tree frogs on GOOSE ISLAND

Had a big one crawl across my foot one afternoon sitting at a picnic table at the lake. He went on about his business but interrupted mine...😬

Had one in the backroom at work. Late in the night. It became a legend unseen, until I caught it in a repack. Released to hunt again.

My kids and I run into these in our garden. I like to move them farther from the house so my dogs won't get hurt by their own curiosity 😖

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2 days ago

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Lake Palestine has one of the best trophy flathead catfish populations in the state. In fact, it's held the state record at 98.50 pounds for 20 years! Today inland fisheries staff from around the state are at the lake sampling these big fish during what we call the "catfish rodeo."

Inland Fisheries Tyler South District - Texas Parks and Wildlife
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I hope y’all publish your findings vs the last time y’all tested

Ok for Research

Go to the north end of the lake ... in th stumps .you should find a big one ...it has been a few years ago when my dad was still alive we have caught some big ones

What’s the biggest you’ve been able to shock up?

How are y’all catching these to do your sampling?

Correction...five boats

I thought shocking was illegal.

Erik Fries Dan Fries Speaking of "flatheads"

Brandon Gray, I'm pretty sure you've reeled in one at least that size at lake Palestine! 🐟

Bryce Hudson Efren Meza Justin Holcombe bet yall cant catch like this here one

Just saw three boats float by with "biologists " on the side. Wondered what they were.

Deanna Bodine jace thinks it's the coolest thing to see his friends dad on video

Greg Lee. Time for some catfishing!

Thanks for sharing this with us Rick.

So y’all just out there telephonein?

To all my fishermen friends!

(But don’t eat ‘em...)

Jason Luke Harms didn’t we follow the record setting fish to find a certified scale while we were looking for a break pin for my motor?

❤ long bearded ginger 😍

Todd Stevens take Bray here to fish

Rob road trip

Thank you 🙏🏽

Trenton Holt this is who we saw and what they were doing.

Garrett Mancillas we'll be there this weekend

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